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Probably one of the most ‘high-strangeness’ Dreamlands ever. In the course of discussing his new book, the Lovecraft Code, Peter Levenda reveals one of the strangest and most chilling facts ever heard on this radio program.

Was there a date in 1907 that marked the beginning of the world of carnage in which we now live? Was something conjured then—released into our world by means of ritual magic—and did horror writer H.P. Lovecraft somehow pick up on it?

His entire body of work consists of stories about the “old ones,” a race that existed when the laws of physics and reality were different, long before mankind appeared.

Just as Whitley Strieber’s Wolfen and his character Miriam Blaylock in the novel the Hunger prefigure the Grays and the Blonds, did Lovecraft’s Old Ones disclose a hidden reality?

This is among the most fascinating, chilling and revelatory editions of this radio program ever put on the air.

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  1. The last 5 minutes aside of
    The last 5 minutes aside of the show aside… is the office of the Presidency now deprecated (defunct)???

    Can ANYONE who holds this office able to do ANYTHING except stand up to the onslaught of the (technological) media and their power to absolutely denigrate this Office?
    I certainly feel that Mr. Trump’s heart is devoted to trying to set many injustices in America and the world right, and it is easy to say it’s all lies, but how can we know what Mr. Trump’s motivations are?

    We really don’t know what he is ACTUALLY dealing with, (and as subscribers we like to think we have the inside track on the Truth). He may be dealing with situations that are mind-boggling even to him.

    1. I have no clue what President
      I have no clue what President Trump has lied about??? I DO KNOW THE ENEMY MSM FAKESTREAM MEDIA lies constantly, deceives WE THE PEOPLE constantly. For one example, CNN LIED ABOUT THE SIZE OF THE CROWD AT THE INAUGURATION… that was proven conclusively, if you just look at the real evidence.

      Certainly, the president DID NOT LIE about Sweden. It’s a horror show over there of rape and crime, mostly from the migrants in the no-go areas. Surely, you can investigate that with an open mind. There are vids of women being raped by the migrants, and the police doing nothing to help them. It’s so horrible, I have to turn away, and wish I could have done something, anything to stop it. Many women have come forward to say how scared they are, that they don’t want to go out in public anymore.

      I don’t know where you get your news. But, in my humble opinion, YOU ARE BEING MASSIVELY DECEIVED. And so is Mr. Levenda.

      I deeply respect you both, and like you both. However, something is really wrong here.

      Of course, you will view me as the one NOT KNOWING THE TRUTH. I understand that. Still, I have to say WHAT MY SOUL AND HEART EXPERIENCE IS.

      I was never a Trump fan. Not at all. But I am devoted to knowing the truth NO MATTER WHAT. And when I watch him, his speeches, I don’t hear any outright lies, and I’m darn good at hearing it when people lie. All this crap about the Russian connection is just that. They have no proof of anything at all. The congressional committee just admitted it.

      Whitley, I suggest you truly search your heart about President Trump. He’s NOT THE ONE LYING TO YOU.

  2. Apologies in advance if this
    Apologies in advance if this opinion offends anyone: Since the experiencers on this site do not subscribe to a single set of political beliefs, it really doesn’t make much business sense to repeatedly advocate one contentious political position. People don’t come to this site for politics. The message communicated at the end of the show is that Trump is a dangerous liar who appears to be the manifestation of a darkness that seeks to drag us into a new world of fascism. Seems a bit over the top. When it comes to liars–well, they abound in politics. We had a terrible choice last November. The DNC and the media were revealed to have colluded with the Clinton campaign to give her an advantage over Sanders and over Trump. Little hay is made over that in the press but there is abundant preoccupation on punishing the Russians for having revealed those truths–and we’ve been offered no evidence that the Russians actually did it. Someone hacked Podesta’s password, which was ‘password’. Everything else is classified, but trust us, just like you did during the Gulf of Tonkin incident that launched us into the Vietnam War. The Clinton’s amassed a fortune of over 110 million dollars, not on government salaries, but arguably, by selling access and influence. Mrs Clinton in particular appeared to be a creature of the military industrial complex, hellbent on giving them a cold war with Russia and enabling their neocon agenda. On the other side was Trump, an outsider and a complete wild card that the media tried desperately to crucify. The media focused on inappropriate comments he made from 2005, repeating them over and over, week after week, without ever focusing on substantive issues like the wealth gap, or the corruption that plagues the entire political process–the kinds of issues that Bernie Sanders tried to raise. Over important issues like Syria and Ukraine, the big media offers almost no insight or critical thinking–they appear to repeat whatever they are told, like a propaganda mouthpiece. It’s hard to say what the facts really are when the ‘gold standard’ of truth is so crappy. The pundits and talking heads who gave us the facts were also wrong; all the facts they kept repeating to us and to themselves within their little groupthink bubble chambers turned out to be nonsense. The fourth estate, it would seem, is not well. That said, Trump is only marginally better than Clinton in my view. He doesn’t believe in global warming, his social policies are taking us backward, and he seems to have trained himself to always think positively about whatever he or his team advocates or does. At times that Norman Vincent Peale conditioning puts him out of touch with reality. He desperately clings to a reality of his own making (kind of like the talking heads and pundits)–but that perhaps has also been the engine of his great success–and it may help him achieve things as President that more sane individuals could not. Anyway, whether you agree or not, there is little value in the endless debates here or on Facebook. I apologize for having contributed to them. The juggernaut is in motion and we’ll have to wait until 2020 to really change things–assuming the powers that be allow us to have a different choice next time.

