Is our world a simulation? If so, then what are WE? MIT computer scientist Riz Virk explores these amazing questions with Whitley this week. Why are they amazing? Because they need to be asked–and can be asked–at all. Advances in physics and computer science have opened some very serious questions about whether or not reality as we know it is–well–real. And if it isn’t, what does that mean to us chess pieces? Can we do anything about how we’re moved about on the board? If so, that would look like magic. So, is that the destiny of science, to become what we now think of as magic?

Are the chess pieces about to take over the game? Or are we going to be swept off the board forever?

Find out the latest theories in this intense and provocative conversation! AND, if you are a subscriber listen-watch as Whitley asks Riz about the nature of the grays and why they might be called watchers, and who the watchers of the bible may be. This amazing show comes close to getting a glimpse BEYOND the walls of our reality. Plus, there’s a great discussion of what UFOs are and how they may represent penetrations into our universe of a very unexpected kind. 

This Dreamland will set your mind on fire! (Listen closely in the last half hour for some eerie speculations about who the grays may actually be…looking in from the outside.)

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  1. very strange noise. it seems like no one noticed it during the interview. or is it just something normal in the background?

    1. Something very strange happened to me when i heard the sound again after the story about Elizabeth Krohn. My body was filled with electricity. I have never felt anything like this before – I’m not an experiencer or even a practiced meditator. That was very, very strange for me. What a gift. I don’t know why that happened. Did I just imagine it?

    2. Well, in my reality, those noises just sounded like someone either drilling a hole in a brick wall, or cutting wood with a circular saw.

      But that was an interesting reaction though John.

    3. I heard the sound too—and also the cat meowing, which had more significance for me, personally.

      Heaven and Earth did not become ‘real’ until there was ‘light’.

      1. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth
      2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.
      3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.
      4 God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.
      5 God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.

      1. In the Ancient Greek creation story, the very old version that the Pythagoreans would have know, Zeus creates a “container” in the Void.

    4. I heard what sounded like a power tool after 57:20 if that’s the sound you’re talking about. I heard it earlier too. Whitley must be on the wood planer.

    5. Very chilling. The first time I listened to the podcast, I thought it sounded like someone screaming ‘nooooooooooo’.

  2. There was almost too much to comment on in this interview. It was so densly packed, I’m not surprised Whitley’s head was spinning with questions.

    Just one point, the first words in the Bible are not “Let there be light”, unless that is a Mandela Effect in action within Rizwan’s reality! I will leave it up to the reader to find what the actual first words are… Anyway, I find the first parts of John’s Gospel to be quite pertinent to the discussion, which are variations on “In the beginning was the Word”, which almost sounds like we are talking about ‘in the beginning of the simulation was the code (programming language)’ !

    Don’t get me into talking about the original Hebrew word for ‘Logos’ (which is what was translated into ‘Word’ in the English version)… that is a whole different white rabbit hole.

    1. Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”.
      I totally agree about John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” It is something which has always seemed to me to be profoundly important and to be highly relevant to today’s show.
      Great show by the way. I even bought the book which is a rare event for me.

    2. Here’s an interesting tidbit that you can play with. In the Italian Bible, it reads, “In the beginning, there was the Verb, the Verb was near God, and the Verb was God.”

      I liked that when I first read it because linguistically the function of the word “Verb” is to indicate movement, while linguistically “Word” indicates a contained concept inherent to the particular word. So… taking it into consideration/meditation, you can feel/sense the passage as “In the beginning, there was the movement of God creation, which is near God because Creation is God.”

      End of the thought experiment. Or, maybe, it’s the beginning…?…

  3. Also, there was a guest on ‘The Experience’ who recounted taking too much of a particular drug, which subsequently triggered him waking up to another existence, where his prior reality of his wife and kids was just a vivid dream… He lived in a completely different town, with new concerned friends, which (to him) lasted seven years, before he popped back to his ‘real’ life, just minutes later!

