Most of us have tried to communicate with the dead. Some have succeeded, many have not. BUT just as the relationship of mankind with the visitors is changing, so is our relationship with human consciousness, which includes what we think of as the dead. This week’s guest, Mark Anthony, is working right at the cutting edge of what Anne Strieber calls the Afterlife Revolution, and you need to sit up and take notice!

Mark is an Oxford educated attorney who has practiced before the US Supreme Court–and also a practicing psychic. He brings his analytical skills to his psychic work and in this deep dive into the nature of afterlife contact, he shows how he is breaking new ground in the understanding of the true extent of consciousness in the world, and how we can do the same.

He and Whitley range over topics from a spectacular ghost contact at the Stanley Hotel of Shining fame to a profound interaction with Anne, which takes place DURING the third hour of the show, and which she clearly set up just after Whitley’s 3AM meditation a few hours before. All we’re going to say here is that it involves an invisible leopard and offers Whitley and all of us a wonderful lesson in how to listen to the spirit world.

This deep and delightful show will have you buzzing with eagerness to try out some of the methods that Mark tells about, and goes into in his practical and empowering book.

You can engage with Mark on his website, where he offers readings in person and by phone. Be sure and sign up for his free newsletter and join  the Mark Anthony adventure! To get the Afterlife Frequency, click here.

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  1. What a great show. I have always wondered whether animals had souls. Loved Mark’s explanation.

  2. I was inspired to research snow leopards a bit myself, and I stumbled onto the concept of the beyul. They are sacred, hidden lands that are said to be protected by snow leopards.

    Wikipedia says that, “Buddhist texts indicate beyul are discovered when the planet is approaching destruction and the world becomes too corrupt for spiritual practice.”

    I wonder if this website is also a kind of beyul.

  3. There was a lot of distoration during the entire interview. It sounded like Anne was there with a bunch of buddies, which I think means the interview was absolutely fantastic, which it was. Fantastic!

  4. Great show, but I kept getting some interference that sounded like “glub, glub” in the background. Wonder what that was.

    1. Yes or like a squeaky audio tape. I found it very distracting. It has been present in a few recent interviews. Still, an excellent program. Always enjoy Whitley’s intellectual yet down to earth input.

  5. Totally excellent! Straight to my list of top fave Dreamlands.

    (I heard some of that distortion too, but it didn’t interfere with my ability to understand or enjoy the show.)

    The RAFT idea is wonderful. And the 15 minutes of perfect psychic demontration of RAFT at the end just blew me away.

    Huge thank you, Mark, Anne, and Whitley!

    1. Author

      The distortion is very frustrating. It seems that it happens most often when we discuss death and afterlife related subjects.

      1. This is a technical problem. It did not happen before you switched recording software. Now it is in every interview. I used to download them to save, but the squeaking is so distracting, I can’t.

        1. Author

          I certainly hope you’re right, because if it is a technical problem we’ll solve it eventually. But why one voice in the same file would be affected but not the other is really an issue. These files are all mono. It’s not as if there were two different sources. Starting in January, we are going to be trying some new recording software.

  6. Very interesting person with many good things to share, but I would like to present a clarification. The Soul or consciousness is outside of space – time and Electro-magnetic is the sixth plane /chakra which is a material energy which manifests as thoughts, visions, dreams, or other astral level experience. As a mental psychic he has confused the soul with the connection to the material plane through the mental electro-magnetic plane. Others might have a 7th plane gravitational connection or a 5th plane sound – hearing connection or 4th level heart, etc. Be open to your own unique nature.

    1. To each his own. I have been rereading all the many SETH books by Jane Roberts and could present “his” take on everything, but why bother? This reminds me of the anecdote about some Christian missionaries who went to a tropical island in the 19th century to “convert the natives”. The missionaries were having lunch and laughing at the superstitions of the natives. “These ignorant natives actually believe that their version of hell is up in the heavens!” Everyone laughed. Then the missionary said “Yes, I set them straight! I told them that hell was below their feet and that when the island volcano erupts, some of hell’s lava comes to the surface!” Point taken? Everyone has a truth. Truth is like a display counter full of pastries. Everyone has their own favorite!

      1. Sure – people believe whatever they want to and some of it relates to reality depending on how they interpret the words in thier own mythology, however the electromagnetic spectrum is a very clearly defined concept of science with a very precise meaning in the English language, so if you have no knowledge of science you can rebrand the term and associate it with the soul of perception or consciousness, but it is a misuse of a term which already has a definition. The issue is that then the current delusion that consciousness is a result of chemical activity causing electromagnetic activity in the brain (thoughts and visual perceptions) as opposed to the brain being a temporary bridge between consciousness and manifestation is implied and I know Mark does not imply that. My other point (which motivated the post) is that people who employ RAFT may receive in a different manner than a ‘mental’ psychic.

        1. Many times a dictionary will show two or three meanings for a word. Possibly, electromagnetic anything is a facet of god or also a consciousness we can perceive in our minds and hearts.

