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Whitley Strieber and Peter Levenda have a wide-ranging and completely extraordinary discussion about everything from the To the Stars controversy to Whitley’s childhood experiences that Peter has researched, to the deepest meaning of the visitor experience, the reason that different parts of the government have such different approaches, why the United States was singled out for contact and what the future of mankind is, if we have one and much, much more.

Listening to this is an amazing experience. Sobering and extremely powerful. Whitley really opens up like he never has before at any time in his public life. You will learn what really happened when he was a child and dealing with a bizarre class that was apparently intended to shatter expectations and open him to the close encounter experience. Terrifying and harsh, but was it good or bad, given the result?

Whitley makes reference to an incident in which the car he was using was broken into 2 weeks ago in such a way to suggest possible sabotage. He mentions DARPA. To understand better what he is talking about, click here to watch a frightening video. The burning car in the video belonged to reporter Michael Hastings. The Vault 7 Wikileaks release included CIA documents revealing that US intelligence agencies can take over cars and use them to assassinate the occupants. Click here to find out more.

He also tells more about the kinds of interference and sabotage he has experienced recently, and it is chilling and amazing stuff. And yet, he ALSO says something about the angels and the demons that will completely revise your understanding of the whole ‘good guys-bad guys’ mindset.

Then they get into tantra, which Peter is also an expert in, and Whitley proceeds to tell some stunning stories about his own sexual experiences with the visitors!

As this that wasn’t enough, he gives details about a book he has published under the pseudonym of Jonathan White Lane called In Hitler’s House! It’s a two volume “memoir” of a young American who gets tangled up with Hitler in 1931. Take a look here.

He asked me to add that it is a discussion and he does a lot of talking. For those who prefer that he stick to the interview format, we will return to regular interviews next week.

Peter Levenda’s website is Explore Peter Levenda’s EXTRAORDINARY books here.

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  1. I haven’t been able to listen
    I haven’t been able to listen to podcasts for months on any of my (older Apple) devices. I don’t get a redirect. On rare occasions when I’m able to log on at all, I just get a broken white line when I click the player button. Believe me, I sympathize with all the problems that saboteurs have perpetrated on the website. But I can’t afford to be part of the solution. I’m living on my credit cards, waiting for my house to sell. I can’t even navigate to the home page in order to unsubscribe. Which I need and want to do. Monthly subscription fee = food for one day. Please, someone, advise.

    1. Novennia, while not a real
      Novennia, while not a real solution to your technical and financial issues, if you are willing to listen to older ‘Dreamland’ episodes, you might check out Whitley’s YouTube channel until the problems are resolved:

    2. You had a 3 month
      You had a 3 month subscription. Your credit card has not been charged since January of 2017 and the subscription is not active.

  2. Excellent show, thanks.
    Excellent show, thanks.

  3. Another stunning show. This
    Another stunning show. This has been my Saturday morning for about 16 years now and this little corner of my life is what recenters me.

    Novennia, this is what I would do, I’d make a weekly trip to a library or Internet cafe (if any still exist) and grab the show there. Smartphones are not without their bugs and when issues with browsing on your phone arise, it’s not always possible to factory reset your phone as you may need it constantly.

    As long as you can use a USB cable to transfer Dreamland from a computer to your phone then you have a way to grab the show. There’s always Bluetooth as well. If a friend or family member can download the show onto their phone they can easily transfer the file via Bluetooth or even WhatsApp it to you.

    There’s always a way, always. Look through the current resistance you are experiencing and see that the other side *IS* there.


  4. Enjoyed the show, Whitley. It
    Enjoyed the show, Whitley. It appears that you worry that your subscribers don’t want to listen to you talk. On the contrary, this subscriber likes to listen to you. Perhaps, if that is your concern and you have something that you just feel needs to be said, you could just post a separate recording. I know you do that occasionally, but those don’t appear on the site often enough for me. Just a thought.

    Peace, love and happiness!

