On June 5, Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal published one of the most extraordinary stories in history in the Debrief. It was about the claims of a whistleblower, David Grush, that the US government is in possession of crashed disks and other materials that are not of earthly manufacture. Far from being a garden-variety whistleblower claim, this one involved Congressional testimony and was part of a legally sanctioned process. Listen and Leslie and Ralph discuss the inside story in the Dreamland exclusive.

Then Whitley talks about the implications for close encounter witnesses. Is this going to bring us even more derision and bullying, or are we finally going to gain some respect from the community at large. Isn’t it time for the snickering to stop, because if we have crashed disks, somebody must have been inside and they just might have been responsible for the tens of thousands of abductions that have been reported. Whitley’s statement is deeply moving and powerful–and probably dead-on right!

To get Whitley’s new book Them, click here. It’s first part is the deepest look ever at the abduction phenomenon, and its second part covers strikingly similar information to what David Grush has brought before Congress.

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  1. Excellent! Thanks for getting Kean and Blumenthal on so quickly! This is a story that we have to really stay on top of, and not let it suffer another death by apathy,
    public amnesia, and deliberate obfuscation by the military and our government. This is our future, and we must take charge of it to ensure that we DO have a future.

  2. One more thing: Due to many of my own unusual experiences, I think there is something besides being an abductee (of which I have no memory) involving experimentation with the brain/mind. I have been very reluctant to bring it up, because it is just too farfetched. Be that as it may, the fact that I am here at this particular time has some kind of meaning that I have not yet fathomed…

    1. Ah yes, another kindred soul on the experimentation subject I’m pleased to see.

      I’ve also wondered about both brain–computer interface (BCI), sometimes called a brain–machine interface and direct constant contact connection with a higher order of consciousness around us.

      I’ve flitted between considering that Human organisations may be inserting implants into people without them realising or that our souls/consciousness may be re-emerging into a level of shared consciousness with our environment that may have once been very common.

      Sure, I have a story to tell but I will hold off. Not from fear of ridicule, as anyone who knows me knows I am a complete happy-go-lucky bozo who seeks only an enjoyable work-life and a happy home to return to. Long walks make all this come together nicely (as does a drop of Sauvignon Blanc at the weekend).

      No, I shall hold off with details because so many of my experiences can be interpreted in a myriad of ways and so I prefer to live Mrs Strieber’s maxim ‘Keep it in question.’

      From seeing a lovely woman wearing a strange kind of armour in my passenger seat whilst driving on the motorway to waking up and realising a bearded man was crouching next to my bed, I’ve carried on living quite happily, albeit scratching my head at times, and this has grown into, now & again, realising that I seem to be able to hear the birds speaking both about me amongst themselves and to me.

      That doesn’t sound like a Human government doing that, but then again?? Either I’m utterly bonkers or I’m noticing şσ𝔪𝔢тħᶤŇ𝑔. If I am bonkers then this is a delightfully blessed way to live and I am grateful for the grace around us that cares a great deal for this garden of consciousness.


      1. Exactly. This is all happening world-wide, which is another reason why the U.S. needs to quit acting like they are in charge of it all…they aren’t. All they have really done is taken control of the narrative, and some other nations have gone a long with it. So, other nations could nip it all in the bud.

        I don’t know what the truth is, but I’m pretty sure that this ain’t it. Just like I DO know that it is all much stranger than than just beings from another world flying here in a spaceships so they can cozy up to governments and the world’s military.

  3. The Last 2 Dreamlands have been pretty EPIC!
    KUDOS to Whitley & Staff!

  4. Cosmiclibrarian, I too recognize the profound mystery……so many questions and searching for the answers keep us from the full experience.

    One thing I have noticed is the deep spirituality we have because of our relationship with the Visitors. Sometimes I recognize it in others even through there has been no conversation about it.

    Whitley, your body of work softens the experiences of others but I know it has been at great cost to you. Ridicule points to weakness of the person who is ridiculing, but it hurts just the same and it’s not funny. I’m sorry it happened to you.

  5. THIS IS CIA COUNTERINTELLIGENCE. When will the ufology community start displaying some discernment? Does everyone forget how often so-called whistleblowers have LIED? And anyone who takes the time to study will see the labyrinthine connections that show how all these people are associated with the CIA, the Pentagon, and the military’s false flag operation to introduce UFOs as the ultimate threat to swell the defense budget and achieve Full Spectrum Dominance. Whitley even had Elana Freeland on his podcast a few years ago – who wrote the definitive trilogy of exhaustive research PROVING this! Wake up, everyone. This is not what these co-called “truth tellers” are wanting you to believe it is. Think, research, and open your eyes.

    1. There are many who do lie, but generally not to Congress, and the whistle-blower is vouched for by very high-level people. I believe Grusch is telling the truth – the US has possession of craft and materials not of this world.