  3. wow, interesting discussion
    wow, interesting discussion but the ending I just don’t agree with you. You mean to say that Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are honesty and integrity? We had to make a choice, folks. Mainstream media is not telling the truth only what they are fed. Hillary called Trump Hitler when she is the Hitler as far as I can tell and Democrats are running around fooing the right with: “This is not who we are.” Democrats have become Anti-American, Anti-Constitution and think all can just live in some kind of a love fest. I don’t really think that is necessary true. But I have no problems living as I do now in a diverse univeristy town. I have no problems with people as long as they are not violent. And that is any race o any color. But a lllowing illegals here when we pay $64,000 per head and I’m UnAmerican if I don’t want illegals here? That is correct, I don’t want them here if they are not honest enough to come through the proper channels. That is fair. Do you think I could just go over the border into Canada like that? If they did not come here honestly there are repercussions. Accept responsibility! I”m curious as to Catherine Fitts and Joseph Farrell would think about this? I do not like it when you dance around a topic and do not address it. I’ve been a democrat all my life and left after this last election. I’m now Independent. The corruption of the Clintons and the pedophile rings, and Hatian information and child trafficing is somehow a good reason to vote for her?

    1. Najara: I did the same: a
      Najara: I did the same: a lifelong Democrat who is now registered as independent.

  4. Thank you for your post,
    Thank you for your post, Lorem.

  5. I love this show and thank
    I love this show and thank God we don’t have to be totally PC anymore, the current president took care of that for all of us. I feel that people are much too skin-thinned about the Current President, as is he. I am totally on my guard for any one or any government that attempts to shut people up, make them sit down, get out, etc. This is truly scary. Also, I do believe that people have suddenly started saying out loud what they might have thought before. So please, let us just try to listen and keep our minds open to any and all possibilities so we don’t get blindsided. Whitley, keep up the great work you do. Glad you can speak your mind.

  6. Peter Levenda is always a
    Peter Levenda is always a great interview, and also one of the smartest people around, and I look forward to reading ‘The Lovecraft Code’.

    Peter is an expert on fascism and its history, and he also recognizes it when he sees it, as many of us do. I strongly encourage everyone to do research on what fascism is, and its growth in Europe during the rise of the Third Reich in Germany, as well read about and view propaganda from that time, including the propaganda films of Leni Riefenstahl. (Want a crash course about the rise of fascism in Germany while being entertained? ‘Cabaret’ will make you laugh as you also get seriously creeped out as the story unfolds.)

    I have always been an independent voter, and I have never been affiliated with any political party. I vote my mind and my conscience, and I also try to keep in mind what is for the highest and best good of the whole country (A very difficult thing to do, by the way) In all fairness, fascism has been working its way into our country and government over many decades, with President Dwight D. Eisenhower issuing a warning in 1961 about the rise of the ‘military-industrial complex’. Can anyone deny that has been going on for many years? (Yes, that is part of fascism).

