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Robert W. Sullivan has done some super popular Dreamlands in the past, but this one completely knocks it out of the park! He’s here talking about the hidden symbolism of movies, and there’s a lot of it, mostly intentionally put in by writers and directors.

But why? What is it and what are they trying to tell us? In this profound and amazing show, Whitley and Robert talk about things like the hidden meaning of Harry Potter, the Shining (why is the number 42 so important), Mother (who does Jennifer Lawrence play and who is the black magician), the Black Swan (why does the movie hang on the date February 12) and much, much more.

It’s no accident that Fight Club is an alchemical text and a powerful Gnostic journey, and Eyes Wide Shut really is an attack on a vast conspiracy—a real one!

So get your eyes and ears wide open and settle in for another fantastic edition of this great show!

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  1. Can’t wait to see how ‘A
    Can’t wait to see how ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ translates to the screen! As a children’s story, it had a profound influence on me, and now a whole new generation may get to experience the story as a movie that, i hope, will create a spark in young minds, just as the book did for me so many years ago. (Who can forget Mrs. Whatsit? She gave up her previous existence as a ‘star’, a true light-being, to defeat ‘The Dark Thing’.) Robert should have fun with this one if it stays true to the original story, and also with the technical embellishments of modern movie-making.

    Whitley, you were spot on about ‘Blade Runner’. When the original movie came out, the character Rutger Hauer portrayed was riveting, and more well-drawn, and even more sympathetic than Harrison Ford’s character, Deckard. I found the replicant character, ‘Roy Batty’, both hauntingly memorable, and also the soul of the movie ( Even though in the Blade Runner universe, he was not allowed to have a soul.) Rutger Hauer and Darryl Hannah (And it’s probably her best performance) gave the movie a depth that might not have been there otherwise.

    I could go on and on about movies just like Robert Sullivan does, and there is a magic in the shared experience of sitting in a darkened theater that is so special, even when you may be surrounded by people that may not ‘get’ the symbolism as the film rolls before their eyes, but it is insinuating itself into their consciousness nevertheless!

    Regarding J.K Rowling…If you have read her books and seen the Harry Potter movies, she has obviously spent lots of time doing homework and research on each and every story. She actually references real, lesser-known alchemists such as Nicholas Flamel, who was a real person, not a fictional character.

    This was a fun interview Whitley, and a great joy for me too! Thanks!

  2. Wow, and I thought Jay
    Wow, and I thought Jay Weidner mined “The Shining” for almost every hidden meaning. Amazing how much is packed into that movie!

  3. I also notice a lot of
    I also notice a lot of commercials with mixed race couples. Its almost like they are promoting such or validating it?

    Once I saw 2 grandparents with a creole child. I guess it did what it wanted to.. It got my attention: What is their relationship? Is it an adoption?

    ODD…agenda? dont know…thoughts?

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