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Linda Moulton Howe reports on the bizarre life and death of “Jeffrey Lash” who claimed to be an alien-human hybrid and who died in the parking lot of the grocery store Whitley Strieber uses every few days. Lash died in the parking lot of a grocery store in Santa Monica, whereupon his girlfriend took him to a distant location where his body was found by police 12 days later. He was discovered to have $230,00 in cash, thousands of weapons, tons of ammunition and a number of cars, including one that had been modified to travel under water. It was claimed that he had said that he was an alien/human hybrid working for the NSA.

But what’s the REAL story? Is it that bizarre…or even more bizarre? There was an 11 minute report on Coast to Coast last night. Listen here to the incredible story as it unfolds in all it’s bizarre detail over a full hour! And listen to Whitley Strieber ask the question: why in my back yard?

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  1. Hmm, most curious…
    Hmm, most curious…

  2. Question: Why does the print
    Question: Why does the print read Jonathan Lash and you say Jeffrey Lash?

  3. There is a John Lash, and he
    There is a John Lash, and he has been interviewed on Dreamland in the past. I’m sure this a simple mistake. Although it may also be an interesting synchronicity as well…I believe John Lash has written about The Archons…

    That being said, this has got to be one of the all-time strangest stories being followed and reported in the mainstream media! I feel that there is some kind of brain-washing going on, especially with Dawn Marie. Did Mrs. Vadbunker not have concerns about her adopted daughter and this odd relationship with Lash and Nebron? Did she not stop and give some motherly caution and advice about this strange couple and the things they were telling Dawn Marie (and herself)? I am not a psychologist, but there are some things that that stand out to me:
    1. Dawn Marie obviously has issues with her past, and her relationship with the Vadbunkers sounds like it could be one of the most positive in her life. They were so fond of her that they adopted her as an adult!
    2. It sounds like on some level Dawn was also adopted by Nebron and Lash, who told her some extraordinary information that may have made her feel part of something secret and ‘special’.
    3. Take a close look at the letter at Earthfiles written by Dawn. It is not a letter from a typical, mature woman of 39 years old. The letter is written in pink ink, and she gave a return address of ‘Love, Hope, Change’ on the envelope. She signs the letter ‘DMV’ with a little pink heart drawn below her initials. If I knew nothing about this woman prior to this story and glanced at the letter, I would think it was written by a teenage girl of about 15.

    While the alien hybrid question is wide-open, based on confirmation of his background in intelligence, there is something highly strange about this whole scenario, and everyone should be concerned about Dawn Marie and her daughter being used as pawns , but to what end? I will be curious to know if Lash’s complete autopsy results are ever published, and the why of hoarding of guns, ammo, etc.

    I met a young man when I was in college years ago. He could read my mind, quite literally. I heard many of the same things from him that Lash said in terms of government and world changes. He too was highly unusual, and I have wondered for a long time if he was some kind of hybrid or someone not quite of this world. While I think he may have been trying some kind of brainwashing on me and my family, it didn’t work, but we have all pondered who he was and his end-game for all of these years. He also told me that when the world started getting into major trouble, he would always know where I was and would find me and take me to safety to protect me from the worst of it. He even said he already had a secret place where many us would go to re-build the world and that I would be a part of the ‘foundation’ for re-building the world. Crazy? Maybe, but I never doubted his sincerity. That was one of the oddest weeks of my entire life!

  4. What a show!!! Linda always
    What a show!!! Linda always does such a great job. Thanks, Whitley and Linda for lots to think about. Seems the connections between many diverse things are becoming more clear… or the boundaries are thinner… and so many have known some things since we were quite young… and waiting….

  5. I find this hard to believe.
    I find this hard to believe. There is the possibility of hybrids but this man does not seem to have been one of them. I think they were all delusional.

    1. ALERT….contains a movie
      ALERT….contains a movie spoiler…”Life of Pi”

      Just because a story is unbelievable that does not make it untrue. This is a fascinating scenario. I am reminded of the movie “Life of Pi”. He tells his amazing story to two journalists, and they say they cannot print it, the story is too outrageous. The journalists ask him to tell the “real” story and he concocts a mundane lie for them, full of murder and human emotion, but no intrigue, magic, or mystery.

      This story has all the makings of a similar circumstance. Almost everyone is tempted, upon hearing the lightning strike of the story, to want to hear the “real” story. In other words, an easy to understand lie.

