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When two people who have both lost loved ones and reconnected with them come together, you can expect something very rich and very beautiful to happen, and this inspiring discussion between Matthew McKay who lost his 23 year old son to murder, and Whitley Strieber, who lost his wife of 45 years to cancer, is a prime example.

Both Matthew and Whitley have discovered the same thing by different routes: the dead are still with us. The idea that there is no soul is a cruel illusion.

Dreamland’s Year of Awakening is about many things, among them building a bridge of love between the living and the dead.

Join Whitley and Matthew and Anne and Matthew’s son Jordan in an heart and mind expanding conversation that will help you open your own channel of communication to those you love and have lost.

But have you lost them? Just listen.

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  1. Extraordinary opening to the
    Extraordinary opening to the show and deeply moving. Someone very close to me passed several years ago. The first time I saw him in a dream after he had passed I said to him, “It’s so good to see you again!” His response was a very matter-of-fact–with these exact words–“I’m right here.” The impact of those words has stayed strongly with me ever since. To hear them echoed again during the interview is a wonderful reminder of how close we really are to that side of life.

  2. I have a question: are those
    I have a question: are those that were malevolent in life, also in death..I am coming closer to the understanding that there really is no VEIL..unless we choose to believe there is..that it truly is ONE HUGE THING..there is no there, or here..there is only an awareness of there or here, as taught by our parents, our churches, our books, our movies….we are not our entire personalities as me, Rozmund, or you as Whitley, but strands of ourselves bundled together to achieve a pre concocted “plan” or a body, until we become unbundled in the flesh, drop the body, and unemcumbered rejoin our larger self…which is comprised of many many selves to .infinity ..some resting, some still out there experiencing, some having done that, been there, are now on levels perhaps not readily available to the other selves that make us who we are..but never static, always in a state of “becoming” not necessarily in an logical progression..could be up, down, side ways, or even in circles, .so what of the that just not another way of creating a feeling of a dimension
    that we can comprehend..that separates us from our body..when truly we may be
    neither…that I am asking my other selves to give me a clue…anyhoo, questions but
    there is an answer to everything..but what I am seeking is the truthful answer…and
    it may be so complicated, to the challenged human mind as to be almost impossible to digest..even if one could in a flash comprehend it..the comprehension would never survive the links from comprehension, to logical sorting in the mind, to a commitment to paper, to the countless rounds of second guessing and validation from anywhere .even to greater minds long gone from the planet..except it is not just this planet – is
    it..we are a part of many universes, in the cosmos…so again, a brick wall to the mortal mind..and so it becomes a thought fleshed out
    encouched in a fictional story – and then a book – and then…we meet in the after life
    and compare notes to say…”did we help anyone really to understand”…NOT REALLY…
    okay then, let’s have another crack at it, pick another subject and channel our hearts out…

    hey, my rendition is as good as the next person..and maybe quite close..but the question for me is..if a person in corporeal existence was a menace to others in corporeal existence…i.e. Jack the Ripper…what is he, in non-physical?? Jump in anyone…and if by some miracle, even I ever humble get some kind of a clue, however weird, I too will share on the site…cheers

    1. Nice job…Rozmund. Well done
      Nice job…Rozmund. Well done relating exactly what it is like… I have found only one way to get out of this unending spiral.

      When i focus on caring -usually for another person… no matter what. I have learned that i must take care of myself, too.
      Forgiving another is easy – i hurt others so I need to be forgiven.
      Being “right” isn’t quite as important as “being there for another and hearing the “other side.” Hearing for understanding another – brings being heard and understood.
      My struggles show where i need to grow and become more who i really am and who i want to become. This is sometimes very hard. I am given as many times to grow as i need.
      There have been so very many “helps” all along the way.
      I don’t always want to see or accept this truth.

      In essence, we are alike. Going within and without, seeing “same” everywhere… opens a space within. It isn’t about me… it’s about us. Truth lies in loving service. What i do to others, i do to myself. What i think of others, i think of myself. What i say, think, do…matters.
      The benefits are amazing and unexpected. More than i would have ever asked. All gift… given and received.

  3. I like the children’s
    I like the children’s song..if you look…
    Row row row your boat
    gently down the stream
    merrily merrily merrily
    life is but a dream.
    When you think about it, the boat of You going thru the stream of life….

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  5. A great show, Whitley. Truth
    A great show, Whitley. Truth is beautiful. I am touched by your words, Anne’s words, your care for us listeners, and your guest.

    Matthew’s words are beautiful – how deeply touched/moved you are, is heard in your voice. I very much appreciate excellent writing that speaks deep truth. This is a gift, i agree. One not so often achieved. Thank you to both you and Matthew for sharing your gifts.

    So much of this program resonates with my life. Perhaps that is why i heard Anne’s voice when i read of her passing over. I have been so moved by your and her words and love all these years. Connections of love… at every level and moment. How beautiful it is.

