Steve Aspin is a successful businessman with a very strange family history. His grandmother, in particular, believed that there was a family connection to the fairy-folk of northern England where they lived. As Steve grew up, he had some strange experiences which were attributed to their visi tations. Later, though, he began having direct encounters with gray beings who did not appear to him to be human, including some encounters which were remembered normally.

Working with Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs and others, he gradually began to see his life and his experiences in a larger context that went beyond the fairy lore with which he had grown up. Over time, working with his own experiences and doing deep and extensive research, he has come to deep knowledge of the close encounter experience both from personal experience and from his extensive research.

Listen as he and Whitley compare notes about everything from hybrids to implants, and discuss, as only two close encounter witnesses can, the deeper meaning of what is happening to mankind.

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  1. I can’t play or download anything. It also does not work on the iPhone podcast app.

    1. Author

      One of these days I hope to have a Dreamland about abduction that doesn’t start with the files all screwed up. The Webmaster and I both checked everything carefully before the show was posted and yet it was entirely a fail. But we’re used to it, and all was fixed very quickly. Hopefully it will stay fixed!

      1. I got one of the links to work right off the bat, but the other two did not. Go figure.

  2. This group of Greys are the Archonic creatures described by the Gnostics. Over eons they have become amazing administrators and now “manage” numerous planetary civilizations. Very much desire to include Earth but are stymied by other occupiers’ presence.
    Humans are approaching advancement to 5th dimension living. Greys cannot follow and survive (vibratory rate prohibits it). Unacceptable that humans might escape their surveillance and manipulation. But Grey hybrid population might make the leap, thereby continuing oversight of humanity.
    Consider that this group has demonstrated a singular lack of empathy to the millions they have taken and used. Hybrids are developed with a hive mind so their allegiance will not be directed by the human potential. (Interesting that the creators did not develop them to have a dominant human mind with free will, emotions and creativity.)
    May my conjecture be proven wrong.

    1. You characterise your statements as conjecture but it reads as if you are presenting facts.

      1. That’s right, Lois Myers could you please explain (in whatever level of detail you are comfortable with) where you got these facts / conjectures / ideas from?

    2. Lois, what is your source for this conjecture? Do you have a reference or link?

  3. Maybe I am just tired…but I can honestly say I was loosing the will listening to the first half of this one. Perhaps some time out in nature might rejuvenate me enough to want to listen to the rest.

        1. Something is blocking language all around this one. Missed a word completely in my comment below. And then his book is down? Greys at play indeed!

  4. I first saw the image of Communion when I was a teenager. It was on the end cap of a shelf in my local library. It immediately sent shock waves into my body, and I walked to the other side of the library so that I could make my way out without passing by that image too closely.

    I saw it again in the library about a year later and the same feeling returned. But there was also an overwhelming curiosity that made me pick it up. I remember feeling ashamed and embarrassed as one of the librarians at the check-out counter glanced at the cover.

    I took it home and read it cover to cover in one sitting, keeping it cover-face down until it was returned.

    1. I can’t have the Communion book face-up anywhere in the house. It almost seems to have a live presence of its own, that demands attention. If it’s ever at the top of a pile of books, I will move it a few layers down, to be sure…of what…I am not entirely sure.

      Given that instincutal reaction…an hour or so after waking up, several months ago, I had a sudden flash of her face, close up, as if I had been standing face-to-face with her during the night (in a dream I assume)… but my reaction was one of sincere warmth, maybe even love.

      I can’t reconcile the two reactions.

      1. Sherbet, I get the two reactions. When I first saw the cover of ‘Communion’ in a book review when it was released, I had to go out that day and buy the book. I didn’t feel fear at the visage, but felt a familiarity and excitement. I even told Jeremy Vaeni about it on ‘The Experience’ several years ago. I also saw ‘her’ as beautiful. I really don’t know why I felt that way, because a part of me said I should be fearful, yet I wasn’t. I’ve had lots of weird experiences, but no memory of an actual abduction. I also remember right after reading the book that I told my then-husband that I wasn’t sure what happened to Whitley, but that I also felt that the beings, whoever or whatever they are, are a part of us.