  5. Enjoyed the show, Whitley. It
    Enjoyed the show, Whitley. It appears that you worry that your subscribers don’t want to listen to you talk. On the contrary, this subscriber likes to listen to you. Perhaps, if that is your concern and you have something that you just feel needs to be said, you could just post a separate recording. I know you do that occasionally, but those don’t appear on the site often enough for me. Just a thought.

    Peace, love and happiness!

  6. Peter, thanks for
    Peter, thanks for interviewing Whitley. 🙂
    Wonderful show. I’m with Cosmic and Auntie: love to hear what you have to say, Whitley; keep on rolling.

    Novennia: Whitely’s shows (and Jeremy’s, as well) are simple audio files. So, once you get logged in, here’s what you can do to download the audio file on a Mac:

    While holding down the and buttons, mouse-over the link, and a little menu will pop up. (Keep holding down and and scroll down to “Download linked file”, and release the and buttons. This will start the download. The file will be placed in your Downloads folder. Depending upon the speed of your connection, it may take a while. The subscriber file is usually no larger than 17Mb.

    Once the file is completely downloaded, in Finder, go to the Downloads folder. Double click on the file you just downloaded ( e.g. “dreamland_levenda_09_28_18.mp3” ). iTunes will start up (on a Mac) and the file will start to play in iTunes.

    That’s it. 🙂


  7. Novennia: that’s the
    Novennia: that’s the “control” and “command” buttons. It seems the “less than” and “greater-than” characters did not print. In my comment above, I had wrapped the words “control” and “command” in the less-than and greater-than characters, as is the convention.

    1. Thanks for trying to help.
      Thanks for trying to help. Novienna does not have an active subscription.

  8. I look forward to listening
    I look forward to listening this episode. By the way, it won’t play on TuneIn.

  9. Having trouble playing this
    Having trouble playing this weeks Dreamland. It wont work when I click on the play button. #frustrating. Had a lot of probs trying to access Unknown Country over the last few months as well.

  10. Wil not play audio podcast.
    Wil not play audio podcast. Another week when this will not function. As a subscriber I feel for the troubles you describe concerning the running of the site, however at the same time there is a responsibility to the customer who has paid for a service which routinely now does not work.

  11. I’m with you, Lisa.
    I’m with you, Lisa. Frustrating, indeed. Perhaps the file could be shared with those having problems via a zip file or an invite to a google share page. Disheartening that no one at all from this site (aside from a subscriber, above) has gotten back to Novennia after two days?? I em’d last night about being unable to listen/download and didn’t hear back. At least acknowledge our concerns. Not feeling the love atm… :/

  12. Whitley and Peter Levenda.
    Whitley and Peter Levenda. There is such a heart felt call for humankind to get a grip on their own destiny in this interview. A few days ago I read an article on I am not familiar with The Kolbrin/‘Book of Gleanings’ but found much of this information to be VERY interesting……It is apparent from many sources that ‘RACIAL PURITY’ has been the hot topic since (forever). So has humankind always been in the throes of ethnic conflict and wars going back to BEFORE Adam/Eve? If so, when does it finally end, who wins? If a person believes in what the BIBLE tells us, then it is the good hearted that ultimately survive.


    Putting together what the Kolbrin says about the Sons/Children of God ̶ ‘their forefathers had crossed the great dark void’… that their women ‘followed the ways of the cradleland, not the ways of Earth’ … that they gradually ‘became fully Earth-sustained’xi ̶ something extraordinary emerges: the Kolbrin is saying that the ancestors of the Sons of God came from a place that was not Earth.

    Where did the Sons of God ‘descend’?

    The Books of Enoch say that the Sons of Heaven ‘descended’ (where from? No-one knows) ‘upon Ardis/Ardos, which is the top of mount Armon’ (Richard Laurence translation)xii or ‘on the summit of Mount Hermon’ (R.H. Charles’s later translation)xiii. Mount Hermon is a mountain cluster whose summit straddles the border between Syria and Lebanon.

