From Whitley Strieber: "I would like to welcome one of our favorite guest hosts back to Dreamland after too long an absence. This week Marla Frees returns with a deeply moving and beautiful discussion with the legendary author Marianne Williamson about her new book, Tears to Triumph, the Spiritual Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment."

For the first few minutes of the show, Whitley talks to Richard Owen of the Gyre Cleanup Project. Our oceans are choking in plastic trash. But there's no reason to despair. Fantastic new technology offers us the chance to clean it all up.

Then Marla Frees and Marianne Williamson have an electrifying and empowering conversation on how to turn the pain of life into the joy that we have all come here to taste. Truly food for the soul in Dreamland's Year of Awakening.

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You can reach the Gyre Cleanup Project at

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