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The Amazon—a place of great wonder, arguably even a gateway to other worlds. It holds many secrets, or rather, its tribal peoples hold those secrets. They don’t give them up easily, either, which is why it took Michael Peter Langevin thirty years of travel and experience in the region to uncover some of the most powerful truths you will ever be witness to, and some of the most extraordinary stories ever told.

Michael has experienced impossible healings, gone on journeys to hidden worlds that may be physically real and yet occupying exactly the same space that we do, and even witnessed a shaman disappear before his eyes…and return with something that shattered Michael’s understanding of reality forever.

Listen with Whitley as Michael Peter Langevin reveals the Secrets of the Amazon Shamans.

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  1. this sounds great…I can’t
    this sounds great…I can’t wait to hear it 🙂

  2. What a great show, Whitley.
    What a great show, Whitley. The conversation was a great give and take between you and Michael. A great energy with calm at the center. Like Anne.
    I have a couple questions… it seems many folks use substances in order to “have experiences.” The development of technology also has come to do the same. Just wondering, if folks are perhaps more aware of possibilities, and seek out these experiences? Is there some sort of “protection” put in place for folks, to help them not get further than they are ready/prepared for? Also, perhaps that is how the phrase “when the student is ready, the teacher appears?” It does seem that might be the case…

  3. Aye, this is a terrific show.
    Aye, this is a terrific show. It’s just what I needed right now.


  4. Just wondering if Whitley and
    Just wondering if Whitley and Mr. Langevin are familiar with the Pachamama Alliance?

    The goals of this organization dovetail perfectly with this episode of Dreamland, and also offers educational opportunities to learn more about protecting the rainforests of the Amazon, as well as assisting with “environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.”

    We have to start somewhere, and take it beyond listening to Dreamland. We must become participants…I am working on this right now, attempting to find ways to utilize my own skills in ways that will help the planet (No effort is too small!). I have been amazed at the number of people and organizations that are quietly working at lifting the consciousness of our world. I find it interesting that after listening to this Dreamland yesterday, I somehow stumbled upon this organization this morning by ‘accident.’

  5. Michael Peter Langevin,

    Michael Peter Langevin,

    In this interview and you listening to what the trees have whispered brought J.R.R. Tolkien to mind and his WONDERFUL TALKING TREES.

    ALSO…….So, is the following statement true or false?
    “DMT is also produced in the human pineal gland, a small reddish-gray gland (about the size of a pea) near the center of the brain.”

    If true, do/can shamans somehow change/activate this naturally occurring DMT in the physical body into a higher state simply by touching the forehead/third eye? Again, IF true, do people really need to ingest DMT from plants to achieve the same effect? TRULY, I am only wondering and curious about this.

  6. Great show.
    Great show.

  7. While reading Cosmic’s post
    While reading Cosmic’s post about the Pachamama organisation, I was reminded of reading some of my Toltec knowledge based library from 20 yrs or so back about encounters with Pachamama on lonesome mountain trails. I’ve long accepted that the divine mother can show up and interact with us, perhaps, at times, in human guise.

    The world around us does indeed speak to us in many ways, sometimes in one’s own language as subtle ‘voices’ or ‘conversations’ within one’s mind, other times as omens or signs around us, the green man, is one such level of communication, for example.

    All around us, people frantically accumulate and worry about ‘getting on’ and boy is it easy to get caught up in this mad scramble toward waking sleep. Being a member of the Unknown Country community means a great deal to me and I simply cannot tell all of you how important it is to be able to read your thoughts and explore your opinions.


  8. Two days ago, I stopped by
    Two days ago, I stopped by one of the small waterfalls in our neighborhood just to listen to the running water and contemplate this hidden gem right here where I live. I gently closed my eyes and just for a second, and very unexpectedly, I had a clear picture of The Green Man. He literally came and went in the blink of an eye. Thus it is with our planet at this time…We could lose it all in the blink of an eye. So it is best to keep our eyes open and be aware at all times, and be the spiritual warriors and guardians we are intended to be.

  9. The Green Man. Anne’s earth
    The Green Man. Anne’s earth spirit. She always wore green, and told the story of how the first people coming to the tomb thought the risen Jesus was the gardener. He was.

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