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Barbara Hand Clow is one of the great visionaries of our time, and she returns to Dreamland with some truly
mind-opening and empowering information. She tells us about the hidden meanings in her powerful new book Revelations of the Ruby Crystal, then goes on to discuss the transition between Pisces and Aquarius that we are experiencing now, and what it means for all of us.

In the second half of the show, she offers some amazing information about ritual and trance postures, and their power to draw us into other dimensions and higher levels of consciousness. You will almost certainly never heard anything like this before. She has also made a discovery about Gobekli Tepe in regard to these postures that is truly amazing.

From Catastrophobia to Revelations of the Ruby Crystal, Barbara Hand Clow has opened our minds more and more, and continues to do just that in this interview!

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  1. I have not listened to the
    I have not listened to the Dreamland episode yet.

    However, last night, I listened to the awakenings episode 11 and performed the meditation before going to bed. I had a very lucid dream that seemed like I was living in a parallel universe/timeline. In this other reality people seemed to have much more compassion and more freedom of expression than they do here. The most startling part was that there I was listening to the same Awakenings episode 11. However, I noticed that the headphones I was using weren’t plugged into anything. Maybe they were wireless.

    The lucid dream was an amazing experience.

  2. very quickly, what happened
    very quickly, what happened to awakenings 9 again? I seems to have not been posted.

    1. I noticed something similar.
      I noticed something similar. If you count the number of this series in the subscriber special list there are 10 episodes. The latest one is numbered 11. ?
      This episode was another gift. Thank you.

  3. This lady is absolutely one
    This lady is absolutely one of your most insightful guests.
    My only comment is– If I have to give my free will over to any electronic device, I will give it freely if the device argues with insurance companies for me.

  4. When I heard Barbara mention
    When I heard Barbara mention ARCTURUS, I thought I would find something to post regarding what EDGAR CAYCE had to say about this star for those not familiar with the readings.

    A.R.E. Blog…… Arcturus.
    From A.R.E.’s annual 2012 Conference: A New Body, A New Mind.

    Edgar Cayce’s readings mentioned the radiant golden-orange star Arcturus over 30 times and regarded it as the “stargate”—an entranceway to other parts of the universe or to other realms of consciousness:

    827-1 “Arcturus, the wonderful, the beautiful! As the bright and glorious light…”

  5. I would just like to point
    I would just like to point out that Stephen Hawking and Yuri Milner are shooting for Alpha Centauri, not Arcturus. As soon as I heard Whitely mention Arcturus the alarms went off, then Barbara took off and ran with it!

    Alpha Centauri is 4.367 light years and Arcturus is over 36 light years distant and that would make a big difference in terms of travel time for the postage stamp sized ‘star chip ship.’ I have been intrigued since I was a small child with the idea of traveling to the stars, but this project using a chip-sized ship and a giant laser housed on Earth for propulsion seems really ‘out there’ and not very practical either. I have been reading as much as i can about this project since it was announced, and with all due respect to Professor Hawking, I feel this idea needs a do-over.

    THAT being said, I always enjoy interviews with Barbara Hand Clow, I follow her website, and I also own several of her books. She brings a great deal of common sense to topics many might consider ‘woo-woo’, and she also has come up with some pretty original ideas and thinking as well.

  6. During this show Barbara said
    During this show Barbara said that using social media and texting resulted in a loss of free will. Whitley agreed but I don’t understand their point at all.

    How does texting someone or going on Facebook give up your free will? I don’t see the connection can someone explain? Whitley?

    1. WayfaringDreamer,
      I can think


      I can think of a few reasons why texting and social media can result in a loss of free will. First off, they are ways of connecting without actually connecting and it often involves a lot of anonymity as well. You do not look into eyes or connect with the soul of the person, in most instances. You are ‘following’ a personality rather than engaging in an actual relationship. Social media preys on our vulnerabilities and lack of confidence in ourselves. In addition, both social media and texting have turned into new forms of addiction for many people, especially the younger generation. Do we even want to go into the element of narcissism that seems to accompany social media? Am I the only one that finds the term ‘selfie’ somewhat repugnant?

