Rey Hernandez is one of the greats of the UFO world, and this is his first visit to Dreamland since 2018! Here, he talks about his incredible background, how he got pulled into the close encounter experience and why he has been working so hard at it ever since.

Rey is currently the Director of the Consciousness and Contact Research Institute, or CCRI, an academic research institute comprised of more than 25 Ph.D. academics, medical doctors, and researchers whose mission is to explore a new paradigm that seeks to integrate the findings of consciousness research and the phenomenology of extraordinary experiences, what Rey coined in 2013 as the “Contact Modalities”.

Don’t miss this unforgettable discussion between Rey and Whitley. Amazing insights throughout!

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  1. Some questions for the metaphysically inclined: if consciousness is primary, how come the physical universe could already exist in the early times before the apparition of life? And the proverbial one: is the moon still there when nobody’s looking at it? Also, how can the consciousness of two different people agree on physical reality? Most of the time, when a person sees a chair somewhere, another person will also see a chair and not (say) a dog.

    1. “…if consciousness is primary, how come the physical universe could already exist in the early times before the apparition of life?” – The entire cosmos is sentient, is alive as one being. As cells fit into our bodies and our bodies fit into the living biosphere of the Earth body which dances with the Sun within the Milky Way within the Cosmos.

      Is there any experience, any sensation, any knowing, anything at all that you are aware of without the light of your consciousness illuminating it? Therefore consciousness is primary, the true light that illuminates the Cosmos. The duality separating the conscious perceiver and the perceived is an illusion, they are entangled.

      Words (philosophies) are good symbols, but a dim reflection of experiential living – they trick us out of the unity.

    2. Bishop Berkeley originally discussed this question and argued that objects exist in the mind of God. Hence Ronald Knox’s famous limerick
      There once was a man who said: “God
      Must think it exceedingly odd
      If he finds that this tree
      Continues to be
      When there’s no one about in the Quad

      And the response – either by Knox or maybe Squire
      Dear Sir,

      Your astonishment’s odd:
      I am always about in the Quad.
      And that’s why the tree
      Will continue to be,
      Since observed by

      Yours faithfully,

    3. Hi Pascal, great questions! Here are my answers, which may help (but will probably leave you with more questions, after going off on more than a few tangents! ) …

      Q1. “if consciousness is primary, how come the physical universe could already exist in the early times before the apparition of life?”

      That question assumes that Consciousness is an emergent property of physical complexity…of life…but the mind-bending proposition that is being discussed in this interview, is that Consciousness is the potential from which the Universe (on it’s many levels), spontaneously emerges…not the other way around. So, the suggestion is that Consciousness is a fundamental prerequite for the creation of everything else. Cause and effect. Consciousness is the cause…the multi-dimentional Universe(s), the effect.

      From a Human perspective, that is a pretty tough one to grasp, as generally speaking, on a day-to-day level, it feels as if our experience, our conscious point of origin, is somewhere behind our eyes…in our head. So we could be forgiven for coming to the seemingly logical assumption, that consciousness is generated by the brain. But what if Consciousness were already there… and the brain is merely a way for that all-pervasive Consiousness to pull itself into the time stream and experience reality from the inside…as an individuated, physically conscious being?

      Q2. “is the moon still there when nobody’s looking at it?”

      Well, I’m sure that one has kept many a philosopher up at night over milenia! And it comes down to the question of whether the only reality is the one that we experience. Or whether reality needs a conscious observer to exist.

      First of all, if I closed my eyes, and some kind soul positioned me right in front of a brick wall, and asked me to quickly bend forward to pick up an object on the floor in front of me…then after trustingly following those instructions, the sharp pain in my forehead, would quickly remind me that physical reality (the wall) is quite a solid-feeling and persistent illusion…whether I am consciously aware if its existence or not!

      So that comes to my next point. Saying that reality is an illusion does not mean that it does not exist…but rather, that it does not exist in the way we think it does. Misinterpreting the word ‘illusion’ in this context can lead to all sorts of nihilistic view points, where nothing has any meaning, therefore, actions do not have consequences. In the proper context, the word ‘illusion’, rather than dissolving reality, actually adds to its layered complexity…to the real mystery of it….forming more questions, rather than sweeping them away.