  6. As I was listening to this
    As I was listening to this story, the thing that struck me the most is the amount of control Jonathan Lash (or whoever he is) was wielding over these women. It sounded almost like a cult! For example, he puts himself up as some kind of alien savior who’s going to save the world, isolates these woman, takes possession of their money, stocks up on guns and strange vehicles, and even controls at least some of the women through sex. That’s pretty much the resume for a cult leader.

    And, if there is some kind of cult scenario going on, the fact that Dawn and her daughter have gone off with some “like minded people who will help her”, makes me wonder if Lash was actually the leader or more like a middle man.

    In any case something bigger seems to be going on. Whatever that is, could also relate to how the story has changed from alien-hybrid to womanizing, either because this cult or other organization is being secretly investigated, or secretly protected. After all these world changing plans that are talked about: governments being changed worldwide, that is high level stuff.

    Although I would not be so trusting that the majority of people’s best interests would be at heart with such a change. As great as it would be if some more mature intelligence came to help us fix or replace our corrupted and malfunctioning systems, I find it rather likely that those who seek power and control, will try to cement their hold over the world as well. And, at some point, we have to take some responsibility ourselves for the changes we want to see in the world rather than depending on some great savior who will make everything right.

  7. The incidents that I related
    The incidents that I related in my post above also occurred in Southern California, in Long Beach. When I first heard of the Jeffrey Lash story, I kept having a feeling of deja vu, and it wasn’t until yesterday that I figured out why. I’ve forwarded Linda’s Earthfiles story to my sister to get her take without reminding her of what occurred with us many years ago. I want to find out if the story strikes a chord with her too. I am going to go out on a limb here and just state that the man that I met in college was named Joe Santos, he was of Guamanian descent, and supposedly was from San Francisco. There are other details to the Joe Santos story too, but I don’t want to reveal them at this time, including the circumstances around why and how he showed up in the first place. Stay tuned…

  8. Whitley, first of all I am
    Whitley, first of all I am hoping that you are doing all right. I know this has to be a very difficult time for you and your adjustment without the physical presence of Anne. GOD BLESSES.

    Something I thought to be synchronistic in reference to the “Jonathan Lash” mystery. A posting in MID-JULY by Whitley in ‘Whitley’s Space.’

    Two things that seem to be connected, in some way, and happening at approximately the same time in July.

    Whitley’s INJURED RIGHT hand, (Jonathan Lash’s DAMAGED RIGHT hand). The missing money issue for Whitley, ($230,000 in cash found in Jonathan Lash’s, apartment).

    Could someone/something have been trying to get Whitley’s attention at this time, like a desperate call/attempt to get a message to him. Certainly something to ponder?????

    FROM THE INTERVIEW….. Linda Moulton Howe,

    Strange Case of “Human-E.T. Hybrid” Secret Agent…Found Dead in SUV in Pacific Palisades, CA.

    …What he did for his work, he used his (((RIGHT HAND))). I took that as a computer ‘inputter’ that worked for the government (data entry for CIA) and when I first met him, it (his right hand) was contorted like if you had arthritis and you couldn’t move it well.


    Oh, yes, he did.


    So, my own thought on this is…..
    …….Around this same time in July, Whitley has an incident with (HIS RIGHT HAND and MONEY). (SEE BELOW). Could there be a connection to Whitley here)?????

    …….FROM Whitley’s Space…..That’s the good part. The bad part is just weird. Yesterday, I was getting out of the car when some (unseen thing nicked my RIGHT HAND just above the knuckle). It drew blood–not a lot. It was no big deal. When I got home I washed my hands and that was it–until this morning when I woke up with a badly infected hand. Now I’m under treatment, but what the hell happened? What did this? It wasn’t a sting, the doctor said, but an injury. (Problem is, whatever injured me was damn well invisible).

    Then, this afternoon, I went to set up Dreamland and my studio is fried. I have to get a new mixer. But why? What kind of energy could blow out an old fashioned analog mixer and not affect the computer right beside it. I haven’t touched the mixer since last week. So what the hell happened?

    We are real broke and I recently got 20 grand from a book sale. Thank God. The next day, I get a demand from one of my publishers for 20 grand. Totally, completely fallacious and out of a clear blue sky. So I get my lawyer to take care of it, which he does in about 10 minutes.

    Then the next day, our healthcare agency calls up demanding 20 grand, which we also do not owe. That gets taken care of. But why did these things happen? It’s like these people were under some sort of crazy mind control, suddenly making demands for all the money I have in the world within a few hours of my getting it.

