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Composer Steven Halpern returns to Dreamland and takes us on a wonderful journey into the world of music of power. We go from a profound experience deep in the redwood forest of California to his amazing discoveries about the power of music to heal and enrich.

In the second half of the show, he discusses his encounters with what he calls “ET” and how they gave him a music lesson from another level. He explains what it was like to get direct guidance during a composition╤and then afterward to make a very surprising discovery.

This show is an exciting, beautiful journey into the world and power of sound.

Steven’s music is featured throughout the show, including the piece that emerged out of the music lesson from the beyond.

Steven’s website is

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  1. Beautiful interview. I have a
    Beautiful interview. I have a cassette from YEARS ago of his music. It’s mesmerizing.

  2. Love this subject.
    Love this subject. Thank-you!

  3. Steven’s music is magical,
    Steven’s music is magical, for sure. I’ve been listening to his music for years; not sure how I came across it, or when. When recommending music for healing and music for deep mediation and deep relaxation, Steven Halpern is always top on my list of recommendations. His music has changed my life. 🙂 Enjoy, -SD.

  4. Whitley and Steven Halpern, a
    Whitley and Steven Halpern, a really thought provoking interview. As I was listening, a few things crossed my mind…….

    The mathematical connection to music. Numbers were talked about throughout this whole interview.

    Music theory has no axiomatic foundation in modern mathematics, yet the basis of musical sound can be described mathematically (in acoustics) and exhibits “a remarkable array of number properties”.[1] Elements of music such as its form, rhythm and metre, the pitches of its notes and the tempo of its (pulse) can be related to the measurement of time and frequency, offering ready analogies in geometry.

    The attempt to structure and communicate new ways of composing and hearing music has led to musical applications of set theory, abstract algebra and number theory. Some composers have incorporated the golden ratio and Fibonacci numbers into their work.[2][3]

    Astronomy was also mentioned in this interview.

    Yesterday I watched a short 5 minute video by John Godier.

    The Silent Conversation – Nu-SETI

    He says, “If an alien civilization wants to announce their  presence using neutrinos for example, they could simply (pulse) out (((prime numbers))) contact style.” He also ends his video by referring to the SONG,  “Looking for love in all the wrong places.” (Neutrinos). The synchronicity being, at the near end of Steven’s interview he has the “EXPERIENCE OF MAKING LOVE.”

    Steven, I too have some of your music and it is beautiful.

  5. I have two albums of Steven
    I have two albums of Steven Halpern’s relaxing, mystical music, “Inner Peace” being my favorite of the two. One of the tracks on it is titled “Unknown Country”!

  6. A most fabulous and
    A most fabulous and enlightening interview. Thank you, Whitley!

  7. Terrific show.! I was riveted
    Terrific show.! I was riveted from start to finish. Bravo…

  8. Wonderful! Another
    Wonderful! Another fascinating interview with information I haven’t heard elsewhere. I’ve enjoyed Steven Halpern’s music for years and and can attest to its power. I used his Chakra Suite CD as part of my healing from a life threatening illness – it brought me great peace.

  9. After reading “Communion” in
    After reading “Communion” in the late 80s I found myself on a reading binge focusing on the soul, consciousness and the after life. “The Omega Project” was my first read after “Communion”. I began meditating regularly and Steven Halpern’s “Crystal Suite” and “Higher Ground” helped take me to places I’d never been before.
    So thank you Whitley and Steven.

  10. So these are not bi-aural
    So these are not bi-aural beats like those at Monroe Institute…

    What does Steve have to say about this approach

    Mr. Curious

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