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There is substantial evidence that another human civilization exists that is far in advance of our own. But who are they, and how have they gained their technological advantage?

This week, we begin a two week discussion with Joseph Farrell, Catherine Austin Fitts and Richard Dolan about the breakaway civilization, what it is, why it exists, how it came to possess its technologies, and why it is so secretive.

In this first week, Whitley Strieber begins by offering proof that it actually exists, in the form of the implant in his ear. He remembers it being put in by people, not aliens. It has been studied and found to be far in advance of anything that is publicly available. So people with advanced technical knowledge installed it.

This week, Catherine Austin Fitts and Joseph Farrell explain to us how the breakaway civilization is financed and how it came into being. Next week, Richard Dolan will join us to discuss the amazing technologies and power of the breakaway civilization.

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  1. On my blog Eternal Gateways,
    On my blog Eternal Gateways, I explore the interconnection of Christianity, paranormal and UFOs. I’ve read Whitley’s books and I am glad to see that he realizes the inherent danger in all of this inter-dimensional interaction.

  2. Still don’t get who the
    Still don’t get who the actual break away civilization are?

  3. Just had an opportunity to do
    Just had an opportunity to do some focused listening to Breakaway Civilization Pt 1 and Subscriber Section discussion. Extremely fascinating! Had to scream at the end, tho, when Farrell said “get out of the gravity well” . . . I so wanted to hear more — I sure hope this is further discussed in Breakaway Pt 2. Because what we call gravity (tho I think our understanding of it is skewed) is central to understanding all of this seemingly unrelated phenomenon.

    I also resonated with Catherine’s remark re the fear that this kind of info engenders in one — namely, that what she finds REALLY scary is the ability for so many of us to just ignore the overwhelming evidence that this is going on all around us and effecting everyone. However, her? reasons given are understandable and the same ones that I have come to . . . sometimes its just better to let the beast think that you are unaware that it is hiding in the corner — lest it jump out and destroy you. Better to find a way to defeat it by hiding some plans of one’s own . . . . before confronting the beast. I also completely agree w/her assessment of why Anne may be targeted. I have thought this for a long time. I think they want to use Whitley for something very sinister and Anne is standing firmly in their way.

    George Knapp interviewed Bob Lazar who leaked in the info that outed Area 51 to mainstream world earlier in the week. I dont follow most UFO stuff because I, like Laser himself, think it takes too much time to separate the wheat from the chaff. For me, his story was new — but very believable. He wonders if he made the right choice going public. He said he did it out of fear of just disappearing and no one having a clue as to why. I totally understand this feeling. I would rather die kicking and screaming than disappear without ever having warned anyone about the nature of our reality. I think he describes some interesting aspects of the “Breakaway Civilization” when he describes some of his experience at Area 51.

    Like the memory Whitley recalled of having an implant put it his ear, most of my memories of being manipulated against my will is of humans perpetrators. I am not discounting the “alien” experience, but I think actual living aliens are a much smaller and less important part of the greater Breakaway experience. I think a lot of wealthy psycho/sociopaths and Nazi/New World Order simpathizers got together and decided to take advantage of the upcoming magnetic reversal (climate change) to make plans to take over the world. I think the Archons/demons found their match and it was/is a marriage made in hell. Side note: I think the Archons can be (loosely) compared to the Goonies? in The Goonies. Playful and useful when within their own environment — but absolutely horrid and destructive when out of it.

    A piece of the puzzle that I did not hear anyone discuss is how “time travel” comes into play. If, at a point in time, you step thru a door that shows you where the future is going (at that particular moment) — you can look into the future and see what/who are the major events and the major players. From there you can step back into your own time and begin to prepare to manipulate these people and thus the events (I think Anne’s mother’s death was one of these manipulations) — or eliminate and/or precipitate entire events. I think this process has been happening for a long time, but it has taken many thousands of years for it to reach this point.

    Bob Lazar talks about how he was brought into Area 51 because he knew how to think “out of the box”. Free thinkers, like him/us?, are necessary to their plans because they, by their very nature, are “stuck in the box” so to speak. Their slaves/robots are stuck in the box with them.

    Perhaps it was initial fear that led some US interests to embrace the Nazi scientists — perhaps it was just pure greed on the part of some wealthy people in our country (read Jim Marrs’ books). The connection between the entertainment industry (last week’s Dreamland) and occult ritual and freemasons is an important one, too. imo, it has been their most effective tool in keeping the majority of people sedated, oppressed, cynical, and unresponsive. I think the pharmaceutical industry is a close second.

    In a democracy full of responsible citizens who do not agree to be kept in the dark by their government — much of what this breakaway civilization has accomplished could not have happened. Last election? 32% of eligible voter/registered voters? voted? This is a travesty. The American public has made many horrible mistakes — letting large corporations run roughshot over people all over the world while we got richer. We also allowed ourselves to ridicule and blame the least fortunate and sickest among us. Satan has the goods on all of us. There is a lesson in this for anyone who treasures and believes they are ready for freedom and democracy. While freedom and democracy may be hard to obtain, they are even harder to keep. They require a long term commitment and without the energy of most of its people — democracies fail and freedom becomes something people only dream about.

    I think Whitley may have hit the nail on the head when he spoke about The Bell project and how the Nazis may have brought into this world something way beyond their control — something that is “stuck in the box” and that it has commandeered human after human, turning them into organic robots, in their effort to leave the box. I call these being Archons — some use the word demons — or even visitors (which I think is a very apt word). Robert Farrell makes an extremely important point when he says that creating intelligent machines can/will? be our downfall — because what we will really be doing is creating a machine that these [Archons] can inhabit and control to destroy most of us and enslave the rest.

    Are there benevolent entities helping us as well? I have no doubt that there are — but I think they are here among us (i.e, real live human beings) — many of whom, in their waking state, have forgotten who they are and what their purpose is for being here. However, there are still those whose souls remain free — free to go where they will, unhindered, to do what they must.

  4. Excellent interview with
    Excellent interview with intelligent, articulate guests.

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