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On February 6, Whitley Strieber asked Starfire Tor during the recording of the Februrary 14 show if she could bring rain to parched California. Later that day, she emailed him that she was trying. There was no rain in the forecast. When the show aired, still no rain. But by the end of the month, a deluge. This is the second time Whitley has witnessed a Starfire rain prediction come true, and it’s why we’re having Starfire back to explain exactly what happened and why she thinks her Reality Shift Manifestation played a part in it.

Whitley Strieber says, "We live in a world that refuses to recognize the whole of reality. Just as UFO summoner Robert Bingham could bring UFOs to a crowd of people in downtown Los Angeles last week, Starfire Tor seems to be onto something with her Reality Shift Manifestation technique. We need to get into these new areas of human empowerment, explore them with open minds, and learn how to use them."

Dreamland is about empowerment. This program speaks directly and profoundly to that aim. Listen and learn.

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  1. I haven’t listened to the
    I haven’t listened to the interview yet but I’m going to say these things now and perhaps I’ll add to my comments later. What is reality shift manifestation because time travel is a process of trading parallel timelines like musical chairs or as the visitors are pointing out some of us can now reach through into other dimensions or parallel universes and literally grab and pull things out of them and bring them back into our timeline without having to switch timelines so I wonder what Starfire is proposing.

  2. I would love to be a part of
    I would love to be a part of this and you are right the governments dont care,and somebody has to do it.Atlantis all over again!!!!!

  3. Its the magic kingdom and it
    Its the magic kingdom and it reminds me of the king arthur legends and the magic sword which were a probably metaphor for multidimensional understanding and thinking. Is it any wonder he was king?

  4. I continue to be very
    I continue to be very disturbed by Starfire Tor’s meddling in earth’s weather systems. She may have some real knowledge/experience about manipulating timelines, but I do not think that kind of expertise translates to the kind of experiments (?) w/weather that she is performing. For approximately a month (beginning in January) I have been working daily (helps to be retired 😉 on helping earth balance its systems. I know I am not alone in this work as there are many of us who do understand our interconnectedness w/the earth and our innate ability to his assist the earth during this time. Because of the concern about the drought conditions in California and points west, I was pleased to see that some precipitation was making its way down towards California after the breakup of some tightly wound lows/highs (?) in the northern Pacific which kept precip from making its way down the west coast. Perhaps Whitley and Starfire Tor didnt know the rain was coming, but people who are on top of the what, where, and how of earth’s weather systems were and we were all watching it quite closely hoping California might be the recipient of the precip this time. I was not expecting a deluge, and was kinda disappointed that the rain system dipped further south than it seemed it would at first. Snow in the mountains, particularly in northern California, is one of the best solutions to the drought, so I was hoping for the precip to fall mainly in northern California and in the mountains as it seemed poised to do. . . . After listening to this show, I think I know why there was a sudden dip southward and so much rain fell causing mudslides and floods. Starfire Tor.

    When Starfire talks about her weather manipulating, she sounds disturbingly like the corporate types and government officials who are into man-made weather modification systems. Consequences of these “unnatural’ shifts” can end up being worse than the “problems” they are intended to fix/change. Perhaps Whitley has forgotten, but Art Bell did some weather experiments w/his coast audiences — much to his horror. Shades of Atlantis — sad but true — and they destroyed their world thinking they were knowledgeable enough to control/manipulate earth, too. If we want to survive the earth changes, we need to work w/the earth — but in order to do that one needs to align one’s power w/the earth and earth’s vision — not the vision of an individual or group of individuals. The earth will know what to do w/our hopes/intentions/prayers/aligned energies to help her balance.

  5. I’m sorry blue I can’t agree
    I’m sorry blue I can’t agree with you. Multidimensional thinking will allow humanity to navigate these challenging times much better by giving us a broader latitude of outcomes to choose from. Its those that are afraid of it that will imperial and endanger us. Its irresponsible to close one eyes to harnessing these new possibilities if we can. They would not have been given to humanity if they were not to be developed and used as a tool. Shamans have been effecting the weather for centuries so why should we deny ourselves such an ability to responsibly effect and alter our environment for the good. I don’t buy your perception of the matter but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  6. I agree with blue on this
    I agree with blue on this one, and I also agree with Roger.

