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Laurie McDonald is a hypnotherapist, an abduction researcher and an experiencer—and the only experiencer known whose mother remembers being abducted while pregnant with the child she became.

Laurie is also a consultant for the experiencer support group FREE and mentor to support groups in the Sacramento, California area.

In this show, she tells about her own experiences and the one that her mother had before Laurie was born.

Then, in the second half, Whitley describes a 40 minute missing time experience he had on May 7 while walking through the Los Angeles airport, LAX.

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Dreamland will be on hiatus next week while Whitley explores the castle and work of an alchemist in Italy. He’ll return with a full report!

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  1. During a 18mth long stint
    During a 18mth long stint with the visitors where i was almost driven insane.
    I woke up one night to feel them in the bedroom with me. I couldn’t see them. I knew they were there. Then in my groin a vibration started and quickly spread throughout my body. It seemed to stop or be less vibration around my shoulders. I noticed i started to sink into the mattress of the bed. Then i noticed that i was actually passing through the mattress, i could feel the density of the metal springs in the bed. I have to admit i was quite terrified.

    Then i realised if they turn this off i’ll be infused inside the bed and more than likely dead.

    My fear went and turned into anger. In my head i said “Put me back now, before you switch it off accidentally and i end up fused to my bed”. They didn’t comply and i continued to sink. Then i said ” I don’t care how advanced you think you are, you’re still a bunch of peanuts. Put me back now”! Then i got some kind of visual of what was happening down stairs in the dinning room beneath me. Three greys were either side of the dinning room table {6 in total} with their hands in the air waiting for me to slip down through the ceiling onto the dinner table ! The impression i was left with it was some kind of ‘initiation’ they wanted to do. I told them “I don’t care about your silly ceremonies , put me back now” ! I was raised back into the horizontal position, then it stopped.

    At the start i had a gut feeling i should just go with it. I don’t think i would come to any harm. But i admit it was scary.

    What was it about ? I have no idea. I was told it was a Ginn or Efreeti. I don’t think the person was listing to the whole story.

    Honestly if anyone can work the visitors out, they would have to be one.

  2. I have only witnessed “UFO’S”
    I have only witnessed “UFO’S” but have had a life long fascination with the phenomenon and all accompanied mysterys. This show was great and I can’t wait to hear about Whitley’s regression.

  3. Whitley, very interesting
    Whitley, very interesting show.

    Various threads to follow…..

    Keep us posted as to what you find via your session with Laurie.

  4. I’m going to try the

    I’m going to try the regression but I’m not sure it will work. I have not had one work since the first two I did with Donald Klein. But this missing time experience was so overt that I thought maybe I could get something out of hypnosis. I’m aware of the fact that it’s a controversial practice, but I am no babe in the woods. I have studied it quite extensively and I think that I am disciplined enough not to allow my mind to confabulate.

  5. LAX…A perfect place to have
    LAX…A perfect place to have missing time. I’ve been there many times, and during part of my childhood I lived in Southern California. It was my dad’s favorite place to spend an afternoon, just for ‘fun’. I wish I was kidding, but it was not unusual for my dad to load the family up in the car and head to LAX. My father loved the ‘experience’ of it all, and could spend hours just watching airplanes take off and land, but then he’s the man that was air-lifted by helicopter to the hospital when he had a heart attack. When I saw him in the hospital the next morning, he didn’t talk about his heart attack. Instead he went on and on about the adventure of taking the helicopter ride!

    Truth-be-told, unusual things did happen every time we went there, and I became an expert at spotting celebrities on our little jaunts too. LAX is about travel and adventure, and Whitley may have been in an altered state similar to hypnosis that day. Whitley, this is a crazy question, but did you ever think about asking Anne what went on at LAX? She knows…

  6. I should not be surprised
    I should not be surprised that these interviews keep getting better and better. Whitley’s remarks on seeing “a man and a woman,” not a regular alien, in one of his encounters reminded me of more than one encounter my mother had.
    She was otherwise a very regular no nonsense person.
    Poor woman. U can imagine at the time when she would tell me that she had “dreamed” that she went up to a craft and a man and women were doing some kind of health experiments … for her own good. These beings now that I look back fooled her in many ways. She would ask them questions and they would answer what she wanted to hear. One of them was about her health. They told her that they were improving her health. (She died at 62).

