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Human beings are deeply sensitive. You are. As a result, we are all traumatized. Janet Collie brings her great wisdom and wealth of experience treating every kind of trauma to this deeply freeing interview. You can transcend your trauma.

Janet is a psychotherapist specializing in spiritual emergence. In this beautiful interview and in the Dark Face of Heaven, she explores the meaning of trauma, and how to relieve oneself of its great weight. She has experience with every kind of trauma there is, even including the trauma of close encounter. Experience her gentle and sustaining wisdom in this deeply healing interview.

Her website is Sacred Encounters.

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  1. Yes There is a way to contact
    Yes There is a way to contact other worlds and it can be triggered by trauma but the trick is to heal the past trauma and to understand that a door has been opened to expanded or higher consciousness and it is a gift. One can than take what comes out of it and than one has the benefit of this gift and leaves behind the unpleasantness that triggered it. Trauma can open the thorny path to expanded or higher consciousness but I don’t think its the only way to achieve it but I’d say trauma forces the issue and makes one confront and deal with it by this process you can sublimate the trauma and reach higher ground or you can wallow in the pain and destroy yourself. I think this is what many Experiencers are grappling with in the close encounter experience but can’t quite comprehend.

  2. Interesting show but the
    Interesting show but the background whispering and talking can be distracting at times. It would be great if you could mute the microphone while having these side conversations. Thanks!

  3. Last week I was reminded of a
    Last week I was reminded of a study done on a species of monkey that only lived on a certain island in Japan.
    Tourists would visit and throw food to the monkeys. The monkeys would pick up and eat the food.
    The monkeys would become very sick and some were dieing.
    Scientists found that the food that landed on volcanic soil was laced with pieces of lava, a very sharp glassy substance. Their gastrointestinal intestinal tracts were being sliced up.
    The scientists then taught the monkeys to wash their food before eating.
    After a couple of generations of monkeys with this knowledge their progeny washed the food without being taught.
    The really strange thing that began to happen was when other groups of monkeys on other islands and places in Japan began washing their food without being taught.
    This lays a lot of credence to what was being discussed.
    Hatred and bigotry are taught just as love and kindness just as media misinformation just as all forms of education. It is kind of scary when you think about it.
    We all share in a group consciousness. It is built as we live.
    Cambodia and Germany are good examples of what can happen when a group consciousness allows hate and apathy to fester in it.
    The US has this predicament today. Our media is controlled by 4 or 5 media hubs and they all lie.
    Change happens from the bottom. When enough decide on good values it is like a baseball wave through all.

  4. Whitley and Anne,
    I HOPE that

    Whitley and Anne,
    I HOPE that you will be able to resolve your past traumas, and to move forward in your lives in good conscience, unburdened by the demons that have reared their ugly heads to prevent you from your individual self-discoveries.
    Personally, I’m steadily losing hope in/with this miasma called humanity. It may be too much exposure to the so-called “news”, but it just seems that humanity insists on condemning itself to oblivion. As you pointed out, it seems that evil has truly taken a grip on this world, and that it steadily grows harder and harder to extricate ourselves from all the negativity that seems to be growing on an exponential scale. I HOPE that I’m wrong about this…
    I’m trying like Hell to cultivate and maintain a positive outlook, but it seems that at every turn, evil is doing its damndest to undermine our efforts at a positive outcome.
    Yours in a better outcome,

  5. Great show. Resonates
    Great show. Resonates strongly wit the direction. I have been given. Thanks.

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