Dreamland’s Year End Special will run for 2 weeks starting December 25. This very important presentation will be made available in full to both subscribers and free listeners. In the spaces between each of our five guests, Whitley will read excerpts from his new book, Jesus: A New Vision, now available as a pre-order on Amazon, soon to be available as an audio book, a paperback and a hardcover. To pre-order the ebook, click here.

If anyone is at the heart of the UAP disclosure process, it’s New York Times reporter Leslie Kean. A longtime friend of Whitley and Anne Strieber, she has also written one of the finest books about afterlife survival ever to appear, Surviving Death. Here, she tells us about her book and the extraordinary Netflix documentary based on it that is about to be released, and relates her knowledge of the spiritual side of life to the emerging UAP phenomenon.  Watch the trailer for the Netflix documentary. Click here!

To get Surviving Death, click here!

Deep Prasad is a leading artificial intelligence expert who had a life-changing close encounter in November of 2019. Since then, he has been at the forefront of serious study of the UAP phenomenon. Here, he discusses what happened to him, reveals some amazing advances he is part of, and speculates about what is coming. There’s a totally fascinating discussion between him and Whitley about their shared experience of being shown hieroglyphics! All too brief. Deep will soon return! Don’t miss him on Twitter, which is his main hangout. Follow him on Twitter @DeepNeuron

Mitch Horowitz is one of the worlds leading thinkers when it comes to the nature and future of the human soul and spirituality. What DOES he see in the future though, and how will our current understanding of who we are change as “the phenomenon” comes more and more into focus? This brilliant, warm and profoundly optimistic man reminds us all of the joy and wonder of being human. Get the The Seekers Guide to the Secret Teachings of All Ages, click here!

Jeff Kripal believes that something he calls “the flip” is under way right now. It is why our minds are changing so dramatically. Look at what you understood about the unknown 10 years ago and what you understand now. The difference is shocking, and Jeff knows how it is happening and why. Whitley’s co-author on Super Natural, he is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world when it comes to the intersection of close encounters and the greater consciousness of which we are all a part. To get the Flip, click here!

In 1979, Lee Speigel organized the pioneering UN inquiry into the UFO phenomenon. Since then, his career has taken him down many different roads. With his vast knowledge and his reporter’s insights, he is uniquely equipped to peer into the crystal ball and tell us what the phenomenon has in store for us in 2021. In this incredible interview he describes the event that got him interested in UFOs back in the seventies, which will blow your mind, THEN he talks about being one of the producers on the Phenomenon.

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  1. Hi Whitley/All,

    What an awesome episode so far!

    Just some of my ideas,

    I feel that the reason TTSA won’t appear on Dreamland has to do with what Dr. Greer has referred to as the “cosmic false flag” – (An attack from earth-engineered discs on our own which would make 911 seem minor in contrast)

    – in that if they (ttsa) were to appear on the show associating with “white hats” and excellent folks you always feature, it would lend credibility to a lot of the guests / listeners testimonies and so on whom it would seem are widely counter-narrative thinkers. Ttsa seems to be about the people but it’s full of Ex alphabet agents , no thks, just hard to trust anything that way anymore if ever one could have.

    The truth is you can’t hold a convo re: EI/UAP’s without delving into the infinitely superior realms of consciousness as it were, it’s impossible according to those who’ve worked on these propulsion systems/crafts because the discs themselves Possess tech which interface with consciousness.

    If there is a false flag planned/ WW111 “threat from outer space” as they’re trying to spin the tic tac footage and all that in recent years then why would the establishment/deep-state ex-members who downright know better than to mess with their own want anything…to do with those interested in consciousness , no, they’re primary motives are “miltarizing space” , “American dominance in space…” – – (Not just) they want to be the only ones who can appear in any earth region , extirpate/commandeer Wtvr and return in less than five seconds , as an apparition, of course. A major game changer that would be for any war mongering gov.

    They also are aware of the fact that you Whitley may bring forward those hard questions and they don’t want to get caught having to answer to anyone later re: consciousness / good&evil and so on..they may or may not have any knowledge that way and they undoubtedly covet/harbour reserves of classified EI-cases which irrefutably show a clear connection between the afterlife, the visitors , the earth herself and consciousness.

    Ok, Merry Christmas everyone!

  2. Will you ever have Rich Dolan on for his new book The Alien Agendas: A Speculative Analysis of Those Visiting Earth? I flicked through it and saw he touched on the Wandjina. Seemed very fascinating.

  3. Author

    I’d love to have him on. I invited him. So far no reply.

