One of the primary missions of Unknowncountry and Dreamland, and Whitley Strieber’s life mission, is the empowerment of others. This show with Superhuman director Caroline Cory, is a prime example of real empowerment. From birth, we are fed a false narrative that we live in a world that ends where our physical vision ends and that is limited by mechanistic Newtonian physics. Told this enough, we lose the magic we were born with.

Well, IT’S TIME TO TAKE OUR MAGIC BACK and Caroline Cory’s new film, available in June, reveals why that is an achievable goal for every single one of us. In this interview, Whitley explores with Caroline just why our magic is a real thing and what is known about it scientifically. THEN, in the third half hour, they go into her earlier film ET Contact, and sure enough, it turns out that this super-talented filmmaker and author is a contactee on a mission just like Whitley and so many others, to open the door to a new world and a new reality.

This deeply empowering conversation soars toward new possibilities–just what we need in a desperate time.

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  1. On the preview link above, that presentation is so interesting. Then there are links down the right side of the page. I haven’t watched those yet, but I’m intrigued by one title: “Remembering Who You Really Are.” Very cool.

  2. Author

    The show is now running normally on both free and subscriber feeds, and the downloadables are functional.

  3. whitley what did anne mean when she said if we don’t have any love after we die that’s it? i hope our souls still persist to try again if we were not evil

  4. Author

    I think she meant that we don’t bring anything with us from this life. The love we give is what we take with us. I don’t think it means that we disappear.

  5. Again as an aid to remember:

    “ET 101”

    Jesus: “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are ‘gods.’?”
    ~John 10:35

    “What God seeks, he being himself God by nature, is to make us gods through participation, just as fire converts all things into fire.”
    ~St. John of the Cross, Sayings of Light and Love, #107.
    (That “fire” is the burning love of God.)

    “Accordingly, souls possess the same goods by participation that the Son possesses by nature. As a result they are truly gods by participation, equals and companions of God.”
    ~St. John of the Cross, Spiritual Canticles. Stanza 39.

    “Preach these glad tidings to the world: that I, the Son of God, became man to make men gods;”
    ~Ven. Louis of Granada. Summa of the Christian Life: Selected Texts from the Writings of Venerable Louis of Granada, O.P.

    St. Athanasius of Alexandria was an author of the phrase about Jesus Christ which has become popular in Christmas homilies: “He was made human so that he might make us gods” (De incarnatione 54,3, cf. Contra Arianos 1.39)

    “God loved us when He made us in His likeness, yet a much greater work is for Him to make Himself the image of man. He lowers Himself to us to take us with Him, He makes Himself man(kind) to make us gods, and descends from heaven to take us there, and, in the end, died for us to give us life.”
    ~My translation from St. John of Avila’s Spanish letter 67, de Ávila, San Juan. Obras Completas de San Juan de Ávila.

    In the original Spanish:

    “Amónos Dios cuando nos hizo a su semejanza, mas mucho mayor obra es hacerse El a imagen del hombre. Abájase a nos para llevarnos consigo, hácese hombre para hacernos dioses, y desciende del cielo para llevarnos allá, y, en fin, murió para darnos vida.”
    de Ávila, San Juan. Obras Completas de San Juan de Ávila (Spanish Edition) (Kindle Location 14487). Ebooklasicos. Kindle Edition.

    “For this they hear and observe, “A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another:” not as those love one another who are corrupters, nor as men love one another in a human way; but they love one another as those who are gods, and all of them sons of the Highest, and brethren, therefore, of His only Son, with that mutual love wherewith He loved them, when about to lead them on to the goal where all sufficiency should be theirs, and where their every desire should be satisfied with good things. For then there will be nothing wanting they can desire, when God will be all in all.”
    ~St. Augustine, Homilies on John, Tractate LXV, Chapter XIII, 34, 35 § 1.

    More examples:
    “Divinization (Christian)”

    1. If indeed we are gods, then how do we realise it? It’s like trying to remember a dream, that has already slipped from our consciousness.

  6. “Be it suffering the human condition, or His original infinitely great joy, also this the infinitely Good One was willing to experience entirely to the benefit of the soul as whom He remembers this now.”

  7. How often have I set aside all bias and previous belief, hoping that the current speaker might satisfy my interminable questions? Usually, I’m disappointed. Caroline Cory can now be added to my list.