      Regarding whether there has to be a conscious observer for anything to exist…what if the Universe itself were indeed conscious? Would there need to be any additional observers other than that, for reality to sustain an existence?

      Q3. “How can the consciousness of two different people agree on physical reality? Most of the time, when a person sees a chair somewhere, another person will also see a chair and not (say) a dog”.

      Following on from my previous answer, assuming that objective reality does exist out there (just not in quite the way we think it does), there is generally no reason to think that our experience would be that dissimilar to anyone else’s. But that is where it gets complex, as there are additional elements at play.

      Firstly, the world of experience going on in our head, is not only a filtered view but actually in essence, a multidimensional virtual reality that is generated by the brain…predicted, based on previous experience, knowledge and cultural overlay…and only updated by objective reality (from out there) at intervals. So there may be and often actually is, a perceptual difference between what is generated by the brain and experienced by us, compared to what is actually out there. That pieced-together jigsaw is also subject to the inaccuracies of memory, even mere seconds after an experience, depending on the level of focus at the time. So bearing all that in mind, it is actually quite amazing that two people’s experiences seem to match as closely as they do.

      Next point, consciousness affecting reality: Going back to my original mention of consciousness potentially being the source of reality, there is also evidence (anecdotal and even scientific), to suggest that the focused intention of a Human consciousness has the ability to manipulate objective reality. To tip the scales of probability, or in rare cases to physically manifest or directly influence matter.

      If a conscious being were an adept as such things, this might even extend to the ability to affect the conscious experience of others. And if they were sufficiently technologically advanced, to use that to enhance, or duplicate that natural ability.

      I’m the presence of such a being, discussion about objective reality vs subjective experience, would pretty much go out of the window.

      1. Great answers.
        The term Maya, originally translated as Illusion, was later refined to be defined as Reflection. As a mirror reflects a three dimensional object as a 2 dimensional object, so the perceived world of people and other life forms is a lower dimensional view of what is in truth a complex fluctuating quantum reality beyond human comprehension, entangled and unified.

      2. Some philosophers have asserted that physical events in the brain cause mental events, but mental events do not cause physical events. On this view, consciousness is like the puffs of smoke issuing from a train’s steam engine.

        But this philosophical position does not sit well with natural selection. If consciousness is the mere byproduct of brain activity, why would natural selection lead to conscious experience that mirrors the outside world? It’s as if the puffs of smoke from our steam engine replicated the shape of the train.

        Nor does extracting meaning from words sit well with the idea of causation going only from the physical from the mental. It’s one thing for signals in the brain to lead to a certain physical activity, which may involve the production of vibrations in the air, and which may involve the conscious experience of sounds.. But what is the point of being able to associate certain sounds with certain meanings if our consciousness has no causative effect?

    4. i get it….I read My Big Toe…Joseph Campbell phd physics …Pub 2010…

  2. I’ve been listening to Dreamland for decades and have been a subscriber for many years. I have to say that this is one of the most important interviews that Whitley has ever aired. The central theme that Rey Hernandez brings forward is the various modalities of contact with the higher realms and the changes on an individual level that these changes bring about in people all over the world. These individuals independently and collectively represent the best hope of humankind to weather the coming cataclysmic changes and they will lay the foundation for a brighter future for humanity.

  3. A fantastic show about which there is potential for much dialog and sharing.

    If the presence is Holographic, then we must realize we are holographic, and that we live in a holographic Cosmos, where every living being is a point on the holographic film which contains the whole picture (is entangled with the totality). Any compassionate and loving advanced being would therefore be extremely concerned with the degenerating condition of humanity, for we are all entwined. Every living being therefore lives in a parallel universe (a unique point on the holographic film) which we weave through our paradigm filters upon the sacred and divine mystery of the loom, the tantra, the holographic film of the motion picture referred to as the cosmos. Each living being’s parallel universe or personal reality is multi-dimensional and the dimensions are described variously in word symbols such as material physical, mental informational, feeling emotional, astral dream visionary, intuitive revelatory, and many more subtle layers which are termed spiritual.