      1. You believe people working for the military and CIA, etc., wouldn’t lie to Congress for the sake of the bigger operation of Full Spectrum Dominance? And which high-level people are vouching for this whistleblower? Other “whistleblowers” who have “left” these institutions?

        We need discernment to come back.

        1. We should also realize that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. It can start small, then turn into a conflagration. In addition, how better to hide secrets than to give people a taste, then tell them they are wrong, misguided—or crazy. “That’s not what happened, now move along.”

          If you examine the events in Washington, DC in July, 1952, you’ll recognize the pattern:


          It has repeated itself over and over since then. The CIA does have a part in it, no doubt. But…whenever the truth finds its way out, like a dandelion growing in a crack in the sidewalk, ALL trust will be lost by the world and the American people, a trust that is tenuous at best at this point in history. Whatever the reason for the lies, they are destructive. Discernment is important, but the truth is even more important, and we don’t have that now, do we?

          1. As long as we keep looking to the government and military as well as thinking in materialist terms, we will never find the truth. This is a spiritual phenomenon, and our world has gotten so entrenched in materiality that it has forgotten the ultimate Truth. But it’s there in all of us. Meditation and spiritual practice will recall it. We have given the power of truth away to corruption. It is time to reclaim it.

    2. There are at least fifteen books listed as being authored by Freeland; could you narrow down which publications she details this false-flag operation in?

      Better yet, would it be at all possible for you to give us a summary of her findings on the issue? I’ve tried reading her books, and my discernment has kept me from getting too far through the slog of such poorly-researched work such as hers.

      But I’m willing to entertain the possibility that the Air Force, Army, ODNI and ISD (the CIA hasn’t been named in this story thus far) could be working together to further increase an already catastrophically astronomical defence budget–although that many branches of the alphabet soup working together without being ordered to would certainly be an even bigger story than what Grusch has put forward!

      I’m also curious as to which aspects of Grusch’s story is a lie: the US government isn’t in possession of non-human craft? Some of these didn’t come from malevolent entities? There are no non-human entities visiting the Earth to obtain these artifacts from to begin with? Which past whistleblowers have been demonstrated to have lied? It’s an unpopular habit, but my discernment causes me to ask questions.

      That’s just me practising my own discernment, and not just taking someone else’s word for granted. I’m not in the habit of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, but do I get weary of dipping my toes in some tubs, only to have the baby bite my foot.

      1. I am baffled at your claim that Freeland does “poor research.” But if you think that, why are you asking about which book to read? You’ve read her, then? But if you have, you would see that every page in her trilogy of non-fiction is footnote-laden and the most exhaustive scientific examination of military geoengineering that is currently in publication. I have also vetted many of the sources from the two books I have read: “Under an Ionized Sky” and “Geoengineered Transhumanism.” People who escaped growing up in the CIA as well as others in the field have praised Freeland, and it is simple fact that her sources check out. Maybe she’s revealing things that are too disturbing and paradigm-shattering for some to want to acknowledge.

        A background check on Grusch – as well as others like Garry Nolan – will reveal myriad connections within the CIA and government. His lawyer is the inspector general of the intelligence agency. He is groomed by Luis Elizondo, who was exposed by experts and even exposed himself as still employed by the Pentagon. They trot out the tired old rehearsed story of otherworldly ships and bodies – with no evidence or details – then say they can’t reveal any more. If they can’t do that, then why can they talk to mainstream media in the first place? And why have the very institutions they’re working for spent 70 years ridiculing, debunking, obfuscating, and denying the very things they’re now saying are real?

        Wernher von Braun, the Nazi who ran NASA through Project Paperclip, confessed on his deathbed to Carol Rosin that the long-term plan was to roll out a false UFO threat to swell the defense budget and create Full Spectrum Dominance. If you do the deep dive research – something I can’t possibly elucidate completely here – you will see the paper trail going back to the 40s, to elite families who worked in the government and whose subsequent generations also do, and their ever-changing narratives leading up to the last several years. TTSA, the tik tak New York Times story by Leslie Kean – whose father ran the 911 commission – and the Elizondo charade, as well as the Chinese balloon fiasco earlier this year, all paving the way for Grusch’s unsubstantiated claims and embarrassing body language broadcasting his lies in plain sight.

        But if you regard Freeland’s exhaustive and comprehensive work as badly researched, maybe you have made up your mind that a different narrative is more true and any contrary evidence is insufficient. Everyone has to decide what resonates for them.

        1. Thanks anyhow, for what it’s worth. I think I’ve figured out which of Freeland’s books you’re referring to (“Chemtrails, HAARP…”, “Under an Ionized Sky”, Geoengineered Transhumanism”); otherwise, aside from her magazine contributions, all that’s left is her Sub Rosa series.

