Dreamland this week starts with a reading of Anne Strieber’s first new diary in many months, which was inspired by the show. Then Cherylee Black, a guest new to Dreamland, joins us to tell about her remarkable life as a verified psychokinetic who has been tested in Duke University’s Rhine Lab and by Dr. Michael Persinger and is the source of what is now known as Black Effect Psychokinetics. She is also responsible for the single most beautiful and inspiring Anne Strieber contact in what is now a long literature of such events. She has also had numerous near death experiences which she describes for us.

Joining her is Dr. Jeffrey Kripal, Whitley’s co-author on Super Natural and most recently the Flip, about how life altering events such as near-death experiences revise our understanding of the world.

No description can do justice to this warm, joyous and empowering show, or to the lovely ending where Whitley describes a brain-bending experience with a huge web that appeared around him a few weeks ago, and led to a simultaneous vision of ALL of his past lives at the same time, and of his own future departure from this one. Cherylee’s gentle wisdom, subtly involved with Anne’s, leads him down this path right on the show.

You will not have heard anything like this before. Period. Or maybe ever again. Double period. You will never forget the story of how Cherylee came to draw the portrait of Anne below–without ever having seen her or even knowing who she was! It is one of the most moving and powerful stories of contact between the living and those passed on ever recorded.

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  1. Whitley, even before I hear the podcast… I am so delighted by the pic of Anne just above the tags. It brought tears of joy at seeing her beautiful face. Thank you for sharing it. She is missed by many but you have made her presence “real,” in another way for those of us not close to her or you. You have done so before.

  2. Author

    Thank you. This Dreamland was a very powerful experience for me!

  3. Wow! When I have doubts that my experiences with the Greys were real (my logical mind finds these experiences very disturbing), something comes along to affirm them. Along with the Greys came a lot of paranormal activity in my life. When glasses were mentioned, I was startled. I had a period about a year ago when objects would vanish, reappearing later in bizarre places. For example, my glasses vanished off my night stand. I rampaged the entire house looking for them with a friend, since I cannot drive without them and had no extra pair (I know….not a good idea). I ended up getting a new pair at Lens Crafters. Two weeks later, I walked up to my home office chair in front of the PC, and resting on the seat of the chair were my original glasses! Car keys have also vanished, only to be found a year later inside a decorative cookie jar ON TOP of the kitchen cupboards (I took the jar down to dust it). And light bulbs bursting? OMG! After a very intense abduction at the Del Valle Reservoir above Livermore, California, I went home. Every lamp I turned on had a bright flash and the bulb burnt out. I had a large 8 light chandelier in the kitchen over the table. I turned it on and all 8 candle lights burst. I wisely decided to stay away from my PC or big screen TV! I have also turned off street lights when walking under them after an abduction. This lasts up to 2 weeks or more. Now, your guest is not an abductee, but abductees seem to have the same paranormal events. The current popular meme is that WE are creating such events. I beg to differ. I did not hide my glasses and then (while in some sort of trance) put them on my chair seat. I did not get out a ladder from the garage and hide my car keys in a cookie jar on top of my kitchen cupboards. While electromagnetic changes in me could account for the light bulbs and street lights (I guess), I will not accept that all such events are all our own doing. By the way, I did think for a time that there was some sort of “spirit” pranking my car. I would come out to the garage, only to find that all the windows were down and the skylight was wide open. I even put a crucifix in the car! Turns out that my key fob was being pressed against other objects in my pocket. The Honda Dealer proved this to me by showing me that if you hold the key fob button for 3 seconds, all the windows roll down and the sun roof opens up. No spirit. Our key fobs may, however, be demonically possessed! LOL

  4. Author

    Glasses are a frequent issue for some reason. Back in the 90s when we still had our cabin, I fell off a boat while docking at night and lost my glasses. I had to drive 40 miles home trying to peer through dark glasses on the unlit country roads.

    Nothing unusual so far–just an ordinary accident. But then, I woke up one morning to find the glasses on my nightstand. They had a wonky screw in one of the frets, so they were unmistakable.

    What made this so very unusual was not only that they had reappeared at all, but that it was two years later!

    1. My brother had a pocket knife on the end table next to his recliner. One day when needed to use it, it wasn’t there. He looked everywhere and couldn’t find it. About two years later it showed up in it’s spot on the end table.