    1. Lyn, I concluded, long ago, that no one can answer those interminable questions for us. The most we can hope for is some comment, often made in passing, which calls up a memory and keeps our questing alive. In this instance, when Caroline mentioned the “colony” beings I thought back to a dream I had not long before 9.11. I was in an expansive open bay along with hundreds of others. We were having a sort of going away party, as we were preparing to leave forever; however, I was pulled suddenly away. Here is an excerpt from the email I’d written to a friend regarding that dream: “…the being came and took hold of my hand, hastily drawing me into the hallway. At least, that long and breezy summer blond hair mimicked him very well, but once in the hall I was suddenly surrounded by creatures from some deep and distant conjectural sea. Transparent and gelatinous, where their smudgy features weren’t alive with an electric arching of white light, they appeared as a dark sonaric mass. From the start, they seemed poised against my protests, then after a stern warning they left me . . . crying, tears drooling down my face, my whimpering hand hanging limply in the air, incapable of an intelligible gesture, my voice just as infantile, babbling, ‘I don’t care, I love you . . .’ all in vain.” As to that fateful day, on 9.11 both my husband and I were “spared.” He was in the Pentagon’s Joint Staff area and I in an adjacent building. We all have a purpose here, Lyn, and we are oath bound to carry it out. So, don’t despair; it will find you.

  8. Whitley, I sympathize with your frustration over electronics. Likewise, there’s the pens that explode in the hand and watches that stop. Continual replacements are costly and home warranty companies are only so forgiving before they cancel your policy; thus, I’ve foregone the dishwasher and microwave, wash my clothes by hand, and have a gas stove. Elsewhere, I use rubber mats, a trick picked up from an NSA computer engineer who opined that he had to reset my computer system every time I touched it, at the start of my shift.

  9. I really enjoyed this interview and I am looking forward to June when the Superhuman documentary film is released. Although, going over to Caroline’s personal site and skimming through her online classes, I have to say, I would quickly run out of money, we’re I to go through in the suggested order. She refers to the purchases required for videos and classes as an ‘investment’ rather than a cost… which they may well be… but for the time being I will just have to hope the documentary contains some real instruction, rather than tantalising glimpses of the training required to become Superhuman. There are a few free videos but not many.

    Regarding the ability to move or influence objects with the mind, I have come to understand from reading around the subject that it could be related to something called Torsion fields, used as an explanation by some but derided as pseudoscience by others. I guess if I could be trained to remote influence, then my initial disbelief regarding how accessible it is to everyone, would first have to be massaged into a belief… before passing naturally into a ‘knowing’ were I to see some real evidence.

    I remember reading a book on remote viewing by Tim Rifat, where he was adament that it was required to disconnect from ‘consensus reality’ in order to facilitate these abilities. It’s interesting that a belief in the possibility of extraordinary abilities, should have any bearing on its success…but when we are dealing with consciousness being the main facilitator, then all bets are off. The scientific mainstream has very little to say on the subject…at least in public….and the rest is left to the fringes of subjective experience, or hidden research. I have heard it said that psychic ability can be interrupted by the skepticism of others in the vicinity…and the converse, that mass belief can facilitate it. Interesting… I wonder whether that might be related to the disruption, or enhancement of those Torsion fields I mentioned?

  10. What an absolutely fantastic interview. Thanks Caroline and Whitley!

  11. Am FLUMMOXED about how come experiencers keep telling me, “Anyone can experience it,” and, “This is about you.” No, it’s simply not true. “Anyone” can’t. I can’t. After nearly 70 years of asking, praying, researching, meditating, training, trying all my life, I remain unsuccessful at such experiences. I am certain those folks are telling the truth about themselves. But they’re making promises they can’t keep when they make claims about “anyone,” people like me. No experiencers have ever explained why I’m excluded. I’ve finally understood that I’m one of those failed Egyptian souls – once even cited by Mr. Strieber himself – who’ll be denied any afterlife.

    1. Loquamur, I sympathize with your point. I am not an experiencer but have had a decades long interest in this material and in Whitley’s work in particular. Oh how I wish to glimpse these other worlds like Whitley and the other have done! BUT, even though that has not happened, I have benefitted immeasurably from being exposed to and considering the ideas presented here. I am not the same person I would have been without it. All this is to say, that I hope you take Whitley’s comment that you are not a failed soul to heart. He’s right that you, like me, I would hope, are not failed souls if for no other reason than that some deep part of us has been drawn to this site to learn and grow.