    Which leads me onto something I’ve mentioned before… a YouTube video of a guy being filmed, taking a controlled quantity of LSD from a doctor… and partway through the trip says to the doctor, astonished, “You’re still here!“. When asked to explain why he said that, he described having just come back from a feeling (or of being), pure bliss…for what seemed to him to last about five thousand years, give or take!

    These go to show, that our sense of time itself, is just a construct.

  4. Blows my mind! I’m starting to think in a new way about reality!

  5. The Matrix concept has been here for a few decades now. I love the movie series and remember still, how mind blowing it was when the first movie came out. I was going through some early theological training. it seemed to be an answer to a lot of questions. that said , my continued journey informs me that no matter how scientifically smart we become our understanding of what we are is limited by what we are. God is vaster than our creature ability to conceptualize it. however it’s still fun to try!

  6. I would suggest that people interested in this type of subject read the Jane Roberts’ channeled SETH material from the 60’s through the early 80’s. Seth talks about probable realities, planes of existence and other topics that (to me) make this entity a metaphysical physicist. Very fascinating material. You will find a lot more meat to chew on than trying to insert this type of material into Bible verses.

    1. I have also read the Seth material. What’s interesting is if you have read the various sacred texts from different religions and belief systems, they are all fascinating and are various aspects of the same puzzle of reality, and expressed in different ways. When you start to connect the common threads between all of them, so much more begins to ‘gel’. The same applies for ancient religions too (the beliefs of the Egyptians throughout their history , and the ancient Hindu, as well).

      In addition, the ‘surreal’ quality of life has increased in me as I’ve gotten older and continued to learn and explore these things. For me the nature of reality was changed in profound ways after my stroke over two years ago, which was a game changer, for sure. (Try when you can move arms, legs, fingers, toes on both sides or your body, but can longer FEEL them on one side. It’s damn weird.)

      My point is, there are clues everywhere in many belief systems, religions, philosophies—and everyday life. The key is paying attention, noticing, and asking questions. Always ask questions about it all, all through your life, and never think in terms of having THE answer.

      1. Very true comment. I personally do not make anything my personal Bible. Seth, for example, is as I said before “fascinating”. And there are people out there who consider his words dogma. This is really tiresome when you just want to discuss something and people are throwing quotes at you, be they from Seth or the BIble or whatever. I even value all I learned from the Roman Catholic Church, but it takes a lot of mental filtering.

    2. Thanks for the tip William. I’ve heard lots about the Seth material but never actually read any of it, that I remember. Dipping my own toe into those waters slightly, by clearing my mind and typing whatever came to mind, I came away with some very interesting stuff… But to be perfectly honest, I was never really sure of the source, so tended to steer away from it.

  7. I must have really liked this interview. I played it 3 times! As the guest says at one point, another excellent literary resource is MY BIG TOE (THEORY OF EVERYTHING) by TOM CAMPBELL. Heavy reading but well worth the effort.

  8. nearly 70 years ago, I thought everyone asked Why am I here? what is it all about? who am i?
    I worked through these “essence” questions until I “found” my answers. Some answers became obvious, others were “given to me…in “conversation” with invisible “God” – almost as if it was a “floor on which I stood” as i walked through the process I was using to “understand” or “make sense” of life.
    Until very recently, I didn’t know others don’t automatically do this. Was a real surprise to me.

    There is an ongoing “development of understanding” as one lives…. and I thought until only a few months ago… that everyone does this.

    Very interesting program. Nice job, Whitley, managing all this… without a joystick which seems so much easier – maybe because it is “under one’s own control… in a way that mental processes of q & a with “other” seems less within control of self.

  9. nearly 70 years ago, I thought everyone asked Why am I here? what is it all about? who am i?
    I worked through these “essence” questions until I “found” my answers. Some answers became obvious, others were given to me…in “conversation” with invisible “God” – almost as if it was a “floor on which I stood” as i walked through the process I was using to “understand” or “make sense” of life.
    Until very recently, I didn’t know others don’t automatically do this. Was a real surprise to me.

