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Most of Starfire Tor’s 2010 predictions came true, including detailed ones such as the one about a head of state dying in a plane crash. (Polish President Lech Kaczynsk in August). On Dreamland this week. she offers her predictions for 2011. Later, we will return to the program and analyze her effectiveness, the same way we do with John Hogue, who will be predicting on the show in a couple of weeks.

There are many people these days who offer prophecies. On Dreamland and Unknowncountry, we have a simple standard: they must be precise enough to be provable, and the individual must have a public track record of success. This is why Starfire and John are welcome each year, and why we anticipate that their offerings will be useful and informative.

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  1. Whitley and William – your
    Whitley and William – your weekly segments are wonderful, and I replay them often….Joan

    1. Starfire comes off as
      Starfire comes off as arrogant and self-important in her interviews. It’s hard see past her apparent need for self-aggrandizement and simply enjoy her explorations. How about less answers and more questions? Curiosity is what draws me to unknown country.

  2. Whew! After listening to
    Whew! After listening to Joseph Farrell, Barbara Hand Clow, and now Starfire Tor, it would appear that we have some fascinating choices to make in terms of time and our perception of reality.

    Many thanks for the great information! If nothing else, I find validation of my own odd experiences when I listen to these interviews and feel a little less, uh…odd. 🙂

  3. Starfire, focus, please. I
    Starfire, focus, please. I was ready to jump off a bridge with your endless ramblings.

    Less me, me, me. Focus please or the local authorities in my area will be dragging my cold, exasperated cadaver from the bottom of the local river. I can’t take this anymore! My patience ran out.. sorry love but bridge… here I come….

    Before anyone says anything, yes, I agree she’s being honest, but, if those cold waters don’t claw me down to give me some peace soon, I am sure I’ll blow a fuse….

  4. I don’t like Starfire’s
    I don’t like Starfire’s style AT ALL! She not only rambles, she KNOWS ALL the answers to ALL the questions in the universe, just ask her! What a wannabe know it all! Nah….not for me. I’ll just pass on her from now on. 🙁

  5. Whether you agree with her or
    Whether you agree with her or not, would you rather she spoke perfect Queen’s English, that everything she said came complete with footnotes, counterarguments and an index, and yet she lacked the beauitiful courage she has to speak the truth as she sees it?

    Thank heavens she doesn’t suffer the same malady that pervades mainstream science, that being abject fear of those potty-mouthed “Skeptics”!!! You can’t be a milktoast and a conformist and spend a lifetime exploring the anomalous. Ya’ just can’t!

    Viva Starfire! The world needs courageous voices……and what a fascinating voice is hers!

    P.S. – Hang in there, Berg, if your serious about the “bridge” thing. All us chillins’
    got troubles these days. However, if your just joking, then – never mind!

  6. Hah! Have a care Berg, Patti,
    Hah! Have a care Berg, Patti, et al. I once tried to give a little constructive criticism, and the illiterati absolutely POUNCED on me! From the Urban Dictionary: The opposite of the Illuminati, who take pride in their high level of knowledge and learning. An Illiterati takes pride in the fact that they are ignorant and refuse to learn (adjust their paradigm)often to the severe detriment of those around them.

    I site the above person as an example, though the contextual, syntax, grammatical, and spelling errors abound. And a possible racial epithet? It’s sad that many will damn our opinions by giving their own damned opinions. 😉

  7. I agree that it’s hard to
    I agree that it’s hard to listen much to Starfire. Although I never expect the Queen’s English, or even coherent thought, I do find that the quality of presentation helps immensely in getting the message across.

    Her website offers much the same stew: dead-end links, large helpings of rambling prose and a dark thread of political jibberish. I do find her sunspot theory of predictions somewhat interesting, but there’s way too much fog and static to put up with. She needs an editor.

    This is not a case of valuing style over substance. It’s more a case of her frantic, swirling style supressing the desire to get at the substance.