    The red flags for me are hateful speech, outright lies, and focusing on certain groups of people as the cause for all of our problems. Denial of free speech and a free press are other red flags, as well as name-calling, bullying, and threats of any kind. The idea that one person can claim that he/she is the only one that can do the job, ‘save ‘the country, while bragging about being the smartest, most successful, what-have-you is concerning too, and building walls is about building walls (Ask the people in Berlin how they felt about that one. Different time, different context, but walls are a big symbol, and all about US and THEM. I can’t even think about the idea of a wall through Big Bend!). Making people fearful by exaggerating ‘facts’ is another tool from the fascist playbook. At its heart, fascism has no heart, no integrity, is about oppression, and regardless of who you are, it will come back and bite you in the butt. If you are not currently part of a group that has been singled out as an enemy of the state, don’t hold your breath thinking that it cannot happen to you, because fascism has a way of seguing into totalitarianism.

    There is little tolerance for The Golden Rule with fascism. Truthfully, this one has not been practiced much by either of the two major political parties for a long time, because they both go at each other constantly, and any sense of manners or decorum have pretty much gone out the window, with a few exceptions.

    This is what we are becoming/have become. Stand back, take yourself out of it all for minute and try to look at it with an objective eye, and also look at the example we are setting for our children and the future of this planet.

    Finally, this quote from Franklin Delano Roosevelt addressing Congress in 1938:

    “The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is Fascism—ownership of Government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power.”

  7. political stuff is everywhere
    political stuff is everywhere now… it is different from past years when after the election, things settle down.

    No matter what one wants, “truth” is being brought into question. Not whether one likes the “truth”, or what one wants to believe, or what one’s thought processes do with truths…. but to really stay focused. What is true. Was it true yesterday? Will it be true tomorrow? This is a concern when “what is true/truth?” is brought into question, doubt, and then denied outright.

    As we are pushed and pulled to just follow, just agree, just believe….etc. – it is an imperative to ask questions, lots and lots of questions. One doesn’t have to like the answers, but must be able to see the truth and stand solidly on it while others try to manipulate us off center. It is a challenge and necessary for everyone. Seeing what and how things are done now, were done in the past, and might be done in the future to take us away from the “truths we built into our Declaration of Independence and Constitution . . . is important for all of us. Just because we have laws and documents written down, doesn’t mean we have always done what the ideals called us to. The documents are challenges and have changed over time because the ideals upon which we stand, do not change but the circumstances in which we live do. How to apply the laws in new life experiences (thing privacy and smartphones which were not an issue only a short time ago).

    If nothing else, this election and all that has followed it, is a call to each and all of us … we cannot simply hope, believe, and follow. We are this country and the gov’t serves the people – us. When it fails, it is our duty to move to correct it. That is our history and our future. And it has been contentious in history as people argued and fought over changes sought… look back to the Lincoln Douglas debates, or Vietnam and draft card burners and look again at civil rights …

    Thinking isn’t only allowed, it is essential. Sometimes one learns by listening and reading opposing views, and finds that which is worth keeping from that position. If we don’t work together… based on shared core values… then what? Was this just a failed experiment?

  8. Amen, Cosmic Librarian.
    Amen, Cosmic Librarian.

  9. When we talk politics on this
    When we talk politics on this site. The understanding of the meaning of words is crucial.
    Most Americans do not know the meaning of fascism.
    Mussolini summed it up. I paraphrase. Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because fascism is the blending of government with corporations.
    That being said, I read a long diatribe from a Trump supporter.
    Trump and Hillary were both very flawed candidates.
    The real question that Peter and Whitney brought up is about lieing.
    For some reason which most Progressives and Democrats do not understand Trumpites accept the lies. Most Hillary supporters know she was compromised. Trump on the other hand has done business in Russia for 30 years. His son has been taped saying that a very large part of their empire relies on Russia for their largesse. That is why he wouldn’t show his taxes. Trump was taped in 1996 saying if he ever ran for President it would be as a Republican because they are stupid.
    Trump is turning OUR government into a giant cash register for himself and his billionaire cronies. When we are talking about Clinton her sibs are chump change. We are talking about the USA becoming a cash register for the billionaires of the world.
    On top of that he lies. Not once, not twice but practically every sentence out of his mouth.
    I agree with Peter. If you are on the team of the “Father of Lies” we have a real problem.
    I believe this country has become fascist state.

  10. Back to the actual
    Back to the actual interview….I fail to see the shock of Lovecraft publishing a story in 1928 wherein he selected a date from 1907 for an in story event that may have been inspired by something he read about Allister Crowley. Maybe Lovecraft read some of Crowley’s papers about the ocobter 31, 1907 event and saw the word “toolu” and its sparked his imagination to create Cthulhu (and sorry Peter – most of us Mythos lovers pronounce it Ka Thu Loo – not Kat Too Loo).