    2. Oh, Loquamur, I am also nearing 70 and can share that with you that there is a deep sorrow associated with this phenomenon, which is rarely spoken of . . . and perhaps it needs to be said. As a child, my continual interaction with the others caused an autistic-like withdrawal, which led to my being mercilessly teased throughout elementary school (…I’m crying, now, just thinking about it.) To this day, I lack the focus to drive or read at length. Too, their “gift” of foreknowledge comes with a crippling sense of complicity, guilt, and helplessness. And, most heartbreaking of all, the phenomenon can also bring severe physical and mental distress…even death to those closest to you, those you love beyond all else. Would I change my life, now…a wistful no. Would I wish it on another…a certain no. Be mindful, God answers our prayers in mysterious ways.

      1. Thanks, Bev, and all others. As an aging “Aspie” (diagnosed a scant 10 years ago), I see that every reaction you attribute to being an experiencer is, likewise, the daily “ordinary reality” of us unwitting, helplessly autistic folks. Totally unable to engage in “normal” thinking or emotions, constantly damaging everyone in my family, schoolmates, colleagues…. Unrelenting bouts of tarry depression. (No wonder I feel “comfortable” amid the agonies of experiencer.) If I haven’t any answers from the Divine, it’s certainly all my fault due to my abby-normal brain. I’d rather know I was a failed soul and then be erased forever, than enter “heaven” remembering all the horrors of this life in eternity.

        1. It’s kind of you to reply; I feared my comment was too woeful. As I was searching for a word to describe the feeling of not belonging to this world, I imagined someone running through the woods like a roe – Body, Soul and Mind all undone – spouting Yeats, “Hunchback and Saint and Fool are the last three crescents.” So, I wrote, “feral.” But then, still staring at that abby-normal scene, the word “autistic” came to mind. You are right, Loquamur, we are all broken…open. We hear you speak. Among us you are free of the nets of right and wrong…you are perfect…perfectly Soulful, and you are truly loved. If you stood before me, now, I’d give you a proper homecoming hug. That being impossible, I invite you in, to sit awhile and rest…and read Yeats’s “Phases of the Moon.”

          1. What homecoming, hard on the heels of the destruction I’ve created of my life? I see only carcasses slaughtered everywhere I turn.

        2. though this is so very late in reply, I Hope you read it, Loquamur.

          There is something perhaps you were never told – though not often… sometimes the carcasses we slay… are part of our learning – and our teaching. Ourselves teaching ourselves. And they may not realize they agreed to experience your wrath … but there is a gift there for them as well. We all go through both sides – giver and receiver of all kinds of experiences. Whether we remember or not. And there is the possibility you both agreed to do this dance before you were born. It is a gift though painful, we become more aware, kind, etc with others and ourselves when we see we are all so similar.

          Forgiving is a hard lesson… neither quick nor without lots of time needed to grow in depth from it.

          We have all caused pain etc to others. We cannot appreciate the gift others give when they “take it” and forgive us, unless we experience I from both sides – at the depth of our heart and being.

          Whatever they do with your apology, is in their control. They learn from you. I think one of the hardest life lesson, is to forgive oneself after seeing the truth of what one has done to another. It isn’t easy or quick, nor does it always heal wounds and make stronger friendships.

          1. Thank you for taking the time to write, BigMama. For a long time I thought the Universe was as you’ve described. Now as I get closer to the end, I’m increasingly a wreck. It seems that the Omnipotent is probably done with me and would do well to erase me from existence and from all history/memory. I simply can’t see how I can face an immortality of having been such a miasma. The only “peace” would be pure Absence.

  12. Author

    You wouldn’t know or care about this if you were a failed soul. If there even is such a thing. Our society enforces a mind set that tells us that we must acquire, we must attain.

    I think that one of the great moments of my life was one morning when Anne and I were with our group leader in the Gurdjieff Work, William Segal, sitting in his kitchen. We’d just had breakfast together and the morning light was streaming in the window. He said, “look at the light on that spoon.”

    To this day, I do not think I have ever seen anything more beautiful. We can see all in everything, and perhaps your soul knows this, too, and seeks to live this way, which would be why you are not being distracted in your journey of life by entities who would only interrupt you.

