Is there such a thing as an alien-human hybrid? Some people think so, and in this deep-dive of a discussion, Whitley and Jacquelin Smith explore her lifetime of contact and what it has come to mean to her. The discussion ranges into ideas like other timelines, how the future can affect the past, do we have guardian angels (Whitley tells a great guardian angel story of his own!) healings and the life-altering power of direct confrontation with the unknown.

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  1. About the strange boys who hear people’s thoughts in his head: this makes me think about schizophrenics who hear voices. Could it be that the voices are “real” in some sense, coming perhaps from some disincarnate beings? Now that’s a crazy question!

      1. Thank you for the link, what a fascinating text! As Van Dusen points out, these ideas were unpopular in his time and they are probably even more unpopular now.

  2. Pascal: That’s not a crazy question, because I have often wondered the same thing. If you have ever seen the movie, ‘A Beautiful Mind’, lots of questions about the nature of schizophrenia pop up.

    During the interview with Jacquelin, she began to say something about spiders when the conversation was steered in another direction, and I hoped that when the discussion veered more towards animals we’d get more about spiders (Amazing little teachers, by the way, especially the jumpers. And…they get to know you!) If there is a Zoom with her, I’d like to hear more.

  3. Author

    she will be with us in zoom on April 1. Usual time 11 AM Pacific

  4. Thank you, Whitley and Jacquelin Smith, for this interview. There were several things discussed here that are very important to me. Also, I am posting a few comments:

    My best friend called earlier this week to find out if I planned to attend the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in my neighborhood. We both grew up in this Irish community, I still live here. I was telling her that I have said, “HAPPY THANKSGIVING” instead of “HAPPY ST. PAT’S DAY” often in the last week. She laughed and said she had been watching a news program and the anchor said, “HAPPY THANKSGIVING” then said, “I meant to say, “HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY.” Yesterday my sister-in-law called to wish me a,” HAPPY THANKSGIVING.” She had it wrong as well.

    During the conversation with my good friend, she said she wanted to share an experience she had the day before. My friend is an animal lover and of course feeds birds all year round. She also throws out corn cobs for the deer. She was out in her back yard filling the bird feeders and turned around to see a deer standing next to her. It was so close she could have touched it. It looked right into her eyes, she was speechless. Because it was so close could also see it was a buck that had lost his antlers and was in the early process of growing them back. Then she said, “HELLO, WOULD YOU LIKE SOME CORN?” In a flash she retrieved a few cobs, returned, and the deer was still there. He sniffed the cob but returned to eating the bird food. She then ran into the house so get her husband so he could see the deer but when they returned it was gone. Jacquelin, I am posting this because of your connection with animals. My friend told me it was something she simply could not get off her mind. The deer have always run away when she opened the door then returning when the food is in sight. She ask about my thoughts, I simply said, “perhaps the deer brings a message, maybe the message is, TRUST?’ ALSO, the deer was silent.
    One last thing, speaking of eyes. I know I dreamed last night but the only thing I can remember is seeing ONE large eye in the center of a forehead. No pupil or iris, looking whitish to light gray. Thinking of CYCLOPS?

  5. Whitley, since you can communicate with Anne relatively easily, why not try to communicate with your father to ask him (or the him that he was) these things?

  6. As far as the vegetarian vs carnivore discussion…

    I eat fish and some chicken – no red meat. I am heathy chap. It bothers me to eat mammals and I have trouble since childhood processing it in my GI system. Eat like a monkey.-Look at your teeth.

  7. Although she mentions as all encounters always being positive, I have heard her in other podcast say that she had experienced a few bad encounters.
    It would have been helpful if she brought it up as Whitley discussed his.
    Maybe next time she can tell us what happened and if she asked for help of other aliens to get through it.

  8. I too wanted her to continue talking about the ‘spider’ experience that Whitley brought up, but never got back to it specifically. Does anyone know the story there?

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