      2. I am rereading the Seth Books for the umpteenth time. That is still the benchmark I use for everything else.

        Terry in Austin

    2. I hear what you’re saying. Listening to him, I did a mental-correction and where he used the word soul, I thought of it as the soul-phone-line. Still, the messages are coming through and that’s what counts right?

  7. Don’t want to be a party pooper and I enjoyed the show, but I don’t buy into the idea of using technology to communicate with the dead. Years of looking at psi phenomena have taught me one thing and one thing only: while the phenomenon is real, any attempt to reify it fails. Oliver Lodge, the Russians, the CIA all had a go and failed. For reasons I can only guess at, it is seems not possible. Sadly.

    1. Here is a theory. We are sent here to focus in the material world to accomplish some “mission”. It could be a monumental mission or as simple as moving a rock from one spot to another = mission done! LOL But this is meant to be an immersive video game with us as the avatars. If these characters realized they were in a video game, could they play their parts with sincerity and commitment? There have been researchers like Tom Campbell who claims that the “creator” of the video game will not allow us to confirm that we are in such a simulation. So it may allow paranormal experiences and many spiritual metaphysical theories to arise, but it is NOT going to allow the total confirmation of the game, or the jig is up, as people used to say. We are meant to focus on being human beings. While we can experience out of body states and greatly widen our knowledge, maybe confirmation of the game will always be kept just out of our reach so we remain focused here.

      1. I think that is a good theory and as good as we are likely to get unless we somehow get some huge new breakthrough. Whatever the reason something or somebody is stopping us from having full knowledge. What we don’t really know with any certainty is how much the dead or the visitors know – are they only able to see part of the picture too.

      2. This – “We are meant to focus on being human beings. ” And it’s important in order to play the game.

    2. The most advanced and sophisticated receiver – transmitter at the cutting edge of state of the art evolution is the human form within which we all journey through this mysterious realm: any machine will be far inferior. There is no technological short cut: meditate.

      1. Loved this show.
        Whitley, snow leopards are also called “ghost cats” or “ghosts of the mountains” — truly fitting for this show! Also, trying to find the white cat on a snowy mountain, in the photo Anne led you to, is an exercise of precise discernment similar to isolating the specific electromagnetic frequencies, which Mark describes, out of all other frequencies. The cat IS there! We just need to focus and fine-tune our consciousness to perceive such exquisite sublety.

  8. Author

    We’re going to hear from Riz Virk next week on whether or not this is a simulation. Almost the first thing Anne said from the other side was “it’s a game.”

    1. well…IF….its a GAME…who’s playing who …and do we get to “UPgrade” our playing pieces during the game itself?

      Love this idea of a Psychic Attorney…..gotta check him out….wonder what he would get on me….whistleblower just finishing out years of cray cray in the court system…without an attorney…..and 3 dead fiduciaries that robbed IP founders of about 165M……

  9. Loved this show! Definitely was happy to hear that animals have souls. Thank you so much for having Mark Anthony on.

  10. This was a wonderful show, and I wish to cultivate a yes, yes, yes spirit. Something does still bother me. The idea that the soul is electromagnetic in nature is scary to me, because of nukes (and EMP weapons to an extent). And I know this has been touched on before on Dreamland or in a book or blog (though some time back) and it has occasionally nagged at my mind since I heard or read it. The idea that nukes could destroy or disrupt the very soul! Scary to contemplate. Perhaps this can be brought into some perspective.

    1. Yes, that bothers me too. On the one hand, we hear that souls are eternal, then we read the following in Whitley’s ‘The Key’…

      “Can the soul be destroyed?

      An atomic explosion throws all plasmas into chaos. They can also destroy themselves, and technological intervention may destroy them. Souls may last forever, but they may be exploited, even killed. They may be executed.”

      … So we are not just talking about energy…we are talking about a requirement for that energy to be coherent.

      1. Any soul that chooses to remain coherent, will remain coherent. That coherence comes from Source itself, and as long as a soul chooses to keep it, it isn’t ever lost. Atomic weapons do not decohere souls. You can’t throw your soul into a black hole and lose it. 🙂

        The nature of the soul’s connection to EM energy is like a parallel process. Think: hand in glove, but with feedback elements.

        That idea doesn’t just apply to EM energy, but everything that we think of as energy and matter on the physical plane. Telekinesis, for example, has to work on matter-energy on every level. The easiest way to do this, of course, is to take the shortcut, and realize it is just consciousness moving itself.

        1. So, when the ‘Master of the Key’ told Whitley that, was he using a different definition of the word ‘soul’?

          1. The stuff he was referring to would be more like an energy projection out of the coherent core. These are the ‘glove’ layers, with the feedback mechanisms, that the core immortal soul works with all the time.
            That stuff comes and goes, and evolves, just like our physical bodies come and go, and evolve. These outer projections are subject to various external influences, and the feedback energies can rebound back to the soul (think of how some reincarnation cases will show a birthmark from a previous life’s death-wound) but always the core stays intact, as it grows and changes based on what the core internalizes and digests from all of this experience.
            Your core is hardwired right into Source. Nothing is changing that! Not even Source can force changes onto it. That is the contract of free will. It is truly inviolable, and with every soul Source creates, it forms that contract. “You are truly free.”