    1. Beautifully expressed . . . and it makes me wonder, who are the true experiencers, us or the others…our ‘secret sharers.’

  13. Good interview and leaving much to ponder. 

    That below is what I grew up with as a Christian. Now as a much older woman I realize (FOR ME ANYWAY) some of what I believed as a child was actually coded in mystery. Did Jesus understand a PHYSICS we are just now contemplating? Were all of these MIRACLES known/understood to the prophets initiating them, like how they worked or was it faith only? Did these miracles finally de-volve into an art of conjuring? Of course, lots of people think they have the answers when actually we are still ENFANTS in this world and universe surrounding us. I believe there is a new physics/understanding we will all be part of, all of us and not just a few.

    “Get your facts first, then you can distort them.” – Mark Twain




    John 14:12King James Version (KJV)12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.


    As Jesus was on his way, the crowds almost crushed him.43 And a woman was there who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years,[c] but no one could heal her.44 She came up behind him and touched the edge of his cloak, and immediately her bleeding stopped.
    45 “Who touched me?” Jesus asked.

    When they all denied it, Peter said, “Master, the people are crowding and pressing against you”

    (((46 But Jesus said, “Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me.”)))

    47 Then the woman, seeing that she could not go unnoticed, came trembling and fell at his feet. In the presence of all the people, she told why she had touched him and how she had been instantly healed.48 Then he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.”


    14And when she had thus said, she turned herself back, and saw Jesus standing, and knew not that it was Jesus. 15Jesus saith unto her, Woman, why weepest thou? whom seekest thou? She, supposing him to be the gardener, saith unto him, Sir, if thou have borne him hence, tell me where thou hast laid him, and I will take him away. 16Jesus saith unto her, Mary. She turned herself, and saith unto him, Rabboni; which is to say, Master.  (((Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.)))

  14. I just thought I would comment on what Caroline said about different types of meditation, which struck a real chord with me. She mentioned about mindfulness being great but not the type required for the abilities she was talking about fostering.

    Maybe this would be better in the meditation section of the message board… so just ignore the rest, if this isn’t your thing…

    Anyway, more recently I have got into mindfullness meditation and that tends to be the only type I seem to practise at the moment… but I have to confess, when people talk about how quieting the mind is not possible… (that you just have to let it do its own thing and watch the thoughts go buy, like clouds across a blue sky) … I have mostly kept quiet about that, taken it to be some kind of unwavering fact… but within, a nagging thought about a different truth has kept raising its voice… one that I came to on my own…one that I had almost forgotten. It’s almost like this idea about not actually being able to quieten the mind, is like the current ‘consensus reality’ that I mentioned in a post further up.

    Basically what I am trying to say, is that I learned meditation on my own, I didn’t have a teacher, I just followed my intuition about what worked and what didn’t, trying different things here and there but essentially making it up as a went along. And I hit upon a couple of methods of meditation that, at least for me, definitely slowed the mind chatter to the point where it would eventually stop… then… complete silence. And it’s like I had forgotten that, taken over by this consensus that it can’t be stopped.

    What worked for me might not work for you but I found that the more I did it, the easier it would be to get into that state of silence.

    Just in case you are still reading, here they are…The first one, starts with several relaxation passes over the body, so you are completely relaxed, kind of like the sensing exercise but not… Not concentrating on sensation but on relaxing each part of the body in turn… I’m sure you know about that relaxation technique… Anyway, the next phase is to start at a number, let’s say 20 and start counting backwards in your mind, slowly…but as you count down, you take longer and longer to get to the next one. Overlayed on top of this is that every five numbers, I say to myself “When I reach zero, I will be where I need to be”… All the.. time… getting…. slower…. and….. slower……. untill eventually when I do reach zero, I start to hear like a hissing, tinnitus type sound in the middle of my head, like when you watch a movie of someone, crawling, parched, through baking sand and they look up at the sun…that sound. Do you know what I mean? Anyway, when I hear that sound, my mind chatter has completely stopped…and I swear, a few times I have done this whole thing, I could hear my mind chatter actually slowing down like HAL from 2001, when his processing cards are being pulled, and he’s singing ‘Daisey Daisey’. If I am going too fast, I get an intuitive sense, of that and either start again at the top, or just take more time counting down. I also remember whilst in that state of silence that if I was sitting on my bed, that after a while I had the sense that I needed to lean forward, with my forehead on the bed covers, almost like I was prostrate in prayer…and to me, it almost was that, as I felt in that moment a connection to the divine within, like this was a sacred practise.

