In the foreword to Jeremy Vaeni’s new book, famed Rice University religious scholar and co-author of Super Natural with Whitley Strieber calls Jeremy “my teacher.” He can be yours, too, if you dare to listen to this wild and wonderful conversation between him and Whitley. Jeremy was a favorite of Anne Strieber, who, when she heard him years ago said, “We have to have him on our site.” And here he has been for years…with an occasional excursion into the outer darkness.

Right now, the Experience is running weekly, and we’re hoping it’ll keep doing that, because listening to Jeremy do an interview is an experience all right–an experience like no other.

Here, he talks about his new book, I am to Tell You This and I am to Tell You It is Fiction, which you can get by clicking here.

OK, so why isn’t it fiction? Or what is it? The only way to find out is to listen to Jeremy and Whitley having some serious fun together. And why is there a picture here of Jeremy wearing a white moth on his head? Ask Anne Strieber…or listen to the interview and discover the secret!


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    1. Thanks! They didn’t seem to be visible earlier. And I still don’t seem to see the episode on Castro?

  1. Jeremy, could you make mine a double please? Thanks.

    …By the way, I’m fascinated by your perspective but still feel a disconnect…like trying to appreciate someone’s description of a particular smell… which in essence I am only ever going to understand, after I smell something from the same source myself.

    Also, maybe like watching the spoon-bending kid in the Matrix…I appreciate immensely the concept of there not actually being a spoon, but it still feels like a world away for it to be a real inner experience for me too.

    Maybe I need to re-read ‘Ugency’…or bite the ‘Our Undoing’ bullet? I suspect the concept of annihilation of self still scares the crap out of me on a fundamental level. Like that smell I referred to, can only be found on a Tiger’s tonsils.

    1. You cannot eliminate your ego self and still function in this reality. Jeremy certainly hasn’t done this, although he describes the process. To eliminate the ego would require direction from a higher source to replace your personal will, e.g., the proverbial “will of God”, surrender to a greater will to guide your life. When taken to total enlightenment, the small I vanishes, but this isn’t a realistic goal for most humans. Even Jesus seemed to alternate between Oneness with God (speaking as God) versus being a human being giving moral lessons and having a serious temper tantrum in the temple. When this Oneness with God and vanquishment of the ego is described in Eastern terminology, a lot of Westerners find it confusing if not crazy. That is why in another post I recommend a westerner who spoke of these same concepts but in a western motif. This is the author Joel Goldsmith. You can find lots of free stuff about him on the internet.

      1. Author

        Most interesting. I think that the word ego itself is the problem. We don’t have one “I”, we have many. I prefer to use the older term, “personality” for this reason. I think of the personality as all that attaches to the name we were given as children. It is not the soul, but rather feeds the soul and dissolves into it when it is no longer collecting experience through the medium of the body–that is to say, when the body dies.

        I’ll look into Joel Goldsmith. Thanks for the recommendation.

        1. from what i understand the soul can incarnate into 1000s maybe millions of bodies at the same moment in different times and dimensions. some integration must be happening across all of that. i think the ego gets a bad rap. id also call it the will. it needs to be integrated like anything else. integrated and its vision or awareness expanded. to eliminate the will or keep it in a box leads to pathological behavior and the being open to possession by stronger wills. we see that on a routine basis on earth. whatever god or the ultimate universal intelligence is, i strongly feel does not want weak souls or weak wills but god like co creators. its very secure in itself. something hard for people to understand because they are so insecure. east and west are like the two hemispheres in our brains. balance and integration is called for in all things.