    Let me start off by saying that Starfire is not presenting anything new. People have been using ‘Reality Shift Manisfestation’ for an incredibly long time. It may go by different names, but it is all the same. Also, I do take exception to her alleged ‘discovery’ of the ‘Core Matrix’. She may have made a discovery on a personal level, but once again the concept has been around for a while (If any of you are familiar with Ellie Crystal out of Brooklyn, New York, this is old news. And she is just one of many who understand and use this concept on a daily basis and others have for centuries.)

    That being said, I agree that all of this is possible, but my experience has been that in performing ‘reality shift manifestation’ it is probably best to keep it as localized as possible. A few years ago I participated in a worldwide event known as ‘The People’s Covenant with the Living Earth’. It was quite positive in nature, and thousands of people, including many native peoples, participated. I must note here that Starfire is correct about the drain of energy that follows after these events. It took me a few days to regain my normal level of energy, and I don’t think it is a coincidence that the person who was an organizer of the event, and also the one that wrote the powerful words of The Covenant, Eutonnah Olsen Dunn, was soon thereafter diagnosed with cancer and died within a couple of years. I also don’t feel it was a coincidence that six months after, there was an enormous earthquake accompanied by the tsunami in the Indian Ocean that claimed thousands of lives. As we all know, since that earthquake, the Earth has experienced intensified earthquake activity (… And also mysterious sounds, booms, and sinkholes.) The day after the earthquake and tsunami, I started connecting the dots, and contacted Eutonnah. I asked her if our world-wide event the previous summer could have set off the the events of December 26th, 2004. Her answer startled me, and she said “Yes.” She also said that sometimes to get things into balance, Mother Earth needed to do some cleansing to get there, and that we had set things in motion.

    I should also mention that the Global Consciousness Project recorded anomalies directly before, during, and immediately after the ‘covenant’ event. The Global Consciousness Project attempts to detect how global consciousness affects physical systems, via monitoring a global system of random number generators.

    Starfire mentioned making little corrections, but she is only human, and what she was doing could have resulted in a an awful disaster for California. She said that ‘intent’ has nothing to do with this process, and she is right. Overall, it turned out well, but maybe not so much for people that experienced losses. All I am saying is that what Starfire and Whitley propose can be done, but should it be done, and are we all well prepared for the consequences of our actions?

    Last month I took the time to look up and research Starfire’s ‘protocols’. They are positive and do appear to be for the ‘highest and best good’. And in all fairness, there have been cases of positive outcomes where reality manifestation shifts worked exactly the way they were intended. During WWII, Wiccan covens all over England worked together to raise a ‘Cone of Power’ to prevent Germany from invading their country. England was attacked from the air and experienced great losses, but Germany did not invade and incorporate the British Isles into its empire. (Yep, raising a Cone of Power is just another way of tapping into the ‘Core Matrix’!)

    Proceed with caution and a ‘reality check’ and know that Mother Earth does call the shots, and to quote Forrest Gump, “Life if like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

  7. I can’t stand how she talks
    I can’t stand how she talks like it’s all HER discovery, HER doing things, HER controlling the weather. As soon as they started talking about how dry California is, I thought back to Gregg Braden in the early 1990s talking about “praying rain” experience with his friend in New Mexico and myself imagined what it used to be like when I lived there to have rain in So Cal. I would never say >> I << did the rain, but thousands of people on this site hearing the discussion, or in Calif, or even preceeding her idea, could easily have made that rain storm. Star's "I I I me me me" makes it hard for me to hear anything else about her message. The idea that the rain happened before she got her team organized to create it and therefore was destructive... give me a break.

  8. If she really wants to help
    If she really wants to help the world – she should get on top of a mass awakening and get rid of GMOs/industrial “farming” and international bankers and corporate malfeasance destroying the planet.

  9. Calm down dear, it’s only a
    Calm down dear, it’s only a commercial…

    I gather that Starfire is off some folks’ Christmas card lists?

    Now, I have known guys who could conjure storm clouds at will, but they couldn’t do it every time, a little like Yuri Gellar. I came to understand their ‘thickening’ of perception through which they began to feel and merge with the atmosphere around them.

    If Starfire can do this, then that’s (to coin one of your nifty American terms) ‘swell’. It’s important that this ability is discussed though, lest it becomes forgotten. There are plenty who would like to see many Human abilities and birth rights forgotten.

