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As the dying leave this world, they often get a glimpse of what lies beyond. And often describe what they see to their loved ones. But it goes farther. Much farther. Dead friends and relatives return, sometimes even leaving messages or information that cannot be explained in any conventional way.

Listen as famed afterlife witness and researcher Josie Varga describes what caused her to enter on what has become a lifetime quest to know and understand more. She tells some deep and extraordinary stories about the process of crossing over, what is on the other side, and what the journey of life means.

We have souls. They continue on past the life of the body. In fact, this is the most important thing about us. But what makes for a strong soul and a wonderful passage?

Josie knows a lot of secrets, so listen up!

You can reach Josie at www.josievarga.comand join her Facebook groups Visits From Heaven.

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  1. Simply one of Your best and
    Simply one of Your best and above all, Illuminating shows. I wonder whether William Henry and his wife Clare, in Their many many experiences, have experienced similar encounters of beings coming out of the walls of the various sacred places that They have visited.

  2. This was a wonderful
    This was a wonderful interview. When Josie said “Love never dies”, you gave me a new motto for my life. Thank You, -all three of you, so much!

  3. There is a hell. There is
    There is a hell. There is evil.
    I ran into an extreme evil being once in 1977. Not only I but my 2 friends with me experienced the same phenomena at the same time.
    From that day on I knew there was evil and I knew there was love. No doubt about it.
    Pray you never experience true evil. Give it no credit. There is only one thing that matters, love.

  4. Whitley and Josie Varga, I am
    Whitley and Josie Varga, I am  posting this on both ‘DREAMLAND’ as well as ‘THE EXPERIENCE.’ 

    I received an e-mail on Thursday that included a link to an interview with Robert Redford. In this interview he talks about his new movie, ‘The Discovery,’ Mysteries Of The Afterlife……. BUT he also talks about how DREAMS have been and remain a big part of his life.

    In one specific dream he sees the face of his deceased mom. He recognizes her face BUT does not think it is really her. HOW I WISH HE WOULD HAVE GONE FURTHER INTO THE REASON WHY.

  5. I want to thak Mr. Strieber
    I want to thak Mr. Strieber for taking this interview with Josie. It helped my mother find some peace after losing her second of five children. Thanks very much to Josie Varga. You are an angel.Peace and Joy to you!

  6. It is wonderful to hear the
    It is wonderful to hear the joy in your voice again Whitley. It makes me happy.

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