    There is an ongoing “development of understanding” as one lives…. and I thought until only a few months ago… that everyone does this.

    Very interesting program. Nice job, Whitley, managing all this… without a joystick which seems so much easier – maybe because it is “under one’s own control… in a way that mental processes of q & a with “other” seems less within control of self.

  10. Just marvelous. Yes, Seth is a good place to start. How about every individual is the ultimate programmer from Gamma – part of the light spectrum. Simulations of ourselves all the way down to Hertz, with its multiple timelines( which seems to fit with Quantum theory). In other words we are the ultimate science process. God…process. We are divine. God is not external. I think this is alluded to in the ancient religions. It’s a hard ask but maybe we have to remember where we came from 🙂

  11. There was a mention of the game ‘No Man’s Sky’ and its procedurally generated universe (essentially unique planets where no two parts were ever the same), which intrigued me enough to buy it just after its hyped release. The reality of the game experience for me though was intense boredom…but what I did find rather interesting was that the music in the game was continuous but also procedurally generated as it changed depending on the scenery etc.

    Regarding the question about which simulation games might be worth experiencing… From what I’ve heard and seen clips of, ‘Half-Life: Alyx’ is right up there, not necessarily for realistic graphics but from an immersive experience point of view. But it needs a VR headset and an expensive GPU, so much too rich for me.

    Anyway talking about creating our own reality…when I was in my early teens, we had an Atari console that I loved playing ‘Space Invaders’ on. I would play it for so long that when my parents managed to shoe-horn me off it, I could go upstairs, lie down in bed and actually carry on playing the game in full colour, with my eyes closed! And they say kids today have too much screen time!

    1. No Mans Sky is far different now after so many updates. If you haven’t played since it’s release it might be worth checking out again, but I won’t argue with anyone if they find it boring.

  12. I’m playing Elite Dangerous while listening.

    When I lucid dream I contemplate me sleeping in bed and how our brain works in dreams. In the dream world we usually can’t figure out we’re dreaming even when we see silly things that should clue us in because our mind is working different preventing the realization.

    I think in our waking lives we have knowledge of another world but don’t have access to it. When we die it’s like waking up and we’re in a familiar place.

    I’m typing as I listen and right after I finished typing Riz expressed something very similar.

  13. If anyone’s interested in lucid dream experiences I have a few quick stories.

    I met an old woman as I was lucid dreaming. I asked her “Are you me?”. She replied “I don’t want to talk about this.”

    Another dream I met two woman, one old and one young. I marveled at how real it seemed and I grabbed the old woman’s arm. I can feel her sweater and loose skin around her bone. I asked “Who are you?”. The younger woman replied “We’re trainees.”.

    Other times I just admired my surroundings. Often it’s an abstract bridge that I get lost on. It feels like a metaphor for a bridge to another world. I’ll explore, touch cold concrete and steel. I have trouble believing the experience is entirely in my mind.

  14. I wonder if we’ll be dissapointed to wake up in some intergalactic arcade, and realise that Donald Trump is actually the rich kid from your school who bought extra credits before you all sat down to play the ‘game of life’. I sincerely hope that’s not the case 😉

  15. Here’s a random theory: What if the secret school refers to the simulation.. /IS the simulation?? Maybe it’s some kinda of momentary awareness, and hint that reality isn’t what it seems. There are so many “secret school” experiences/ stories out there, and they differ or relate to so many other people. Maybe this is the secret school.. because we’re all living different lives, as different people, and on different levels… What if this “life” is just a brief moment in our true reality, kind of like a grade level in school. Maybe somewhere out there were so advanced that we can use “simulations” as a way to learn and gain life experience, without having to waste our whole life doing that. The 90 years (give or take) of this life, could possibly only be a brief lesson in some secret school! So Whitley you mention that Anne said something along the lines of this being a video game, so with all of that, it begs the next question of: How many of us are in the simulation, and how many of us are characters generated by the simulation? Idk just something my mind started entertaining!
    This was a great episode! Most definitely had my thoughts and theories going lol!

