This is, without question, one of the most powerful and convincing close encounter interviews that has ever been done on Dreamland. Paul Sinclair has been on the show before talking about his research into UFOs, close encounters and the uncanny in his home area of Yorkshire in England. Here, he tells us what drew him to such subjects in the first place.

His is one of the few close encounter stories that comes with experiences of serious physical trauma that sent him to doctors, who could not explain what happened to him. He also has a distant genealogical connection to Rosslyn Chapel, the Sinclair family and the Knights Templar. So, is there some relationship?

This is a remarkable edition of Dreamland with one of our most interesting guests. Try listening on a dark and stormy night…if you dare.





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  1. Thank you, Whitley, for giving Paul the opportunity to share all this with us, including the intensity of his emotion. Such a testament—the both of you—to ethical authenticity.

  2. I used to love watching Tony Hart and his creation Morph on the BBC, way back when….

    Tony Hart:

    Maybe it’s just me but I always thought that the character ‘Grandmorph’ looked aboriginal. Anyway Paul’s description of seeing those two Morph-like beings, the rabbits and the guinea-pig, whilst walking home with his parents, sent chills down my spine. Assuming the beings go around in threes, I just wonder whether the cute rabbits and guinea-pig was actually one of them… casting a screen.

    1. … and in some fractal-type way, the two rabbits represented the two Morph beings… and the guinea-pig represented the other one, that had changed into the two rabbits and a guinea-pig… Does that make sense?!

  3. YIKES! For some reason Paul’s book costs over $60 on Amazon. You can get a kindle version for around $5 but for us old fashioned book readers who like to feel a book in our hands and proudly display it on a shelf, we are out of luck. I just don’t have such deep pockets!

    1. The paperback book is available from Amazon UK for £11.99 plus delivery by ‘Paul Sinclair ILF’ and it does look like they ship to the US, looking at the delivery details…so although not as convenient as buying through Amazon, I would suggest contacting Paul directly, as he suggests on his Truth Proof website…

      “IF YOU HAVE DIFFICULTY OBTAINING ANY OF MY BOOKS PLEASE E MAIL Me”… paulsinclairilf at gmail dot com

      And in the meantime, hopefully Paul can sort something out with Amazon US, so he can get added onto the sellers list, as currently the paperback book is only available from the pro seller ‘Tetrafolio’, for an exorbitant price, as you mentioned.

      1. Author

        I think that the physical books are in the Amazon UK warehouse. I would simply order from there if you want one.
        When I publish, I always select Amazon to print my paperbacks that I am going to be selling on their site. This way, they’re available internationally at the same price. I’ll bring this up with Paul.

        1. Hi guys just seen the comment about the books and the price, I do not know where that price came from. Not from me thats for sure. They can be purchased through my new web site hope that helps if anyone was interested. Paul

  4. Thank you Whitley and Paul Sinclair for this marvelous interview and I have a few thoughts in regards to it. Paul, what is your blood type and do you feel it has been changed over the years? Do your children and grandchildren share the same blood type? You have had a VERY intense life and must be extremely strong to have endured so much intrusion. WHAT DREW YOU TO CARPENTRY? It appears to be one of the main symbols of the FREE MASONS? I also agree with Whitley in that maybe a past life regression might be helpful if that is the course you choose to take. Perhaps all your children and grandchildren were part of ‘The Knights Templar’ and as a group of souls have reincarnated together for a specific reason/task??? 

    “The Wrights’ symbol is the square and compasses in a different configuration from the traditional Masonic one. Wright is the Scottish and Northern English term for (((((a Carpenter.))))) The arms of the former Allan Glen’s School , still used by the school club [12] and independent rugby club, [13] incorporate a square and compasses in a similar configuration to the Edinburgh Wrights.”

  5. Author

    Great questions, Carolee! We’ll be in the video room with Paul in 45 minutes. If you can come, ask him there. If not, I’ll ask for you.

  6. I enjoyed this episode. Paul comes across so genuinely and sounds full of awe and amazement it is palpable. I thought of how I felt after I watched “The Matrix” and really began to understand that our existence as we grew up to think about it, is a framework. Once we do step outside of that framework and start looking around, that feeling of awe, disbelief, and the endless rabbit-hole is never ending.
    The part that is sticking with me and is at the forefront on my mind is what Paul had to say about the blood. I would like to know more about that and how he perceives that feeling and what he thinks is happening to his blood? As always, so many questions and things to think about. I look forward to reading the book! Thanks for the great thought-provoking interview!

  7. Fascinating. Really enjoyed the interview with Mr. Sinclair. I hope he returns with more information and test results of the white powder substance in his possession. Enjoyed the Yorkshire accent as well.

  8. Fascinating show and a fascinating man! A very good show ..BUT.. I was disappointed that you and Paul didn’t get to discuss “Mr. and Mrs. Tick”!!! That particular story in the book floored me and just bewilders me beyond all description … how horrifying that situation, when you really think about it and put yourself into Paul’s frightening that must have been. Next time Paul is on the show – try to remember to get him to tell that story! Always wonderful to listen to you talk Paul! Many regards!

  9. Great show. Love Paul’s accent, couldn’t help but think of Monty Python 🙂 Although of course he wasn’t joking.

  10. I remember a silence like that once. My husband had an appointment to meet some intelligent beings. They asked him to meet at 11pm. Neither of us saw them, but he was sitting on the floor in meditation to begin. I was in bed, the moon was full and oddly two dimensional looking. It looked like a flat cutout of the moon. The moonlight fell across the bed and I lay in that silver shaft. It was absolutely quiet and we lived in a city apartment near the metro tracks. The silence was physical, palpable, but not unpleasant; I could understand why a person could find it frightening though.