    Yin, the sacred mystery of the unfolding sentient cosmos and Yang the primary consciousness dance together as one. Yin and Yang, Shakti and Shiva, refer to the perceived and the perceiver, the known and the knower, the experience and the experiencer, are one and yet for words and language to work express a primary duality, but reality is a trinity and the spirit, the ability to choose and the will to know, the active participation is the third essential aspect which we are called to refine and use to be lucid in our our consciousness engaging the mystery in the dance of life. The sacred mystery of the cosmos offers her secrets to the essence of one’s consciousness only if one’s spirit is fully engaged in the dance. The patriarchy seeks to personify evil and cast a spell of illusion to obfuscate this ancient teaching. Evil is ignorance, illusions of the true nature with no real existence. Illusions descend into fear, which descends into anger, hate, and all sorts of heinous acts of a lost soul’s spirit. Humanity needs mercy and healing as the illusions are seen as mirages as the greater reality explodes into our lives and our world.

    There is another contact modality available to all: referred to as meditation, contemplation, or prayer. Through this modality one’s active spirit will be refined to know the most essential nature of one’s human journey to be compassion and love which are the most lucid engagement with one’s relationship with the totality of humanity and the cosmos.

  4. ‘Beyond UFOs’ has been on my bookshelf for several years, and has also been well-used by me. I’ve got more sticky tabs marking pages for reference in that book than any other book I own. The volumes of a ‘A Greater Reality’ will soon join ‘Beyond UFOs’ on the shelf.

    We have finally reached the tipping point with humanity, and for those that have remained in denial, I don’t know what to say. So many issues that are important for the survival of humans, as well as the other living beings of our planet, have been so politicized to the point of pure insanity that I find my own sanity challenged at times. I just take a deep breath, realizing that I can only do what I can do—practice loving-kindness, help those that I can really help, and know that some things and some people cannot be changed. Then there are those people and beings that are simply…wonderful. They bring tears to my eyes with their beauty.

    (Want to really see the beauty I’m talking about? Watch the award winning short documentary ‘The Elephant Whiperers’)

    1. Hi Lucid.. I’m planning on watching the Oscar nominated doc ‘The Elephant Whisperers” and highly recommend the Oscar winner from last year, on Netflix.. ‘My Octopus Teacher.’ Unbelievable and you will cry.
      I’ve just started listening to Whitley’s interview with Rey and am very interested in this perspective..

      1. Writer…we watched ‘My Octopus Teacher’ last year, and I will revisit it again. My strongest connections are usually through Nature and all kinds life forms on our home, Earth.

        I always remember a very provocative crop formation from 2002. It involved binary code and an ‘alien face’. The decoded message read:

        Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts

        and their BROKEN PROMISES.
        Much PAIN but still time.

        � BELIEVE. �

        There is GOOD out there.

        We oPpose DECEPTION.
        cOnduit CLOSING\

        There is GOOD out there…On our worst days in this reality, we must remember this and focus on it.

  5. One more thing…I was a bit surprised when Whitley mentioned The Miracle of Fatima. I’m not sure when he interviewed Rey, but I find it interesting that I discussed it in a thread on the message board on March 18th…

    There’s a fascinating story told by a poster regarding miracles that occurred around a “lady in white” that saved her grandmother and other family members(They were Portuguese).