    1. Yes, the ancient Pythagoreans said this: we are the daimons, essentially downloaded here into the meat suits. Perhaps “the fallen” in a biblical sense, are us. I think a group of daimons went rogue and downloaded themselves into the newly engineered “Adam” bodies before it was finished and the problem of how to not split our consciousness was resolved. Thus, in the body, our consciousness is polarized like everything else in nature.

  16. A couple of things jumped out at me as I listened. I keep replaying the statement we’ve all heard so often, that the Grays Are us, from the future. It occurs to me that they could be our Avatars, our rather “one dimensional” initial creations, as we begin our rudimentary exploration of AI. Could they be the anomaly the ancients talked about? It might explain why they feel, mechanical, entitled, dismissive, and in need of our seed and our essence. It might also explain why some seem so indifferent to our emotions and our pain. If they were our creation I’m positing they would only be as self aware and emotionally advanced as the person that created them. As above…
    Also, Is this the reason other species apparently “use” them?
    Higher consciousness must have our permission to consciously engage with us. Is it possible this is a way to create a “loophole”? Our creations, avatars, essentially a water downed version of humanity, seeking their souls and being used by other beings to enter our game with a scalped ticket to play?
    The other thing that I finally truly grasped from the last few months of listening to your amazing guests Whitley, is all the naked in front of the classroom dreams we all hate so much. I always just accepted it was some sort of performance anxiety. I’m certainly rethinking that of late!!

  17. By now most of you have seen this revelation in the news.

    Could this dream-like experience posted last month where the face of the female looked like a (((FROG))) simply be saying, “WATCH OUT, THERE IS SOMETHING MUCH BIGGER HAPPENING HERE?”

    “While drifting off to sleep, I was wondering just who those entities are at the ECETI Ranch. I am drifting when almost in the dream state there appears a door. Standing in the doorway is what looks like an ordinary human man. Now there appears another entity. It is a female and standing opposite him, not inside the doorway. She is at least 10 to 11 feet tall. She towers over this man. She makes a show of displaying her physical form by stretching her limbs to show she has fingers, toes and as far as I can judge, looks exactly like an extremely tall human woman. Now I travel up to her face, NO, this is not a human, her face is flat and reminds me of a (((frog))). THAT IS IT.”

    “The same team that built the first living robots (“Xenobots,” assembled from frog cells—reported in 2020) has discovered that these computer-designed and hand-assembled organisms can swim out into their tiny dish, find single cells, gather hundreds of them together, and assemble “baby” Xenobots inside their Pac-Man-shaped “mouth”—that, a few days later, become new Xenobots that look and move just like themselves.”

    “This is profound,” says Levin. “These cells have the genome of a frog, but, freed from becoming tadpoles, they use their collective intelligence, a plasticity, to do something astounding.” In earlier experiments, the scientists were amazed that Xenobots could be designed to achieve simple tasks. Now they are stunned that these biological objects—a computer-designed collection of cells—will spontaneously replicate.”

    Last night I had this dream that I believe had to do with this interview and the future of humankind as we know it to be at present.

    Just briefly…..In the dream I am walking down a road. It is beautiful here with trees in full green bloom BUT where is everybody? I keep walking only to find myself totally alone. I keep walking and to my right see a small building. I go inside and see only ONE woman. I tell her I need shelter, food and water. It feels like a small grocery/dry goods store. What she has to share is minimal, but she wants to share whatever she has. I get the impression that there are very few people left here at this particular place. I ask if I can wait here for someone to come and get me back home THEN I wake up, this is where the dream ends.

