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Founder and President of The Academy for Future Science, an international NGO (non-government organization). He is a social scientist, futurist, remote sensing and space law specialist. He is author of twenty books, his best-seller is The Keys of Enoch®.  Among his other books is one he co-authored with physicist, Russell Targ, entitled End of Suffering.  He has two Ph.Ds, one from the University of California (1977), and one from the University of Minnesota (1993). His M.Th. is from Luther Theological Seminary where he studied early Greek, Latin and Coptic literature from the Patristic period.

Social scientist, futurist and co-founder with her husband Dr. J.J. Hurtak of The Academy For Future Science, an international organization working in over fifteen countries.  Dr. Desiree Hurtak is also an environmentalist and an author of several books. Her most recent work, co-authored with her husband, is entitled Overself Awakening which has already been translated into 6 languages.

AND the best part of this week’s Dreamland is that these two brilliantly knowledgeable researchers are being interviewed by William Henry, as always seeking hidden knowledge and taking us along for the journey!

The Hurtak’s websites are and

William Henry’s website is William, and be sure to explore the three great tours he has planned this year: Italy and the Shroud of Turin, Rennes le Chateau and the Secrets of the Cathars, and Egypt: the Deep Journey.

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  1. Unfortunately, we had to
    Unfortunately, we had to reboot the site and lost all the comments on this show.

  2. Why doesn’t the subscriber
    Why doesn’t the subscriber section show up below the main show like before?

  3. I am unable to download this
    I am unable to download this show although I could download the special interview. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. Re-Posting…..
    William, I

    William, I want to thank you for these two interviews with JJ and Desiree Hurtak. They were GREAT…..

    I hope everyone clicks on the The Keys of Enoch® then watches the short video (Voice of Africa), the Shaman says it all…..

    I also want to include this. May your soul be blessed in every possible way Mr. Spock.

    I received this video from a friend today and was enlightened as to the meaning. I had no idea.

    Live Long and Prosper: (The feminine aspect of GOD). Leonard Nimoy THE Jewish Story Behind Spock.

  5. Link to free section does not
    Link to free section does not work.

  6. Can’t download. . . .
    Can’t download. . . .

  7. Yes Dr. Hurtak everything
    Yes Dr. Hurtak everything that was discussed is on target. Its all about consciousness. I’ve been saying this for years what will the experts in ufology with their outdated ideas now say? We are all supposed to become human angels and that’s how we will connect the greater universe and its other inhabitants.

  8. We have had a lot of trouble
    We have had a lot of trouble with the site this weekend. We had to reboot it and lost the weekender in the process. We are still completing the restoration of the subscriber part of the interview in its usual place.

    Monday AM: I had not realized that the Dreamland downloads had be restored, also. They are working now. I am so sorry for all this kerfuffle. Also, some people are apparently hearing noises in the program–voices, a vacuum cleaner, even what sounds like an old typewriter. On our end, the files are clean. If you hear these sounds, could you let me know exactly where they appear?

    1. Whitley, to me it sounds like
      Whitley, to me it sounds like there may be an open mic somewhere in your area. It sometimes sounds like you’re talking to Anne or some other woman in the background. Maybe your computer’s built-in mic?
      No worries, re: the kerfuffle (LOVE that word!). Sorry that you’re having viral or malware or hacking issues. I had a malware program spam a bunch of my contacts yesterday, too. What a world!
      In the Special broadcast, I hear a high-pitched tone similar to feedback, and a female voice in the background (with room tone) starting about 6:49 to about 7:02, voices again at 10:20 to 10:40, once more at 16:55 to 17:10, and 22:05 to 22:25. Hope that helps you get a handle on this.
      And thanks for all the wonderful work that you and the crew at Unknowncountry do!
      PS – It’s SO GOOD to hear William Henry’s voice here again! Thanks, William & Claire!

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! The programs have been restored back to their original layout. I rely on this site to give me my daily, hourly paranormal fix. Just like I rely on Earthfiles and Linda Moulton Howe. Thanks to Whitley and Linda.

  10. == resonance of the Pyramid
    == resonance of the Pyramid ====
    based on The Djed: confessions of a Crystal Master ….
    The book of the dead has many “colored” deities seated. fourier and the sine wave …
    color = sound.
    Combining the “cords” to make a sound based on the colors of the seated deities, you might have those resonances you were speaking of.
    TADA! =)

  11. The voices and general sounds
    The voices and general sounds in the background have been present in several of the recent Dreamland interviews.

    In the most recent one, I heard some vacuuming going on and what sounded like Anne coughing…then typing on a keyboard. In others I have heard conversations in the background – it sounded like Whitley to my ears – and again more keyboard typing.

    What I suggested in my previous comment (that got deleted after the site reboot), was that if these sounds are not present in the original recordings, as was previously suggested, then if at some point they are being transcoded to another format in real time, then the microphone on that PC must be muted to avoid mixing the two audio sources (original interview and ambient noises) together.

    Anyway apart from these background noises, the rest of the interview content was great! Keep up the good work…

    …just don’t do your typing and vacuuming with the mic on 🙂

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