      As with all things, moderation is key, but there is less and less moderation in the world today, and these days the ubiquitous nature of the word ‘extreme’ says it all…

      1. I agree with your points but
        I agree with your points but they don’t address the issue of “Free Will” I’ve made some deeply soulful connections through the internet that wouldn’t have been possible without it. It also allows me to keep in touch with my soul tribe though we are scattered all over the globe. Addictions and narcissm abound outside of the internet as well. I think it’s really about how we use it which is free will.

        I’d love to hear what Whitley and Barbara meant by this in the interview. I’m sure they had a valid point but they didn’t explain assuming everybody understood.

  7. What we were referring to is
    What we were referring to is that way that social media sucks attention, not because of some intrinsic fault, but because it consists of so many small bits of information, causing the mind to move from bit to bit without the attention ever coming to rest. This induces a lack of examination and reflection, and it is in these two things that free will–a considered and conscious inner life–rests.

    1. Exactly right, Whitley.
      Exactly right, Whitley. Social media appears to lead to lack of discernment, due to the sheer volume of information coming in that is NOT being processed, just observed briefly as it whizzes by. People are getting lots of information, but they don’t ‘know’ anything!

      It’s kind of creepy…

  8. Before I read Whitley’s
    Before I read Whitley’s response above, I wrote the following – I thought I might as well post it anyway…

    “I wonder whether the strong and repeated compulsion that many feel to check for social media updates and received texts is what Barbara was referring to? Having being diagnosed with OCD several years ago, I know that many of my compulsions have generated a very real (but illusory) sense of an erosion of my free will, to do anything but enact the compulsion…but that is not to say they cannot be overcome – they can – if you are willing to experience a short term spike in fear. Those compulsions are normally generated as a response to a thought (sometime pushed so far back as to not even be discernible), that something very bad will happen…so the enacting of that compulsion is performed to attempt to mitigate that fear.
    As an example, you have a thought of your house setting on fire, so you check that the gas is off. (Unfortunately with OCD, that red flag does not go away after you have actually checked the gas is off). So with social media and text checking, I can only assume there is some associated fear that the current connections to friends / loved ones will be lost or eroded (“they will think I don’t care”, “I might miss something important”, etc., etc.), or an inclusion within a tight social group might be harmed…

    So if there are any parallels to be had here at all, I would suggest that this media checking compulsion, that many seem to possess, does not involve a complete removal of free will but, as I said, an illusory, but very real sense of an erosion of it.”

  9. I enjoyed BHC’s Alchemy of
    I enjoyed BHC’s Alchemy of the 9 dimensions. I think this trilogy of the passage of Pisces into Aquarius is a lukewarm idea. I just don’t see the entire Catholic Church connection. Are they using child abuse to initiate kids into becoming ‘sensitive’s’? To provide insight and control into the parallel dimensions?

    Or are they just debased predators attracted to the priesthood ( much like a camp counselor etc) in order to have access to a supply of exploitable children shielded by trust?

  10. Ummmm….. Has anyone here
    Ummmm….. Has anyone here actually read the Pleiadian Agenda by this person? It reads like the rambling rants of a lunatic. It is filled with meaningless jargon taken out of context from a million different sources. I’m with you Whit on a lot of your ideas, but this is utterly ridiculous and, dare I say, insulting our intelligence. COME ON!

  11. Thanks for that clarification
    Thanks for that clarification Whitley! Now I understand your point.

  12. I enjoyed that. That was
    I enjoyed that. That was good.

  13. Please don’t accuse me of
    Please don’t accuse me of things, Scotticus. I am trying to present the edge. Barbara Hand Clow has many interesting ideas, and, in Catastrophobia, wrote a book that has become a classic of its kind. Again and again, people jump to the conclusion that the fact that I have a guest on my show means that I endorse every word that individual has ever said. I have guests on because they’re interesting, not because I agree with them or disagree with them. My opinions I keep to myself.

  14. A lot of truth mixed with a
    A lot of truth mixed with a little poison.

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