  11. I’m always skeptical of attempts to “science-ize” paranormal effects and phenomena within the concepts of whatever science happens to be popular at the moment. It used to be electromagnetism and radio in the early part of the 20th century – hence such terms for telepathy as ‘mental radio’. There was much research on finding a material basis for these effects – especially so in the atheistic soviet union but Leonid Vasiliev for example essentially could not justify an electromagnetic basis for these things.
    The vogue since the 70s has been quantum physics but I don’t think there is really a sufficient understanding of the underlying meaning of quantum physics and how it all really works to inform the topic with any kind of real insight. We don’t even really know what electric charge even is or why it should exist.

    1. I agree. Since 1650 we have made huge advances in physical sciences but none in understanding spirit.

    1. I was surprised that there was no mention of the pineal gland in the presentation, as it seems to me that their equipment is designed to replicate, to a lesser degree, the functioning of that organ, with respect to its ability to detect photons in a dark environment.

      But I am still not convinced that the consciousness of the person involved in the experiment is not influencing the experiment…whether they are a skeptic or not.

  12. Whitley, is this the image you are referring to?

    Twitter users got a good look at the image when it was shared by IFS Officer Ramesh Pandey who asked his followers if they could locate the animal. He went on to call the snow leopard (((a “phantom cat” and “ghost of the mountains”, given its ability to blend in with its surroundings))). This makes it almost impossible to detect the leopard at first glance. However, it took Twitter users way more than just a glance to spot the elusive animal in the image.

    1. I won’t spoil the fun and say where it is but to be honest, that is not the best resolution photograph, which makes spotting it all the more difficult…but none-the-less their camouflage is incredible in that environment.

  13. Yes, one can definitely ‘tune in’ to the afterlife frequency, and it’s really not that difficult. In fact, you may be doing it without realizing it. Mr. Anthony’s experiences are a lot like mine in the way he tunes in.

    About 15 years ago, I had a blog, and wrote one just about this form of communication. Later on, I posted that blog on my website, and it’s still there. (Since my stroke, I have really neglected my website, but hope to get back to it soon!) For those that are interested, it can be found here:

  14. Maybe it was the white leopard moth (moths are in the order Lepidoptera) that Annie was sending as a sign.

  15. I also heard of a ghost frequency for tuning into EVP’s and such was 7-11 Hz

  16. Thank you for this topic, Whitley, and for having Mark Anthony on Dreamland – I’ll be sure to check out his site.

    I’ve been in more or less daily communication with my cat Pixie since she crossed over last July. She and I were also in mental communication when she was physically here, although naturally she was much better at it than I. It was sometimes embarrassing to know how clearly she could hear my thoughts! This is probably the only place I can say this without people thinking I’m crazy. She was with us for 13 years, and it’s been very difficult to be without her. I don’t know what I would have done if she hadn’t been kind enough to make herself available pretty much anytime I “call”. And it really is like tuning in to a frequency – I’ve even been able to see flashes of her briefly in my peripheral vision.

    As for communication with the “dead” using technology, I’ve tried it years ago and it does work, but in my experience there are people on the other side who can mess with it and come through in real time to an unprotected person, or come through radios etc. I don’t think they are demons, but they seem to be like rude pranksters who have nothing better to do. Perhaps it takes a certain type of mind to be immune to such things – I was untrained and had a raw sort of psychic ability that I barely knew I had and didn’t know how to control, so perhaps that’s why things turned out the way they did. Anyway, I learned my lesson and am only interested in allowing any mental communication ability I have to unfold naturally

  17. Thanks Whit,
    Does the book give guidance on how to tune in ?

  18. I enjoyed the conversation with Mark Anthony.
    As for the question of animals in the Afterlife is a question that has come up over and over again in the NDE Experiences Facebook page and over and over again the experiencers talk about seeing their pets again.
    Now this bring up something that Augustine of Hippo(354-430) said about his concept of “original sin” that we are all born with “original sin” but that all of nature is “original sin” and that would include animals too.
    In Augustine concept of “original sin” nobody can go to heaven unless they are baptize but animals are not baptize so NDE Experiencers wouldn’t be able to see their pets at all because they are not baptize but they do see their pets again. As for me I considered the concept of “original sin” nothing but pure baloney.

    1. It’s all about perpetuating a belief in the separateness from God, and that only the Church can facilitate in bridging that gap.

  19. I listened to this yesterday. At the leopard part, immediately what came to mind is the one time I saw Whitley in person, on a speaking engagement for Communion in Connecticut, I believe in 1988. What came to mind was Anne. She was wearing a white sweater and black pants, and on the sweater was a decorative pin that was either a leopard or a cat. At the moment I had this memory yesterday, I looked down and realized I had on my Snow Leopard Trust sweatshirt. The Trust is an organization that assists in protecting snow leopards that remain in the wild.

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