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Renowned futurist John Petersen paints a picture of the future that will excite you and disturb you, and that you will never forget.

John L. Petersen is considered by many to be one of the most informed futurists in the world. He is best-known for writing and thinking about high impact surprises—wild cards—and the process of surprise anticipation. His current professional involvements include the development of sophisticated tools for anticipatory analysis and surprise anticipation, long-range strategic planning and helping leadership design new approaches for dealing with the future.

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  1. In Whitley’s Room from Jan 5:
    In Whitley’s Room from Jan 5: Whitley Strieber on 2015, our changing planet, changing human consciousness and the emergence of the new man. (He has delayed this because he wants to comment on a story that is still developing.)

    Anxiously awaiting this posting!

  2. Please accept my prayers and
    Please accept my prayers and every good wish for Anne’s speedy recovery. I suffered a stroke in 2008 where I was a long way from help, and survived against all odds, making a complete recovery. When I woke up from an induced coma I had a lengthy conversation with the Devil, who wanted to haul me off to Hell in a plastic trash bag. I promised to go to Church every Sunday if God made the demon disappear and He did so I am a regular Church attendee now and almost fully recovered. I will pray for Anne.

  3. Why have my comments vanished
    Why have my comments vanished when I save them and its occurred more than a few times.

  4. I will do my ‘Changing
    I will do my ‘Changing Planet’ piece as soon as I can. With Anne in the hospital, it will be delayed.

    There is nothing on our end that would cause comments to vanish.

  5. Roger, I believe your
    Roger, I believe your comments end up in the subscriber portion at times. They do not vanish. Others also think that their comments disappear. Not true. Or as Whitley said…”There is nothing on our end that would cause comments to vanish”

  6. “if you have missing posts —
    “if you have missing posts — you might want to try checking into Dreamland and Subscriber Special on your mobile phone. I thought a post I had written a while back had been deleted but it turned out to be under the Subscriber Special section on my mobile (smart)phone. I noticed that on the mobile site (I do not use the app so I am not sure how that fits in) — the above posts are divided with some of them posted under Dreamland and others posted under Subscriber Section…” blue

  7. Whitley, your conversation
    Whitley, your conversation with John about AI made me think — have you read Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson? It’s an amazing trip down the logical path of what could happen if our machines become more and more intelligent. A fantastic read – I heartily recommend it.

  8. Finding it impossible to
    Finding it impossible to locate part 2 for subscribers on iPad

    1. I’m on a PC, not an iPad, but
      I’m on a PC, not an iPad, but — I had a little trouble finding part 2, myself.
      Are you able to scroll down, the subscribers’ links on my screen sit immediately below the regular links (and immediately above this comment section).
      Hope that helps…

  9. John Peterson is woefully
    John Peterson is woefully misinformed about climate change. There has not been a single month of below-average global temperatures since the mid-1980s. There is no pause in global warming. and arctic warming is now off the charts with 40 warming feedback loops now running, feeding into one another in disastrously complex ways. The worst of them is massive outgassing of methane, and at any time, we could experience a multi gigaton coup de grace. There will be no cooler world for us, in fact there will soon be no world for us at all. Not that Peterson’s opinion matters one way or another now. I just thought I’d mention it.

  10. Anne, Whitley and John
    Anne, Whitley and John Petersen. While listening to both interviews the old movie ‘Forbidden Planet’ kept coming to mind…..Since it was such a strong feeling I checked it out and included the movie below. What concerns me at this time is I do not think humankind has advanced spiritually or morally as quickly as technology. This could be a dangerous combination.

    The Krell forgot one thing: “Monsters from the Id!”

    The characters and isolated setting have been compared to those in William Shakespeare’s The Tempest,[8] and its plot does contain certain story analogues and a reference to one section of Jung’s theory on the collective unconscious.[9]

    In the classic 1956 science fiction film, Forbidden Planet, the extinct race of advanced beings of the planet Altair IV are known as the “Krell”. The Krell had reached a stage of technological and scientific development so advanced that they were able to construct a vast underground machine with virtually unlimited power; a machine that could turn thoughts into reality and project that reality anywhere on the planet.

  11. I’ve tried every trick to get
    I’ve tried every trick to get this week’s show. My android ‘ s Java Script is turned on. I’ve rebooted twice. I’ve put my device in safe mode. My volume is up. Your volume is up. No sound. Please advise.

  12. Problem solved.
    Problem solved.

  13. Hi, I’ve never had a problem
    Hi, I’ve never had a problem downloading before. However, now I can’t get Starfire Tor’s interview or the most recent one to download correctly. It just gives me a tiny bit of the program while saying the download is complete. I’m still using XP, is that the problem? Thanks!

  14. Has anyone ever heard of
    Has anyone ever heard of anyone seeing a being that looks like the “greys” but they are not grey they are like a pink/ beige color?

  15. I’d be interested in what you
    I’d be interested in what you know about the pink looking grey type being. When they come they are usually tutors at least that’s my understanding of it and once they impart the necessary information they go and you don’t see them again.

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