  11. America seems over sold on
    America seems over sold on Russia is the enemy nowadays. The left now seem to support treating Russia as the enemy. I suggest trying to find a documentary called Ukraine on Fire with Oliver Stone’s involvement. I worry that the propaganda machine in America is achieving it’s aims about Russia.
    And look up the Democrat senator from Hawaii who was trying to pass a bill to make it illegal to give money to terrorists organisations, with the implication that this is being done by the US government, and look into the forces out to stop her too.
    As an outsider from the US, I worry a great deal about US hegemony military policy that Americans seem to support now, with opposing Russia in Syria and Ukraine. I can’t help but wonder that the US was tacitly supporting ISIS to defeat Assad’s regime in Syria, and was doing little directly to defeat them, just extending the suffering of the people. This was made plainer when Russia announced it’s efforts to defeat ISIS, and you could perceive how little the US seemed to be trying to defeat ISIS. The US was working through some organisation in Syria that had soupy ties to other less savoury organisations, maybe Al Qaada.

  12. Fascisim is authoritarian

    Fascisim is authoritarian rule. The word comes from the ancient Roman word, “fasces,” or sticks, which were carried by the guards of senators and later, the emperor. These men were known as “lictors.”

    Inevitably, during politically charged times, Dreamland will end up with political content. It is my job as host to encourage guests to speak their minds. The show isn’t adversarial. I encourage guests and try to draw them out. Thus it sometimes seems that I share their opinions, but in fact my opinions rarely enter the show. I always hope that my listeners will come away with a deeper knowledge of the guest’s ideas, not my ideas about the guest.

    Peter spoke his mind and I encouraged him to do that.

  13. I love listening to Peter and
    I love listening to Peter and Whitley.

    For a while i would only entertain Peters work… dealing with the dark occult as fiction. Practiced by people who have a particular slanted idea about how nature works, obtaining results through their craft by making others afraid. I recently had an entanglement with the visitors that has made me put the breaks on my thinking of their plans for humanity. Until i work out some more stuff.. i’m beginning to doubt very much the plans are for our benefit. At the moment I’m of the neutral opinion they don’t care. Which upon reflection of the last 100 years of humanity would reflect that in very simplistic terms. But reflecting on Peters work are they answering some of these occult practitioners calls made in the middle of the night ?

    I have been able to call out to them in the past and get their attention. Sometimes successful other times not. Is this what they do ?

    I find it all a little chilling.

  14. Thanks Whitley and Peter
    Thanks Whitley and Peter Levenda, I thank you for this. For me the heartbeat of this whole interview reverberates around the ‘OLD ONES.’ Peter when you said, “His (Lovecraft) entire body of work consists of stories about the, “old ones, a race that existed when the laws of physics and reality were different, long before mankind appeared.”  

    I am guessing that we are talking about the ANNUNAKI or perhaps other ‘OLD ONES?’ I sense a completion of some sort with this interview; Peter, I am TOTALLY looking forward to your new book.

    This is a good read…….

    Archaeotrek-Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2016
    Edgar Cayce on Life in the Universe 
    by: Dr. Greg Little

    In a wonderful book on Cayce and astronomy (Edgar Cayce and the Cosmos, 2007), astronomer James Mullaney makes it clear that the Cayce readings that relate that no “human or animal life” exists on any other planets, refers specifically to planets in (((our solar system))). It is maddening that no one ever thought to ask Cayce follow-up questions. How do we know that Cayce was referring to our solar system when he related that there were no humans or animals on the other planets? It’s easy. Cayce made it very plain that (((life existed elsewhere in the universe, that there were “worlds without end” and other “people of the universe))).” What he was relating was that there are no other humans on planets in this solar system. 

    Mullaney also relates that the Cayce readings on this topic tell us that life forms probably do exist on some other planets in our solar system—meaning microbiological life, bacteria, or perhaps some forms of lower multi-cellular organisms that cannot be termed “animals.” But Mullaney also agrees that the Cayce readings emphatically relate that intelligent life exists in countless other places in the universe. As Cayce related, there is a “universe of worlds—worlds without end.” 

    SO, I m wondering where are we in time?
    The concept is the “great year” or “the precession of the equinoxes.” This great cycle lasts approximately 26,000 years.

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