Legendary New York Times reporter and author of the great book about Dr. John Mack, the Believer, and his wife, children’s book author Deborah Blumenthal, have teamed up together to write what may be the first UFO book intended for young children. UFOOhs! is a gentle, questioning and beautiful introduction to the subject for the very young, and in this interview Whitley explores with Deborah and Ralph some of their reasons for writing it and some of the questions it raises.

Should we introduce our youngest ones to the subject at all?

What if the government admits the truth, how will this book help us explain to our kids?

How much should we say is true and how much still in question?

What about close encounter reports about the Ariel School event? How do we deal with them?

And Rosewell–did it happen or not? How do we explain to the very young?

This lovely, gentle book offers real support to any family whose young children may be asking questions about UFOs and certainly belongs in every experiencer household with young kids. Get it for YOUR kids or grandkids! Click here.

Ralph’s website is RalphBlumenthal.com and Deborah’s is DeborahBlumenthal.com

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  1. As someone who’s had experiences since early childhood and who has always been asking questions about it (often only to get slapped, spanked, drugged, screamed at, shoved, thrown and kicked by my biological family as a result) I wish this book was available in my early years. I’m trying to conceive now and it’s going to go with the rest of my future early childhood library if I am ever blessed with little ones.

  2. While I was listening to this podcast, my husband brought in Them to me, just delivered as a birthday gift from our adult daughter.

  3. When I was around eight or nine in the 50s, my father came home from work with a story. He worked late at night, and so it was always dark, and on his way that morning he saw a brilliant blue UFO. The awe and wonder on his face and just the way he said the word blue ,his favorite color, showed me he had no fear. He followed it as far as he could but then had to go a different direction to go to work. As a result, I have never been afraid of UFOs. I only saw them once as an adult early New Year’s morning of 2011 and I thought it was about time..

  4. I am reposting this question here since I posted it by mistake on the news page. It’s a question for Whitley: you said during the show that some people in government believe the human race was created by extraterrestrials using genetic engineering. To the best of you knowledge, do they believe this just because “the visitors said so”? As you pointed out, that would be quite naive. Were they able to obtain some corroborating evidence?

  5. Hi folks, wasn’t this podcast broadcast a few weeks back, I distinctly remember listening to it and downloading the file. Or is this the second of a two parter?

    1. It was up , briefly, a week or two ago. My guess is that it was put up in error, or a decision was probably made to run another show instead.

  6. Since I’ve had a lot of unusual experiences, I often questioned myself on how to handle them with my kids. I tried not to discuss the weird stuff when they were around, but that was circumvented by things that happened with them. For instance, when he was about three, my older son began to let me know about other lives. I began introducing him to classical music fairly early, and he loved Tchaikovsky’s ‘1812 Overture’. One day as the music played, he gazed at the album cover for a long while, which depicted the end of a battle between France and Russia. He still sucked his thumb at age three, and he popped his thumb out of his mouth and said, “I was there, Mama.” I was startled by that, but just said, “That’s interesting!” Another time we were looking at a book about Ancient Egypt (he loved that book, too), he stopped and pointed out a picture and said, “That’s you, Mama.” Hmmm…

    Suffice to say that I never asked probing questions or made a big deal about his revelations, I just quietly accepted what he said. When he got a few years older, he didn’t mention these things at all, but once he was college age he did began to tell me a lot more, including that he knew he had been Russian. He also told me things about myself. One day he even told me that I didn’t have to be here “now”. I had already ascended , but came back to help awaken as many other people as possible at this time. THAT one was a surprise, and I’m not sure that I get or understand that one! (Oh, and he did have a scary UFO experience as an adult, and called me immediately when it happened.)

    My younger son (10 years younger than my other son) was part of some my experiences with UFOs. Too much to go into here, but there was one strange incident from when he was about 4 that I’ve wondered about. He was a quiet kid, not very chatty, nor one to embellish things. We had gone up to the family’s cabin on the Frio River here in Texas, and the nearest neighbors were several acres away, and it was very dark there at night. We went to bed one night and we all slept very well. The next morning my son woke up and began to regale us with his adventures from the night before. ‘Superman’ had shown up and flown him all around the world! It was all very real to him, and Superman even told my son that he was his real father! You can imagine how his dad, my husband, felt about that. When probed (by his dad) he said that I was his mom, and Superman was his real dad. My husband was a good father, and he and my son were close. Until he was about 10, my son insisted (to me) that my husband was not his dad. It was weird, and I know my (now ex) husband was disturbed by it. I just blew it off as an active imagination, but was a little disturbed by it myself.

  7. Author

    “Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:
    The soul that rises with us, our life’s star,
    Hath had elsewhere its setting,
    And cometh from afar
    Not in entire forgetfulness
    And not in utter nakedness
    But trailing clouds of glory do we come
    From God who is our home…”

    But some of us hear echoes of lives and days we have known. I think you handled your children’s memories with grace, Cosmic. They are blessed with such a mother.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I am blessed to have such good sons who are also good men…🙏

  8. Without getting too political, do you think the current RED wave sweeping across America will ban this book from schools? What are peoples opinions? I’m going with a strong yes this book will be banned. My local library has section of current books banned in our country and a
    UFO book will definitely fit right along. I hope I’m wrong. Suppression of knowledge is a sad and scary sign of intolerant thinking/policy making.

  9. Getting the kids young and impressionable to convince them of the narrative being pushed by the CIA, Pentagon, educational institutions, and mainstream materialist scientists. Just like Garry Nolan, Luis Elizondo, Avi Loeb, Jim Semivan, and many others deeply committed to the false flag UFO threat confessed to by a dying Werner von Braun to his secretary Carol Rosin. Why? The achievement of Full Spectrum Dominance of planet Earth by swelling the defense budget and expanding the already in-motion total surveillance lockdown of our planet. It’s in plain sight for any who care enough to do the tough research.

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