        1. Wasn’t is Anne that referred to the Earth as an ‘Engine of Consiousness’?

          It’s almost as if these beings are manifested thoughforms, from the archetypal depths of the consciousness of the Earth herself…sent for our growth, regardless of whether we can comprehend the lesson. Maybe the connection is somehow symbiotic… that we need each other, in some kind of convoluted way.
          Perhaps in a very real sense, they are as much ‘Of the Earth’ as we are?

          1. Bingo!

            That has crossed my mind more than once. I don’t know what the truth is, but I sense that often we simply take off in the wrong direction on all of this, based on expectations from how we perceive reality. That, and the possibility that these beings are other aspects of ourselves. I tend to feel that deep in my core.

            Over the weekend I participated in a Zoom meeting held by Grant Cameron, with his guest, Barbara Lamb. I had a question that I wanted to ask her about this very thing. Unfortunately, due to my one-handed typing skills, I was last in line, and after 2 hours, the Zoom ended and I didn’t get the opportunity to ask her the question. (It takes me a while to even post in the comments section here. Frustrating, but at least I can get something done with one finger!)

  5. Author

    His book got pulled off of Amazon and his account closed for mysterious reasons. He’s not the only person writing in this genre who has had that happen recently. So far, just the UK Amazon has been involved in the take downs, but it could easily spread to this country as well. Who is doing it and why is a hard question to answer. He got notices from Amazon that there were inappropriate posts attributed to him but he wasn’t posting anything on their site and they would not tell him anything about what these posts were or where they were. Was somebody impersonating him with the intent of getting his account canceled? Or was this being done internally at Amazon, and if so, why? I thought the book was quite accurate about the abduction phenomenon, which is why I interviewed him in the first place. Perhaps that’s the reason. When books are readily available again, he will come back on the show and we will discuss it and give links to purchase points. Right now, he has a few books available on his website which you can reach through the Dreamland show page.

    1. What the hell?! Is it just that simple to be removed from Amazon? Because the garbage that appears on their sight is abysmal, and yet it remains. Not all of it is garbage, obviously. There’s something fishy here it seems.

  6. One of the best “Dreamland”s I have seen in a long time. Whitley, can you have Steve Aspin on your Saturday video chat programs? He would be the perfect guest.

  7. Whitley and Steve Aspin, as I am watching this interview, the brief ALIEN moment from, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Meeting the aliens,” crossed my mind. The scene terrified me and stayed with me for a long time. Although terrified, I can honestly say, I felt no EVIL. It was more like a fear experienced by an UNKNOWN SOMETHING, SOOO VERY DIFFERENT. It seemed to settle into the depth of me?????

    1. I remember it evoking in me a mixture of intense excitement, overshadowed with devastating loss…to stride headlong into an abyss of awe and wonder…with the heavy price of having to choosing to leave Earth and all you have grown to love and depend on…perhaps forever…to gain the secrets of the Universe but never be able to tell anyone a single word.

  8. A great show again, lots of questions and remarks come to mind! If you have never been abducted, and you start reading about this subject, do you risk being abducted? Judging from my own experience, the answer to Whitley’s question is: no. Also, he explains in THEM that the abduction program is winding down, so there’s really no good reason to worry about this. From my own experience again, the main danger is to become obsessed with this topic.

  9. Regarding the U.S. government involvement: Whitley describes an organization in 3 layers (outer, middle, and inner layer). This reminds me of the book by colonel Corso, where he indeed talks about an inner layer (called “Majestic 12” by some outsiders). However, he also explains that the inner layer collapsed under the weight of its own secrecy within a few years. After that, there was no centralized control : the various intelligence agencies and branches of the armed forces were left fending for themselves, jealously guarding their secrets and trying to find out what the others knew. As a question to Whitley, do you think that centralized control has been restored? This is what the very term “inner layer” suggests.

