In this beautiful, amazing stunner we cross the sweep of time from Chauvet Cave to Gobekli Tepe to Diana Pasulka’s amazing comment that insiders are now calling the visitors our “sponsors” and then go beyond into some of the deepest and most brilliantly coherent speculations about our visitors ever recorded.

We explore amazing questions, such as why is the “donation site” Diana Pasulka talks about in American Cosmic near the same location that, in the seventeenth century, Maria of Agreda bilocated and appeared to the local native American tribes? Then we go with John Santos into caves beneath Teotihuacan to find out how they “activated” knowledge traditions that are beginning to make sense in terms of the visitor experience.

Never never never has there been anything like this conversation anywhere at any convention, or any podcast, show or anywhere!

Jeff Kripal’s website is Diana Walsh Pasulka can be found at DianaWalshPasulka. Learn more about John Phillip Santos on his University of Texas at San Antonio profile.

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  1. If the future already exists, if it has already happened, why would any being go back in time, since nothing could be changed? Would it just be an exercise in futility?

    In my understanding the future is a probabilistic multiverse until it falls through the present. Some premonitions involve others for which our actions or choices are uninvolved. If someone has a premonition of a personal event and listens to it, it does not happen, so is it still a premonition and did they really avoid trouble or just miss a party?

    Dean Radin did a meta-analysis of accidents (bus, plane, and train wreaks) and found that a higher percentage of people did not show up who had purchased tickets than the normal baseline. Premonitions do not imply the future already happened. Something much more complex in the relationship of consciousness and entangled changes is involved.

    1. Hi, I don’t know what I’m talking about, because I am only human, but;
      As I understand it, if you are outside time as we perceive it, moving through time becomes like moving through space for us.

      We don’t go backwards in space to change things to affect things in front of us (well sometimes we do, but you get the idea). Objects behind us are just as relevant as those objects beside and in front of us. If we had no sideways movement and could only move on one plane, that would be a mystery to us in the same way time is confusing now.

      I think we must accept that our vehicle can’t really imagine how it all works, but it isn’t what we think.

      In answer to your question, I have no idea.

      1. I am not privy to the answer either, but have spent countless hours contemplating this. As I understand it, as long as one is a Soul, or individual ray of consciousness, there is no outside of time. In that sense ‘You’ (or ‘I’ or any individual perceiver) will never be outside of time (individual perception would end). Nor will all of this ever-changing form of mystery (the totality of the Universe including mental, emotional, and dream dimensions) be outside of time. Perhaps the over-soul of the entire creation is outside of time, but as an individual consciousness the meme of being ‘outside of time’ is an imaginative story. Precognition is real, it is the perception of a statistically likely event. As living beings (individualized rays of consciousness perceiving) we can change those odds at any time; but alas, we tend to ignore the guidance and thus the statistically likely (even if precognized) does indeed occur.

        1. As i understand it. After death, after the soul passes though the tunnel of light then it is no longer in the time stream. Mary Summer Rain traveled to the future once during an OBE with her spiritual teacher, No Eyes. In her book Phoenix Rising, i think.

          1. I cannot say, but it seems to me the dead are still bound by time and destined to a next life. Time may not pass at the same rate.

            In the premonitions that I have had, I never got the sense that it was a fixed future, rather that it was where things were headed with momentum.

            One cannot say dreaming is outside of time, though it is another dimension, it has sequential perception, transformations, and changes.

            Would ‘outside of time’ be total void or everything all at once? Either seems to imply the total destruction of being a soul of perception, an individual sentient entity.

            I appreciate the dialog. Thanks for commenting.

        2. When I say “Outside of time”, I mean (as I said) “time, as we perceive it”. I am not suggesting that “time” itself ends, but rather our perception and therefore interaction with it, changes. I think our relationship to what we call time, becomes none linear and therefore almost unimaginable to the linear understanding of our present state.

  2. I chuckle at the idea, that of all the things humanity could see into the future for, the pepperoni pizza placement machine took precedence 🙂

  3. 2 epic shows 3 epic people with great thoughts.. reminds me of college years at the coffee houses and all our intellectual discussions.

    Time.. The information age and its full weight is upon us. When I think of BW TV with a hand channel knob in the mid 70’s, and waiting for an All in the family episode to be aired on Friday night….its so archaic with our instant access on our “Time”…

  4. Such an important and heartfelt conversation among four beautiful seekers and edge walkers. Thank you each for the intensely thoughtful, creative and courageous work you do and for sharing it with us!

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