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William and Clare Henry reveal their latest discoveries on the path of ascension. Their profound and powerful spiritual journey has rarely been disclosed with the energy that pours from them in this wonderful interview. Just by listening to their voices, you can taste of the joyful energy that is what ascension is all about.

Do you think that achieving things like the legendary “light body” are beyond your powers? Think again. In their lovely, down-to-earth way, they take us on their own journey simply and clearly, leaving us with the awareness that we are here to ascend, too, and it is possible to get started right now.

William and Clare lead some of the most energetically powerful tours to sacred sites in the world. Visit their website to find out more about joining them this fall in England.

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  1. So wonderful to hear Clare
    So wonderful to hear Clare and William again. Beautiful show… deeply moving.

  2. looking forward to this
    looking forward to this awakening 18. they have all been so wonder full and enlightening. thank you Whitley and Anne.

  3. As an aside, has anyone else
    As an aside, has anyone else noticed the ‘Communion’ references within the TV show ‘Mr ROBOT’? I am astounded by the Computer/Brain Interface subtle references that this show implies.

    Last summer I experienced a most odd series of events. I now wonder if someone has the ability to hack our conscious minds. This may be basic technology for all I know… 50 year old tech perhaps.

    Input, anyone?

    1. Yes Von Hausenberg I have
      Yes Von Hausenberg I have noticed. Listen to the subscriber special on this page my friend.

  4. They havk your mind with TV,
    They havk your mind with TV, mainly.

  5. Thank you Whitley, the triad
    Thank you Whitley, the triad of the Monad is Love, Compassion, and Humility. We can access and feel their teachings during our co-creative process in life, and we experience many layers of their teachings in our avatar ‘body’ by the very nature of each decision’s path. I love that you called the Universe, “ecstatic”; we can envision the Soul as a holonomic fractal which traverses its grandiose space.

  6. What a precious picture of
    What a precious picture of Anne. Can’t wait to listen tonight.

  7. William, it is so nice to
    William, it is so nice to again hear your voice. I want to thank both YOU and CLARE for all the WONDERFUL ARTWORK and articles on your website, all of it is a true gift.

  8. Whitley and team,
    I have

    Whitley and team,

    I have been meaning to say thank you for some time, now. This evening’s awakening (18) prompted me to take a few moments to thank you, Jeremy, and all the guests and contributors to the site. The material is wonderful; precious stuff, and in my mind, the most important and relevant material of our day.

    You have my admiration and thanks.



  9. I just noticed that Whitley
    I just noticed that Whitley has written a journal entry about this, “A New Level of Experience”, Sunday, August 14, 2016

  10. The night before my husband
    The night before my husband died, I saw a vision of him as he looked many years before, young, vibrant and handsome. He was standing at an airport departure gate with his coat thrown over his arm. Since he had the heavy coat, I figured he might be returning to our former home, Alaska. He had a big smile on his face and without saying a word, managed to convey the thought that he was excited about his new assignment and his only regret was that he couldn’t take me with him.

  11. I will be sixty-eight soon
    I will be sixty-eight soon and I am fortunate enough t be preparing to retire from the daily struggle of survival that is civil service. The “Awakening 18” message is profound and comes at a time when I was thinking about the very same things as well. I just want to add my deeply profound and heart felt gratitude to Whitley and Anne for having created such a stimulating resource that has had such an impact in my life.

  12. Whitley, you mentioned 8th
    Whitley, you mentioned 8th century Syriac Christians and their teaching of the rainbow body to Tibetans. Where may one read or learn more about this? Is there a reference for this? Many thanks.

  13. The rainbow body material I
    The rainbow body material I referred to appears in Rainbow Body and Resurrection by Francis V. Tiso. What I was saying was that the theory is that Syraic Christians communicated the story of the resurrection to them, and they then concluded that this should be an attainable state, and came to the method using their own Buddhist practice.

    After Anne died, some of the alleged signs of the rainbow body did appear, namely the fine mist that fills the air, which occurred at the time of her death, then, a short time later when I was in Texas, a series of the most magnificent rainbows I have ever seen.

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