    The place-name Ardis is unknown in any other ancient text ̶ indeed, the latest translation of Enoch has dropped the name altogether. But ‘Ardis’ is there in the Kolbrin, where it is mentioned no less than ten times. Ardis was ‘beside Krowkasis [the Caucasus], land of mountains and rivers‘xiv. It was bordered by ‘Arania’ (a skewed version of aryānām – proto-Iranian, meaning ‘of the Aryans’; it is an ancient name for Iran, which borders on Armenia)xv. The name ‘Ard-is’ has a root similar to ‘Urdekhe’ (a place mentioned in the inscriptions of the kingdom of Urartu/ancient Armenia) and also to ‘Ardakhe’ /’Artsakh’, an ancient province of Armenia.xvi This Ardis was in the Armenian highlands of the Lesser Caucasus, a mountain range bordering Turkey and Iran.

    So which Ardis location is the right one ̶ Ardis in the Lebanon/Syria mountains or Ardis in the Armenian highlands?

    First inter-species mating
    Second inter-species mating
    The race of man alone was punished, for the beast acted according to its nature. In man the beast and god strive to decide whether he shall take his place among the gods that live or the beasts that die, and woman, in her weakness, betrayed him to the beast.’xxix

    Four different species
    No less than four different species are enumerated here. Who or what were they?

    The Grand Company
    The Grand Company are not mentioned anywhere else in the Kolbrin. The context suggests they were at the top of the civilization hierarchy. Were they perhaps the same beings referred to in Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian and Babylonian records as the ‘Annunaki’ ̶ the ‘Grand Assembly’, ‘princely offspring’, ‘those of royal blood’?xxxiii The Grand Company were clearly so appalled by the Sons of God’s inter-species mating ̶ a huge evolutionary step backwards ̶ that they withdrew in disgust. This suggests they had been taking a close interest in the progress of the Sons of God. Might the Grand Company have been ‘Elohim’ ̶ the plural term for God sometimes used in the early Old Testament books?

    The Children/Sons of God
    The Daughters of God
    The Children of Men
    The Men of Zumat/Yosling
    The Children of the Beast
    Gradual mixing of species
    The human lifespan shortens
    The Fall of Man
    The last of the Sons of God

    1. Thanks Carollee for the
      Thanks Carollee for the details….Its always good to have someone chime in with that stuff. Adds to the thinking about it process.

  13. Is anyone still having
    Is anyone still having problems listening? We are not seeing any issues on our end. I can listen on the site and on Alexa (“Alexa play Dreamland Podcast” If you don’t say podcast, you will not be taken to the show.) As the subscriber and free versions are the same this week, you should be able to listen. It’s working fine on Alexa and on the site.

  14. Sorry, spoke too soon. The
    Sorry, spoke too soon. The filename was changed for the subscriber version on our audio server (Streamguys). This happens often. They insist that it’s not their fault, but I assume that it’s some troll working there. It’s fixed, for the moment. I usually check it daily, but I got busy today. Sorry about that!

  15. This show is not the first
    This show is not the first time that Whitley has alleged that subscribers haven’t been charged lately. Yet when I look back at my bank records, I was charged right on time at my 6-month renewal mark in May, and I was even double charged (!) in November of 2017. So I’ll have to keep a closer eye on it, but I guess consider the November over-payment as my contribution to the site rebuild. Is there anyone out there who can confirm that they’ve been getting their subscriber privileges for free recently?

    Regarding the new site, as an IT engineer it seems to me very oddly elusive for supposedly being on the cusp of debuting many months ago. The story of events, told in multiple parts, just doesn’t add up to me. And now with the Amazon piece of the story revealed in this show, I can barely believe that Amazon wouldn’t have its own servers continually backed up (in other words they would not require their clients to maintain their own backup as the only safeguard against lost data). In fact, I’d be surprised if Amazon has *ever* had to notify any client of anything other than a very temporary loss of access to an account or website, *if* that.