  10. Some more questions and remarks (I did warn you about the risk of obsession) : Whitley describes abductions as taking place mostly in U.S. / England / Canada… May I dare say that this might not really be the case, because there could be at least two sources of biases:
    1) knowledge of foreign languages.
    2) social stigma : there is a strong (but decreasing?) social stigma associated to anything UFO-related, and abductions are probably the most stigmatized topic. Regardless, some courageous people dare talk about these things, and perhaps more so in English-speaking countries. This is perhaps just because social norms are less strictly enforced in these countries (in the U.S. especially) than in other countries.
    As an example I’m familiar with: France is a country where social norms are probably stricter than in the U.S. (but less strict than in, say, Japan).
    In France the whole topic of UFOs seems definitely more underground than in the U.S., but it is nevertheless possible to find testimonies about abductions on the French-speaking internet. Also, I personally know someone who was abducted, implanted, and went to meetings of abductees’ support groups. So these things definitely exist outside of the anglosphere.

  11. About the analysis of retrieved materials, including their isotopic ratios: there is at least one recent paper in the peer reviewed literature, by some of the usual suspects (Garry Nolan, Jacques Vallée et al.). So the social stigma is perhaps fading in academia as well. Unfortunately, their analysis is not quite conclusive.

  12. A last comment for now: in the show, Whitley describes hybrids who are unable to speak. Perhaps this is because the language center in their brains is used for telepathy?
    By contrast, in his books David Jacobs describe hybrids who can talk and are rather well integrated in society. Perhaps they are a new and improved model. I know that Jacobs’ methodology and his ethics have been questioned, but he was cited by Whitley during the show, so I’ll just follow his lead here.

  13. I thought this was an interesting show. I have had abductions all my life. I was also taken with my children.
    I have seen several types of beings. The beings I remember like the one on Communion was white and slightly different. But very close. I have often wondered if all the children being born with Autism now are possibly to do with the aliens. I was taken while I was in labor with my 2 nd child. One of her children has Autism. He is high functioning thank god. So many can not even speak. He is very sweet. I have so many memories of being taken when I have been wide awake. I remember going through the roof, being half way in the attic and being dropped to the floor.. Most of the time, they took me back to bed. I could really relate to what you and Steve were talking about. I will get his book. I also loved your book, Them. Whitley, I got the autio book and I really enjoyed it. You made it so much better by reading it! I will buy the book too.

  14. Am happiest when you return, Whitley. And this show is the reason for subscribing and am enjoying this. Obviously, the comment response supports my own feelings. More please..

  15. Just an observation…TIME is the key, and the title of the book, ‘Out of Time’ has more than one meaning for me…

    1. Maybe theirs is less of an objective… but more of a jigsaw piece, that dovetails necessarily with ours?

  16. This was the episode that prompted me to subscribe now rather than “oh, I’ll get to it later”. Very relatable. Wish it wasn’t really, but here we are.

    In mid 2006, I woke with six dots in a perfect circle with a seventh in the middle, on my face. My left cheek. Drops of blood still visible on most of the dots that were becoming red marks. I could feel under a couple of them something hard, so I popped at least two out, that hadn’t healed over yet, and they were very small white grains. I had a very disturbed night, which wasn’t uncommon. Had physical sensations of being interfered with.

    I’ve had a lot of disturbances all my life, which finally ended in 2007 because I told them to go away, and then I experienced a ‘miscarriage’ and my last visit. What you were talking about, the hybrid program, has definitely been part of my experiences.

    I’ve never been able to find out what that circle of marks on my face was. Over the years it has faded but can be seen if my face gets ruddy. Yay for Scottish genes! I had a sense that it was from a device. I took a photo of it just after it had happened and can locate it if you want it. Curious if you’ve ever heard of similar marks.

    Thanks for all you do. Your book was confirmation for me, while a teenager, that those eyes I’d seen were real. The movie allowed me to not be tricked by them. Deeply grateful.

  17. Happy Birthday Whitley..

    I was watching the recent Dr Steven Greer disclosure meeting yesterday and he still maintains that the abductions are being Conducted by a separate dark ops organisation with robotic beings. I was wondering what your thoughts were Whitley and if you will discuss this with Dr Greer?

    1. Author

      Nobody, I suspect not even the “insiders,” has any definite knowledge about this.

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