How do we see through the terror of an abduction event? Should we? Why? These are just a few of the questions addressed in this heart-to-heart chat between two extraordinarily clear experiencers: Guest Host Jeremy Vaeni and “Pam Dillon” (a pseudonym). This is her first and likely only time ever sharing her experiences with the public!
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  1. Free:
    – Streaming: Good.
    – Video link: Exists but not working.

    – Streaming: Failed.
    – Download (High Bandwidth): Play fails but file download works.
    – Download (Low Bandwidth): Play and file download works.
    – Video link: None existent.

    4 out of 8 is pretty poor 😕
    Putting my IT head on…Why aren’t these links checked before the page goes live? It’s like delivering a new car without wheels!

  2. In all the years that I have listened (and now watch) Dreamland, technical issues have very rarely been a problem, so I have to ask if the problem may be the mode of streaming—desktop, laptop, other portable devices? I have always used a desktop for this sort of thing without the problems that others seem to be having. In addition, could it be the browser being used and how preferences are set? Just trying to help on this…In any case, I just tested all now, and it seems ok.

    1. Everything it fixed now apart from the ‘Listen Now’ streaming plugin and its respective download button (which shows a 404 Error).

      The behaviour is exactly the same within a Chrome browser on my Android phone and within both Chrome and Edge browsers on my Windows 10 laptop.

      Anyway, I’m looking forward to listening to it 🙂

  3. Whitley usually has this fixed right away, but he’s probably away. I’d bet anything the guest, using a pseudonym, preferred not to be seen on camera.

  4. He opened your third eye dear just enjoy your ride! Use it to fulfil your destiny the planet needs us!

  5. The guest wanted to remain anonymous and therefore was not on camera, as was explained at the beginning of the interview by Jeremy. The video consisted of Jeremy talking to his very audible guest. No issues with the video on my end on May 27th, the afternoon, EST.
    I thought the show was much better than average quality for Dreamland – great content with deep philosophical and metaphysical insights.
    Keep up the good work Jeremy! You are definitely one of the main reasons I am still here.
    A sincere thanks.

  6. Thank you Jeremy and guest, I really enjoyed this interview. Several years ago I too had a dream about seals. Seven in all and they were sitting in a large flowing fountain. At the time it felt like it had to do with the SEVEN SEALS OF THE BIBLE. It was a much longer dream and I have it SOMEWHERE in my hand written dreams.

    Also, I think the name of the program you mentioned on Netflix is called ‘Chimp Empire.’ My friend raved about it.

  7. Author

    The subscriber youtube video is now working. Whitley is aware of the problems and working on them. Sorry for the delay.

  8. Getting to the heart of the matter…
    I always enjoy animal stories, and have quite a few of my own. Because I enjoy and have no fear of ‘creepy-crawlies’, I’ve had wonderful interactions with birds, lizards, frogs—and snakes! There is great beauty in living things, and I sincerely wish that everyone could see it and experience it. You don’t even have to live out of the city. Appreciation can extend to your patio or back yard. Mystical experiences can be part of your life every day. I’ve had some truly strange experiences, but I often wonder if my lack of fear has to do with my lack of fear of the natural world and my sense of awe of all of it.

    Getting to heart of matter…
    I know that my biggest problem is that of ego. It truly is the only thing that holds me back. It is the ultimate ‘letting go’ for so many of us (even after death). We are all are ok with the idea of death only if a kernel of of ‘me’ is what makes the transition, goes to heaven, or reincarnates, even if into a totally different body, reality, sex , whatever. I remember how many years ago, I was washing the dishes when out of nowhere I got the concept of ‘Nirvana’—NOTHING. (Gulp!). But, what about ME?😁
    Very, good, Jeremy! We’ve got to acknowledge and ponder these things, as uncomfortable as they may be. Thanks to you and Pam!

  9. D’oh! I commented before I saw the video. Jeremy does say she chooses to remain off-camera.

  10. The first two lines don’t work. The low bandwidth worked about halfway and quit about 49 minute mark. It’s a shame. I was really enjoying it.

  11. I both enjoyed and appreciated this interview. Fear exists on many levels as we encounter new experiences, seemingly foreign consciousness and perhaps new surroundings when we least expect it.

    The pressure cooker of experience can be a tough path to walk but I don’t think most of us would change anything if we could.


  12. I just love the informal, unselfconscious, conversational nature of this episode! Jeremy and Pam were so authentic, and the content was so honest. They helped me re-contextualize some of my thinking on the topic, particularly on the use of terror by the “others”, and its use for forcing us out of our egos.

  13. What a great conversation!

    I don’t think any of the questions about THEM will be answered before we figure out who or what WE are. The aphorism “know thyself” is deceptively simple…but I suspect that only after that nut has been cracked and the mind has been silenced, will it all fall into place.

    We hear that the extent of our conscious experience compared to the capabilities of the unconsious mind, can be likened to the size of a coin, in comparison to the table it sits on. I wonder then, what the extent of our true nature really is compared to that table…the room… the house maybe…the garden…more?

  14. Jeremy did a good job and……surprise……..I heard it all on You Tube without getting the third sequence online. I’m not a free Deamlander but live in the country where strong reception is not a given.
    There was such an honest exchange between Jeremy and Pam and there was an easy back and forth between them. It felt like a LOT of information was condensed and accessible . Thanks to both!

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