Whitley Strieber begins this deeply shocking show with one of the most provocative revelations he has ever made. What actually happened in the gas chambers of the Nazis? Was everybody who went in still there when the doors were opened? Of course, they had been murdered. Or had they—all of them? And what does the strange fate of some of these people have to do with the breakaway civilization and the world as it is now?

Amazing stuff, not available anywhere else in the world.

Catherine Austin Fitts’ website is Solari.com.
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Last week’s Dreamland on the breakaway civilization was a shocking, brilliantly informative show. This week, Richard Dolan comes aboard and he, Catherine Austin Fitts and Joseph Farrell go EVEN FARTHER, this time into the way the technologies involved must work, who the breakaways are, where they can be found, and what their existence may mean to all of us.

These two programs are all-time Dreamland classics, and mark the first time these three deeply informed and brilliant researchers have ever come together to discuss this subject.

Expect to be amazed, and to come away with some real knowledge—at last—about why our world is as it is, why the government seems to cost so much but do so little, and where your tax dollars are actually going.read more

Whitley Strieber begins by asking Joseph and Catherine a question he will ask Richard Dolan again next week: what would they do about the implant? Then Whitley and Anne tell a shocking story about being exposed to radiation in the early nineties, in a situation that killed one of their beloved cats.

Joseph and Catherine respond from their deep knowledge of what might be happening. Is the implant dangerous? Does the brain tumor that Anne Strieber has developed have anything to do with what happened in the early nineties?

Listen as Joseph Farrell and Catherine Austin Fitts bring to light some truly startling information

Catherine Austin Fitts’ website is Solari.com.read more

There is substantial evidence that another human civilization exists that is far in advance of our own. But who are they, and how have they gained their technological advantage?

This week, we begin a two week discussion with Joseph Farrell, Catherine Austin Fitts and Richard Dolan about the breakaway civilization, what it is, why it exists, how it came to possess its technologies, and why it is so secretive.

In this first week, Whitley Strieber begins by offering proof that it actually exists, in the form of the implant in his ear. He remembers it being put in by people, not aliens. It has been studied and found to be far in advance of anything that is publicly available. So people with advanced technical knowledge installed it.
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