Von Braschler, author of the classic Seven Secrets of Time Travel, returns to Dreamland with news of his latest research into movement through time, its reality, and exercises that are meant to facilitate it. (In the 3rd half-hour, Whitley describes using one of the exercises himself.) Listen as Von Braschler tells spellbinding stories of movement through time that will leave you thinking that maybe it IS possible.

A classic example of Dreamland high adventure at its very best!

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  1. bought the book and i will try the exercises… i subscribe to the theory were are doing this constantly but un aware. i think bringing more awareness to this phenomena could bring very useful and freeing results. looking forward to the read.

    1. There are many books called “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” which one does he mean? The one by Swami Satchidananda? Or one of the others by other authors but same title?

      1. There are many fine editions. I am familiar with Swami Satchidanada’s commentaries on the yoga sutas and can recomment it. But I think the best edition is the one edited by Edwin Bryant.

  2. I’m in the middle of the broadcast, and have had time shifts myself, and also encountered people that may have been time travelers too. I do want to address the Charlie Chaplin film premiere and the woman with the device. This incident was actually captured on film at the premiere of Chaplin’s film, ‘The Circus’ in 1928. There was controversy surrounding this clip over 10 years ago. In addition, the ‘woman’ looks (and walks) more like a man. The jury is out on this one, but it is weird. I was able to find the clip for those who are interested. As for people’s memories of being there at the time it happened…?


    1. This dear lady appears to just be holding up the collar of her coat because she does not want to be filmed. Looking for current technology in the past is absurd. Who would she be talking to in 1928, the starship Enterprise? Picture this: In 2021 I am filmed absentmindedly scratching my butt. I live my life and die still trying to figure out what it was all about. In 100 years, people are shocked by this video. Why? Because in 100 years, you will activate your anti-gravity car by scratching your butt! So was I a time traveler to 2021 or was I just a guy scratching my butt? Pundits in 2121 will argue endlessly about this! LOL

      1. I agree. Cameras were still new back then and she just didn’t want to be filmed.

      2. ha ha yes who’s she talking to 🙂
        It’s very difficult to verify anything on film nowadays. I recently watched one of the later star wars movies with my son and totally enjoyed it. Only afterwards did I realise that Princess Leia was completely CGI as Carrie Fisher had died before the movie was made. Incredible!

    2. I watched the video multiple times. What strikes me is such:
      1) What is the wrist band or bracelet on his/her wrist?
      2) Why be dressed in period clothing?
      3) I guess you don’t need a cell tower?
      4) is it a hearing aid and she is mumbling?

      The story of the event is she was walking all over the premier and talking out loud to her hand/device.. she attracted a lot of attention and thus the filming. Mysterious?

  3. Time has stopped for me more than once, but most profoundly several years ago on my birthday. I won’t go into it (pretty sure I’ve mentioned in the past), but it was the only time that someone was with me and part of it. It was a lovely moment that I know that I caused, then realized that wishing it would last ‘all day’ wasn’t such a good idea! Plus, I didn’t feel right leaving wildlife frozen in the moment!

    Keep the time-related episodes of ‘Dreamland’ coming!😁

    1. Back in 1997 I was heavily into Carlos Castaneda. Every single second of every single day was spent in connectedness and appraisal of my energy and the conscious universe around me.

      I feel I reached a peak experience whilst studying Carlos’ mystical work ‘The Power of Silence’. That book was more like a bible to me than anything else. To this day I regard it with the highest reverence. I read everything I could get my hands on, sometimes driving for miles seeking bookshops with his work.

      Whilst working at Oxford Circus in London I noticed that the pigeons were not experiencing time as we believe that we experience it. They exist within another flow of time and we seem to chose an habitual appreciation of time rather than make the effort to try to see it as a conscious flow within another parallel being.

      A friend mentioned to me a while back about seeing Doves suspended in time & this resonated with me. Walking home from work that same night, the sky was heavy with dark storm clouds and I could almost feel a tangible density to the clouds. It was as if the clouds were aware of me somehow too. You could say that the very air around me ‘thickened’..

      Once home, I sat intently in semi darkness, in silence, a purist zealot weaving his craft. Connected. In control.. asking for nothing.