      1. I had a strange experience when I was a student. I was working on a report late into the night, on a table I had in my room and just before I finished, I completely lost my ruler and protractor…they had been on the table only moments before. I remember shaking a binder full of work, expecting them to fall out from between two pages…but they didn’t. Anyway I had no choice to leave it and although frustrated and confused, I went to bed. I got up next morning, went downstairs to get my breakfast, came back up to my room and the protractor, ruler and a few pencils and pens were lined up perfectly, in plain sight, right in the middle of my table! Some of my fellow students had reported some other odd experiences in the same house. One guy swears that one morning, he woke up and the laces on the shoes he usually placed at the side of his bed, had been mysteriously tied together. He had a lock on his door. Also the TV had a habit of turning itself on at odd times.

      2. Another one… a family friend, who is now pastor of a local Church, recounts that when she was young, she remembers things going missing and then turning up some time later in strange places. Like a school exercise book that turned up in a plant pot after two weeks of going missing. She also reports seeing objects move on their own…and they had a ghost they called ‘Charlie’ who used to use and lock the door to the bathroom, quite regularly. Their family just used to take it in their stride but a friend of hers, never returned to the house, after being told that the person she thought was her brother, hogging the bathroom, was actually Charlie the ghost… Her brother was clearly already downstairs.

  5. Just listening to the podcast and as soon as Whitney mentioned the web, I automatically thought “web of life”‘ which later at 1:18 of the pod cast are the words used by Whitney in referring to the web. Maybe just an obvious association but interesting. Another fascinating podcast. Thank you Whitney.

  6. On the right side of the drawing of Ann about 3/4 of the way up and darker than the other Anns, is written Ann B.
    Does the B have any meaning?

    1. It does look like that , doesn’t it… But I am wondering whether it is just another double ‘n’ on its side.

  7. So many, many treats this week— all Unknown Country podcasts now available for apps, Anne’s diary, Cherylee drawing Anne’s picture, Whitley seeing all his lives and losing all fear of death! Where else could you find all this is one place? NOWHERE!

  8. Gosh…Whitley, so many synchronicities around this show…I just can’t go into it all here. I am listening to it a second time right now.

    I am also sending you a picture sent to me late yesterday done by my niece. Be looking for it…

  9. What a gift! I so enjoyed every second of this show,. Thank you Whitley ! So happy I became a subscriber again!

  10. I was just amazed at the drawing and how the likeness to Anne is spot on. Another wonderful program. Thank you, Whitley.

  11. I found it interesting that Jeff respectfully disagreed with Cherylee’s assertion that we all have the ability to manifest gifts, like telekinesis. In saying that, he gave voice to thoughts I have held for a long while. It’s almost like suggesting we all have the capability to paint like a master, given sufficient training, which I’m sure would be nice to believe… but it seems reality flies in the face of that, for most, if not everyone else. It’s like saying “money is easy to make“ but generally only those with money would be heard saying that. If indeed there is an innate ability in all of us, then the key I suspect, is related to overcoming consensus reality, which continually crashes over our heads like a freezing North Sea wave. So how do you convince someone out there, without a life jacket, that they can lift themselves above the waves?

    1. I loved this part! I was listening in my car and was saying out loud to myself “yes! he is exactly right! I totally agree with this!” I have had similar thoughts before, but Jeff articulated it perfectly.

    2. Agreed. This is most certainly not something “everyone has”. The modern day mindset on phenomena like poltergeist activity, is that it’s from within a person themself, and not the age old teaching, that it’s an outside force that is focused on a particular individual. This modern misconception has been embraced because it psychologically puts US in charge and in “control” of what’s happening, instead of it being an outside force or entity, which is not something people want to believe.
      But, nearly endless religious studies on this phenomena have answered this entire question thoroughly. But many people reject those answers because they don’t promote man, as being the ultimate force or “intelligence” in the universe, but rather give that credit to God.
      It’s important to take notice that after years of being oppressed by these poltergeist activities, some of these people say they now embrace it,or even like it. But in nearly all cases, when it first started and for a long time afterwards, the people feel it was evil, and desperately desired to rid themselves of it. But, they couldn’t by themselves so sadly, they learn to live with it while it dominates their life. Especially at first. But the phenomena always leave, and peace is given which takes its place, when the proper ritual and Priest is used to remedy.
      This phenomena is nothing new, it’s been understood and dealt with by the church successfully centuries. But sadly, people have been heavily indoctrinated to hate all things Christian in the past 60 or so years, and that’s left people looking to science in vain, to try to answer questions regarding the paranormal that the church has already answered for millennia.