    I listened to Heather Wade’s show in the morning (before i heard your show in the evening)- about this very same thing!!!

    Thanks for this show Whitley. It is truly special.

  6. This was a particularly
    This was a particularly enjoyable show. I lay in a hot bath, listening and drifting off so pleasantly then came a crash that woke me up. My spin drier had vibrated a bottle off the bath edge just at the point where ‘letting them in’ was being discussed.



    1. Very apropos, Von Hausenberg!
      Very apropos, Von Hausenberg!

  7. Wonderful show as always.
    Wonderful show as always. Dreamland is so great and somehow is getting even more important and informative. Thank you

  8. What an interesting,
    What an interesting, excellent and helpful program! Thanks to all of you!

  9. My goodness, check out the
    My goodness, check out the website. I haven’t even left the first page! Really profound stuff. Thank you all for the interview, truly wonderful!

  10. Whitley and Matthew
    Whitley and Matthew McKay…….

    I was so moved with this story about William Blake that I want to share it with everyone. There is an enormous potential that lies within the heart/soul of us ALL.

    William Blake from the Andrew Collins website…..

    Then wanting to know more, I found this……..

    Our human essence is comprised of qualities and capabilities which we, in part, must develop during mortal existence, what Plato and other Greeks referred to as Arete (àρετή), the fulfillment of purpose or function: the act of achieving one’s full potential. In its modern representation Arete can best be explicated by the concept and function of “progressive awareness.” The Arete aspect of our human essence cannot be “given” to us when we are brought into being as eternal, evolving persons; we must develop our full potential on our own (or not)–first during mortal existence and then after death during our return to fuller awareness of eternal being.

    “William Blake is one of the great mystics of the world; and he is by far the greatest and most profound who has spoken in English. Like Henry More and Wordsworth, he lived in a world of glory, of spirit and of vision, which, for him, was the only real world. At the age of four he saw God looking in at the window, and from that time until he welcomed the approach of death by singing songs of joy which made the rafters ring, he lived in an atmosphere of divine illumination.”

    Caroline F. E. Spurgeon, Mysticism in English Literature, (1913)

  11. Awesome!! Thank you all. 🙂
    Awesome!! Thank you all. 🙂

  12. This show was wonderful to
    This show was wonderful to do! Apropos of your comment, Timothy. Anne also says “I’m right here” if I ask her where she is. She often seems to be just behind me, a sort of whisper in the back of my head. When I ask her to move around to the front, she does. Then I can almost see her.

  13. What an unbelievable show.
    What an unbelievable show. This show alone was worth an entire year subscription to Unknown Country. Whitley has had a number of very smart, articulate, and interesting guest on Dreamland over the years and I’ve got to put Matthew McKay right at the very top of the list. I have added his book to my must-read queue.

  14. Ok for everybody trying to
    Ok for everybody trying to reconcile the physical side of paradise with the spiritual side, here is an allegory.= Imagine you are in a desert (and you are dying!), no water, nothing, you are this being who is dying for whatever reasons, (thirst etc.). But ohh,you see palm trees ahead. Now you follow this vision to a paradise full of pools, moisture, trees, dates, fruits, all, (AN OASIS)! Ok, now what? Now you have quenched your thirst and hunger but you still have a longing for the dry, still, BEAUTIFUL, desert. You can still go there, but will you leave the oasis? If you do leave, for how long and how far? Maybe it would be to try to finish the original journey or maybe to find another oasis or type of oasis/civilization. Maybe one day, you might eventually return to this first oasis to once again bond with those moments in time/eternity. Maybe at some point, you find the whole, deep, FOREST’s. Maybe at some point, you find the huge crystal cities. … to be cont’d.

  15. This show really made a
    This show really made a lasting impression on me. I thought Dr. McKay was an incredible guest who shared new and valuable insight. I read “Seeking Jordan” days after listening the Dreamland show.

    This got me thinking about the visitors and how they may fit into this vision as outlined by Dr. McKay. Could the visitors be a type of rogue soul group? Perhaps from a different world, where they have evolved to the point of being able to pass between the physical world and the world of the dead. Perhaps they are looking to gather or collect other souls to their group for the purpose of expanding their collective knowledge and experience base. Could Whitley and other abductees potentially be souls they are targeting to have join their group? From Communication, the Visitors are quoted as saying, “We recycle souls”. Are they attempting to create biological entities (bodies), which they could use to allow members of their soul group to enter our world and gain Earthly experiences outside the normal child bearing process? Perhaps they have had success in this – or near success. This would explain the collection of sperm and other material that so many abductees have claimed to have had taken from them. Could they be motivated to create their own universe? An attempt to be God – or another God.

    I think when Anne Strieber said the visitors “have something to do with what we call death”, she was correct but I’m not sure there is any true separation or difference between living and dead. In other words, we all have something to do with the dead. It is a normal part of our existence.

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