  16. Whitley this show is
    Whitley this show is fantastic. I love listening to your experiences and speculations. Coupled with Peter lavenda makes it vital information for everyone.
    Thank you so much for your resilience, it’s just depressing you have to endure what you do today, let alone your childhood.

  17. hey Whitley, Peter L.

    hey Whitley, Peter L.
    Great stuff AGAIN. I thought about somethings you guys covered and came up with a “What IF” when it came to the angels/demons stuff.
    So, What If:
    Those so called forces that are blind to climate change have a REAL function other than just plain blind ignorance. What If the whole idea IS to topple the environment to extract the human being from the clutches of technology by literally ruining technology.
    Like watching the tower of babel fall… again.

    Personal note: I am so sorry about the Skinner Box. That is a terror darker than being buried alive. I personally struggled with a closed MRI & following my 3 year old down a tube slide in McD’s playland.

  18. Reading through some of the
    Reading through some of the unsettled comments, all I can add is that in 16 years of subscribing to Uknown Country I’ve always been treated with veracity and sincerity. There’s never been anything to suggest otherwise, nothing at all.

    It’s clear to me that when Mr Strieber points out that these endless efforts against him are very advanced, very persistent and particularly cunning, he’s telling the truth.

    Equally, I see quite quickly that it takes an extraordinary amount of fettle to persevere in the face of this nonsense.


    That’s all I have to say about that.


    1. Von
      Von Hausenberg…….Excellent, I could not have expressed my feelings any better.

  19. Want to echo Von Hausenberg’s
    Want to echo Von Hausenberg’s comment above. I don’t presume that Whitley wants, or has ever wanted, unquestioning acceptance of every last thing he says. Questioning is at the heart of all of this. But I for one am far past the point where I would entertain the notion that Whitley would ever knowingly mislead on any issue related to the visitors or this website. I’ve had a phenomenal experience on this site, and expect that I will continue to do so.

  20. I listened to the first half
    I listened to the first half of the show this morning in the car and upon returning home opened the book “the Radiance Sutras” by Lorin Roche (which I took out of the library yesterday) to the following:

    Sting of a wasp.
    Rip of a nail.
    A razor’s slice.
    The needle’s plunge.
    A piercing word.
    A stab of betrayal.
    The boundary crossed.
    A trust broken.
    In this lacerating moment,
    Pain is all you know.
    Life is tattooing scripture into your flesh,
    Scribing incandescence in your nerves.
    Right here,
    In this single searing point
    Of intolerable concentration,
    Wound becomes portal.
    Brokenness surrenders to
    Crystalline brilliance of Being.

    The passage is from the Tantric scriptures, from a section of short meditations intended to enable the adherent to find a doorway to divine mystery within everyday experience.
    The passage was particularly startling to read after having just heard Whitley’s speculation about children disappearing from concentration camps, and about his own Skinnerian experiences and the “cracking of the cosmic egg.”
    Then there is the synchronicity of Peter being a proponent of Tantra.

  21. Hi all,
    Whitley, I have two

    Hi all,
    Whitley, I have two questions. They are kind of diffuse and difficult (especially the first), so I understand if there’s not enough time to respond.

    “Enlightenment is what happens when there’s nothing left of us but love.”

    • 1. In a practical everyday, walking through the grocery store and taking the commute to work, sense, what is love?

    I feel like for myself a huge resistance to living more surrendered to love, is by my seeing my thoughts and “my” self not as a part of nature or God, but as a generalized possession or image I must protect from perceptions of disapproval or slight. I think this is something which happens through living in a world that sees everything through materialism. Everything becomes this kind of secular competition of how we imaginarily think we are perceived. I think we all have this issue.

    So in my mind I constantly find myself identifying unchallenged with very negative thoughts of what others might be thinking of me, as if to inoculate and protect against feared slight, and in the process I not only judge and inhibit myself harshly.