    Read the original source:

  9. One thing I have wondered
    One thing I have wondered about—-what are the ages of the books and cars (among other items)? If Jeffrey Lash was 500 years old he might have some very old books or other objects, and that would lend credence to his story…

  10. It’s all very creepy. If
    It’s all very creepy. If shape-shifted aliens are a real thing, which I have a lot of trouble believing, then this world is not what it seems. If they’re running the world, then they’re running it as a sort of living, breathing game. SimWorld to the max, with all kinds of wild and crazy stuff going on, but why? Is this a soul factory like Anne says, or are we simply a form of entertainment? It is certainly not being run well, or for our benefit.

  11. This sounds like its some
    This sounds like its some sort of a cult situation — but bizarre in the extreme — frankly none of this makes any sense.
    That said – oh yes Whitley and Linda and Anne – we do indeed have jobs to do, and we are protected, while we do what must be done. I have been told that I (and many of us) are here to help those that are awakened….. that open their eyes for the first time………. I believe that we are here to help them to not be afraid – it can be daunting. I have been told that we walk amongst, but not among. I think that when a person wakes up – it is really a re-joining of the person to their soul.
    Whitley, I hope you are doing ok…… Anne will always always be with you, and she will be their to help you across when your tasks in this plane are done and you can lay your burden down……… Peace and Love

    Space Avian – I concur – this smells like a very nasty cult.

  12. The cult angle—it occurs to
    The cult angle—it occurs to me that this may be a cult that is using DMT or other psychedelics to convince followers that the ET presence is real and at the forefront. If followers are seeing actual ETs in their minds in a cult controlled setting, they may be easy to manipulate.

    I don’t know what the effect would be from the manipulation of a DMT experience by a cult. Unpredictable, I am guessing.

    Dawn mentions she needed to heal in her letter. Is this because of her experience with the death of Jeffrey Lash, or a drug episode?

  13. I don’t know what to think.
    I don’t know what to think. It all seems far fetched. I do remember the story about a guy that died and lots of weapons in the news awhile back. I have my own high strangeness, but this seems like the Jonathon Reed story. Ironic they are both named Jonathon.

  14. Why would a good guy have so
    Why would a good guy have so many guns? Are the forces of evil so daunting that this is required? Reality would tend to suggest: “no”.

  15. I listened with much interest
    I listened with much interest to this Dreamland segment. As always, kudos to LMH for digging up a lot of puzzle pieces in a short period of time. The possibility that Lash/Smith is an alien-hybrid is something that I’m quite skeptical about at this point. The suggestion that he is one and is part of some covert government operation comes to us third hand – from someone who heard it from someone who it appears may have been quite vulnerable and so, impressionable. There are a couple of other explanations that I think are more plausible.

    1. That Lash was involved in the illicit trade in weapons. This would explain the presence of the enormous trove of guns and ammo in the home he shared with Nebron. The sheer size of this arsenal and the presence of firearms with price tags still attached makes it unlikely that he was just a kooky gun nut. It might also explain Nebron and associates’ bizarre behavior following his death. No one wants to be with a bigger league criminal at the moment of his death. So they left him in a car, packed him ice to keep the characteristic aroma at bay long enough to give them a chance to high tail it out of town before his body was discovered. Following this theory Nebron would have been an associate in his business. Their condo was a stash for stolen weapons and her business may have been part legitimate and part front for this and other underground trade. Dawn Marie was either a dupe who did clerical work for Nebron’s legit business or the front business or both. The alien-hybrid-covert-ops story was a cover-story intended to cover up the suspicious behaviors of people involved in criminal enterprise. Following Lash’s untimely departure, Dawn was whisked away by Nebron and has been encouraged to keep a low profile (by being persuaded that she needs to rest and heal so she can make the world a better place) until any interest in Lash’s death by law enforcement officials ends. If Nebron was part of some criminal enterprise the last thing she wants is for Dawn to start talking about things she may have seen or heard that don’t square with the alien-hybrid on a mission cover story.

    2. Lash was a mentally ill man who actually believed he was an alien-hybrid (or some such thing) on a mission. The mission had something to do with saving the world during a coming apocalypse. Through his relationships with wealthy women he amassed a substantial arsenal which he, and some anticipated band of followers would use when armageddon arrived. He operated like a cultish figure in his relationships with women who, for various reasons, were receptive to his story. In this theory, Hebron would be one of several successful women who helped him acquire weapons and enabled his fantasy. Dawn Marie was an employee who bought into the fantasy. This would explain the futile efforts to revive him and then to preserve his body. Their lamming it to Oregon may have been precipitated by fear of the hidden forces that they believed he was allied with, or a desire to get out of sight until things cooled down or it may have been something he told them to do in the event of his passing.