  4. Absolutely wonderful! Whitley it would be great if you could get the author of “Vistas of Infinity – How to Enjoy Life When You Are Dead”
    by Jurgen Ziewe. He would fit in perfectly with the afterlife. I think maybe the reincarnation concept could be sort of a “bleed” through like with magnetic tape recording phenomena. Which to me fits in with last week’s electromagnetic brain show’s guest. Not a new body. Just thinking.

  5. Is there a reason why the ‘High Quality’ MP3 download is actually pretty poor, when compared to the stream? I’m assuming it is just down to the length of the show? If so, it might have been worth splitting it.

    1. Author

      I’ll get this looked into when somebody resurfaces next week. There’s nobody working today.

  6. Sherbet, Whitley’s audio is always very good. Mitch’s audio is fine but I cannot figure out why the second guest and some guests sound like they are either using 99 cent phones or are on speaker or what the issue is. The first and third guest also have issues with their phone’s sound but you can work hard enough to make out what they are saying. It does make the experience less enjoyable. For my hearing and effort to listen to the contents it becomes too much of an effort so I have to fast forward to the next guest. Fortunately it doesn’t happen with every show. Just some of them. Fortunately the Betsy Kovac show and the Electromagnetic Brain show were okay.

    1. Author

      There are major issues with internet sound quality in general. It can be very spotty. We are going to start trying a new system starting in the new year it will hopefully give us a better quality.

      Since Covid there is so much use that there are deteriorations that come and go maddeningly.

      1. Thanks as always. Leslie is one of my favorite thinkers. I only want to touch on the TRB3. As it is coined. Have you seen one Whit? I did a couple years ago. I think. I saw 3 fiery balls in a triangle. Far up in the atmosphere. In the darkness of the night. The moment I looked up it moved and faded out. Cloaked out. Just like startrek, cloaking. Anyway just sharing.

        1. My Auntie and Uncle saw a black triangle in the Lake District (UK) quite a while ago… I guess it must’ve been in the 90s. There were no glowing orbs at the corners or in the centre but it blocked out the stars as it moved silently above them.

  7. I forgot to mention that the last guest’s audio was outstanding! He was also a fabulous guest. I will have to check out his podcast.

  8. ”The pathway to enlightenment is barred by the necessity of a passage through hell. That’s why there is not a world full of enlightened people.”’ – Jordan Peterson

    This made me think of you in the 1980s

    1. Author

      That is a very ancient belief and I think it’s a truth. What happened to me on the night of December 26, 1985 was indeed like being in hell. It’s the basic essence of the shamanic journey, this facing of annihilation that feels worse than death.

  9. Whitley, first I want to thank every single person at UNKNOWNCOUNTRY for all the work that goes into making this the BEST site of its kind on the internet. THANK YOU, EACH AND EVERYONE. I am looking forward to the extended interviews your guests will be presenting in the year 2021. I also loved hearing you read from your new book, “Jesus: A New Vision.” At the end of this post I have included an e-mail received from a friend this morning and want to share it, it comes from Lynne McTaggart.  I also want to say, “we must all work together to CREATE this new world.” 

    Lynne McTaggart……
    “Last Monday, as you’ve probably heard, for the first time since 1226, we experienced an observable Great Conjunction between the two titans of the solar system, Jupiter and Saturn.

    Their relative proximity created such a bright light that astronomers and religious leaders alike speculate that this conjunction in fact created what we call the Star of Bethlehem.

    A friend recently sent me a blog by famed astrologer and New York Times bestselling author Chani Nicholas about what this Great Conjunction means in astrological terms.”


  10. In your final presentation you surmise that those we cannot identify don’t think we are ready to hear from them. Of course we’re not – we pursue neo-liberal capitalism with a fanaticism that precludes the majority of us entertaining any advanced spiritual or scientific information which could have positive value on the evolution of our planet.

    Our biggest challenge is also yet to come regarding the effects of climate change on our world. First this pandemic with its lesson to put the good of everyone over individual rights, then the blaring lessons of a Donald Trump, Putin, Erdogan, Assad, Xi and their colleagues assault on our long-established moral and ethical framework.

    Any of the watchers, as I call them, who still hold out any hope that we can graduate to a civilized inter-planetary society must be praised and thanked for their patience.

    There is a lot worse to come and yes we will be changed forever. In my science fiction series of five books I am also like you looking for answers and a way forward through the briars.

    For most of us it won’t happen until our population is greatly decreased. Sadly we have the resources for everyone on our planet to live well, but we do not have the political will to finally put the boot to neo-liberal capitalism.

    I believe until we commit to using the science and technology the watchers, the ones who care for us, could bring they will never show their faces. What they want is for us to graduate so we can work with them to understand the fabric of our particular universe. Even though they’ve licked physics and space travel, they still don’t have the answers to who and what we all are and why we’re here.

