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Last week’s Dreamland on the breakaway civilization was a shocking, brilliantly informative show. This week, Richard Dolan comes aboard and he, Catherine Austin Fitts and Joseph Farrell go EVEN FARTHER, this time into the way the technologies involved must work, who the breakaways are, where they can be found, and what their existence may mean to all of us.

These two programs are all-time Dreamland classics, and mark the first time these three deeply informed and brilliant researchers have ever come together to discuss this subject.

Expect to be amazed, and to come away with some real knowledge—at last—about why our world is as it is, why the government seems to cost so much but do so little, and where your tax dollars are actually going.

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  1. Such a wonderful series
    Such a wonderful series between these four great thinkers! Just a little disappointed on “Was everybody who went in still there when the doors were opened?” A little more in depth could have been forthcoming, don’t you think? Inter-dimensional “travel” like in “Fringe” the fabulous series available on DVD and Netflix? Or what? And Dr. Farrell was completely unaware of the 2007 “Drones” episodes and “Issac” drawings? Oh my, really? Well send him the links so he can catch up on the phenom!!!

  2. Great series. Thanks for the
    Great series. Thanks for the very valuable information. I have known some of this for awhile due to conversations I’ve had with a friend. This friend worked for DARPA and has since retired. I have asked some pertinent questions of this person and although they never gave me any secrets, on one occasion when I mentioned the breakaway civilization and stated some facts that I had heard on another internet program, my friend blanched and asked me “What kind of candy do you want in jail?” I’m concerned greatly for my grandchildren since the older ones are embarking on their careers and families. I wonder what kind of world will be left for them, probably one far different than my beginnings on this planet 80 years ago.

    1. Dearest Texas Joy,
      “What kind

      Dearest Texas Joy,

      “What kind of candy do you want in jail?” Oh, for the love…. Sounds like he worked far past the time when he should have retired. Yes, a planet that is being heavily “harvested” as Catherine put it, sent creepy shivers down my spine, because she’s totally right. All the more reason for those of us who can, Stand Up to Defend their Beautiful Earth. And yes, your beautiful grandchildren are definitely inheriting a vastly different world than the one that you began your life in. However, you being 80 years young, leads me to believe your grandchildren are pretty strong and very special people, resilient and openminded as their Gram. Be proud and continue holding space for them to go forward in their lives with the courage of their dreams in their hearts.

  3. Incredible discussion,
    Incredible discussion, Whitley. I could listen to those three talk for hours and hours.
    Thank you for gathering them together.

    For those of you reading this that aren’t subscribers, getting access to the subscriber-only segment of the interview is worth subscribing for all on its own.

    1. Finchy, I totally agree with
      Finchy, I totally agree with you about the subscriber only segment!!! That’s where more pieces of the puzzle were put on the table & everyone’s energy & enthusiasm just exploded!!

      What I learned in the subscriber section “special interviews” Whitley & Finchy, helped me know I can give myself full permission to go forward with what I need to be doing in life–without the confusion and fear. We really are starting a whole new way of life and I need to curtail the distractions and go forward Thank you for the helping hand Whitley, Catherine, Joseph & Richard.

  4. incredible and educational
    incredible and educational discussion. i would add i could listen to the five of them talk for days. i knew that the coming new age would be eye opening and mind opening, but wow.

  5. Anne, Whitley, Richard Dolan,
    Anne, Whitley, Richard Dolan, Catherine Austin Fitts and Joseph Farrell.

    For me these were excellent interviews and I thank you for the two weeks. When the idea of mind control was brought up my thoughts returned to an article written by Mike Goldfein in August 2004 regarding, “FOCUS ON SOUND BEAMS.” I wanted to include the interview here but could not locate it on the internet.

    Goldfein interviewed Elwood G. “Woody” Norris (born 1938) an American inventor and serial entrepreneur.