  2. Bruce Lipton, PHD, is a cellular scientist, a biologist who has been working with human biology for many years and his research confirms scientifically what people like Krishnamurti, Lester Levenson and William Buhlman have claimed – we are not our bodies.
    Our identity is not inside our body! Bruce Lipton explains that our identity is picked up by protein antennas on the surface of our cells. The source of our identity comes from outside the body; it comes from us, an identity which is a state of consciousness. Bruce says it is like an outside broadcast coming into a radio. The radio is our body (those antennas on the surface of our cells) and the source coming in and being picked up by these antennas is like the broadcast coming into the radio. Eventually the radio will fail, just as the body will die, but the broadcast is still alive. The body might die, but we don’t and the thousands of people who have had NDE (near death experiences) confirm this. As the mechanism of the body fails, the heart stops and the brain dies, then we, as consciousness, return home. No two people have the same set of antennae and no two people are receiving the same broadcast. It is hard for some of us to realise that the transmission coming into the body is from us, but we are outside of our bodies. We are an energy system; entities that are part of consciousness. The broadcast is coming from us, the larger part of the self, and the choices we make, the thoughts we think, the environment we create do not stem from the mind inside the body, although the brain processes these thoughts and the heart also responds. Thoughts are part of the energy system, part of our identity. Thought is a powerful building block, helping to create this collective realm we call life so the results of these thoughts can be an important part of our learning process. William Buhlman has spent a lifetime exploring the realms beyond the body, and he says that many dimensions exist within us. If we continue to believe we are part of our physical body then this statement makes little sense, but as soon as we allow ourselves to accept Bruce Lipton’s hypothesis then of course we are interdimensional. As the biblical saying goes: ‘In my father’s house there are many mansions.’ Of course, this information does not alter the progress of our daily lives, but once we understand the enormity of who we really are, it helps us evolve. It gives us a deeper comprehension of how to live and what direction to take.

  3. this was really a wonderful show. I laugh, cried, shouted and enjoyed it so much… A lot of great insights and deep understanding was spoken here…I’m going to listen to it three tim…never did that before…Thanks and bless both of you!!!

  4. First, this interview was a great birthday gift today. The two of you are a hoot together! Then, I’m not sure where to go next. I guess as a person studied in psychology I think I’m hearing you speak about the need for the disolution of ego before we can experience our God essence. Ego classically cuts us off from love, and contains our perceptions of reality. It’s part of our physical instinct to survive. Once we realize we can’t ever be destroyed we can move on. But, being in the physical form complicates that realization. Another thought- I feel as a human I’m functioning with about one brain cell, if that, and all the high strangeness I’ve experienced is not within the capacity of my wiring to understand. So, ultimately while I’m curious, I’m guessing at the truth until I’m relieved of this body. That’s the human experience. I do prefer to be present in the human life I have been given rather than living in a constantly speculative state. I have purpose. And to you Whitley, I have to chuckle when you say I’m part of this exclusive club of experiencers that the watchers helped gather. I don’t feel special or especially invited to the table, but I can’t deny I was educated by one of those strange parents you spoke of and have had my own story write itself over the years so I guess I can at least sit at the back of the room, Lol.
    Thanks for the evening!

  5. Jeremy claims that all abductees unconsciously love it and seek out the paranormal, as long as they control it. In my case history, I felt totally powerless, which is a painful terrifying experience for many people. I had all the auxiliary experiences associated with abduction, including hauntings, street lights going out when I walked my dog at night, orbs of light the size of a quarter floating around me at times (I still think the pure white ones are souls after death), and synchronicities that drove me almost crazy. My goal was to STOP all the paranormal because I did not feel I had the emotional capability then to deal with it without an emotional breakdown. In fact, in 2010 I had a classic nervous breakdown of such high anxiety and depression that I needed professional psychiatric help for 4 years along with medications. So what’s my point? It is a generalization to say that all abductees welcome the experience. I did everything possible to end it, and I did to my knowledge. No more nights waking up to spit out blood and find ugly bruises across both arms, or tiny triangles carved into my skin. No more waking dreams of being in a white clinical area with human and Grey people working together as I stood in a line of people, seemingly entranced. No more waking up with my penis so sensitive that even having a sheet touch it caused great pain. And while I keep in touch with the topic in case someone has a breakthrough that may help explain my life history (for example, the time my mother and I were driving on a country road and a grey disk just appeared in a farmer’s field. My mother became hysterical, stopped the car and ran away, leaving me – just a little boy – all alone in the car! Then “they” came for me…), I never want it to intrude into my introverted little life again.

    1. Your life story sounds fascinating. Have you ever written all of this down?

      If I’m being ignorant, I’m sorry

      1. Actually, I have written up my case history. But Whitley seems to become very upset when anyone posts a url so I am not sure how to share that with you. I have made a PDF file that is stored online at one of those public sites that allows you to post PDFs free of charge. But from past experience, Whitley seems to live in terror that a url reference will bring doom and destruction to his web site. I don’t know if this website allows subscribers to privately talk to each other.