    1. I think being a Watcher would be a rotten job. I would think it would give you plenty of moments of “Jesus crying for Jerusalem”. Generation after generation of humans fight amongst themselves. There are always new psychopaths and narcissists who by hook or crook become powerful leaders in government and commerce. I am 68 and after what I have witnessed in my life time, I am amazed that the electrical power grid still functions. Now we have very powerful media empires that teach a delusional reality on behalf of a political party and its unbridled lust for permanent power, even if it means using the Constitution as toilet paper. While we live on a planet where millions starve even in the most advanced nation (to say nothing of the condition of Africa), we are not at even a spiritual kindergarden level of consciousness. There’s an old saying that the USA only does the right thing when all other options have been tried. I am sure this is true of humanity, although different areas are much more advanced than others spiritually and socially. Perhaps the planet would slowly evolve to higher states of consciousness, but the climate change situation is making such a snail’s pace progression untenable for the 21st century and beyond. And with such short lives, how can humans progress? The WW2 generation and the Boomer generations, for example, live in horror of another war in Europe or Asia. Yet younger generations don’t seem to know what WW2 was all about, and Nazism is now a fashion statement! If we are to survive outside of a deep regression to a Dark Ages feudal system of might makes right (the Trump and MAGA world view), we truly need external help. If the choice is the collapse of civilization versus interruption by a more advanced race, we need that intervention. We need a new mythic adventure to believe in rather than Abramic religions hating each other. We need a new planetary vision. I read a recent scientific projection about climate change. If nothing is done, within 150 years, much of the USA will be desert. Extreme northern regions like upper Canada and much of Russia will hold the survivors of this epic disaster. Humanity will survive, but nation states will be irrelevant as millions migrate northward. How can a compassionate ethical superior race just watch that happen while wringing their hands? Until the Watchers or others intervene, regardless of the short term issues, I will not respect them at all. The stakes are just too high now. Either these entities have compassion and empathy, or they are emotionless spectators simply watching a science experiment go wrong. I visualize a white coat wearing scientist watch warring cells in a tissue sample fight to the bitter end. To have been able to stop this but to instead do nothing is a deep evil. How many millions of years did it take for humans to become sentient beings capable of spiritual growth and evolution? And these entities are going to let it all go down out of some legality about “non interference” (which they seem to only honor when it is to their benefit, i.e., abducting millions of people without permission and not worrying at all about the psychological trauma). I am glad that some entities come and meditate with Whitley in wealthy Santa Monica at night. Meanwhile, 40,000 children die of starvation every single day. I hope Whitley remembers that fact at 3 a.m.

      1. We’re on the same page in many ways. These are all issues I explore as a speculative science fiction writer in my books. Yes we desperately need a new planetary vision. The problem is how do the entities who have compassion and empathy intervene and with what government entities?

        People wouldn’t even wear masks to prevent others from getting COVID, and our government wouldn’t override individual rights and enforce this practice for the common good of all.

        Without enforcement capability or colonization these watchers can do little especially around mitigating the terrible effects of climate change.

        I’m afraid it’s up to us to unite as a planetary society and get rid of nation states and our tribal, individualist attitudes so we can receive and act on what they have to offer.

    2. I didn’t know the Watchers were Marxists. This explains so much.

      1. Marxists? I think that this is a crack about mask wearing. Anybody who is an anti-masker has lost their sanity to their ideology.

        We need more community on our planet. Unless we unite as a species, at least with shared purpose, we’re going to die here.

  11. This is a treat to listen to and thank you for bringing all of these interesting guests. The subject of life after death and past life regression reminded me of Dolores Cannon’s books. Her books opened up the subject to me like no other. Sadly, she has passed on, but her work is astounding.
    Wishing you and your staff a wonderful 2021!

  12. Thank you Whitely for an incredible show! Everyone of your guests brought forth for me a number of questions .
    There more going on then meets the eye. With the pandemic, the election, the whole world of events.
    We are not who we think we are!

  13. Got to LOVE Lee Speigel!! What a fabulous story teller.
    Thanks for a super show Whitley!

    1. Great to hear Lee still has a show. I used to be a regular listener to the Edge of Reality back in the 1980s when I lived in New Jersey. I loved this show so much that when I was not home when the show was on I would have it recorded to listen to later. I remember one show was an interview with Whitley! Another one was an interview with Leonard Nimoy. I also remember a show where Lee interviewed Christa Mcauliffe. This show was particularly heartbreaking after looking back at what had happened. A caller had asked her if she had been briefed about the dangers of going into space. She had replied that most of the public feels that space travel is now safe and that it was not like in previous spacecraft where the craft might blow up. What’s strange, too, is that I now live in Concord, NH both Lee’s and Christa’s hometown.

