In a world where all it took for UFOs to make a splash in The New York Times was to change the acronym to UAP, experiencer of high strangeness, Jeremy Vaeni, is ready to abandon all that he has learned about these phenomena being neither alien nor of military concern. He is ready to start over—to go back to his roots as an alien abductee. He’s ready to engage in the exopolitical discourse of our day and teach the newbies how to behave like relatives you’d actually want to sit next to at family gatherings. And he’s ready to disclose the alien truth.

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  1. Hi there, Thanks so much for wowing my brain cells. It is not often that we hear someone speak who is a deep thinker. I do not want to miss your next installment of this interesting theory. I am almost 77 years old, have been a nurse for years, and no, I have not recalled an abduction event in my life. I have had various odd happenings throughout my life and would not trade them for anything. I do have a feeling we have a soul, so to speak, which does move on once the body drops away. In fact, my 52 year old daughter spoke to me just last year after she had passed on. Once again she was poking fun at me. It really made me a believer in what people refer to as the afterlife.
    I am just finishing Them by Whitley and feel I must go back and read all of his other books on this subject again. It is a puzzlement.
    I enjoyed your thoughts a lot because it really makes me think, outside the box. Thanks so much. Please do come back in a month. I will be waiting the continuation of this deep discussion.

    1. Thanks! I will be back with part 2. I hope I can pack everything into that–or at least enough to be coherent and get the ol’ wowed brain cells to see the truth of themselves. No tall order there. I’m sure the afterlife will be in the mix, but in kind of an abnormal way of thinking about it.

      Appreciate your listening!

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