  8. Well said Look Again! Good on
    Well said Look Again! Good on ya! I wasn’t asking for the Queen’s OR the King’s English. Just a little coherency, and perhaps if she wouldn’t constantly interrupt the man Mr Strieber was interviewing, and the fact she was interrupting Whitley and trying to finish his sentences (or her OWN jangled thoughts ) when HE was trying to speak during the extra interview in the subscriber’s section. I pay so as to learn even more. Yet, alas, I think we all lose a bit of credibility when the interviewee sounds as if they have a slight case of coo-coo bird syndrome 😀

  9. I appreciated what Starfire
    I appreciated what Starfire had to say and enjoyed the interview. Lots to learn from her.
    I have been on a radio panel with two other women (live) and it’s difficult- I can imagine that with three people on the phone it can be pretty complex and people might cut one another off on occasion. It would be nice if the critics here tried to be more understanding.

  10. It is possible that Star
    It is possible that Star fire’s predictions are potentially true, Its a game of “hit and miss” the practice of picking up on transmitting energy from around the globe, being receptive is how I like to describe it. Although her emotion ruled alot of the way she sounded, listening to Star fire but ignoring her need for aknoweledgment…..she was interesting in her dialogue. I have already heard, from several different sides of the world that we have the threat of being hit by flying space rocks, Ive heard too that we have the capacity to deflect massive threats heading toward the earth using science. Star fire, dont worry about praise or will distract you from learning skillful means, If you be quiet with your self, learn from Whitely, or any meditation practitioner, you will hear and see even more…. go gettem tiger!!

  11. I was impressed with Bruce’s
    I was impressed with Bruce’s description of the event, the fog, etc, I also found his description of a rolling donut phenomenon associated with the storm very interesting. A physicist, named Nassim Haramein, ~~ as he moves toward a model of the unified force field ~~ describes the universe as a rolling donut ~~ that is constantly pulsing (my word, i think) — i think he describes it as “blinking in and out”. He says we live in a universe that with each breath constantly reinvents itself (partly my words partly his — ).

    In the Dreams thread on the DB, a discussion of the movie “War of the Worlds” came up and associated with the Spaceships overtaking the earth is a similar looking kind of storm (perhaps minus the green tinge) which Bruce refers to as a “timestorm”.

    I very much enjoyed and found Bruce’s story very informative. I hope we hear more from him.

  12. That which happens in
    That which happens in darkness shall be revealed in the light?

    I have hesitated in commenting on Starfire Tor because I have known this person online for years and years via the written word. Character defines itself and in due time TRUTH will prevail.

    I echo Patty Dustin on not liking Starfire Tor at all — Like and Love being two different things all the way around. She is worthy of my love and prayers so she does get that from me.

    I find Starfire very defensive and using persuasion to convince others of her so called proof of retro-casualty and/or time lapses. TRUTH needs no validation or proving IMHO! I do not think that prophesy is her forte’ and she should continue studying time lapses and retro-casualty and leave it at that. Any fool that persists in his folly will eventually become wise. This is my hope for Starfire.

  13. Well how weird ….. I had
    Well how weird ….. I had that dream – Crocodiles (giant Crocs). Dirty, dirty water (almost black). Tsunami type flooding. River that never use to be there and crocodiles not known to be in that river before. But they were there. I was bitten by a baby crocodile and I was trying to worn people I work with to get out. I work at a power station in Queensland, Australia. Very very strange.

    On a side note:
    Saw real weather radar data/information yesterday of Australia showing strange spiralling energy patterns – not natural. Australia has HAARP type facility also.

  14. I want to know what the
    I want to know what the Striebers see in her. Anyone who went to the California Dreamland Festival know what a train wreck she and her magician friend were. If there are bad vibes about that festival you can pretty much lay them at her feet. There must be more to her than that. Surely? As it stands, I just don’t listen to her anymore.

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