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As we move closer to UFO disclosure, it’s time for close encounter witnesses to start thinking about the role we’re going to play in the process.  The public is going to be led to believe that aliens are here from another planet and that there is a relationship between them and our government. But is this really true, or is it a story designed to make sure that official control is maintained, and that the public and the media continue to look to official sources for guidance?

It may be that there is another place to turn for guidance, which is to the thinking close encounter witness, to find out how we perceive our relationships with the visitors, and how those perceptions can be translated into a foundation for contact.

The essays assembled in Robbie Graham’s UFOs: Re-Framing the Debate explore the state of confusion that exists in regard to UFOs, and also the role that close encounter witnesses must take in the disclosure process, if contact with this unknown is to be deepened and enriched for the benefit of humanity.

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  1. Re: The May 7th missing
    Re: The May 7th missing time…

    Time…I realize that Whitley probably simply misspoke about the date of incident at LAX when he said that it happened on” July 7th”. When he said it, I thought, “No, he intended to say June 7th.” In reading the description above, I realized that we were both wrong, because the incident occurred on May 7th! None of this may mean a darn thing, other than we both have faulty memories, but my radar leads me to to the idea that this is all about TIME, ‘missing’ or not. I feel that it is the anchor that allows us to be in the physical, so i understand Whitley’s theory that someone or something may be preventing something from happening that will change the future, and our notions of who or what we are. Only time will tell, ha, ha. Still and all, Whitley, I would mark my calendar for July 7th, and just be more aware than usual of things that happen with and around you on that day, local and ‘non-local’.

    …And oddly enough, right after I typed that last sentence, everything on this page went black, except for what I wrote! I did a quick copy/paste in my email, because I was afraid that my post would be lost. Fortunately, it came back to normal.


  2. Whitley,
    I applaud your

    I applaud your interviewing skills here. As much as I would have liked to hear what this man had to say, I found him very difficult to listen to….he spoke so fast and rambled on so long in his accent, I couldn’t understand him….I admire how you are able to break in to get a word in edge wise with some of these locquacious guests, who when you ask 1 question, they could talk for a 1/2 hour….
    I actually enjoy hearing about your experiences Whitley and what you make of them. I’d like to actually hear more of that. I loved it when you’d talk with Linda Moulton Howe at the end of her report and you would each relate your perspective about what is happening……
    A question…….where do these abductors say they are from and who they are?

  3. An OUTSTANDING conversation –
    An OUTSTANDING conversation – and a book I’ll be sure to add to my library! Unknown Country scores again!

  4. Whitley, I will be listening
    Whitley, I will be listening to this interview later today but for now it is the July 7th, date that caught my eye in the current post. Roswell?
    Monday morning, July 7, Marcel took his first step onto the debris field. Marcel would remark later that “something … must have exploded above the ground and fell.” As Brazel, Cavitt and Marcel inspected the field, Marcel was able to “determine which direction it came from, and which direction it was heading. It was in the pattern … you could tell where it started out and where it ended by how it was thinned out …”
    Wilcox called RAAF Major Jesse Marcel and a “man in plainclothes” accompanied Brazel back to the ranch where more pieces were picked up. “[We] spent a couple of hours Monday afternoon [July 7] looking for any more parts of the weather device”, said Marcel. “We found a few more patches of tinfoil and rubber.”[10]

    As described in the July 9, 1947 edition of the Roswell Daily Record,

  5. How can we help you, Whitley?
    How can we help you, Whitley?

    A lot of strangeness … when i listened to this part, Whitley, and then wrote the sentence (above), and posted, there were no other posts before mine.

    It has been a strange week of odd things. It is not just you Whitley – though that may be no comfort at all.

    I am so glad you interviewed the gentleman about his book. It provides a way to think critically and i appreciate that. A while back, i heard your response to DeLongs plan and found your words quite helpful. Thank you. Today’s interview gave lots of clarity raising ways to critically think about all this. I am at a place where i don’t want answers that appease.

    I think you do a real service with this website. Thanks, Whitley.

    As for the missing time…i have not had that. Instead, I have “repeats of things i feel as if i lived already” or i know what is going to come next. There are feelings/body/intuition and mind/knowing. I have wondered if it is my age catching up with me. It happens with all sorts of things, and sometimes i ask my spouse if it happened before… and get a clear “no.” It does not happen “often” but enough so that i pay attention.

    Therefore, i wonder, it is all about. Is it time “changing” or perhaps “time-lines” changing, and we are more aware or sensitive to it. Or something else entirely. You know… the Rumsfeld thing… the unknown unknowns seem to be catching up. : )

  6. Last night in meditation,
    Last night in meditation, this came to me. I saw 3 or 4 2D colors in the outline of a human. They were moving around independently from each other. While I was looking from above them moving along, sort of like a Pac-Man game, I saw them overlap and start acting differently.

    Maybe these various aspects of the phenomena, while independent, when they get lumped together, begin looking like something else entirely. How can we look at these experiences, isolating each component? Could the attempt to analyze it, inadvertently combine different aspects, making it appear that there are no logical connections, when really there are?