  12. I keep coming back to the drawing. It captures her knowing eyes!

  13. 21 Anne names lettered in the drawing brought to my mind the 21st Tarot, the World

    1. Author

      I bet you’re right. I’m glad I did this show. That is staring me right in the face and I hadn’t seen it. Thank you.

  14. Whitley, as this program obviously makes clear, Anne has profound knowledge of the relationship between the physical world & the world where she now resides. Would you consider doing a program solely on the information you’ve received from Anne?

  15. I had an interesting synchronicity today now that Anne’s new diary is out. It is early December and snow is on the ground here in New Hampshire yet a white moth was sitting on the side of my refrigerator. After I came back from the store it was still there. I gently touched it to see if it was alive and it oddly flew around the floor and then went under the table. I looked under the table to see where it had landed and there was no moth to be found. It seemed to have just disappeared!

  16. I still have a hardback copy of ‘Space-time transients and unusual events’ by Dr. Michael Persinger. Looking forward to this show.

  17. I have to say Whitley, what you said in the very beginning of this program was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. Thank you.

    1. That was awesome! Thank you for posting the link Cosmic librarian.

  18. I have had similar experiences. We lost a garage door opener from our vehicle. About a week later I opened the freezer door on the refrigerator and the opener fell out.

  19. Dr. Kripal is right: On this plane, special gifts/abilities are definitely *not* equally available to everyone. I’ve learned to read 15 languages over the decades, including a Ph.D. in a “dead” language, and I had a good friend of mine with concert-pianist skills. I remember commiserating with him about teaching our respective abilities to students without our gifts. Inability levels are shocking! Certainly clarifies the “sour old professor” stereotype across the globe! Ultimately Socrates was right (Apologia 21d).

  20. Darker comment: Anyone who can control psychokinesis is already a “wanted woman/man” by the killing industry (military, unethical corp’ns, etc.) as an assassin. Think Drew Barrymore in “Firestarter.” Think a little blood clot directed to jessst-the-right spot.

  21. Regarding psychokinesis the Monroe Institute near Charlottesville, VA offers a course called “MC Squared” which claims to teach the skills. It is taught by Dr. Joe Gallenberger who has been teaching this for some time. A few years ago I met someone who took the course who described bending a spoon. Never took this myself so I can’t vouch for the course.

  22. The bias I hear in interviews, and read in so many comments, never ceases to amaze me.
    You’ll notice that many comments specifically condemn the so called “religious”, and any viewpoint that may come from a so called “religious” perspective. The ironic thing is, that these people making these statements are 95% of the time, people who don’t know even the basics of religious teachings! If it wasn’t so deplorable of an attitude, I’d find it comical.

    The fact of the matter is, is that this entire subject matter, IS in the realm of religious knowledge and teachings. And self important people with a few letters at the end of their names continue to blindly condemn what religion has taught for centuries. But the height of that self arrogance is when they say they “wish” science would/could study all this phenomena and “give them the answers”. Even Mr Streiber said it couldn’t be studied properly, then he was corrected by his guest, when she said yes it could be. And that SHE had studied it. Just that short interaction shows the lack of understanding on the subject. Obviously neither fully understand that the church HAS completed this studies. Over centuries! So I ask why? The answers you seek have already been given, by brilliant minds, observations, and recurring encounters and testimony,, but you just don’t like those answers, so you condemn them.
    If/when, science catches up with religion on this topic (if they ever do) and gives you similar or the even the same answers, will you then equally condemn science as you have religion? What’s the point of further study if the pupil isn’t willing to accept the answers?

    In closing, I would simply remind all of you, that 95% of the people who openly and publicly condemn the in depth, very well studied religious answers to ALL of these important questions concerning the paranormal/spiritual realm, none of them has spent ANY amount of time in serious study of the religious documents concerning this topic. It is almost ALWAYS simply dismissed out of hand, by people completely ignorant of all thats already been done.
    The TRUTH is out there, and it’s available if you look for it. BUT We must ALL be willing to accept that truth. That means like it or not, and wether or not it fits our preconceived desires and paradigms…

    These comments are not written to bash Mr Strieber or his guests. But rather, are a challenge to ALL, to get informed on what’s already been taught, and for ALL to put an end to blind rejection of important teachings, because you have some kind of personal hang up with religion, or like many people, have sadly been indoctrinated to have a hatred for religion and don’t even know why… .
    Kind Regards.

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