    Anyway, Caroline’s comment about different types of meditation brought all that back… and although mindfullness absolutely has it’s place, I am going to try getting back into the above method… as for me, when I started doing that, things really started to shift for me.

    Oh yeah, the second one has to be done in complete darkness and this involves, again the relaxation body passes, and then, in the dark, looking at the waves of patterns that swim past your, erm not your sight exactly, but your visual senses, let’s say… And basically what you try and do is look at a particularly dark spot and try to concentrate on it, to try and make it bigger and darker. Eventually, after a while, the swirling patterns go and I am left with a completely black field… And the same hissing sound… Just pure awareness… no thought.

    I have no idea whether this will help anyone but talking about trying to recognise our true nature… this definitely puts you in touch with that aspect of yourself… and kind of accelerates your ability to realise that you are not your thoughts, but that your true nature is the pure awareness that is left… And that it feels divine…and like I said, a sacred practise.

  15. I have seen Caroline on TV also, and I plan to check out more information about her work!

    I am so glad that she talked about The Grid (s)! I know that so many of my experiences have been vey much a part of it. For those who are interested to know more, go here to get an idea of what Caroline is talking about:

    The portal for my home is about 12 feet into my backyard (south-west). While I have experienced so much prior to living here 33 years ago, things really picked up after moving in here. I live on Spotted Eagle (very sacred to the Lakota), and the town that is my address is an anagram for my first name. There’s much more, but you get the idea…

    As for those beings she discusses that are connected to us, or those that that aren’t (lineage), like Caroline, my experiences with other beings tend to be positive. I had only one rather creepy experience that quickly came and went that involved a being that left me cold and goose bumps on top of of goosebumps, plus he left my little dog barking at where it stood, but not physically seen. This being appeared as I was talking to an acquaintance who has connections to that being’s lineage.

    So, I really enjoyed this interview and hope to hear more from Caroline on ‘Dreamland’ down the road…And though I haven’t discussed it much in the past on this particular forum, there is a lot more that I could discuss about the Lakota as well. Whitley’s experience at Pine Ridge blew me away when he first talked about it, and also wrote about it in ‘A New World’, because of my own experiences that began in 2005 and are documented in my journal.

  16. Regarding the means by which energy transfer at a (unlimited) distance is accomplished, I believe that there is a place where all energy is interconnected. When energies are compounded they meld together, forming an entrance to this realm. If this trend continues, the doorway is open and accessible. Focal confluences manifest that make entry possible. Consciousness knows fundamentally how waves of energy fit together, and acceptance is one way it facilitates this conjoining. Fundamentally, all energy is one massive wave, interacting and interfacing with itself. Entrance to the gateway might be available using frequencies that were compounded and emitted by a machine, but the mind is most suited to compounding energies. Bursts of high energy tend to suddenly penetrate into the zone of interconnectivity, I believe because they represent more substance than lower energy.

    I wrote this poem about an experience I had when I was 14. There is also an essay that I have shared before on Unknown Country, I will post it upon request.

    “Kundalini Accelerator”

    I reach the appointment, future foretold

    I sought to find the Supra Wave

    Angles interact, activate, ignite, sparks animate

    Unleashing fecund potential; energies compound

    Momentum up kicks, blazing nascent trails

    Spirits look on with emerging interest

    Lines of tension elongate and compress,

    burgeoning, blooming

    Seeds create seeds, up is down and vice versa

    The snake is reversing polarity, obfuscating directionality

    It is natural, organic, an acceptable disposition

    Ascending to the zenith, beam rising past the frontal cap

    A dramatic pause ensues

    I look to the nadir, the Supra Wave is then upon me

    A timeless explosion of synchrony and ineffability erupts

    Phantasmagoria aligned in bottled lightning

    The Supra wave burns through retina, mind

    Haunting me as a shadow in subsequent days

    I am firmly energized for decades thereafter

  17. We have tremendous untapped abilities that belong to us from birth. Experiment on your own folks. You have nothing to loose.

  18. We are the dreamers of the dream…the Divine loves being the actor and director of this great play.

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