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Freddy Silva has provided some of the most remarkable interviews that Dreamlanders have ever heard, and this one is no exception. Here, he discusses the hidden and very ancient history of resurrection. Was Jesus, alone, raised from the dead, and what does that mean, anyway? What does resurrection have to do with your life and the life of your own soul?

In this powerful interview and his explosive book, the Lost Art of Resurrection, Freddy explodes the myth of a single, unique resurrection and shows how an ancient soul practice of incalculable importance has a vital role to play in our lives today.

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More on Kriya Yoga as discussed in the program: Click Here.

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  1. Amazing show. For better or
    Amazing show. For better or worse I just made a significant life decision based off of this show. I would appreciate prayers? Thanks everyone and thanks for a great show.

  2. Many can hear it, see it and
    Many can hear it, see it and certainly smell it, and, on occasion, it’ll even scratch your back, (reaching right on down there and scratching the exact spot).
    We’re all here for a while, with stories to tell, attached names and faces, hopes and fears.

    Soon we’ll look back and realise we’re the ones helping the mind-cows and then, again, soon enough, we’ll all be talking about this once more, perhaps through another tongue, through another cultural window.


  3. Freddy Silva. As I listen to
    Freddy Silva. As I listen to this interview it feels like you are leading a rich life of discovery. There is so much ancient esoteric history being brought forth in this interview and for some of us new information. It would be GREAT if you would come back and share more stories/things that have happened in regards to your personal experiences as well as those who have traveled with you to these SACRED SITES.

    For me, the potential for humankind goes…….We are…….”Here, There and Everywhere” (credited to Lennon–McCartney).

    I think this is the sacred site you mentioned…..(SHIPROCK, NEW MEXICO).

  4. One excellent book by Mr.
    One excellent book by Mr. Silva is ‘Commonwealth’, and it is all about sacred sites world-wide, and he even offers suggestions for how to create sacred space within your home environment. (We can’t all have the time and money to be world travelers, but that does not mean that we cannot encounter the sacred on a daily basis…We are quite literally, surrounded by it, and sometimes we just need a reminder that it is there. The beauty of ancient, sacred sites is that they are solid reminders of the sacred that can be seen, felt, touched, and experienced, and carrying energies through All Time, but don’t let that limit your thinking about The Sacred…)

    Regarding his experiences in the Great Pyramid and the crop formation: I seem to remember an interview with William Henry a few years ago, where he also encountered the beings described by Silva. I believe that William and his group were also in the King’s Chamber, in the dark, when these beings appeared. When I have some time, I will see if I can locate it in the archives and post the link here.

    Great interview!

  5. Thanks to Whitley, Anne, and
    Thanks to Whitley, Anne, and Freddy. I asked around this season last year for more information about resurrection, and this is a nice response. Love to you.

  6. Extremely enlightening
    Extremely enlightening interview. Very inspiring. I will delve into this further.
    Thanks, Whitley for providing this.

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