    Like the organs that make up the body, if one isn’t working and it manifests itself as a symptom, without understanding how the body works, the symptom may be treated without curing the body.

  7. Whitley, I am posting this
    Whitley, I am posting this because as I am listening to: “FOR SUBSCRIBERS: Whitley’s Eerie May 7 Missing Time Experience,” the following article popped up at the bottom of my screen. It is from LIVE-SCIENCE and it gives the person at the computer the opportunity to have a look at the article.

    EGYPT/HOW THE SOUL WAS UNDERSTOOD??? <<<(Only my words). I wanted to send it on, feeling it might be important to you. The Mummy Returns: Egyptian Dignitary's Face and Brain Reconstructed By Rossella Lorenzi, Live Science Contributor |June 19, 2017 07:22am ET

  8. Hi Whitley, From my
    Hi Whitley, From my perspective a very frustrating interview. And like Susan Hooper said, I/We love it when U interject, and ask a question. It kind of, unintentionally throws the guest off track, and We get to hear a ‘gem’ where they’re not talking on ‘automatic’ all the time. Other than him being everlastingly curious, and assembling other people’s work, and intensely frustrating the reader, I get enough frustration in day to day life, without having to read about It, as well. Thank U for continuing Your questioning.

  9. This “Disclosre” event makes
    This “Disclosre” event makes me feel uneasy. I do not believe that the publc is ready for any REAL disclosure. And then we have all these poor fringe lunatics following c. goode down a manufactured storey so false it makes me go from angry to frightened for their future. I enjoy the way you handled this interviw with RobbieGraham. It has been relayed to you many times before but I too appreciate your critical thinking and your flawless tact while interviewing this author and all the rest. Bless you Whitley.

  10. I just paused little more
    I just paused little more than a third of the way through your interview with Graham (to order his book; it’ll be here Friday!) and also to just say how much I appreciate these extraordinarily thoughtful, intelligent discussions on ufology, the paranormal, etc. Such a pleasure to listen, so intellectually stimulating. I don’t know Whitley and I’m not being paid to say this, but seriously, free Dreamlanders: Please step up and subscribe if you possibly can. These guests and discussions are important, and we owe it to those who are willing to expend the time, energy and resources in getting them on the air to help them financially in doing so. It’s valuable, essential work. Thanks Whitley for all you do and for bringing these writers and other guests to the public’s attention.

  11. Missing Time:

    Missing Time:
    something Whitley said thats been stuck in my craw for awhile now. Something about “they” dont want us to know we have souls…so to allow the soul to act/react without restraint… that guy quit the reading group & the consequence was aggression because this guy was being worked on to “better” or “educate” that soul.
    Given: Ive always heard that we are here to better our souls then we can move on.
    Given: Ive always heard this is a school where we learn
    Given: I heard the story from the “blue” who reportedly said this is a dead planet.
    Given: I have heard that since “we” killed mars, we are trapped here
    Given: I heard the story of the Nordic saying dont have a war with them; they wont let you win & they wont let you lose.
    Given: I heard the story of the woman being told one day you will look like us. “You” as in a person, or a race?
    —-I am going to super oversimplify, like saying the sky is blue.
    So…. lets see. We killed mars so now we have to “learn” that this is unacceptable. By being “recycled”, “we” can do this thru steps or incarnation lessons. Once learned, “we” can ascend to the next level and move on from this place.
    So…MAYBE the “they are us” business really is true from the standpoint of “they are us” trying to fix “they are us” to repair what was done AND using looping time and reality adjustments are working on correcting the “original sin.” So, “we” in the “they are us” sense, havent figured out the war thing. WHAT IF they wont lose a war(like to mars) BUT wont win because of the anihilation(sp) factor of another group of peoples? MAYBE… “they are us” is still struggling to perfect the energy beings THEY are by adjusting/tweaking the past “us”.
    Does this make ANY sense?
    It seems to me that is the direction its all narrowing down to. As stated elsewhere, it may not be the “encounter” but how the encounter is handled.
    Finally, as Jeremy V. might observe…is the story the “real” truth, or the made up one for those who would misuse the truth?
    MAYBE thats it. Im just guessing as i usually do, because I dont know for certain. Im kinda simple in my ways.
    While Im sitting here at 3am sorting thru this, what about the “oneness” of being… fitting the puzzle pieces together. The individual grains of sand on the beach…particles inside of particles… everything is relative, right? What if its all about disrupting the waveform of reality to break it down and reconstruct it like its supposed to be. Who/what sets that pattern. Look inside?
    Then it loops back on itself…why we are here to experience physicality… to just …BE.
    (PS nope no drugs here just lack of sleep and some passing thoughts)
    Observation: Im reading the preview. Did anyone see this too? “puzzle pieces” “sand on the beach”. Oneness. “everything is relative.” I see a blank page being blown in the wind here… one torn out of war & peace. Now THATS oversimplification.

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