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In this remarkable edition of Dreamland, researcher Brandon Massullo describes all the latest ghost research, and it turns out that ghosts are even more common and STRANGER than we’ve ever thought!

What causes us to see ghosts? In what way are they real? Why do some people see more ghosts than others?

Learn about the exciting new scientific theories that shed light on apparitions, hauntings and even communication with the dead. Find out about all the latest research about the role of electromagnetic energy, bioenergetics and emotions in hauntings!

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  1. Fascinating about the “void”
    Fascinating about the “void” in the dining room… I was quite nearsighted as a teen (cataract surgery fixed that!) and woke once to see across a dark room – a “box” or a “screen” of a perfectly clear, bright scene with a snow fence near sand dunes, maybe a small house or shack… weird.

  2. Whitley and Brandon Massullo,
    Whitley and Brandon Massullo, I loved the interview and this is the first time I have heard the Strieber family account of, “Rooty Toot Tooty.” Too funny.

    Since you are talking electromagnetic energy…….Here is a song.

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