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You’ve heard about the White Buffalo and maybe other white spirit animals. But what are they and what do they mean? Today, Zohara Hieronimous explains them to us. Learn about not only the White Buffalo but also the White Bear, the White Lion, the White Wolf and others. What does it mean for the future that so many animal species are now going extinct?

Explore Zohara’s unique insights with Whitley. For example, we are in the Mayan Sixth Sun and science is now calling our era the Sixth Extinction. What is the meaning of this and how can we at once accept and survive the changes that are now all around us? As always, Dreamland is about empowerment and hope, not a dark litany of hopelessness and empty warnings.

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  1. Wonderful show. Thank you!
    Wonderful show. Thank you!

  2. This latest show made me feel
    This latest show made me feel so happy! Whitley talking of the dog/wolf totem in his life is me. Zoe H. is a joy to listen to, (I’m so proud she is from Baltimore). Thanks for presenting this, it’s something we can all get on-board with!

  3. The animal and animal spirit
    The animal and animal spirit part of the show was fabulous. I can relate whole heartedly to what Zo is saying there.

  4. Excellent guest, great
    Excellent guest, great interview. Well worth the listen!

  5. Lovely interview! I went
    Lovely interview! I went through something similar back in 2005 when the White Buffalo appeared in my life. I’ve always been attuned to animals, but it shifted back then into something even more special, including guided journeys by various animals.(Too much to go into here…) Anyone can do this and become attuned to a wide variety animals, including insects and spiders. Recommended reading for those that are interested is ‘Learning Their Language’ by Marta Williams.

    We have so many teachers out there to enrich our lives and enlighten our souls. If you already have pets, you know this. Expand your concept of family…

  6. Lovely: thanks for this show!
    Lovely: thanks for this show! A few days ago, a protection for elephants was placed in jeopardy out of pettiness and greed. So many of us rose up and cried out against it, that the threat has been withdrawn–for now. We comprehend our connection to other sentient beings even if we don’t know exactly how it works. Let us continue to fight for all that share with us in the circle of life!

  7. Quite remarkable, and
    Quite remarkable, and humbling.

    I was over in Brighton on Saturday and was thinking of a White Hart that I saw some years ago, at a time of change, in the most unusual spot one could imagine.

    Home I came, hopped onto UC and lo and behold a show about white spirit animals.

    Spirit is so unselfish.


  8. Great show and great
    Great show and great comments. Very synchronous, thank you.

    One early morning in 2012, while in a twilight state of consciousness, I perceived a gorilla coming down the stairs and then galloping towards my bed. It was in shadow but it stopped a few feet from my bed in a beam of light from a window. The light showed it’s fur to be white.

    The experience absolutely terrified me and I was thankful that it stopped a few feet from my bed. I assumed it an early morning nightmare hallucination until now. I had forgotten it was white.

    I read the books Ishmael and My Ishmael by Daniel Quinn as a young adult. Powerful books that changed my perspective though I never did anything about it.

    Again great show, thanks

    1. Andy,
      Wow! I don’t know if

      Wow! I don’t know if you remember it, but there was a world-famous albino gorilla known as ‘Snowflake’. He died several years ago, and in trying to remember more details about him I discovered that his home was a zoo in Barcelona, whose people are going through their own political upheaval right now. You probably know that while gorillas can be dangerous, they are really sweet, gentle creatures. They are also close relatives to us and in dire need of protection at this time.

      Since reading about Ishmael changed your perspective, it’s not too late to do something about it…Including how to survive if a gorilla charges you…:-)

  9. There is so much wisdom in
    There is so much wisdom in this interview, thank you Whitley and Zohara.

    I also had a quick flashback remembering the movie: “The Golden Compass.”

    “In the magical world of the Golden Compass, every person has a life companion in the form of an animal called a “Daemon.” A Daemon is a cross between the soul and a best friend. The animal form it takes is a manifestation of the host’s true personality.”

  10. At first I listened to
    At first I listened to Whitley and I didn’t think much of him. Now I have listened to his interviews and think his interviews are the most well thought out. It is obvious that he Is intelligent: another well thought out interview.

  11. It was exciting that Zohara
    It was exciting that Zohara (her name itself is significant – as in The Zohar) kept referring to the teachings of the Kabbalah. While I have always been a “student” of it, I have recently been drawn more and more back into serious learning of this ancient science of the soul. Coincidental(or synchronistical) there has been an upsurge in Kabbalah teachers heeding that we as a species must unify now to avoid the extreme detrimental consequences our “out of control egos” are causing. I truly believe this is the source of all spiritual knowledge in the world. It is not a science limited to the Jewish people but has always, but now more than ever, open to all humanity – this is our species’ heritage.

    Anyone interested in learning more should consider this free (yes free) course starting December 3, 2017.

    If nothing else – do a search on YouTube for the Kabbalah Revealed video series by Anthony Kosinec and enjoy!

  12. Thank you for this most
    Thank you for this most excellent and uplifting show. Just as she mentioned in the program, I have had my life turned around for the better by a smile and a kind word. Our goodness in our everyday lives makes a profound difference that we may never see, but we are blessed in return. That Goodness can never be lost, and in the long run it will transform us and our world, creating right relationship within and between ourselves and all kingdoms and all life. I really needed the reminder, and this program has empowered me and many others in a beautiful way. Thanks and blessings!

  13. I am so glad that it will be
    I am so glad that it will be done in audio format. I sure hope its Mr. Strieber’s voice.

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