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This week we hear from John Hogue, who goes beyond the predictions he has made so far this year, and offers us some real shockers for 2011. But is he accurate? We’ll begin by discussing his 2010 predictions, what went right and what went wrong. Then, on to the future!

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  1. Just a general comment on the
    Just a general comment on the mp3 downloads — could you please consider changing the naming convention to be Program-Year-Month-Day.mp3 rather than the current convention Program-Month-Day-Year.mp3. For example, the above dreamland download comes in as dreamland_02_05_11.mp3 could this be named (if adopted) dreamland_11_02_05.mp3
    If adopted, this has the very useful ability to list in the correct date order when a directory listing is done in any OS or tools you use to list downloads. Apart from the ability to sort correctly, the convention of having the month before the day is rather confusing to those of us outside the USA who don’t use this convention.

    1. I agree with the suggested
      I agree with the suggested naming convention and I’m in the USA.

    2. This sounds like a great
      This sounds like a great Idea. I also think that all podcasts should have the date and title because when a podcast is listed on my MP3 player it would be easier to keep track of the date and subject of the podcasts. I have quite a few on my MP3 player now

    3. This would be a much better
      This would be a much better way. I won’t have to rename each file. Thank you.

    4. That’s fine by me.
      That’s fine by me.

    5. Hi, Chris.
      You might try

      Hi, Chris.

      You might try right-clicking the file and selecting “Save As” instead of just downloading the file. I agree with you that sometimes the file naming conventions on sites such as this one are not the best … so I rename the file. This particular file got renamed like so:


      “WS,” of course, is Whitley Strieber … and in a similar vein, “AS” is Anne, “MF” is Marla Frees, “JM” is Jim Marrs, “PL” is Peter Levenda, and (thanks to Art Bell’s use of middle names) “LMH” is Linda Moulton Howe.

      Using this system allows me to avoid downloading shows I already have, since I name them the same way each time.

      That said, the only problem I have once I download the file is if I accidentally open it in iTunes (I’m on a Mac, and I use the discontinued Audion ( to play these), iTunes will rename the file in such a way that I can’t tell what it was originally … which is one reason I don’t use iTunes to listen to these paranormal radio shows.

      You can see a picture of one of my playlists here:

      If you look closely at that playlist, you’ll note that the last number in the playlist is 1287, and that some of the file names use this naming convention while others do not. That’s about when I began using this naming convention.

      Hope that makes sense … and good luck adopting and configuring my method for your own use.


  2. Listened to Hogues
    Listened to Hogues predictions last night, excellent show, both Dreamland and the subscribers interview with Whitley and Hogue, I think it is a good idea to have Hogue on more often as Art Bell says things are moving so fast right now, “The Quickening”
    I agree that we may have some changes in the next couple of years but also agree with Hogue in that 2012 will come and go and we will move on to 2013, 2013 etc.


  3. I agree with the proposed
    I agree with the proposed change to the naming convention, except that I’d also make the year a 4 digit year, e.g., dreamland_2011_02_05. That makes it completely unambiguous what the year is. And heck, if you have a great-grandson who continues dreamland into the next century the sorting will still work when we roll over into 2100.

    1. Time to change convention
      Time to change convention dear! The year month day format is more practical regardless of how you say it. This is for filing purposes not for naming purposes. Most westnerners and the rest of the world use Day_month_ year – most Americans from the U.S.A use Month Day year. Also, there is nothing wrong with saying I was born in 1975, April 28th – is there?

  4. “Month_Day_Year…” Just to
    “Month_Day_Year…” Just to chime in, from an OS standpoint, it (unfortunately) would work better. But Month/Day/Year is by far preferred for most westerners, I always struggle reading dates written otherwise but this is just going to be due to what we’re each used to. When we speak here, we always say “it’s February 5th, 2011,” so the written order as it is, is simple for us to understand, following our usual conversation structure, and if referring to a different year, leaves that option open for clarity on the end. We would never say “It’s 2011, February 5th.” Perhaps there’s even another option still, that enables the year to be categorized first for OS reasons…while maintaining the month/day/year format. (Funny conversation btw).

    1. The Month-Day-Year “Middle
      The Month-Day-Year “Middle Endian” date convention is used mainly in the United States and canada see : which is a map of the world with date formats used. As can be clearly seen most western countries used Day-Month-Year “Little Endian” format. From reading wikipedia, what I was suggesting is “Big Endian format”. If the century is added (from and earlier suggestion) is easy to understand as if the year is clearly first , our brains are quite capable of seeing the Year-Month-Day yyyy-mm-dd pattern and wont be confused. Wikipedia also mentions that in the United States the yyyy-mm-dd date format is mandated for some academic and military institutions. See and which is a standard for International dates.
      Quote “Date and time values are organized from the most to the least significant: year, month (or week), day, hour, minute, second, and fraction of second. The lexicographical order of the representation thus corresponds to chronological order, except for date representations involving negative years. This allows dates to be naturally sorted by, for example, file systems.”

  5. In Windows: Download file to
    In Windows: Download file to a place you can find it again, probably using Windows Explorer (or another file manager). Later find and highlight the file, hit F2 or right click on it and choose “rename”. Rename it to whatever you want. Another way I do this is as I’m downloading the file. I right click on the link, click on “save target as” and after assuring myself the target is, say, an mp3, when I am asked where I want to save it, I navigate to the folder I typically use. Before I click on save, I add info to the name (like John Hogue 2011 Predictions), and then I click on save. Later if I want, I can refine the name more with the F2 method above. Often I stick the Year-Month-Date at the beginning of things so they fall in date order, no matter the year, no matter the country.

  6. If we change the dating
    If we change the dating convention, our US users are going to flood us with complaints.

    1. I’m already complaining and
      I’m already complaining and it hasn’t changed. Chris, come on, adjust. You seem like the kind of person who would sue a coffee shop in the US because the temperature of the coffee/tea did not reflect Celsius in Europe and it threw off your morning schedule. Whitley, I responded to you because I know Chris will come out with some PDF file trying to prove all his personal preferences are correct and backed by the Theory Of Relativity.. Alright Chris, call me a smart ass. I’ll accept that as long as you admit you are anal retentive. Oh, I guess I should have used arse Chris? Posted: 2-10-11. This was just a ‘general’ comment.

      1. Ok Ed, I admit it — I am a
        Ok Ed, I admit it — I am a little anal at times 🙂 and love a good argument. I am actually bone lazy and don’t want to have to rename my the mp3 files each time I download. I take Whitley’s point about the majority of users being in the US, I am sure he and his web admin have to deal with real problems and not be bothered by trivia. I know this is a storm in a teacup and will stop my whining about middle-endian dates in dreamland files. I have a solution, I have written a shell script to rename the mp3’s in big-endian date order in my rather large collection of dreamland mp3 files. I will just run it each time I download new files.
        Just on another point, I have John Hogue’s predictions for 2011 and it is well worth getting.

  7. Very intrigued by the thought
    Very intrigued by the thought that ET’s and others travel by thought. The Master Key by Charles Haanel may have some relevant techniques.

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