    3. I agree something is off here.

      I’m always hopeful that more comes out on this topic, and believe there’s more than we’re being told.

      But there’s something off with this guy, something about the way he tells this story. His tone. Expressions. His lack of any real detail.

  6. I really enjoyed how you bared your soul about all the bullying and humiliation you’ve had to face. I can empathize, having had similar experiences in my life.
    I wonder how much this whistle blowing really does to advance the cause. I am dubious but hopeful.

  7. I have been a subscriber for many years because I value the seriousness of the website and having it hostessed by a real experiencer and educated man as W.S. And his wife Assured me that I would get the best ideas discussed. I wonder if Mr. Strieber has thought about the future of this website when he is gone. (we all have to go some day)- and though I think he is in good health and able, sharp and witty, always leaving the questions over the table so his fans can draw their own conclusions. Reasons i why I sponsor his books and podcast and feel that my Fridays or weekends are missing something if I miss a show. Sadly, I have noticed how substitutes when he is not present totally miss the mark to elevate the interviews to the level of excellence to which we are used to when he is present. I am not young and so I know that at our age, we can disappear unexpectedly, leaving things unfinished,,,Who will continue the job with the same zeal for quality of subjects and responsibility? We are approaching a new phase of openness on the subject that is basically approached at the basic physical level of “artifacts” which is to say “primitive, initial, timidly..”, etc.

    Mr. Strieber has taken the subject to the deepest levels of consciousness, awareness, motivations, time and dimensional shifts , environmental and species considerations through analysis of messages received by contactees , etc.` I-sincerely hope for a backup that can continue with the same fervor and professionalism and experienced by so many and most probably,with the same vision as time goes by inexorably and I see no other viable alternate that could tackle the subject with such consistency and fervor. Having said that, I wish him the very best of health and continued energy to continue to bring us the very best of is curiosity and intellect . I marvel at the bitty to recollect names, events, dates, in conversations. I guess this post of mine is a reflection, a 76, of my own mortality and ny desire to know – beforeI disappear – much more about the phenomenon of the experience and ultimately the answer to the questions: Who are we in relation to them, what do they want, and who are they…. Best wises and many thanks for a light shone on these questions In so many ways.

  8. The subscriber audio stream and associated download, at the top of the page, don’t work.
    The rest seems fine.

  9. I suspect the closer you look at an anomalous object, the further away from its true purpose you would probably get. Like looking at an encrypted USB stick under an electron microscope, will tell you nothing of the information it contains…and if that data were a program, even less about its purpose, and next to nothing about the Developer that crafted it.

    Or to go down the sci-fi analogy of the monoliths from “2001: A Space Odyssey”…designed to autonomously do ‘whatever needs to be done’ by its creators…but looking at it closely with our limited technology, reveals only anomalous materials created with scary atomic-level precision. Its purpose only apparent when properly activated…and even then, one that might completely elude us.

    What if these objects had only a fraction of their overall physical presence expressed into our reality, the majority of which could be in some connected but completely inaccessible realm. Where would that leave scientific investigation?

    Regarding the Visitors…do we even know that one of these beings thinks like we do? Indeed, how do we even know whether they think at all? How would you communicate with something that just *is*, let alone divinate its purpose?

    1. Well said. The more I “learn” about all of this, the more I don’t know.

      I now view these observations, reports, stories, and otherwise out there events, as something far more complex than I can, or ever could, imagine. And more importantly, I think all of this “stuff” is for us to experience without making simplistic assumptions.

      1. Yes, too much focus on the hardware unfortunately shifts us away from what really matters…how those who have come into contact with one or more aspects of this phenomenon, have been affect, or changed. I don’t think these changes in consciousness are given anywhere near enough attention – that is the key…the crashed / gifted craft are a smoke screen, a red-herring at best that will, I suspect, always remain tantisingly unfathomable …designed to elicited far more questions than answers.

        We’re like kids going to see their favourite band…staring at the screen of their phone, whilst it records, thinking about how great it’ll be to post it on social media…and how impressed their other friends will be…experiencing it almost vicariously through a piece of hardware, when what matters is right in front of them. But they’re missing, that only a shift in focus is required, to quell the mind and experience it how it was meant to be…without thought, raw…in awe.

  10. @Whitley Could it be that the same part of your consciousness/soul that you recorded talking to Them in the middle of the night DID give them permission but you don’t remember it, just like you wouldn’t have known about that talking, had you not recorded it…

  11. The way Whitley and the other abductees have been treated is heartbreaking. As a question to Whitley: do you have reasons to believe that the beings with whom you now have a positive experience are the same kinds of beings who raped you years ago?
    Or are somehow allied to them?

