In this extremely intense edition of Dreamland, close encounter witness and researcher Alan Steinfeld brings his powerful intellect and great passion to the issue of contact. As we get closer to official revelation of more UAP video and possibly other information, the enormous community of people who have had close encounters is trying ever harder to understand what has happened to them.

In Making * Contact (and that asterisk is important, listen to the show) Alan Steinfeld brings together a group of essays from many of the major players in the contact movement, including such diverse voices as Linda Moulton Howe, Whitley Strieber, Grant Cameron, Desiree and JJ Hurtak, Dr. John Mack, Henrietta Weeks, Darryl Anka, Mary Rodwell and Caroline Corey.

The result is what is probably the most extraordinary collection of ideas about this bizarre phenomenon ever assembled, and in this interview Alan Steinfeld brilliantly makes sense of the extreme high strangeness that many of these researchers and observers have witnessed, in the process shedding light on just WHY the experience is so diverse and so very hard to understand.

He and Whitley also discuss what sense the people behind the coming disclosures may make of what it happening and speculate on how they might deal with–or possibly dismiss–the high-strangeness stories.

This is a vitally important and extremely intense edition of Dreamland. Don’t miss this one!

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  1. Alan Steinfeld is one of those fascinating persons that I wish I knew personally, just like Whitley Strieber. We would never exhaust subject matter for discussion. But that will never happen, so I am happy that Alan has gifted to the world (like Whitley) a podcast where he interviews many amazing people. While I do not believe every New Ager who is given a forum, I am open to giving them time to speak. I have seen Alan at events but never knew who he was. So I am glad to have this interview so that clueless people like me can now know who he is. Thank you.

  2. An invaluable discussion, filled with light and optimism. It really is starting to feel like we’re standing on the cusp of humanity’s next great step, or, at the least, the next great opportunity. The brief exchange about perceiving a tree for the great being that it is by stripping away the mundane, limiting labels we assign to it stuck out to me. I sometimes take my 6-month old boy out to our yard and hold him under the palm trees that line the back edge. I watch his eyes closely as he looks up at the great swaying leaves and encourage him to communicate to the tree and the light that surrounds it, as I feel that I once did. I pray that that is exactly what he does and that maybe, just maybe, he’ll retain that clarity of vision as he grows older.

    Possibly my earliest memory is of watching late afternoon sunlight filter through parted drapes in my mother’s old bedroom in San Francisco. I’ve always felt that the light was somehow alive and that it was aware of me. I felt a deep unpossessive, companionship.

    Anyway, God bless Whitley, Alan and all of us here who are struggling to take our next steps. Another fantastic Dreamland.

    1. He will. I was a very young mother but was fortunate to have been a part of the New Age blossoming in the late 80s. I became part of the holistic healing community, crystals, the whole enchilada, and although I moved away from it about 20 years ago for a more conventional career, my daughter overcame a lot of personal darkness using those tools and ideas that had been instilled in her, particularly with regards to nature, the camping in the SW and Arkansas, the rocks, the principles of communication with the elements; now she has an amazing career as a yacht chef traveling all over the world to incredible places, having wonderful experiences. She has utilized those tools much better than I did at the time even to create a beautiful life even though at one point, she seemed to be rebelling against them.

  3. The human species may be too young for beliefs. But humans have an instinctual need to create beliefs and all cultures do so, including natives in the Amazon rain forest. I think that few of us can exist without beliefs of some sort, even if it is the belief in having an open mind. Belief making seems to be hardwired in us probably for some sort of survival value, perhaps for species cohesion when humanity lived in small tribal groups secluded from others their entire lives.

    1. Very much agree, William. I was raised a Catholic and to have faith in Jesus but when I came to the conclusion that you just described I knew that I had to initiate my own journey toward faith. Although the journey continues, in the end, my faith and spiritual beliefs are far stronger and deeper rooted than I think they would have been had I stuck quietly with religious dogma.

  4. Every Friday I look forward to the Dreamland podcasts, often following up by reading books of the guests. Each edition adds to an ever growing expansion of consciousness. I do not think it is possible for any group to stop this process. The cat is already out of the bag, even if only a small (but ever growing) group of us can currently see the cat. This podcast was yet another great and thought provoking show.

  5. “Silent witnesses”…Yes, they are. During many emotional, deeply heartfelt moments I have often heard the words in my head, “This is why we watch you.” We very much have a symbiotic relationship with them/us. That is the only way I can explain it. They need us, we need them, and we both need the ALL.

    Much more I could say, but let it suffice that I am starting to get it. It’s painful, it’s beautiful, it’s embedded in the Earth, yet transcends into other planes of being too. It enlightens and also can make us feel crazy.

    And I’ll shut up now…🙂

  6. This is an exceptional interview and a wonderful example of why this website is so important – thank you Whitley and Alan. I am going to make brief comments on apprehending versus comprehending….at one point Jeremy Vaeni and I briefly touched on that fact that there seem to be a high ratio of artists involved in the phenomenon. I suspect that is because we are trained to work in imagery and metaphoric thinking and other ways of experiencing and processing when making art, that we have some “comfort” (I use that rather lightly here- maybe familiarity?) with this kind of interaction. Having said that, my inner alarm goes off whenever I hear someone discussing “aliens” as if they have it all down pat- “this is who they are and why they are here”. That reads of a human translation into “comprehension” that cannot possibly touch on the level of experience I have had- or it seems to me others here on this site have had. I have often wondered if creative practices in combination with meditation might just give us the tools to open the door more profoundly. Any thoughts on this?