    Were that to ever happen, well, watch THX 1138.


  10. Dear Whitley, Did you ever
    Dear Whitley, Did you ever think that these ideas merit a book? This has movie written all over it.

  11. I am of the same opinion as
    I am of the same opinion as Blue, leaning on the side of caution. This kind of knowledge can be deadly even under the best of intentions. REMEMBER, IF/WHEN this knowledge/technology is known by a larger population in our world, he/she/they might not have the best interests of humankind at heart. I can imagine a group of people using such knowledge with the unforeseen consequences of such actions…… I do hope what I am hearing is that Starfire Tor will proceed with caution.

    Below is a classic documentary with comments coming from the Pueblo Indians, (Hopi, Zuni as well as others); most of them scientists in their own field of study. The last ten minutes has been given to opinions as to the WHY, in the END, the complex was burned, sealed and abandoned. One strong thought is the environment started being abused by those who could control the natural/nature forces. I too am thinking of those entities that probably, through ignorance, abused the natural forces of nature that added to the bringing down of Atlantis. “Fools Rush In Where Angels Fear To Tread.”

  12. Just because we CAN do
    Just because we CAN do something doesn’t mean we SHOULD! When Whitley started asking her about “fixing” the Gulf Stream I got very nervous. We don’t understand enough about the climate and weather patterns on this planet to start manipulating it like this. In her defense, she did say that influencing something like the Gulf Stream would require massive study. But my point is – we done enough to this planet. Manipulating weather or climate is not the answer.

  13. I wonder why nobody could
    I wonder why nobody could predict beyond 2012 a few years ago because they hinted the possibilities were too chaotic. The Maya have suggested a change in consciousness starting around now and I believe this change in consciousness is seeing reality through multidimensional thinking and that’s the reason the future couldn’t accurately be seen at the 2012 mark because this is the break between purely linear thinking and the new multidimensional thinking and perspective. Multidimensional thinking makes seeing the future exceedingly more difficult because now we have many more possibilities to pick from and predicting a definite future becomes exponentially more difficult to see.

  14. I am excited and want to
    I am excited and want to participate in the team to establish protocols for assisting Earth in her re-balancing efforts which we have been called to do. Also, those of us that understand the ‘rules’ that we are on a Duality-Planet (3D that is), and are ready to forge ahead, can therefore eradicate the fears for those speaking prior to this post who can join us when they have resolved their conflicts.

    Who am I? That can be shared while for now just know that I learned of Whitley and Ann Strieber in 1986 from a person directly involved in the Communion experience while we were both enrolled in a mystery school by a very special teacher & transcriber that I will share privately, first, and when appropriate to our group.
    I present myself totally in service to what WE CAN do.
    Note that I currently live in Woodland Hills & Topanga and will continue to be in the Los Angeles area devoted to my developing music technology company.

  15. Carollee, thx for the
    Carollee, thx for the reference on Chaco..very interesting & as Linda says, it’s about aiding Gaia in rebalancing. We know tech can advance humanity but in evil or ignorant hands, its promise can set us back centuries, or at least stifle or divert man’s progress. I meditate and pray on our UC community & that our collective intentions (source: Lynne McTaggart) help rebalance Gaia and itsand thus, us–her inhabitants. inhabitants

  16. Carollee, thx for the
    Carollee, thx for the reference on Chaco..very interesting & as Linda says, it’s about aiding Gaia in rebalancing. We know tech can advance humanity but in evil or ignorant hands, its promise can set us back centuries, or at least stifle or divert man’s progress. I meditate and pray on our UC community & that our collective intentions (source: Lynne McTaggart) help rebalance Gaia and itsand thus, us–her inhabitants. inhabitants

  17. Perhaps too much focus on ST
    Perhaps too much focus on ST lately. Also agree with the “I I I me me me” comment. I avoid ST segments and keep hoping for better shows

  18. I really don’t get these
    I really don’t get these Starfire episodes. It sounds like a load of pseudo-science nonsense most of the time. She is a fun guest and I get a kick out of Whitely clearly enjoying the conversation and her company but the content doesn’t resonate with me at all. She is an eccentric and has a very unusual perspective on life so we can enjoy that, but 90% of the time she is speaking my bullshit detector is redlining.