    1. I have thought about all the Ladies that appear to people a lot recently. I read Bledsoe‘s book and just finished Ray Stanford‘s „Fatima Prophecy“. Then I watched the Villanueva interview on Engaging the Phenomenon where he tells he recently met Archangel Michael, who as I learned usually shows up in pandemics since he was called Apollo. During my research concerning a sighting German Templars had with Ladies named Isais and Ishtar in 1220 I found out that there were „Marian apparitions“ (accompanied by baby Jesus and Michael) at the beginning of WW2 only 50 km away from where I live. There are Portuguese researchers who found footage that actually shows an orb during the sightings in Fatima so Whitley‘s first hand information from the priest was really interesting. Rey Hernandez’s experiences and insights are fascinating but I’m not so sure about his final conclusion. Quite a few of people in ufology have the opinion that a reboot is necessary and even positive in the end while at the same time claiming that the message of the Phenomenon is to have compassion and learn to love. I sort of fail to get these two together. Have we really understood the love message when we at the same time reach the conclusion that we are the „cancer of the earth“ and need to be thinned out for a successful restart? Isn‘t the message that we are eternal spiritual beings a bit “thin” as a revelation given that we are to find that out anyway once we die and have been told so in all religions? The experiencer’s role then is to survive this and help with the new beginning? This reboot idea also seems to be stuck deeply in materialism. Now if we assume that these beings or some of them are super advanced other eternal spiritual entities then they also show us what we are. In Bledsoe‘s case he desperately asked for help and got it and now seems to be able to heal people (and dogs). Hernandez‘s wife prayed for help and got a miracle too. Rey himself asked for UFOs to show up and got an answer like so many people who try HICE. Jesus‘ message was that we are made in the image of God. What if the lesson is that we have this divine creator spark too? Physics seems to catch up by placing consciousness as the fundamental force and quite a few people have extraordinary psychic and healing powers. So why fall short with this message and postpone this realisation to the next material incarnation and somehow waste this one? The source Ray Stanford channelled for the “Fatima Prophecy” sees the archetypical significance of Mary in the immaculate conception not meaning virgin birth but the “perfect subservience of mind to Spirit, untouched by false identity in matter”. This is “a living fact and spiritual reality of such significance that none will ever understand the destiny of man until it is accepted and grasped.” I take that to mean soul/spirit over mind over matter and maybe only a rather small percentage of people who realise this is needed (and therefore woken up) to consciously turn this whole ship around with the same freaking magic the Phenomenon displays. Reality can’t be what we were taught so why not think big? This might turn out to be naive and wrong but I for my part am going to ask/pray/meditate for help and I can manifest some as well.

  6. Mr. Hernandez has given the real reason why all these experiences are happening to SO MANY people!! Thank you, sir! I used to tell my oobe and spirit contact, and UFO stories for the sake of my EGO. Now I understand! It was never about me!! This is a universal awakening. And EVERYONE living now needs to tune in! We need to know the WHY, not the “Why Me?” Spread the word!!

    1. I had a similar experience. In the past I’ve noted that I felt my experiences were for me, and uniquely mine. But I somehow knew that to share them was NOT about me, and the sharing of the stories was for everyone. Though I must admit to having to check myself, and make sure that when I’m telling the tales, that I am doing it without focusing on myself. Ego is a bitch sometimes.

  7. I almost don’t know what to write. This interview affected me profoundly. I have not had interaction with the Visitors, but, I have had very close interactions with what most would call “Angels”. When I was a teenager, I became very depressed and believed no one loved me. I was in a state where life was not worth living anymore. But, I had experience with a Being of Light that knew me very well. This Being told me what I needed to know to keep on living. I have been searching since then for the meaning of our lives and the best way to live here on Earth. I feel very close to Whitley and the beautiful people of Dreamland.

  8. Multiple modalities experiencer Mary Summer Rain has written about what’s going to happen, as you guys are describing in her books Phoenix Rising and Daybreak. And the Founder of the Baha’i Faith has predicted in the 1860s to 80s, that before the lesser peace and then greater Peace come, there will first be very dark trials and tribulations for all mankind. However, it’s a twofold process, while the materialists are causing the collapse of the old world order, at the same time, the spiritually awakened like the subscribers of Unknown Country are building the new world. After the “reboot” as ray put it, the “Most Great Peace shall come.” Or Golden Age as Mary Summer Rain called it. After the pole shift, vast coastal flooding and the large reduction in human population.
    Can’t agree more with everything Ray and Whitley said! Great interview yet again!

    1. The flower that opens or rather has already started opening, isn’t just the experiencers though but is all those people of Faiths and without who are living their lives out of love, service to humanity, compassion and kindness who are (for the most part at least) able to win the daily battles against their own selfish/lower self.

  9. Wonderful show with a mountain of resources to look into aside from Rey’s current book. Loved it!

  10. i get it….I read My Big Toe…Joseph Campbell phd physics …Pub 2010…

    1. I’ve never read any of them but the ‘My Big Toe’ trilogy (Awakening, Discovery and Inner Workings) sound fascinating.

  11. I was hoping for an uplifting message in the interview. The cataclysm in the future being inevitable is incredibly scary and its confusing to hear without being equipped to do anything about it to actually affect a positive change for the our future and the future of the planet. I hope it is not too late for governments of the world to wake up up and make the changes this world needs.

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