  12. Whitley – thanks for a great show AND Happy Birthday today (June 13). The second part of the show was great and is some kind of “summary” of the “highlights” of your difficult journey. Thanks for that. I wish to make a few points and I am interested in all opinions on these points. So, seems to me that Grusch is not a true whistleblower and it seems to me that he is still “inside” the program (as is Elizondo etc). I think all of them are “following orders” and that they have volunteered for a difficult mission(s). The “strategic” big picture mission is to “gently break the UFO weirdness” to the human population. I think “they” (the persons giving Elizondo and Grusch their “orders”) are very concerned about this “psychological reaction” running out of control so certain “additions” are made as the reaction goes along to retard the “rate of reaction”. So, in 2017 we have these admissions (tic tac) but they are “rate limited” by Tom DeLonge and “To the Stars”. We have just witnessed the decision to “turn up the heat another notch” (admit the recovered vehicles) but this is “rate limited” by the “whistleblower” aspect and it’s still “just one guy with no proof”. Now “they” will wait and see how much clamour there is before the “disclosure program” goes for another increase in heat (i.e. photos of retrieved vehicles). Maybe that happens in a few weeks or maybe in a few years. I have no idea which. I suspect the photos will be “leaked” and neither confirmed nor denied. When that’s all settled down, “they” will then think about the next step which is maybe more photos or, eventually, admitting the bodies (eventually culminating in photos of the bodies). Are the bodies 6 months away or 20 years, I don’t know. Let me also say that maybe “they” are doing a very good job and being very prudent as they run this potentially very dangerous “reaction” on human psychology. AND, of course, it also seems to me that “they” understand the true nature of all this very well (“consciousness” seems the best word). I’m sure they’ve read your books Whitley! I think they’ve thought through the “high weirdness” (1111 and 444). I would say “proof” of this is that they have paid quite a lot of attention to Christopher Bledsoe who is, in my opinion, also very important in this. AND my last thought, I suspect “they” have been aware of and taken VERY SERIOUSLY the high weirdness for a LONG TIME. The high weirdness is the most important thing and I think “they” know this. I imagine they have quite enjoyed Clelland (as have I). So, I am interested in opinions on all that. I’ll say one last thing which is that “they” changed their minds in 2017 when they started down this road (tic tac and all that). Why did “they” change their minds at that point in time? I would say that it a very interesting question and I have no answer to that whatsoever.

    1. Also, one other way to think about this. There is no such thing as an “ex” member of the Mafia (or the KGB).

    2. If this was part of a coordinated, sanctioned form of disclosure, then it would have started with “My fellow Americans”, delivered by Joe behind a podium in the Rose Garden, the form that most folks expected disclosure to take; it wouldn’t be nearly as complicated a situation as we’re seeing.

      Basically, no government on the planet is imaginative enough to come up with the level of infighting, dysfunction and downright political chaos this situation has garnered; if it were fiction they’d be presenting a unified front, showing that they’re in complete control of the situation. Instead, we have numerous media organizations that were caught flat-footed, zero response from the White House, and a paper trail showing internal warfare between Team Secrecy and Team Disclosure.

      You can’t make this sort of thing up: As Jeremy Corbell commented on the situation in the latest episode of Weaponized: “Holy shit, this is *not* an organized process!”


    3. Given “their” experience with strange stuff such as remote viewing, it makes sense that “they” would treat seriously the high strangeness associated to UFO.

  13. Thank you Whitley, Leslie and Ralph, for helping to carve out a path to the truth.

  14. Great interview. There are some things in the Debrief article that haven’t gotten a lot of attention, though, or that people haven’t noticed. One of them concerns the officer “Jonathan Grey”, cited at the end. There are two things here: first, that he’s a “generational officer”, meaning that his dad, or parents, were part of the military, and secondly that the name “Jonathan Grey” is “the identity that he uses inside the agency”….this agency being NASIC, at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. This means that he works under an assumed name…and that the “generational” aspect likely refers to his parents being involved with UFO research. He statements, then, in support of disclosure and verifying the existence of UFOs would be even more significant than they would otherwise be.

  15. Very interesting podcast on Weaponized this morning… Episode 22.


    From the show description: “a veteran Member of (Canadian) Parliament sent a confidential letter to that nation’s Defense Minister. The elected official provides very specific details about an ongoing program within the “Five Eyes” alliance (USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand) to analyze and reverse-engineer exotic materials obtained from crashes of UFOs.”

  16. Great interview. However everyone keeps forgetting to include MONEY as a major modern reason for government secrecy/denial. “Follow the money.” Look at the number of companies, owners, institutions, scientists who have become rich. How many grants, awards, contracts? How many states & senators & representatives have been rewarded with businesses that employed people, and the restaurants & grocery stores that have fed them, and builders that have sheltered them, and teachers employed to teach their children, and on and on. Would we have granted the Defense Department so much money if they can’t protect us or our skies?

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