    1. Carollee,
      Thank you for sharing. I saw this earlier this week and haven’t had time to sit with it. I appreciate your providing me with the nudge I needed. I don’t even know how to consider the implications of this experimentation.
      I too have a door at the end of a hallway, by the way. I “sealed” it awhile ago. Intriguing to hear about yours.
      Now I’m wondering if the hallway/door dreams are as common as the naked/school dreams are? All I can say is Wow, just wow!

        1. Cosmiclibrarian, thank you for the link to your comment. It’s all so fascinating. My decision to seal the door came after a dream “break in” if you will. I sensed someone watching me in a dream and as I became aware, I heard a door slam. Months later I chose to open the door from my side as I continued to feel another presence in my awareness. Although I too believe that doors are meant to be opened, in this case, my intuition told me something felt off. Sealing it felt correct but I take your wise council very seriously and to heart. Your presence in this chat room always radiates wisdom and a deep understanding of so many experiences.

          1. SZ, wisdom includes being picky about which doors to open, and using spiritual guidance in the process. Of course, doors can be portals to other dimensions and realms, as well as as portals of a personal nature. Thank you, and you’re welcome!

    2. The fear of self-replicating nano machines in the form of an ever expanding goo, seems to have been surplanted over the last decade or so, by that of the AI singularity.

      Oh, the joys of scientific advancement.

      Let’s hope this prolific little Pac-Man bunny, doesn’t get out into the wild.

    3. This definitely explains the Pepe the Frog internet virus on 4chan that got Trump elected. Thanks.

  18. One of the most incredible conversations I have ever heard. Whitley’s questions were particualrly illuminating. I don’t think I have anything meaningul to add to the questons raised in this episiode of Dreamland. I’d only say that I agree with something Whitley said at the beginning of the show — that the simulation hypoythesis is somewhat terrifying. For me, it’s the thought that my being is somehow illusory, that the consciousness I think I possess is in reality part of a program designed to help higher beings achieve some unknown goal, if indeed the simulations are even designed to achieve anything.

    Interesting also that Riz mentioned NDEs. I’ve been listening to NDE accounts a lot recently, always fascinated by their many similarities. One thing just about every account contains is mention of a “life review” that is “like watching TV” or “like watching a movie.” The experiencers, moreover, will often say that the movie happens all at once but that they instinctively knew that they could access any moment in their life for a closer look should they desire. Like Riz said, that seems a whole lot like accessing a saved simulation that contains every moment of a life.

    But if the simulartion hypothesis is correct then what does that really mean for us? Are our souls part of the simulation too? Is Anne and the wonderful wisdom she relays to us all part of a program that can be turned off? Was Christ, Buddha, MLK, Mozart and all the other exemplars of humanity simulated?

    I don’t think it’s that simple though. I think that our consciousness is eternal. If so, then the medium through which it expresses itself, even if simulated, would not make a critical difference. “The earth is a school,” the visitors said. The universe came into being as part of a great yearning to know and experience all that is, Anne said.

    I would love for Anne to expand on her observation that it’s all a game.

    Thank you, Whitley, once again, for Dreamland.

    1. By the way, the sounds that came through during the podcast for me were genuinely odd. Sounded either like a distant chain saw buzzing, a baby crying or some sort of distant wailing. Creepy.

  19. There’s obviously a lot going on in the interview, but I wanted to mention something here before I forgot: the ball/blob of light.

    As a senior in high school in the early ’80s I had a physics teacher that was exceptionally interesting. He would regale us with tales of the Battle of the Bulge, both funny and horrific. And then proceed to force us to question reality itself via many of his odd and fascinating experiences. The one that stopped us in our tracks was the ball of light the floated across his living room floor. It simply appeared as he and his mother were watching television, then vanishing thru the floor (if I recall correctly) over the course of about a minute. He insisted that the ball was under intelligent control, and that the world that we call real is nothing like what we think it is. I am paraphrasing and doing my best to be accurate, and I do remember some of my fellow students were visibly shaken from fear.