    1. Author

      I think you’re talking about something very important here.

      This experience is actually very old and very much a part of human life. I think that it is in more ways than we I have understood close to the core of the creative process, and that our modern exploration of it is to a degree leading us away from our own interior lives.

      In order to explore the interior mystery we have to keep the outer question open. The moment we close the door by embracing the current alien stories as fact, I think we lose our way. And yet there is also truth behind folklore, as it emerges out of an attempt to explain observations that aren’t understood.

      The arts dance along the shadow line that folklore crosses.

    2. I feel that art, creativity and the ability to think symbolically, gets us closer to grasping the ET realities and how they apprehend reality.

    3. As you have pointed out Whitley, We do not truly know ourselves. People in the arts are more inclined to explore and accept this. If the Watchers are even more complex and deeply mysterious as living beings than we are, the material paradigm is even more lacking as a symbolic representation.

  7. As always, excellent interview. I am so glad that we are starting to shift from “What are the aliens doing?” to “What can WE DO?”

    At the Unseen Podcast just released with Richard Dolan and his book the Alien Agenda, he touches on that subject. The next step is about us working on ascending our rainbow bodies, so to speak. The more that we work on our will, our intuition, the less lower entities will be able to manipulate us. And the more that we will acknowledge assistance from the subtle realm that is with us.
    And yes Mr. Steinfeld! I also looked at the stars when I was young. Its funny because its even in my yearbook . I could swear I saw faces looking down at me with sorrow. I guess they knew that it was going to be a tough path. However, I always knew, and they proved it so many times, that I was not alone. This gift is for all of us, not just a few. Nature, the universe, all that is, likes to be acknowledged. Let us not wait only when we have a problem to do it. We are ready for the next adventure. No looking back in the mirror, but forward.

  8. I have yet to discover Dreamland and its treasures.

    However, as I absorb Whitley Strieber’s new book ‘Jesus – A New Vision’ I am convinced that we belong to a celestial community of life that moves from dimension to dimension and has forever.

    He explains the amazing story of a man who teaches the people of the times that they are eternal just as He is. He finally completes his mission of creating a narrative that can not be ignored or buried in time.

    He created a spectacle of His death and subsequent resurrection. The book is an epiphany regarding Christianity and who we humans all are. We are light and the visitors we are soon to meet from across the galaxy are as well.

  9. Fantastic: So much to think about. Thank You.

    I really liked the parts about Humans being unpredictable and therefore there exists an indeterminacy of the future which negates any predictions being completely accurate regardless of AI calculating power. Additionally I thought the statement that when Humans collapse the Unknown into a reality, they are locking themselves out of experiencing true reality.

  10. My eyes welled as I listened to Alan Steinfeld describe his sense of the visitor phenomenon. After all these years spent searching through innumerable books and podcasts, looking for some validation, I’d finally come upon someone whose understanding matched that of the visitors, themselves, as gleaned through their discussions with each other. I’ve known they communicated through symbols since I was three…symbols, metaphor, and the deep emptiness. Layered symbols are non-affronting, like veils. Metaphors frame a thing without touching it, because “it’s through such suggestive elaborations, not the artifice of duality, that the truth can be colored without becoming tainted, that fragile beauty can be circumscribed without getting smudged.” As to the emptiness, “I’m less than an ellipsis held up by suspension points. I am the nothingness that seeps from the gaps between those dots,” and, “so it’s not the two commandments that must be followed, it’s the interval between them that we’re to ambulate along, our steps weaving together what’s been rent in two. I can do that. He closed his eyes and picked up that stippled trail — the breaks between his words, the pauses between his phrases.” Time and space they likened, among other things, to a cookie cutter on flattened dough. Too, Whitley, you mentioned that the “Shining Ones” left in the 90’s and, in some limited sense, I also believe that to be true. And what happened after the 90’s, the fall of the symbolic twin towers, for physical “death” and Souls also play a part, as does the infinite expanse of the imagination, and the relationship of self and other. Finally, Whitley, you mentioned their diadems…”those patent scales were the shards of a shattered mirror. As his vision became crowded with his own eyes, he saw that those myriad mirrors to his Soul were themselves filled with a burning. Furthermore, these scintillating Suns of pure love were the true source of the redundant shining.”