    1. Ari’s Papa…..
      Last Thursday

      Ari’s Papa…..

      Last Thursday night during the group meditation (Whitley’s meditation), the Angel Moroni appeared in my line of vision. I am not Mormon, so, I thought this to be a bit odd. Now you post this news article concerning the prayers of the Latter-day Saints (Mormons). Very synchronistic and wondering just what it could be about, (if anything at all). Did their Angel Moroni respond to their prayers? Was he in their presence?? Thank you for taking the time to post this. If you have any desire to read the whole meditation, go to….. Whitley’s Space then Meditation Group.

  19. I was on the
    I was on the Arizona-California border having dinner in a restaurant in Lake Havasu City a few weeks ago and there was a singer playing six string bass and another guy on keyboards. The singer had a soulful Ray Charles type voice and we started talking when he was taking a break. He asked me if I wanted to hear any song so I asked him to play a Rainy Night in Georgia. I said if he sang it like he meant it, maybe we’d finally get some rain after two and a half months of drought. So hey – I thought we got the rain going since the very next day it started clouding up and then raining. Guess not… Probably the meditation folks or the Angel Maroni or maybe just the weather patterns shifting.

  20. I’d like to ask if anyone
    I’d like to ask if anyone else is experiencing a marked increase in activity during the dreamtime and are getting more messages and information that seem relevant to them. I think this is a sign or precursor to this multidimensional thinking and awareness Starfire is talking about.

  21. I have experimented with
    I have experimented with calling in weather and conversing with weather spirits with some success. When the weather seems extreme, too much drought or heat or cold, I think it’s natural to yearn for a balance. Plants and animals yearn and so do humans. We humans are part of the Earth’s system. Our yearning is heard by the forces we focus on. Now we are learning to yearn, ask, intend with increased efficiency. Star Fire has it down to a science. I do simple tuning in and requesting.
    Our responsibilities are increasing. It’s heady. It’s fun. It’s important. This group is factoring in the ethics of weather modification and protection from collisions…..May we succeed for the good of all!

  22. Have you not told us which
    Have you not told us which movie you read the time-slipped movie review of because this may result in a “grandfather spoiler”?

  23. I want to be a part of your
    I want to be a part of your team! Please put my name on the roster. Let me know if I can help in anyway.

  24. I want to be a part of your
    I want to be a part of your team! Please put my name on the roster. Let me know if I can help in anyway.

  25. I’d love to join the Starfire
    I’d love to join the Starfire Tor team, too.
    Went to the “In the Desert” website, only to find that it had expired. But interestingly enough, I’ve heard about that alleged underground river under the Mojave Desert, too. It was several years ago, so I don’t remember the source, but I can recall reading about a couple of explorers in the High Desert who found a natural cave entrance and followed it deep, deep underground. As they neared the bottom, they heard water running. They were astonished to find a river, the opposite bank of which could not be seen as it was so large. They estimated it to be larger than the Mississippi, and the volume of water moving along steadily was astonishing to them.
    As with so many of these stories (I’ll refer you to the many Lost Dutchman Mine stories for example), the duo cannot rediscover the entrance to this passageway. But the source seemed to be rather reliable at the time. I just pass this along as corroboration to what Whitley mentioned on Dreamland.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for presenting Starfire Tor so much this month! She’s always a fascinating guest, and I’ve learned quite a bit from her appearances here!
    All the best to you and Anne, Whitley!

  26. I haven’t listened to the
    I haven’t listened to the interview but there are a lot of people out there doing various forms of energy work to help with various weather related issues. I’m not saying she didn’t help, but there’s always more going on behind the scenes, that nobody know about…

  27. C’mon–does anybody really
    C’mon–does anybody really believe that Starfire Tor can make it rain? There are many things in which I believe–this is not one of them.

  28. Whitley, I would be very
    Whitley, I would be very interested to know what the film was in your time slip, and what was in the review. These are the sort of facts which may be readily verified, and are sorely needed by lovers of the scientific method like myself who want to bring these unknown truths to light in the world. I have had similar experiences involving the media, specifically television shows, but had little ability to validate the experiences objectively. Please share what you are able – it would be greatly appreciated.

  29. I would love to be part of
    I would love to be part of any team that Whitley and Starfire put together.

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