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This is among the strangest and most wonderful stories ever told on Dreamland. Mark Vidler and Catherine Young have made a momentous discovery about ancient megaliths that suggests that our ancestors not only had great knowledge of this planet, but deep insight into hidden meaning and significance that has been almost entirely lost.

Can those insights be restored, and with them an understanding of our planet and our connection to it that has been lost for millennia?

The mission of Dreamland and Unknowncountry is awakening. This interview takes a big step in that direction.

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  1. Having visited Avebury and
    Having visited Avebury and Stonehenge in the early 90’s, I wonder about the crop formations. As I toured the most mysterious formations I did feel that it was some form of communication.

  2. Hi, I’m STRUCK by the
    Hi, I’m STRUCK by the connection of this sacred geometry revelation about planet Earth, and a story Linda Moulton Howe did on Coast… That is, near Mt. McKinnly… now called Mt. Denali there is not only the *black pyramid* but now an Egyptian like Sphinx is being reported. Here’s the section of the show’s blurb that talks about it.

    “…Next was a bizarre story of possible ancient structures in the Alaskan wilderness. Linda spoke with former Army infantryman Jared Beeler, who told her of a training mission on a glacier near Mt. Denali. Beeler recalled that his training sergeant spoke to him about a “Sphinx, like in Giza” he had seen on a mission in the area. The sergeant said that there were armed men surrounding the statue and that it was about the same size as the famous Egyptian version.”

  3. I have a feeling that this is
    I have a feeling that this is probably related to the Cymatics vibration research done by Dr. Hans Jenny. Nodes within the structure of the Earth that cause the tectonic plates to follow a defined path and to settle in specific spots, may be due to the three dimensional geometric patterns that vibrations are known to create. In the case of the Earth it is not clear to me, what the cause of the vibrations might be…possibly gravitational waves?…but the startling information I read in Mark Vidler’s excellent book “The Star Mirror” suggests to me, that this geometric patterning may not just be confined to planetary bodies but be present throughout the Universe, having a marked effect on the locations of the stars themselves. Vibrations are the key, I think.

    The links below contain information about Cymatics and general geometric distributions throughout the Universe – a couple of which mention that geometric patterning has been observed as the tetrahedral distribution of galactic super-clusters.

    Closer to home, it seems that some ancient cultures were aware of the Earth nodes / grids at the very least but to what ends, I can only guess.


    General info on geometric ditribution across scales…

    Tetrahedral galactic super-cluster distribution…

    Other interesting links on the planetary grid system…

  4. You have opened a door that
    You have opened a door that many of the people you have interviewed on your show could add info.
    Torsion field physics and the geometry involved should be investigated. David Sereda and Richard Hoagland comes to mind.
    Many of the monuments described are having their dates questioned by 10,000 years or more.
    Earthfiles’ Linda Moulten Howe just reported that not only is there a giant black pyramid buried near Mt. Denali (McKinley) but a Sphinx has also been seen.

  5. Whitley and Mark Vidler,
    Whitley and Mark Vidler, thank you for this interview/book. There is so much to be rediscovered on our planet and I too sometimes wonder if we are living in a GIANT MATHEMATICAL MATRIX.

  6. I’ve read many books
    I’ve read many books regarding sacred sites, and by far the best I have read, so far, on the topic is ‘Common Wealth’ by Freddy Silva. I look forward to adding this book to my reading list.

    While I have been having spontaneous remembrances of other lives most of my life, about 17 years ago I experienced a series of memories that revolved around sacred sites. The first one involved Imhotep, an ancient priest, scholar, architect, physician, and vizier, under the pharaoh, Djoser. He may possibly be the first genius in recorded history. My memory was of assisting him in designing the Step Pyramid of Saqqara. While many archaeologists consider this pyramid to be the first and oldest pyramid built, my memory was quite different. We were attempting to re-create the technology of The Great Pyramid, which was already an ancient monument at the time of Djoser. For years I told no one about this ‘memory’, so you can imagine my surprise when someone that I barely knew told me that I had been close to Imhotep (This was a person that Whitley interviewed a couple of times several years ago—very strange and a whole other chapter in this story!)

    Not long after the Imhotep memory, I had a second remembrance involving Serpent Mound in Ohio. It was very similar, and once again I was assisting with designing and constructing something using ancient, sacred technology. Coming forward from there, I had another memory of the Great Plains and a journey that ended in Canyon de Chelly in Arizona.

    Sherbet, I have been fascinated by cymatics for a while, after learning of a father/son team that discovered Chladni patterns hidden in Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. If you are interested, check out Stuart and Thomas Mitchell and also go here:

    I was fortunate enough to participate in a phone conference with Stuart Mitchell back in 2006. One of the questions that I posed to him involved crop formations and cymatics. He was actually surprised by my question, and stated that he had not made that connection, but that it might have merit and be worth exploring, and that it made sense.

    I also live very close to a sacred site, although it is not known, and those in the area prefer to keep it that way. (It is hidden in plain sight!) I encourage Unknown Country subscribers in particular to check out the histories of their own communities and neighborhoods. You might be surprised at what you discover…

  7. The Earth is a Fractal!
    The Earth is a Fractal!

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