  7. Absolutely wonderful
    Absolutely wonderful interview. I’ve listened to this interview about a half-dozen times, so far. Thank you so much for your openness, and for sharing. Best, -SD.

  8. One of your best guests and
    One of your best guests and interviews ever!

    I definitely have the feeling that Laurie came along to you at just the right time, and that this will be productive.

    I couldn’t help but be struck by her description about lower entities being intelligent but emotionally unstable, as that immediately reminded me of your own experiences with the seemingly punitive responses recently from those you’re meditating with. Unfortunately, I’m still less than convinced that A) what they tell you is true (including about the future of the planet); B) they have your best interest in mind. But I also feel like it’s *your* tricky path to navigate and that there is an importance to it.

    My only feelings of reservation during the show came when she spoke of the “alien hybridization program” as if it’s an established fact, when there are many reasons to believe this has at least been hyped for fun and profit by people like Hopkins and Jacobs, and from there we soon sink down into the swirling sewer of various wild theories and supposed facts about good and bad aliens. (For the record, I’ve had my own experiences that lend a little credence to me about hybrids, but I still feel like it’s an area that needs to be treated as highly questionable, not like it’s an Institution.)

    I look forward to hearing about what comes out of the hypnosis, and hope you’ll have Ms. McDonald back on to discuss it.

  9. Great interview.
    Great interview.

  10. Actually, I had a wierd
    Actually, I had a wierd experience several weeks ago that didn’t add up. Similar phenomena to Whitley’s mention of walking into his living room and finding up later he didn’t show up on the camera. I couldn’t figure out why the pretty unfit dog at the farm got up from sleeping on the lawn and then ran around like a maniac, faster than in years, chasing- nothing at all, that I could see. My aged mum was busy in her garden and tells me she saw the dog chasing a fox the same size though of smaller dimensions of the dog. Foxes don’t get that big and normally, they do not have an ability of invisibility.

    I later that afternoon find that a goat had been mauled. Definitely not by a fox. It survived. So what the hell was that all about.

    What I really don’t get is the hole cut in fencing – dog height by bolt cutters, about 1500m, other side of the farm. No idea if there’s a connection, but the invisible “fox” bothered me.

  11. So then yesterday I find an
    So then yesterday I find an Alpaca has a strange wound on it’s neck. Haven’t checked fencing again. So connected? As I’m sure somebody here would know a dog, fox, anything canid, is not going to last long if it goes near an Alpaca. They are essentially kept as guards for lambs. Anybody ever tried sneaking up on an Alpaca, day or night? Like having intestines where they are supposed to be?

    I do not unsterstand this at all.

    As for mr multidimensional “fox”, I did consider ringing a professional shooter. So how do I get the guy to shoot something I can’t tell him what it looks like?

    1. So weird…HD, in just the
      So weird…HD, in just the last few minutes I was involved in a discussion via email about an Alpaca figurine that was given to me by a close friend many years ago…

      …And in the middle of that last sentence, my screen went to black for a few moments, then came back to normal! This would mean nothing, except that last night I had a dream about my friend that gave me the figurine, which was the reason I contacted him this morning to ‘check in’.

  12. The orbs I’ve seen are white
    The orbs I’ve seen are white and dirty white but brilliant, not a light I can describe. It’s pretty startling a few times. Once I was in the back yard looking at strange lights going by and I was looking for more, turned around at the corner of the house and one was above my head just radiating a dirty yellow light. This was close to the time I was going to be interviewed by Anne in 2009, I canceled that after strong feelings of fear and a house fire that almost killed me and did kill my pets.

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