    It seemed like it was ok I was in the room, laying there I felt the presence of three or four beings I couldn’t see. They seemed a little nervous but as I relaxed into the physical silence, we seemed to reach an accord. I wasn’t going to freak out and they weren’t going to force me to stay still or just leave.

    The point of the meeting seemed to be to find my husband’s comfort level. He told me afterwards that he felt them scurry up to him, blow in his face and then dash away. As they determined his response, seeing that there was no danger to us or to them, they became a little more playful in their blowing on him. It seemed to become a game!

    As some were interacting with him, others were mentally chatting with me. Testing it seemed, if I would be willing to relax into this and maintain that calm. It was a gentle interaction, with an undercurrent of nerves that we all were trying to soothe.

    The meeting was both more real than everyday life and completely surreal at the same time

  11. I too have experienced this silence in the past, having found it to be disturbing at best. I had attributed it to something being wrong with my hearing or mental state at the time. This is the first time I recall the silence being discussed in regard to the visitor experience.

    Daraugh, I completely agree with your assessment that the visitors are testing our ability to safely interact with them. Like Whitley has said in the past, we humans are like wild animals that need to be tamed before we can be interacted with, some of us a little wilder than others. I think that our fear takes control and the resulting flight or fight response makes it a challenge to interact with us. In the past, my response to contact has usually one of both intense fear and yet excitement at the same time.

    Last year I had a series of dreams in which I was being set upon by a wild animal such as a wolf, tiger, or some other dangerous animal. Each time I would be filled with terror and awake just before the animal pounced on me. In the final dream of the series the animal was like a large grizzly bear. In that dream, as the bear got within a few feet of me, I collapsed and resigned myself to my inevitable demise. At that moment, the bear came into physical contact with my body, curled up next to me and then fell into a deep sleep. I awoke filled with a feeling of intense love and friendship, as if the bear was my pet. That dream has changed my whole perspective in regard to how I view the unknown and the visitors in particular. Last week I entered a post about a dream where I was in contact with one of the visitors and then being surrounded by members of the scientific community who were mobbing him. I debated whether or not to post that dream as it seemed to be just that. Then a couple of days afterward I had what appeared to be a dream but now view quite differently. I awoke, having the sense that the visitors had just left, having briefly seen them. I was left being filled with a feeling of friendship, joy, and love. It was almost as if it was acknowledgement for making the post.
    Take care out there, be safe, things will work out.
    Rickety Man

    1. The animal dreams are fascinating! They sound like spirit guides coming to see where you are. The grizzly bear in particular sees that you’re very sensitive to your surroundings, surrendering to the grizzly bear spirit and curling up with it sounds like the perfect response.

      The week before the election, I just wanted to know that we’d all still be here in the few days after. I woke up Oct 28 to a clear blue sky and what I though was a waning gibbous moon. I went into the living a minute later and it was completely socked in. Low grey clouds leftover from the hurricanes south of us.

      I asked my husband if it had been sunny or clear at all, and he said the sky looked the same since he got up at 5:30ish. I told him about the clear blue sky and the moon up. We checked a moon phase calendar and the moon wasn’t up then and wouldn’t be in that phase or in that part of the sky until Nov 4 or 5. On Nov 4 I got up, it was the exact sky I had already seen a week earlier.
      I think I slipped into some crack in our reality and saw that we were all safe, the sky was still blue, the trees were still there and life went on. It was very reassuring, getting that peek ahead and helped me maintain calm.

      1. Thank you for your interpretation Daraugh. I will look further into the meaning of animal spirits. The post about the dream of being with a Grey in the company of scientists was actually made over two weeks ago on Nov 1 and for the Oct 30 Dreamland podcast with Nick Redfern. Wonder where I’ve been for the missing week? I’ll write this off as a senior’s moment; that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. It’s great to see you young folks participating on this site.
        Rickety Man

  12. I’m just getting caught up on a few podcasts I missed. I loved listening to Paul. His passion comes through his voice and yes, his accent is so lovely. The thing that hit home for me was when he was talking about the part where Bohemian Rhapsody was playing and Whitley commented that it is a trigger for some people. I’ve never made that connection but as soon as he said that I was struck. I do believe my 13 year old daughter was triggered by the song once. It was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. She seemed to completely lose touch with reality and had what I have later called a “panic attack”, but I have never seen anything like it before or since. We went to see Bohemian Rhapsody and she started freaking out in the theatre during that song. She started crying and could barely speak. I had no idea what was wrong. I made her sit through the rest of the movie, which was probably a mistake. She was miserable and crying. On the way home she started ranting and raving and seemed to be looking at things that weren’t there. She was thrashing around and her head was jerking back and forth in a bizarre way. She was utterly terrified and was yelling and crying that we couldn’t go home and weren’t safe. I was really scared and almost took her to the hospital but didn’t. I thought for sure she was losing her mind and was afraid they’d put her on the psychiatric floor and the thought of leaving her there really scared me. I parked the car and tried to get her to calm down but couldn’t so took her home and physically dragged her into the house against her will. Maybe that was wrong. My other daughter and I held her and tried to talk to her for a long time. My other daughter telling her over and over that she was safe at home and the comforting presence of our two dogs seemed to finally bring her back to our reality. Or maybe it passed in its own. Thankfully it has never happened again. I don’t know if her background has anything to do with it, but she’s not my biological daughter. I adopted her from Guatemala when she was a baby and she’s Mayan. She is highly artistic and musical and very sensitive and creative. Like I said, that was the scariest thing that I’ve ever experienced and I’ve never been able to make any sense of it. Like many other people, I have always loved the song! Also, we live a regular and seemingly boring lifestyle. Nothing dramatic or scary or violent has ever happened to us. And she had no reason that I know of to be scared of our home.

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