      That night, I awoke ‘inside dreaming’ to find a white haired man and a woman looking at me as we sat in a strange, half lit, eerie cafe, I asked the man if he was Carlos but his reply sounded like either ‘I’m his brother’ or ‘I’m his other’. Go figure. The young woman, blonde bobbed hair was not to my liking and I was not to hers. I was acting drunk and had clumsy movements in my dreaming body. The experienced ended.

      So, was this time travel or parallel experience? No idea personally but increasingly waking up with people standing by the bed suggests to me that as Mr Strieber pointed out way back, that we seem to exist within consciousness. Are our bodies worn by an other? Who and when are we?

      I had never seen a photo of Carlos Castaneda or Florinda Donner but a couple of years later I did and hey presto! It was them in the dream. No way I could have known Carlos had jet white hair. Florinda? Well, I think she committed suicide after Carlos died, as did several other of his Witches. Very troubling but the level of zealotry we enjoyed back then was heady stuff.

      Heady stuff indeed, ahhh, the memories.. 0,0

      We move forward though and, by hook or by crook, we grow and find happier, healthier, less caustic paths. Hopefully they are more effective in encouraging us to free us of ourselves whilst also helping us to fall head over heels in love with all of our selfs and dance within the tapestry of consciousness, free of pain whilst honouring it’s light & smiling wryly as we remember the way we were.


      1. Carlos has become dust upon the earth to experience non-ordinary reality perhaps, as his mentor described his own departure.
        Oh, by the way – did you hear Don Henley of The Eagles describe his song “Witchy Woman” as his encounter with the Nagual women described in the Castenada books?

        1. I had not heard it and this is aweome! Thank you bud. Made my evening.

          Peace.. The Nagual Von Berghaus.. (I never really believed it, yet here we are wondering about time?? 0,0)

          Double Peace.

  4. Wonderful show! I also believe you have to bring awareness into the equation. Thanks Whitley!

  5. Author

    This is an issue on your end. The stream is working normally. I’m listening to it right now.

  6. Von mentioned a correlation between time slips and Autumn (Fall)…so around the time of the equinox. I wonder whether there might also be an increase around the Spring equinox too, that no one has realised exists. If true, what might it be about the alignment between the Earth’s equatorial plane and the centre of the Sun’s disk that could cause that?

    Or if the correlation is only related to Autumn, maybe it is liked to hormone levels in the brain… The opposite of Spring fever?!

  7. I like your theory. It is very possibly an earth alignment that affects earth energy.

    1. Just wanted to add that I enjoyed listening to your input Von.

      You have a voice that resonates in an amphibian manner and facilitates connection with source.

      You sound pure and concise.


  8. What is time?
    The visitors once told Whitley that the future is like a body of water, while the past is a frozen block of ice. What, then, is the present? They also told him that there are “bubbles” in the past that they can access. Would love to get more input from them on this matter. Perhaps other contacts have received other messages.
    I have kicked around the idea of time in my head for some time, ever since I read and heard Whitley’s account of his movement through time to New York.
    Perhaps there is no “time” at all, but the present. There is only a NOW, where everything that has happened, and could happen, is encapsulated within an infinite number of universes, and when people journey forward or backward in “time,” they are slipping into one of these parallel universes.

    1. The water / ice analogy sounds to me like a description of the transformation point, or wave crest of time, as it passes through a ‘block’ universe. It seems that consciousness allows us to experience surfing on that crest. I wonder whether that wave might actually BE consciousness…such that there would be no wave, no time, without it.

  9. Very interesting! Mary Summer Rain wrote an important book published by Hampton Road Publishing called PHOENIX RISING which is based on what she was shown in the 1980s about our times now and the near and far future from Astral time travelling with her Blind Chippewa Shaman teacher. All of Summer Rain’s books are well worth our time!

  10. Whitley, when you described your time slip in New York, and if I am remembering correctly, didn’t you at one time say that Nikola Tesla had a laboratory close to where the time slip incident took place??? I might be wrong about that BUT if that is true well then??? What might Tesla been up to?

