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A few weeks ago on Coast to Coast AM, Linda Moulton Howe offered a brief report about the Cape Girardeau, Missouri UFO crash of 1941. Here, she and Whitley go into much more detail about this extraordinary incident. What actually happened and how might it have affected the US atomic weapons program at the time? What did it have to do with the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt on the anniversary of the incident four years later? And why was then Vice President Harry S. Truman actually IN the US Capitol basement, possibly where the bodies and debris recovered from that crash are stored, at the very hour of Roosevelt’s death?

This is an extremely strange story that suggests that our world, quite simply, may not be what it seems, and that at least some of our leaders know this and are caught up in the tide of the unknown.

Listen as Linda reports  in depth, and she and Whitley have another of those mind-boggling dialogues about what might lie behind the deepest secrets in the world.

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A note from Whitley Strieber: As fantastic as this story is, it is NOT an April Fool’s joke. It is just a coincidence that the show falls on April 1!

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  1. Fascinating program! I have
    Fascinating program! I have three questions. First, I have always heard and read that Vice President Truman did not know about the atomic bomb until after he became president. Yet according to these sources, he already knew about ETs before FDR’s death. Is it likely he would know about ETs but not about atomic secrets? Second, are the source documents definitely authentic, or do I gather that other testimonies are deemed to be sufficient corroborating information? And third, FDR was a man of great faith and led the nation in prayer on D-Day. Does it seem likely he would plunge into a suicidal mode by early 1945? Again, these claimed events are breathtaking and amazing, and I am grateful for you sharing these findings!

  2. FDR had several extra-marital
    FDR had several extra-marital affairs. I don’t know that I would call him a man of great faith.

    In any case, my question is this: If they were androids, what were they doing in formaldehyde?

  3. Amazing program. I wish
    Amazing program. I wish disclosure would happen. I can’t see much changing for the better unless we acknowledge the existence of ETs.

  4. Could it be, that fact that
    Could it be, that fact that this aired on April 1, have anything to do with this show?
    Hope not cause it is a really good one.

  5. What about the crash in
    What about the crash in Aurora, Texas in 1890?

  6. Linda and Whitley, loved this
    Linda and Whitley, loved this report/interview, especially the part regarding the disappearing insurance agent; I am posting some interesting facts.

    In years gone by the unusual thing was that the premium was popularly paid on a weekly basis. The insurance agent would have a list and go from door to door collecting these premiums every week, this also gave agents an opportunity to stay in touch with the community/neighbors.

    The many incarnations of GENERAL AMERICAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY of St. Louis, Missouri…..GenAmerica…..In 1999 the company lost its independence, a “liquidity crisis,” and is now part of the MetLife banner.
    Rockefeller…..Section 8 Page 11

    The incorporators and first board of directors consisted of seven men from Carthage, three from St. Louis, and three from Alton, Illinois, though the $2 million capital stock was owned by a New York holding company headed by (David M Milton), son-in-law of ((John D. Rockefeller, Jr.)), and Milton’s associates. An amendment to the charter officially relocated General American’s home office from Carthage to St. Louis where the company took over the Missouri State Life Building at 1501 Locust.

    ((Laurance S. Rockefeller )), the fourth child of John D. Rockefeller Jr., Rockefeller was a successful venture capitalist, philanthropist, and conservationist. One of his lesser-known interests was UFOs. (He died in 2004.)

    (Sidney Souers) was, Executive, General American Life Insurance Company.

    (Rear Adm. Sidney Souers), (((Majestic-12)))…..

    Also remembering a famous quote……
    “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”
    ……..Harry S Truman

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