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Yvonne Smith and James P. Lough join us to tell of their work with close encounter witnesses. Yvonne founded CERO, the Close Encounter Research Organization, in 1992, and, as a certified hypnotherapist, has been working with close encounter witnesses ever since. Here, they open up as never before about what they think is really happening in the close encounter experience and why hybrids are real.

This is a powerful, provocative and shocking edition of Dreamland and is not to be missed.

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  1. Great show, thanks.
    I too

    Great show, thanks.

    I too have tinnitus. It started around the time that the phenomenon picked up intensity in my life. Although my pitch and volume changes seemingly randomly most of the time, it does always get louder during a certain meditation I do. It also seems to sometimes get louder when I experience this head bliss. And during one experience with what seemed to be a visitor, it was so loud as to be painful.

    I have begun to use the tone as a focus point for reaching the vibrational state. I understand that it may be a coincidence, just a health issue. But I feel that the ringing is possibly related to the phenomenon.

  2. I recently bought a game for
    I recently bought a game for my PC called ‘Never Alone’. This game is soaked in Iñupiaq native cultural wisdom and if you are familiar with Whitley Strieber’s work then you may be open to the teachings this ‘game’ offers.

    You find yourself not only engaged in enjoyable puzzles but also a process of spiritual understanding that is of great benefit to those who sleep.

    Here is the trailer for the game :

    I bought my copy of the game through STEAM and at a time when I tended to feel harsh and cynical, it softened me and opened my heart.


    1. That sounds amazing. I just
      That sounds amazing. I just purchased the game and am looking forward to giving it a go. Thanks.

  3. Tinnitus…I only have it
    Tinnitus…I only have it during certain times, and most of the time it is when I am having certain kinds of thoughts. It’s almost like someone is listening in on my thoughts, or what I am saying, and furthermore, giving me a signal that THEY are paying attention. It comes out of nowhere, is briefly pretty loud, then it abruptly stops. There are changes in tone as well. (I don’t feel paranoid about it either)

    I have had lots of strange things going on throughout my life (including a UFO sighting earlier this week), but I don’t remember or feel that I have ever been abducted, but I have had the idea that I am here for a special reason for most of my life, and that sense of urgency for me began to really manifest in a big way in early 2016, and a year ago this month I built my website (which didn’t alleviate the sense of urgency, other than giving me a feeling of some small ‘accomplishment’.) However, that being said…

    I have made a more connections to others in the last year with like-minded people that are also experiencers and seekers. We’re not a big crowd, but a small network helping one another along, and I know that does count and has meaning. We are not alone.

    What’s coming? I haven’t a clue…

  4. Whitley, Yvonne Smith and
    Whitley, Yvonne Smith and James P. Lough. After listening to this interview and the discussion regarding RENEE, I want to post this experience I had many years ago. As far as I know it was a one time visit with the little girl and ONLY in a dream.

    I am posting this dream experience and it will only be in part. It is written down on paper but would probably take me a month to sort though the accumulation of dreams to find it.

    This dream takes place in the very early 1990s.

    I am in my current house and something seems to be pulling me toward the basement stairs. I open the door, walk down the steps and see a group of people sitting in metal chairs. Standing to my right there is an awareness of at least one individual but cannot distinguish her/his physical features (feels masculine though) nor any of the entities here in the basement. I am now guided to an empty metal chair and sit down, THEN, a little girl is placed on my lap. She is SMALL and could be a few years older then she appears. Her hair is thin, a blond white color, her skin is pale and her eyes very large, dark and almond shaped. I am also aware that she has on a diaper; she is not totally human.

    I am not able to react verbally to this encounter; my emotions/speech are traumatized. A tall woman now approaches us and takes the child from my lap; I am thinking WAIT I want more time with her. The woman is holding the little girl’s hand as they walk away. I then wake up from the dream.

    Was it ONLY a dream? I felt sooo emotional when I woke up and have NEVER forgotten the little girl. I wrote her a little poem, ending it by writing, “I will only be able to see you in dream-time.”

    Note…….There seemed to be a time discrepancy here. Although the dream was in the early 1990s, I have this strong feeling she was partly my child and the result of something that happened years before. The DIAPER was to tell me she was part me/part them. She had the physiology of humankind (at least some). After waking up from this dream experience, it bothered me that she did not react to me one way or another.

  5. Could experiencers be
    Could experiencers be hybrids, but not be aware that they are actually hybrids?

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