    I am not convinced by the – again third hand – description of lizard eyes as those can be purchased at most costume stores, the ridged back – again, easily achieved with a few inexpensive props or his disability. Any number of medical causes could have brought that on, or it may have been part of an act.

    I thought I would add these possibilities to this discussion. It’s a very interesting case no matter what really happened but finding out what really happened or most likely happened is important.

    1. Wanda: the thing that gets me
      Wanda: the thing that gets me is the two photos, the recent one, and the one from 1996. The one from 1996 does not look to be authentic, in my opinion. Yet it was given to police by a lawyer involved in the case. The 1996 photo looks like a man in his late 20’s-early 30’s. How could somebody age that much in such a brief time? The discrepancy between photos is glaring here. Either something is phony, or miraculous.

  16. The “younger” photo is quite
    The “younger” photo is quite grainy so it’s hard to tell what age Lash may have been at the time although the difference between that photo and the more current one is quite striking. I have to say though, given that this comes from Nebron’s lawyer, who knows where it’s from and how old it is. I have the impression that the lawyer is quickly constructing a narrative for Nebron – the frightened, oppressed, manipulated, maybe brainwashed woman, imprisoned in her home for years and at the mercy of this delusional kook, didn’t dare say anything about the growing pile of guns and ammo because well, he said he had friends in high places. I suspect this is going to be her story if/when police take an interest in the arsenal of guns and ammo and if any of it turns out to be stolen or otherwise misappropriated.

    I don’t really buy the story. From pictures and descriptions of her house at this site the place looks to me like a storage depot with all sorts of modifications that one might expect to secure its contents. Nebron – described as an affluent, successful business woman was not cut off from the world. She had contact with neighbors, was able to come and go to visit properties and manage her business. I suspect that she actually resided elsewhere but kept up some pretense of living in the depot condo to keep neighbors from getting suspicious. There was no running water because it wasn’t needed as no one actually lived there. According to this article Lash himself lived elsewhere, with another honey, up to a few months ago. The more that I think about it, the more I believe that Nebron and Lash were in the stolen firearms trade. His untimely death and her reaction to it rendered her unable to offload the sizable stash and now she’s looking for a way to extricate herself from a messy situation which could land her in the slammer for years. Wouldn’t surprise me if her lawyer is throwing up an elaborate smokescreen to keep her off the police radar.

  17. The Cosmic players upon this
    The Cosmic players upon this staged Earth continue to enthrall, entertain then engrave yet another giant mystery, leaving us scratching our heads once again.
    Love the openess Linda and Whitley shared toward the end of the interview.

  18. Thanks, WandaOrion, for the
    Thanks, WandaOrion, for the link to the walk-through story with pics, and for the careful thinking. Stay with it, please. That condo looks too chaotic to be a stash house for serious traders in illegal firearms. Maybe these people are really as deceived and distorted as Braun is claiming.

  19. Since we are speculating
    Since we are speculating here, I thought I would add a dark horse theory here for consideration.

    Lash was indeed with a secret alien hybrid group, and outfitted with a chip that would document his time of death. When he died the officials in charge decided to ignore this transmission, in order to continue the dissemination process that will generally lead to disclosure. In other words, Lash is who he said he is, and the messiness is part of the indoctrination of slowly informing the public about the reality of the Visitors.

  20. Does this dead guy work for
    Does this dead guy work for ASHSTAR Command? It is something that I heard about when I read the Book of Aliens, created by the SMEARSH agents.

  21. This show was fascinating!
    This show was fascinating!

  22. IMHO—->
    Cant be a cult- to

    Cant be a cult- to many guns. ( maybe)
    Cant be a con man/gigolo – to many guns.
    The weapons are the key to this mystery…
    It is either:
    A. black ops with alien disinformation to fog the players…
    B. Alien Agendas

    1. James…Or both A and B.
      James…Or both A and B.

  23. Why can some see the sim

    Why can some see the sim wars/matrix and some cannot?
    Is it encounters? childhood abuse? years of meditation?


  24. as george noory says “there
    as george noory says “there are no coincidences”

  25. I agree the guns are the key.
    I agree the guns are the key.

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