        1. Try the Unk Country message board to get ea others’ contact info.

        2. Why not start a new thread in the Message Board and post your case history in chapters / stages?

  6. I would like to offer to everyone a mystical American author who presents much of what Jeremy knows, but in rather easy to understand terms. His name is Joel Goldsmith. Warning: He does portray the process of detaching from ego and becoming ONE with the God Source with Christian terminology rather than Eastern terms. For Americans, this may be easier to understand. Many of his books are for sale on Amazon, even though he died in 1964. My favorite book is A PARENTHESIS IN ETERNITY. Check him out if you are interested in attaining some of Jeremy’s knowings within a Western context. Then, once you attain this level through disciplined meditation, as Whitley performs, you will realize that this TRUTH is beyond any religious conceptualization. By the way, Eckhart Tolle also has attained a lot of wisdom from the Joel Goldsmith books, if that acts as an endorsement. Here is a review from Amazon: “This is the best book by Goldsmith I’ve read so far. He delves even more deeply into his spiritual views and knowledge here than in his other books.

    His teachings are at the highest level, He teaches that we all are one – “everything that I do to you, I do to my Self; and everything that I do to my enemies, I do to my Self”. We are guided to realize that it is not God who gives us our blessings and not God who “visits upon us our evils”, it is we ourselves.

    Just as there are not two powers, God and the Devil, but only one, so is “I” God. “As long as there is an `I’ seeking God, we have not come home.”

    God is Spirit and Consciousness, and all that “really” exists is God in manifestation.

    Have this book by your bedside and read just a couple of pages every night before sleep, and you will be uplifted. Read a few pages whenever you might feel despondent or cut off from Source.

    I strongly recommend that you read this book. Goldsmith was/is a Master, and this book is one of his prime works – a masterpiece.”

  7. I tend to get bored with philosophy disscusion. If it is not nuts and bolts it does not hold my interest.

    1. Jeremy is an amateur philosopher. At times his mind seems to lead him in circles, like a dog chasing his own tail. I also relate better to teaching by example and analogy. In the Medieval period, Jeremy would have been arguing about how many angels can fit on the head of a pin. He is very smart and loves to play with concepts. Nonetheless, I also at times suffer a disconnect between his theory and my reality. To each his own.

      1. Author

        Well, I cannot let this go unremarked. Jeremy is no amateur, or, if he must be considered such, he is an amateur of the best kind, both knowledgeable and unimpeded by the strictures of the academy.

      2. I cannot let this go unremarked either…

        Back in 2016 I participated in a roundtable with Jeremy, Susan Manewich, and John (“toilet elf”), and a couple of months later I did a one-on-one with Jeremy on ‘The Experience’. After listening to Jeremy’s interview with Whitley, I went back and refreshed my memory by listening to those older episodes in the archives. He is definitely no “amateur philosopher”, but one thing he is is an excellent listener, and one that also asks important questions. I can also tell you that he has learned a lot from the people that he has listened to, and we listeners have gotten insights from him as well.

        I totally get his humor too, and I am no kid (or amateur) either. I tweeted something to him and some other people yesterday, and I am reasonably certain that he was the only one who ‘got it’. (My humor is sometimes a little off-kilter too.)

        So…you might listen to some episodes of “The Experience’ if you haven’t done so, and get to know him a little better. You may end up feeling the same…or not. As you said, to each his own.

  8. I am really starting to believe we are the arm that’s fallen asleep in Jeremy’s prismatic being (love that phrase by the way)!! Great show! Loved the book!!

  9. Mr. Strieber, your podcasts are always the best. However, I could not help thinking that u were a bit hard on David Icke. I dont know much about him, so I researched in the archives and found an interview with him and, William Henry. Boy I miss William Henry at this site, by the way..
    Anyway, no matter how crazy someone might sound, anyone might have something to bring to the table. We dont know enough yet to judge. He talked in the interview of not being able to walk down his street because of his views.

    1. I get the feeling that David Icke has been subsumed within the entire conspiracy cottage industry. Now with QAnon seemingly influencing the votes of over 70 million Americans, it seems that wild conspiracies are now mainstream. While I find it all hogwash at best and very distressing at worst (for what it is doing to the voting public), I suspect that David needs to up his game to compete with QAnon, Alex Jones and other conspiracy fabricators.

    2. I miss William too, but he pursued other ventures after he married. New relationshp, new pursuits.

  10. Author

    To quote a very wise old friend: “What one believes is true is more powerful than what is actually true. Rather than base their opinions on facts, many people choose to base facts on their opinions. This is somewhat related to the logical fallacy called “begging the question.” It basically goes “what I believe is TRUE; therefore what I believe IS true.”

