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In January frequent Dreamland guests Trish and Rob MacGregor brought a very strange astrology discovery to Whitley Strieber’s attention. It seems that there is a relationship between the movement of named asteroids and events relating to the people who have those names. Trish and Rob posted an Insight on this website that goes into more detail, and now Whitley Strieber interviews the astrologer who made the discovery, Alex Miller.

In the interview, Whitley questions Alex about his background in astrology, his discoveries and his work in general. He is a very well informed research astrologer, and has made many fascinating discoveries about this strange, apparently lost science. According to modern science, astrology cannot work. And yet, time and again, it is effective. Why? Alex, who has researched this question deeply, offers some mind-opening and mind-bending answers.

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  1. I had personal chart work
    I had personal chart work done by Alex in 2007. He is very good. I am also an astrologer and I find his work with black holes and other deep space points to be a marvelous complement to the solar system/planetary astrology that is more commonly practiced. His work was very revealing and added a level of understanding about my own natal chart that was subtle and yet powerful. My own work and research in astrology deals with the sidereal placements of the outer planetary transits, especially pluto (even if it is “not a planet anymore”), and how the sidereal placements corresponder to a hidden or subconscious (in the west, at least) impetus toward bringing that which is hidden into the conscious mind through the tropical placements. I am neither a “sidereal astrologer” or a “tropical astrologer”, but think both systems can be used as a compliment to the other, with the sidereal representing the subconscious and the tropical representing the conscious mind or ego self. I found that Alex’s work also meshed well with my own to reveal an even deeper meaning to those outer planet transits and their generational influences on our evolutionary path as a species. I am really excited that Dreamland is featuring interviews with him! Thanks for bringing him on, Whitley and Anne!

    Brian Reeder

  2. Wouldn’t it be odd if the
    Wouldn’t it be odd if the reason astrology works is because Newtonian physics is the wrong interpretation to use in looking at our solar system but instead the quantum physics model is correct and that this provides the necessary clues as to why the bodies in our solar system can effect us energetically. Who would have thought the double slit experiment could possibly provide a clue as to why astrology can work because it weds the quantum world with consciousness and astrology can be understood in these terms. It seems that the entire solar system is a single monolith that meshes together for the development of consciousness but how could the ancients have known this and if this is the truth of the matter our solar system must not be designed randomly. The next question is who or what designed it in this fashion for our growth as a developing race of conscious beings? Does anybody want to guess perhaps it was much more advanced or evolved beings or E.T.s.

  3. I used to think man was a
    I used to think man was a quasi-physical being and this followed naturally from the idea that we are mind, body, and spirit but I now see this as too limiting of an idea because its too earth based. I now think man is a energetic continuum that never ends and our cosmos is an energetic continuum that goes on forever. This expanded view extends my ideas to encompass the galactic and universal realms and could provide the key to understanding how the E.T. and spiritual worlds overlap and intersect. We are naturally part of this energetic continuum so we should be able to access and network with this energetic continuum. This idea helps explain how astrology can work but it has much more profound aspects to it if we can learn how to plug into this energetic network of the cosmos. Its an analogy akin to computers interacting with the web but its nothing in comparison to what we can do when we learn how to energetically access and network with this energetic continuum. Steve Jobs is probably having the last laugh on us all.

  4. Whitley and Alex Miller.
    Whitley and Alex Miller. Thank you, this is a fascinating interview.

    Also, I like this quote…..

    “The signs of the zodiac are karmic patterns; the planets are the looms; the will is the weaver.”


  5. OH my god….. Here’s a plug
    OH my god….. Here’s a plug for ya—- If you’ve seen a UFO You’ve been in it! Holy jeespadraprs! SHATTER!

  6. “If you have seen a UFO, you
    “If you have seen a UFO, you have been in it” is a John Lehr quote & I sincerely hope it is not true! I had my first close encounter at age-16, about 25 feet, which was accompanied by verified time distortion of gaining about an hour rather than the usual report of missing time. I’ve never considered myself an abductee/contactee and feel very ambivalent toward wanting to explore that aspect.

    This experience caused a profound & permanent shift in my world paradigm which I would assess as a positive in my life, but dredge up memories of medical experimentation or possibly physical abuse – I’m not so sure. Life is full of challenges & I am not one to deny problems or hide from them; but abduction is a horse of a different color.

  7. Why does Astrology work?
    Why does Astrology work? Perhaps it is because of a quantum entanglement that occurs at the moment of birth with the Astrological configurations in the sky. Imprinting is also a good term.

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