    1. Balls of light? I’ve told this before, but… I’ve seen them at various times for many years, but the most interesting one was about 15 years ago. My husband and son were upstairs, and I was downstairs watching TV. I became aware of that feeling of being watched. I looked over towards the kitchen and over the kitchen table was a ball of light as big as a basketball floating over the table. It stayed in the spot for several moments, as if it wanted to make sure that I saw it. It seemed very conscious of me, and then it (slowly) floated to the wall and passed through it to the outside. It was cool! I felt weirdly good about it.

      I was surprised, but at no time did I feel fear. I have had many weird experiences and ‘time slips’, but fear has not been an issue. Curiosity and the need to know more, as well as the sheer wonder of it all have driven my thoughts and feelings.

      I don’t pretend to really know what’s going on, but perhaps we are being tested in some way? Why do some get caught in a modality of fear, while others go in another direction? Many of us have been aware since childhood that what “we call real is nothing like what we think it is.” Why do we know that? Are some of us ‘real’, while others are just constructs to enhance the experience? (Yeah, that thought has crossed my mind!).

      So much more…Keep asking questions, even if they’re never answered.

  20. I was wondering if anyone else thinks that Linda Moulton Howe’s report about the portal at Lake Titicaca has any relevance here?

    The guy in the account went through to a room in which our Universe was held suspended, whilst it was being studied. Apparently an unintended consequence of some experiments ‘they’ had been conducting…

    “He (Other Universe Voice) told me that they were trying to understand their place within their universe and that what they had discovered is that they were inside of someone else’s universe just like we were inside of theirs.”

    That sounds similar in nature to the embedded simulation that Whitley and Riz were talking about. It also reminds me of the nature of reality within the Matrix movies… with the simulation, inside the ‘real’ world (that contained Zion), but with a suggestion that this too was just a control mechanism and could be escaped from into the true, encapsulating, reality.

    Earthfiles YouTube Channel – Part 1:

    Earthfiles YouTube Channel – Part 2:

    Original Earthfiles website report (needs a subscription):

  21. small point. “ONLY EXISTS WHEN YOU SEE IT”: : : Comparing the rendering rule in video games, due to a lack of knowledge and technology, to the (rendering rule) in physics would have to point out the same, a lack of knowledge and technology. The example doesn’t support the physics theory. It speaks against the physics theory.

  22. I would like to add that humans have a very limited band of awareness, only a speck of the spectrum of light, sound, etc. Then our brains process that into a world view or paradigm of materiality, a natural simulation. A dog or cat lives in a completely different simulation, a sense of reality. This has been referred to as an illusion. This does not imply a bunch of servers or AI games. The natural universe is living and extremely profound at weaving the ‘game’ without some limited advanced beings who are also in their own incarnations. Galactic AI would need living beings and nature to not become static. Regardless of the level of technology we are on the cutting edge of evolution, of time itself.

    Meditation, lucid dreaming, and other situations can open this bubble we have created and let us peer into the mystery which is looking back at us: syncronicities know us extremely personally. There is so much more to experience than the limitations we are conditioned with.

  23. Author

    What a thoughtful comment! There’s a lot to chew on here. This whole thread is so rich.

    1. A quick aside with regard to your comment on feelings of nostalgia for Rome on hearing spoken Latin in ‘The Barbarians’ on NetFlix Mr Strieber.

      I thought you may find this chap’s YouTube content of some interest:

  24. Author

    Thanks for the link. It’s a really good channel.

    1. I’ve a feeling this may be pointing you in an interesting direction, albeit shrouded in mystery:

      This is a video from that same channel, concerning Greek myths of Vampires.



  25. Author

    Nicely done video! Thanks for it. It reminded me a lot of the research I did for my novel Lilith‘s dream. Great retelling of the stories and wonderful selection of imagery.

    1. More than ever, I feel we’re afloat a raft at sea, shipwrecked but full of patience.

      I just quit a great job, feel at peace trusting my instincts. I worked for a lovely man with a nice family business. I walked away. Yes, first week or so I had midnight doubts but they’ve fallen away.

