Denise Stoner is a researcher, author and experiencer. She had a remarkable contact experience in Colorado in 1982 which was thoroughly researched and is featured in The Alien Abduction Files: The Most Startling Cases of Human-Alien Contact Ever Reported, from 2013. She was also involved with the more recent book from lastread more

Incredibly special and unique program. Denise Stoner tells the detailed story of her harrowing encounters, among the best researched and documented ever. The discussion starts with an unusual question from Anne Strieber: "Do you put out streetlights?" (This is a surprisingly common phenomenon among close encounter witnesses.) Denise’s answer is a real surprise and chillingly suggests that many people may get entangled in abduction without knowing it at all. Then, as Whitley and Denise and Kathleen continue the discussion,  they go into more detail about just what happened to her during her experiences than we have ever heard from any witness on this radio program. Whitley also shares some personal experiences that he has never spoken of more