    I remember being upset at the time as to how vulnerable the unsuspecting person could be with Woody’s new technology and sent him an e-mail with this question:

    ”What if a person is in a sleep state and the emitter is focused on him/her, will it be remembered as a dream, vision, the voice of GOD or will it even be remembered at all?” Very curious.

    This was his response to my e-mail:

    The effect would be the same as if you were able to put a pair of headphones on a sleeping person. Beyond that, who know???? Interesting idea.

  6. EE, I totally agree w/your
    EE, I totally agree w/your comment. I searched the internet for some info on “Was everybody who went in still there when the doors were opened?” and nothing has turned up yet. If anyone has info on this, please post links. That they use torture to find out who has this ability is beyond doubt in my mind. I have this ability, as well as many others, but like the little girl in the series “Believe” (that was cancelled after one season) — most manifest in their full-blown stage only when I am in danger (at least in the past). They wish to control these abilities by controlling the people w/them. They prefer that we do not know that we have these abilities. People who can do these kinds of things have a larger grip (for lack of a more precise term) on what we call reality than most people — and controlling mankind’s “reality” is their primary goal.

    Whitley and Anne, as usual, had incredible insight and questions.

  7. Carollee wrote: ”What if a
    Carollee wrote: ”What if a person is in a sleep state and the emitter is focused on him/her, will it be remembered as a dream, vision, the voice of GOD or will it even be remembered at all?” Very curious.

    I have these kinds of dreams — they are different from my regular dreams. I think that any of the possibilities you mentioned are possible. I think they can emit a signal that (at times) can ‘wake you up’ making it more likely that you ‘remember’ the dream. I dont know if it is “just me” but it doesnt seem to be a very perfect technology at this point, or maybe it doesnt work as well on people as skeptical and questioning as myself.

  8. A chilling but very
    A chilling but very worthwhile discussion. Thank you. I came away from it with a deeper understanding of what’s really happening ‘out there’, and more determined than ever to reduce my dependency on government and its systems, and build strong community relations. We have only each other to see us through, and to help us to stand firm for compassion, truth and decency. We must truly begin to recognise in each other our brothers and sisters.

  9. Whitley, so grateful for your
    Whitley, so grateful for your show. The way things are moving in our changing world, it probably won’t be too long before you’ll need to call Catherine, Richard and Joseph right back here for lots more. It was incredible to learn about your personal experiences too.

    So now, I’m off to look up the subjects you talked about that I’ve never heard of before. The first fascinating article I found was about the “cold fusion reactor”. Without knowing what the heck that was about, I couldn’t connect the dots in your conversations beyond very general. Wow. So now, I’m going to relisten to the subscriber only interview for the upteenth time, until i understand all the “loose ends” I’m finding, until I have reference material for all of it. It’s helping me to open up a much bigger picture.

    I appreciate how grounded and matter of fact Catherine, Richard & Joseph are in their areas of expertise. Very reassuring, fascinating, amazing and totally helpful information. Also, I have some feedback for you about your implant, that you might find helpful. But that information is something I’d rather talk to you about in person or letter. Hope it’s possible.

    Holiday Cheer to you & Anne!

  10. Yes, a terrific
    Yes, a terrific interview/round table discussion in itself and Catherine’s advice on laughing/shrugging off harassment is a practice I have enjoyed for some time now. Accepting that those heavily invested in ‘the matrix’ will always project a fear based level of reasoning and perception will allow one to save energy and redirect potentially wasted energy back into focus.

    Casteneda wrote about saving energy and now, almost 20 years later, after stumbling across ‘A Separate Reality in a bookshop in, if I recall, Luton, GB (of all places), that technique allows me to travel with power as much now as it did back then at the height of my Nagualist zeal.

    Let the world get on with its business and bend like a reed, accepting that reeds are part of the filters of the great rivers of time & space. We can emerge onto the banks of new vistas and shimmering shorelines, resplendent with remembered potential if we just enjoy the flow for what it is.


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