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Linda Moulton Howe reports on her visit to Woodbridge and Rendlesham Forest with former USAF Airman 1st Class John Burroughs and former USAF Staff Sergeant James Penniston, who were back together in the forest for the first time in thirty years. She discusses information from Jim Penniston about a telepathic download of binary code numbers from the craft that he received when he touched raised symbols on its black, glassy surface,  then tells us what has been learned about the meaning of this code. Whitley Strieber interviews Linda about the remarkable discovery that has emerged out of the cracking of the code.

For more information about Linda’s journey to Rendlesham, click here.

The photo shows Linda, John Burroughs and James Penniston at Bentwaters.

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  1. You truly are a gifted
    You truly are a gifted writer/author/master storyteller!!!! The movie was playing in my minds eye as you read the riveting chapter 1. I look forward to the other two readings and of course publication of Hybrids.
    Thanks for keeping me spellbound all these years.

    Sheila Rice

  2. Ohhh Mr. Strieber. Listening
    Ohhh Mr. Strieber. Listening to your reading I was appalled. Horrified! And utterly fascinated! Listening to this tale reminded me of seeing a terrible accident on the highway. I wanted to look away, but could not bring myself to do so. Listening to that poor young woman’s pleas….. It was like fingernails on the chalkboard of my soul.

    As you have the uncanny way of many writers of “fiction” to either reveal or predict true events, I predict that this may well be one of the most frightening books ever written. It could very well be a story that would give H.P. Lovecraft the willies. The fact that the birthing day was, as mine 13 June makes it even more impactful.

    I wait with dread and anticipation for Your next installments, and very much look forward to the book’s release. Can it be pre-ordered? I MUST own a copy.

    Keep up the great work!

    Blessed Be,


  3. Whitley, I listened to you
    Whitley, I listened to you read the first chapter of Hybrid, it really freaked me out, looking foward to the next two chapters, I plan to buy the book but not sure I will be able to get through it.

    Great story and great presentation by you.

    Shirley P.

  4. Larry:
    The content of the

    The content of the message is that the craft is not from elsewhere but from elsewhen. It is a probe from our own descendants 40,000 years in the future. It’s message is intended to be understood by whoever receives it because it is a warning. Our descendants have reached an evolutionary deadend because their genetic code has become corrupted and can no longer replicate, dooming them and ultimately us to extinction. Unless they can obtain viable genetic material from us, our race will die out.

  5. A similar message was
    A similar message was conveyed to Ray Fowler through Betty Andreasson Luca:
    “Mankind is going to become sterile.”

  6. No doubt material for another
    No doubt material for another movie, except for your experience with “The Day After Tomorrow.”
    George Noory talked to Marc Zicree not so long ago. I have visited Marc’s website and watched an interview on “Interviewing Hollywood”

    He seems like a good guy, and his wife is working on a web series. Perhaps Hybrids could be done that way and put some actual points in your pocket.

    Best of luck with the book and anything else you do with it.

    Fade In.

    Ext. Dulce, New Mexico – day

    Behind an electrified fence with guards posted, we see a small building in the windswept desert.

    Int. The Underground Bunker – day

    A handful of high ranking officers laden with medals and ribbons are seated at a conference table watching a presentation by a scientist.

  7. Firstly, without doubt, Mrs
    Firstly, without doubt, Mrs Howe is one of the finest journalists I have ever experienced.

    Now, all this ‘recall’ of ASCII code is all fine and dandy, but, to be fair, this is all, effectively, anecdotal reportage.

    Let’s move forward; let us somehow effect an en masse communication with the originators of the devices sent to RAF Bentwaters airbase that night. Let’s stop pussyfooting around and directly communicate with them.

    A meditation group could easily achieve this, though, I concede, contact would be, effectively, anecdotal.

    On a brighter note, however, letting go of mummy’s apron strings and simply not caring what the sleeping masses think or what happens to them after ‘The Event’ will be very necessary. Why worry about that which we cannot affect?

    Try to relax… Listen to some old school Phil Hendrie.

    It relaxes us… we enjoy it…. and Ray Nagin is my…..

  8. Well, as usual, pushing
    Well, as usual, pushing buttons too fast. I accidentally deleted Larry’s comment where he talks about it being improbable that aliens would use ASCII code. Joebeets reply is still there, so hopefully the sense won’t be lost.

  9. Burroughs and Penniston are
    Burroughs and Penniston are human portals. They were “activated” all those years ago when they happened to be at the right place at the right time. It would be interesting to get these two men to speak at the (now canceled) Dreamland Festival this year. First off, they have a great story to tell. Secondly, I think it would be fascinating to see what would happen if these two human portals were surrounded by Dreamland and Unknown Country people, many of whom are themselves portals.

    The story of the octopus die-off from over a year ago? What if all the mistakes on the date of the die-off was some sort of time-slip? What if it didn’t happen until there was some sort of shift in time and that many of us are becoming aware of this time slip due to the hard work of Linda Moulton-Howe?

  10. A few weeks before the 30th
    A few weeks before the 30th Anniversary of the Rendlesham incident, Jim Penniston posted a diagram of symbols found on the ‘craft’ he encountered along with John Burroughs. I contacted Penniston because I was shocked to see that the symbol bore a remarkable resemblance to my business logo, which I ‘designed’ after it appeared to me in a dream just before I woke one morning. Jim and I discussed this co-incidence when I met him in Woodbridge in December 2010. We were both mystified.
    I’ve used the logo since 2007 and since then have become aware of the significance of triangles and circles. Maybe this demonstrated the deep connections many of us feel without really understanding what they are?

  11. Spectacular!!! As always!
    Spectacular!!! As always! Nobody fascinates, horrifies, and ignites my imagination like Whitley Strieber!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on this little gem! April can’t get here fast enough!

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