      Following DLand for 20 years has offered me a choice and I have ambled, quietly, into ‘chosing life’ (your words).
      I honour Mr & Mrs Strieber, I honour the UC staff & friends and I honour life.

      Right now I’m a frail Limey, out on a ledge. I know I’ll deal with finding a new income, finding a new balance and finding a way to celebrate life.

      Afraid? Yeah, a bit. I am who I am because of listening.



  26. Quick update with regard to my last post.

    When I quit my job I felt as if I was observing myself from slightly outside myself. Almost as if ‘running on automatic’.

    I now have a new job. Everything has dovetailed incredibly. Truly magical. No one hires full time people at Christmas.

    Two evenings ago I was brushing my teeth and in a split second, saturated with power, I saw in the bathroom mirror a woman standing behind me. She did not look as if she was from a small countryside village in England but she was, in my personal opinion, clearly a highly evolved, and patient person.She looked just like the Woman on the cover of Mac Tonnies’ ‘Cryptoterrestrials’. She wasn’t frightening at all, rather she had a ‘Royal’ presence if that makes sense.

    This all happened in a split second but was bursting with power. I’ll leave it at that but the only other time I saw a similar presence was also at a time of change and she had a particular type of armour on. I’ll not describe the armour to help me isolate others who are telling the truth.

    I’m a very ordinary working Brit who isn’t that easy to get on with, isn’t perfect and isn’t interested in finger cymbals or tambourines. Yet, I have always been drawn to look ahead and have always known that there is a higher connection waiting to love me and help . Twenty years of Dreamland has kept me going & I honour you all for that.

    That’s it.



  27. Not sure anyone will see /read this as it is so late from the show airing…
    Is it possible that nowe of the ways we “connect onto another time stream” is while asleep? or perhaps it is a re-connecting with the “original ” time when “I” began.
    Perhaps the “separation” of these isn’t nearly as solid as a wall…. and we can go through it when we are “vibrating” at the correct speed or whatever…

  28. Author

    I saw it, so I’ll respond. I do not think we understand sleep and dreaming at all. This is because the entire western world has lost track of its own soul. We do not believe that souls exist, at least science doesn’t. We are soul blind.

    I think it does exist and that if we really put our minds to it we could probably detect it. But no one would spend a single penny on that within the academy or the scientific community.

    If we did detect it, I think we would discover that dreaming is often a form of travel.

    1. I saw it too, and just wanted to say I appreciated the exchange a whole year later.

      I came back here after listening to the latest Riz Virk interview. Re-listening to this episode was really rewarding, Virk has had quite an arc, he’d make for a good main character in a video game.

      But also, I wanted to return to the comments I made about hearing the noise that occurred in the background of the interview.

      All the way at the top, I made the second comment on this episode. I’ve always been a mostly quiet member of this community, but at this point I was still discovering this place. It was all very new to me and was opening my eyes in ways that I never expected, but that felt very fulfilling to my inner-child. I was always secretly hopeful and curious about magic as a young boy, and if I had never wound up here through a series of seemingly random events, I never would have realized it was a tragedy to lose that curiosity.

      I could tell I needed more discipline really soon after commenting on the sounds here, lol. I did feel strange at the time, but I shouldn’t have made that big a deal out of something that could’ve easily been someone doing something in the background like using a blender. Open-mindedness is so important. If you are too eager to interpret something as meaningful, you close yourself to the other possibilities and undermine your open-mindedness.

      But that’s a lot of thinking to do about one silly comment. I suppose that’s where I am on this path, a year later. I’m a bit stalled in the “thinking-phase” I bet you could call it. I like thinking, which has been good and has motivated me to go far with my reading and studying, but my thinking has become the next barrier. Thinking hinders taking action and being present which are both probably more important.

      In any case, thank you, comment box, for facilitating my talking to myself. It will be nice to revisit this message a year from now with just as much blushing shame as before. But at least no one will have read it this time, lol.

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