  14. Dear Whitley,

    Thank you for this show and for the past year of shows. The reason Dreamland is such a treasure is because you strive to include interesting guests who are thoughtful and caring about their own work and the topics covered. And no one more that you, Whitley. This show caused nostalgia (which I try to avoid at all costs) to bubble up not for the bells gonging or the Dreamland choir closing out the show, but for the intelligent, learned, thoughtful conversations by people who not only write books, but read them as well. See you in ’21.

  15. Edge of Reality podcast of Lee Speigel is available on the Apple podcast app. Whitley was a guest on November 5, 2020.
    Bryce Zabel 9/3/2020. Fabulous guest list! Thank you Whitley for having him on otherwise I would never have known about his podcast.
    Also the new links for Dreamland work for subscribers on the same app!!!

  16. Whitley, when the visitors mentioned that the current pandemic wouldn’t get resolved until December and then said our world would never be the same, what did they mean by the latter statement? In what ways never the same?

    A curious aside:

    I had a dream when I was roughly five years old or so, repeating often through the years of my childhood, in which I was an adult in a large city, getting out of what looked like a limousine of some sort to go to an event that was (it seemed to me) in honor of me for some reason, with a large crowd gathered outside welcoming me. Regardless of what the event was, I recall, before entering the building I had been dropped off at for the event, looking back and seeing the limousine: it had no wheels, and seemed to hover about a foot off the ground, with a dim, blue light under it shone from the undercarriage of the vehicle. The city was massive, reminding me of the first “Blade Runner” film, recalling the dream later in life.

    I remember one other thing that really stood out: almost everyone was wearing masks of some sort, many with complicated tubing and gaskets, designed clearly to keep out what needed to be, with a high level of technological complexity. But what? I thought, then, that these masks were being worn due to industrial pollution, but maybe it was the lingering fear of COVID-19, or more likely (unhappily) fear of an ongoing pandemic or the shock of several of them after COCID-19 had phased out.

    I was curious about the year as a child, and while having these dreams, the number “2048” (it could have been 2046; regardless, between 2045 and 2050) flashed through my mind, which could have very well been the year. It certainly wasn’t our current time.

    Then, the dream ends as I enter the building. A dream, like so many I have had as the wonderful and eerie saying goes, that “wasn’t a dream.”

  17. Author

    There was nothing more than what I reported last year: the situation with the pandemic would begin to resolve in December and our world would be forever changed. I wish I could offer more detail, but that’s all I got.

    As to your dream, there are likely to be more pandemics, especially if there are famines in different parts of the world, because hunger suppresses the immune system.

    Also, COVID could mutate into something even more dangerous or neutralize the vaccine. Whether or not these things might happen is random, as far as I can see.

    The reason that I didn’t get more detail early on is probably because they could see only what they told me. They do not know the future, that is very clear, but they do know more ABOUT it than we do. They could probably tell from the research that was starting when it would bear fruit. As far as “your world will be forever changed,” that could have easily been surmised by anybody.

    1. Well for one, the economic and financial system that’s been in place is going to complete unravel I’m sure. That alone will necessitate an overhaul of society – and we crossed the point of no return there months ago.

      1. Actually, the workplace may become more proficient. Several of my doctors have said that they are willing to continue with ZOOM style appointments after the virus is supposedly gone. Of course, if an exam is necessary, you need to go in, but for things like routine medicine checks a ZOOM is more efficient for the entire society = less commuting.

  18. https://spaceweather.com/

    SpaceWeather.com — News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids

    “I was taking one last photo of the Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Venus, just saying goodbye,” says Rayego. “Suddenly, a green fragment of Jupiter split off and floated away from the planet. It was spectacular.”

    “The low altitude of Jupiter is why the planet looked like a rainbow-colored smear when the flash occurred.”

  19. Whitley, I’m a new subscriber and thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. Leslie, Mitch and Jeff are all favorites of mine and I was glad to be introduced to Deep and Lee. Thank you so much for this stimulating conversation! Are you familiar with Dr. Christopher Bache? I am reading his newest book, LSD and the Mind of the Universe, the ideas he shares are so stunning and bring your work to mind. I’d love to hear you and him in a conversation. Blessings of the New Year to you.

  20. What a wonderful show… an inspiring end to a terrible year. Thanks to Whitley and the team!

  21. Great show. Yes I’d love to know what Hal Puthoff is thinking right now. Do people think our global consciousness is actually moving forward? I wonder that, even as Ronald Reagan suggested, if we were able to unite as a planet in the face of the visitors, if it wouldn’t just end up like a Star Wars movie with a bigger battle of Earth vs Everybody else! Kinda depressing really, maybe that’s just what we are?

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