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Lost civilization expert Robert Schoch was with us last year talking about his book Forgotten Civilization: the Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future, and now he’s back with mind-bending NEW discoveries about why a great and very different past civilization disappeared, and why we should look at it very carefully to understand both the perils and promise of our own future.

Whitley and Robert explore Robert’s remarkable new discoveries on the Giza Plateau and how they relate to the “vitrified” areas found in such places as Scotland, where intense heat from above actually melted rock.

But then they go beyond into a truly remarkable discussion of how people in our very distant past saw the soul, and how that relates to our own world and our own vision of ourselves.

A beautiful, deeply enlightening program in Dreamland’s Year of the Soul.

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  1. Doesn’t this conversation
    Doesn’t this conversation really tie together so much of what we have been studying about the UFO subject?

    Suddenly, after listening to this interview I am impressed by the fact that there actually is a theme to what all the UFO investigators and researchers have been trying to reveal about the Visitors. Everything from the experiencers stories of directing crowds of people to safety, visions of future catastrophes, even being taught to fly spaceships!

    These advanced beings who are interacting with humanity must really have a program they are pursuing, and that would be the preservation of the human race through the coming solar cataclysms. This also explains the strange silence of the world’s governments about the UFO phenomenon, there’s NOTHING they can do to prevent the inevitable scenario.

    What is so mind-boggling about the Visitors’ involvement is why do their activities seem so bizarre? I feel the reason is that they see life on a higher level. The Visitors agenda is to preserve LIFE on planet Earth, not from a perspective of saving human civilization per se, but rather to maintain the system of incarnation of higher dimensional beings into a physical realm that has been so carefully constructed for our (and their) ascension.

    1. Very true, Cyan.
      Very true, Cyan.

  2. Cyan, your analysis is very
    Cyan, your analysis is very interesting and thank you for sharing it. This was another great Dreamland, another piece of this most important puzzle. Looking forward to more pieces.

  3. Precession of the equinoxes
    Precession of the equinoxes is NOT about the movement of the stars in relation to the sun, it is the APPEARANCE of the DIRECTION of the stars at the Spring Equinox, which slowly precesses because of the wobble of the earth, in the approximate 25,000 year cycle.

  4. Brief summary of the solar
    Brief summary of the solar flair of 1859 – a.k.a., the Carrington Event:

    Damage estimates vary between US$ 0.7 trillion to US$ 2.6 trillion.
    Estimate of the US GSP is about US$ 17 trillion.

    This is, in my opinion, a low estimate of total damage and losses, not inlcuding stock market collapse, trade collapse, etc.

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