    Laboratories in New York (1889-1902)


  11. Fascinating interview..lm eager to read the book and then, experiment with time shifts. Often, I close my eyes and meld into the darkness, seeing fluid shapes open and close, appear and disappear. It’s a cool 😎 way to drift asleep.

  12. Steven Hawking said that the reason we can’t remember the future is because of the way we define time.

    1. That reminds me of the movie Arrival (2016)…change the language, change the perception of reality.

  13. If it is possible, as some suggest, to remember future lives, why can’t we remember the future within our own lifetime? Or would that violate some kind of free-will directive, like the time equivalent of trying to pull yourself up with your own bootstraps?

    1. Author

      I think that remembering your own future is prohibited by free will. When people get too close to the visitors, they feel themselves being pulled out of time, which is a huge part of the fear, just like what a fish must experience being pulled out of the water and into a totally incomprehensible and hostile–in fact, deadly–environment.

      The fear we feel when near them is about losing our ignorance of our own future, and thus our reason for living. We are here to experience reality AS IF every moment was new, and we know it, and we will protect that with our lives and more than our lives.

  14. Author

    Cinemeth reminded me in an email that my 1983 time slip in New York happened near where Nikola Tesla’s Manhattan lab, which burned down in 1895, was located.

    I looked it up and it was at 35-38 Fifth Avenue South, which would now be LaGuardia Place. In 1983, we lived in an apartment at 520 LaGuardia Place.

    When the event took place, I was standing on the northwest corner of LaGuardia Place and Houston Street, facing south.

    The lab would have been on the east side of the street, south of Third Street, north of Bleecker. It would have been virtually across the street from our apartment.

    When the incident happened, I would have been standing about 600 feet south of where the lab once stood, and on the west side of the street.

    When it happened, I knew little about Tesla, if anything, and had no idea that his lab had ever been there.

    Fiorello LaGuardia Park is now where the lab once stood. Anne had a big role in the park’s development, and if you enter it and go to the statue of LaGuardia, you will see a plaque below it with the names of the people who did the development, Anne’s included.

    The plaque is literally on the site of the lab!

    What a wonderfully strange world we live in.

  15. Author

    I had no impression of any lab or anything like that.

    There was a man in a derby standing across the street who shouted at me, and a short woman in black clothes who was right at my elbow as I emerged, and moved quickly away from me.

    Like so many of these ultra high strangeness incidents, it now seems quite dreamlike. Not real. And yet at the time I remember how vividly real it was, and how relieved I was when I returned to the “now.” I rushed home and was so glad to see that everything was all right.

    But now here’s something even more fantastic: the incident happened in March. I do not know the exact day, but it was around the second week of March. I just looked up the Tesla lab fire again. It happened on March 13, 1895.

    I wonder if that man shouting at me might have been Tesla. I wonder if my movement through time and the fire are somehow related.

  16. WOW!!!!!!! This is absolutely mind-boggling. Whitley, I wish you could remember more about the man in the derby, things like how tall he was, was he angry or simply shouting for help?

  17. Author

    He was young, not all that tall, wearing a black derby down over his forehead, and a gray suit of an old-fashioned cut. He had no facial hair. My impression was that he was angry, I thought because I had upset the woman.

    In all these years, I have never looked deeply enough into this incident. The reason is that it just feels so unreal. But given what we know about movement through time, that’s probably exactly how a real time slip WOULD feel! Now that I have realized that Tesla’s lab was literally down the block AND it burned in March, the same month in which the time slip happened, I am going to try to look into matters more deeply. One thing that has always made me hesitant about the reality of the experience has been that I had at some point read Jack Finney’s Time and Again. I might have actually experimented with the method of moving back in time that he describes in the book–imagining the past so carefully that you return to it–but I certainly had not done that since reading the book, which must have been 10 years before the incident. However, during the period of the incident, I was thinking a lot about the New York of the 19th Century, and I had “New York Then and Now,” which I used to enjoy looking through, then going to the sites and seeing for myself how they had changed.

    Now I wonder if I was somehow being set up for the experience–or perhaps setting myself up for it. Also, I wonder if I could move through time again. If I really did it then, why not now?

    1. “Also, I wonder if I could move through time again. If I really did it then, why not now?”

      I would certainly think you could, especially after the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation experience.

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