    1. we live in the era of paid for politicized science and all facts are in a soup of lies…he who pays the piper plays the tune. our tune id played by the NSF and thru that line the pentagon. thru that the masons and their operatives on all levels. truth on this planet is embedded in a mountain of agenda and lies. id be much more careful believing any facts here. your strength is when you keep open possibilities. you seem to be very adroit in the paranormal but terrible at it in politics.

      understand liberal and conservative are constructs to keep you bouncing back and forth in their lies while the truth passes you by…..awakening is seeing the uni-party for what it is…humanities en-slavers.

      1. Author

        You illustrate the problem perfectly: you think I am talking about politics but I am talking about facts, which have less and less to do every day with politics, and certainly cannot be found down the increasingly crazy byways of the conspiracy underculture.

        “The masons and their operatives??” Who are these operatives? You can’t say because they don’t exist.

        There is indeed a mountain of lies on this planet. It’s a load of imaginary rubbish based on an unwillingness to grasp reality, or an inability to do so.

        The tragedy is that certain critically important conspiracies are real, but they have been buried under the mountain of lies that serves to conceal them.

        The Masons are not involved. The National Science Foundation IS involved insofar as they forbid granting for UFO related research. The Pentagon is heavily involved.

        Behind all this are the visitors, but nobody ever mentions them, not anymore, not now that their presence and their activities have been buried beneath a load of ridiculous garbage like Q-Anon and all the other crazy theories that are designed to conceal reality.

        Basing facts on opinions is what the whole crazy edifice WANTS you to do. That’s why things like Q-Anon are created in the first place and most beloved conspiracy theorists are, in my opinion, pawns under mind control.

  11. he thinks too much…only joking, what a mindbending show!

  12. For some of you this might be worth the read. 

    The Sanctuary Of Thoth May Be The Original ‘Sanctuary of THOUGHT. ANCIENT EGYPTIAN HISTORY.

    “Thoth was the man who shaped Egyptian thought.”

    “Is it therefore crazy or just coincidental to believe that the name Thoth is the root of the word “thought”?

    “In other words, the Sanctuary of Thoth becomes the Sanctuary of Thought. Therefore, I am suggesting that the secret chambers must be a metaphor for the hidden chambers or glands in the brain. Does this seem farfetched? Maybe, but the following certainly lends credence to my theory.”

    “His findings indicated that, at 110 Hz, the patterns of activity over the prefrontal cortex abruptly shifted, resulting in a relative deactivation of the language center and a temporary shifting from left to right-sided dominance, related to emotional processing. This shift did not occur at other frequencies. This means that the Hypogeum’s oracle chamber was constructed in such a way as to induce mystical experiences and hyperdimensional consciousness. And please note that the Hypogeum was built 1500 years before the Egyptian pyramids!!!”

    “If ancient megalith builders already knew how to build “Sanctuaries of Thought” thousands of years before the pyramids (not to mention Göbekli Tepe!), we can easily imagine how this knowledge prevailed through the Heliopolitan priesthood and was transmitted to the builders of the pyramids themselves. Was Thoth one of these high priests who inherited the secrets of “Sacred Thought”?


    Hermes, The Trickster God

    “Hermes was also a devious god who used his wit many times to reach his aim. For example, when accused by Apollo about stealing his cattle, Hermes answered Apollo with wise sentences and made him believe that he did not have anything to do with Apollo’s cattle.”

    “Hermes is usually depicted with “the kerykeion”, the messenger’s staff, in his hand while wearing a winged cap or his broad-brimmed hat and winged sandals.”

    1. Absolutely on point abt original thought, which originates in Egypt, with Greek and Romans copying it as their foundations.

  13. the planet is not dying. humanity is changing. the sun and earth rejuvenate themselves on a clockwork cycle. fear not for the earth but yourself. our trusties keep humanity going. the politics are useless its only soul evolution that matters. the best know this and ignore the stupid show meant only to distract and retard the greater things in life. the masses always fall into the small. those seeking enlightenment don’t. much of what you think is real isnt and that goes for your vaunted politics as well. vales and vales….

    1. Motion, perhaps you should look at life as it really is and not as you think/imagine it to be. Here is something you might want to read and is only a small part of what is happening on our planet. REAL facts.

      “As a potent greenhouse gas, this methane leaking out of permafrost has the potential to accelerate global warming and so drive even more melting.”