  11. I agree that the soul is an “angel” or as the ancient Greek pre-socratic philosophers who studied Pythagoreansim and Orphism said, we are “daimons.” That knowledge, they recognized even in their own time was being lost and corrupted. Because they were persecuted, the Pythagoreans were sworn to secrecy. They seemed to recognize the knowledge of our power was a threat to someone. That is to say that we are the “demons” too, which is another way of saying “daimon,” because when we downloaded ourselves into the evolving human form in this dimension, it was not quite ready to handle our true form and our consciousness split. This world is binary, operates on the basis of polarity of opposites. Perhaps this is why the “tree of knowledge of good and evil” was forbidden by the ones who were bio-engineering this world because our conscious by necessity splits when we take a body. As a result, there is much suffering and many of us have been stuck for a long time and have continued to devolve. Some of us have arrested the problem with the various methods and support at hand and pulled ourselves up out of the rut and are trying to ascend in spite of the density of the situation. This is not an easy process and we do have help from the discarnate daimons who make progress themselves by helping us. We have been forbidden from knowing who we are by those who profit from our ignorance and emotional turmoil, which is an energy that they apparently feed on. (The gods want blood because blood is life force.) Anyway, gaslighting is such a ubiquitous part of this culture that it astounds me that we are able to make any progress because we actually gaslight our own selves now. This interview brought up so many important points, but I think we are more powerful than “they” are when we know who we are and that is the big secret they are afraid of getting out.

  12. Our 4 dimensional existence is but a layer of the profound ULTRA REALITY.

  13. I told Whitley, what I have found in these comments are the most intelligent and sophisticated insights in the phenomena that I have ever read online. And these views should give us a sense of hope and maybe relief that we are at least getting closer to apprehending the incomprehensible. The shift in reality comes, when we can give up our attachment to the known. Like Don Juan told Carlos Castaneda, about the awareness of the ancient world of the Toltec seers, were able to take a somersault into abstract awareness, and know without words.

    1. There are many commonalities between this experience and what Don Juan was teaching Castaneda. The first and second attention duality is something we see over and over here, but worded differently.

      The concept that has resonated with me the most is the goal of “….having joy.” I remember Don Juan explaining that to Castaneda, and how it was very different from happiness. Whitley’s referencing joy just sealed the deal for me. Have joy. I like the sound of that.

  14. Don Juan also told Carlos Castaneda that he needed to let go of his history in order to comprehend the invisible. We can only carry just so many rocks in our lives at one time and need to allow ourselves to put some down in order to pick up new ones. We need to stop defining ourselves by our personal history.

    Symbols appear all around us. I receive steady confirmation for the work I am doing. The film NOMADLAND made me smile for many reasons. To glorify a woman in her sixties who takes off for the Badlands of South Dakota as an independent, soul-centered being is very familiar.

    Here is to all of us leaving behind the things we no longer need or want in our lives so we can embrace the new.

  15. The voice of Me
    You’ve given the main character of your story power to determine your reality. Me is the person you accept as your real self. Me is everything you believe you are. Me doesn’t refer to anything real. It refers to an image, an idea we have of ourselves. Me is not what you actually are. You are life, or the energy that made you a physical being.
    Reality is everyone’s personal creation.
    An aware mind is the secret to making our reality work for us. Your body is real but me is fictional. Once the voice in our heads loses authority, it turns silent. The power of attention is what makes it possible to take notice and learn. Look,Listen, and observe without judgement.

  16. They want to “feel” and experience LOVE
    in the many ways we express-NEW
    they do not have a concept of how we express our feelings about our children
    and the expression of how we feel “wonder”

    1. Author

      Very insightful. It’s why the Dreamland starting this Friday is about that very subject.

    2. James Day, that would be TWO words. (Ha, ha). As always, I am looking forward to this 2021 year of CROP CIRCLES. I am hoping all of you science minded subscribers, actually everyone, will pay close attention to a significant crop circle that might have to do with the advanced technology of ‘LIGHT.’ A gift to humanity if we have the ability to UNDERSTAND it.

  17. What a lovely conversation. Still lots to unpack, and that’ll require several more listens, but I’m fine with that. Well worth it.

    As to the commentary on the abstract nature of the phenomenon, and the symbols that accompany it, I can point to some of my personal experiences that I now have to reevaluate.

    After hearing the podcast, my past experiences/observations are seen in a different light. One of which I posted on the message board here. The object in question seems obviously beyond a “collapsed waveform” explanation – at least in hindsight. I had initially tried to compartmentalize it within the framework of a label (i.e. the “tree” analogy, as per Mr. Steinfeld). Over the years that label never stuck, but now I acknowledge the object as the symbol that it was/is.

    Thanks for that, Mr. Steinfeld.

  18. Another great episode. Just preordered the audiobook. Have heard Alan at several panels with the Hurtaks, but it’s nice to have a viewpoint and story to go with the voice.

  19. I’ve had to listen to this four times to hear it all the way through. I keep falling asleep and going to another existence. Whole days (lives?) pass in these dreams and I’m left with a deep sense of peace and gratitude. I’ve always visited other lives in my dreams.

  20. A unified humanity will need to care about each other’s feelings. To do that, we need to respect and appreciate our own feelings. Each of our hopes, desires, pleasures and pains are legitimate. To accept others’ feelings, I have to admit my own, and when I admit my own feelings, I realize that others feel just as strongly. When we admit people have strong feelings, there is no reason to stop there. The universe is alive with awareness and feeling. Stop invalidating emotions. Then we can live in empathy as humanity, earthlings and cosmic friends.

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