      “The craters are a very shocking indicator of what is happening in the Arctic more widely,” says Natali. “When you look at changes that are happening across this landscape, some are occurring gradually and others abruptly. Very few are occurring explosively, but it brings attention to how all these changes contribute to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.”

      “It is clear that the mounds in north-west Siberia are behaving differently. They swell “very fast, rising to several metres” before they blow their top suddenly, explains Chuvilin. And instead of freezing water, the uplift appears to be caused by a build-up of gas beneath the ground.”

      “There is nowhere else on the planet I know of that climate change is causing the physical structure of the ground to change,” says Natali.”

  14. Author

    I wonder how your children and grandchildren will regard the statement “the planet is not dying?” It is indeed dying, and whoever has captured your mind and the minds of so many others WANTS IT TO HAPPEN!

    1. their is no death Whitley, only transition. are you afraid of this so called death you think is real even after all you know now? i sure hope not. the school needs a good cleaning for the next class whitley. i wont argue that the current student body has been messing it up a lot but death not even close. that next class is more advanced. maybe you’ll matriculate and maybe you will need a remedial experience on another planet. the earth is tired of kindergarten. it wants the original format to return which requires responsible creators with advanced soul and full of love and joy. this planet is very special to the heart of source. the only thing that captures this mind is the all that is, the IAM, the source itself. dont worry about the so called bad guys so much. they get what they sow and then some.

      do you really think the animals and plants don’t need a break from all your abuse? yes they do? remember a time of refresh is good. looks like the end of you but its only a new beginning. take a higher perspective and stop being a drama queen…..xx

  15. Author

    The body is a precious gift because it grants us the chance to experience time and learn from that. Without bodies, we will drift in timelessness, unable to change. We will be like that until and if the earth, which is our only home, can once again accommodate us.

    The end of its ability to sustain bodies is the moment of last judgement–that is to say, the moment when our souls leave time.

    Some of us are ready for this, but by no means all, and if it happens now, it is going to cause unimaginable suffering to those who still need more life experience.

    There is a level of deception that WANTS us to give up on ourselves and our planet. It wants to feed on the eternal suffering that will result for so many.

    My hope is quite different. I want every single human being to be ready to ascend when the planet is ready to give up the ghost. We are nowhere near that point now, but the planet is indeed about to give up the ghost.

    1. Whitley, your wisdom surpasses mine for many reasons. I think I know what you are saying here but the earth program is quite brilliant and adaptable. Those adaptations, at a point, may involve humanity being taken down from the position of apex predator or even eradicated or mostly eradicated; however, it is unlikely that the earth will die completely. Bio-engineering another planet like earth will take billions of years of time as we understand it here, of course, if earth did become uninhabitable completely; however, wise native people who I have known have never indicated a state of panic over the situation as their folklore and stories tell of this happening over and over as we grow and learn (and fail, a lot) at being human. If there is an over-arching intelligence running the show, and I pray that there is, we have to trust it because we cannot know the time and the answers as much as we would like to. There is a lot of “wait and see” for many of us who observe, which is difficult. I love what you say in this interview about your intention to bring thoughtful observers and experiencers together here on your website. That is a beautiful and immensely helpful service that you provide. There are some great takeaways from this one. Thank you!

  16. Listened to this discussion with Jeremy- thank you and lots to consider there…but curious about one perspective. In spiritual conversations there always seems to be an implied hierarchy.
    So, this idea of oneness versus individuality….if our larger soul self is part of the great “one” or “grid of consciousness.” And if it is also living multiple lives outside of time and our experience within each life is of individuality/personality- then why not embrace these individual experience gathering stories that we live? Although recognizing our larger connection through meditation to source is powerful and important, and even a way to commune with other aspects of source, why are we creating a hierarchy where our individuality is “lower” on the soul scale? It seems to be an incredible opportunity to me… is a staggeringly beautiful diverse place and I feel gratitude having this experience as an individual here. Perhaps we have an opportunity to practice moving our consciousness between individual and oneness experiences and enrich our perspectives even farther…

    1. The answer to your question is probably about a balance between “individuality” and “unity.” Denying our interconnectedness and interrelatedness, as many do in the name of “individuality,” is not a healthy state for the rest of humanity, other species that we share the planet with, and the ecosystem as a whole. Yes, as you say, individuality is something we are experiencing here for a reason. This reality, in which we inhabit a uniquely fingerprinted body, provides a unique and valuable experience for experiencing both individuality and unity.

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