    I think this spelled-out is the locomotion for which I stop loving myself.

    Something of this same locomotion, likewise, serves the basis for a lot of anger people fearfully hurl at others, and is getting to the meat of how we cut ourselves off from others and stop extending love to them.

    • 2. Do you think the visitors wouldn’t be in your life hadn’t you suffered those traumas as
    a child which seemed designed to crack the cosmic egg?

    Obviously meditation work, honed decades ago in the Gurdjieff foundation, has helped bring you into relationship with them, but I wonder maybe even if it was the visitors that unconsciously brought you to Gurdjieff in the first place to learn to regular do the sensing exercise? Then again, in saying visitors caused something, who is to say “who” causes what? To point in black and white fashion to a certain people or person as causing certain things seems perhaps to be a clumsy generalization harbored in a materialistic top-down way of seeing life. Something that denies us from seeing how behavior is the result of confluences of mostly unconscious environmental influences and factors.

    I do recall a couple paranormal things I think you’ve told prior to the child experimentation/abuse you endured. However, locality and time’s linearity might be irrelevant when talking something like paranormal phenomenon and cracking the cosmic egg. Phenomenon might come in from seemingly detached sources. Physicality and its perceived limitations isn’t the domain of central primacy, but consciousness we know, and perhaps other unknown forces?, go underneath it.

  22. Hi BobInNJ,
    From the comments

    Hi BobInNJ,

    From the comments section of Whitley’s GoFundMe page to fix the new website

    “Susan Meckel
    3 months ago
    A day or two before you announced the hacking of the new website, I had been wondering why it had been so long since I had seen a renewal notice/charge for my UC subscription. I am donating more than I would otherwise because of not having been charged. Whitley, you and Anne have been modern prophets. Thank you for your efforts to spread the truth of what we are.”

    “Sidney Fontaine
    3 months ago
    I’m donating a second time, because I have not been charged for the U.C. subscription renewal this past year. Let’s ensure that this forum remains open.”

    I’m more familiar with the internet than I’d like to be, and I feel I’ve personally encountered problems with the site suggestive that it’s been the target of unusual attacks. One incidence, overnight CST, back in March 2018 sticks out where after not being able to get the site to load via different browsers I got some error message from the site of a kind I haven’t seen before which mentioned something about a “Sucuri firewall”. (By the way, I referenced that it happened overnight US time, because it seems to me the time of day when the site, viewed by someone looking to sabotage it, would be most seen like a sitting duck.)

    That said, for me, I did have my annual subscription re-billed in June 2018.

    Might be something to do with subscription renewal date or some other criteria that has made for some subscriptions to go on without a hitch, and some to cease being billed.

    Perhaps a more desirable attack from the point of a saboteur, instead of just damaging the site so all subscribers are not being billed, might be the angle of pernicious socially engineering achieved through creating an imbalance of some subscribers not being billed and some who are as to sow division amongst subscribers and disbelief in Strieber amongst his fans if and when he claims problems with subscriber subscription billing. Also, by not disabling everyone’s subscription you don’t provide easy-to-verify evidence to all of his closest followers that his site is indeed being undermined by some unknown source, something like that might be feared by a saboteur as stoking perception in Strieber as a voice worth paying attention to.

    1. I’m just saying the whole
      I’m just saying the whole thing doesn’t sit right with me. I have deliberately stopped short of accusing anyone of deception, including Whitley, because that would be unwarranted from actual evidence at this point. And frankly, like so many others here I certainly hope that wouldn’t be true. I’ve generally respected and trusted everything Whitley has ever said as at least his honest observations and interpretations, even what are often fantastic claims. But from the moment the original story came out about the latest website hack and ensuing goFundMe page, my Spidey senses went on yellow alert. I’m just reporting my feelings and thoughts, as a long time subscriber.

      I think it’s interesting that Whitley has never even suggested the possibility that the Visitors might be responsible for the multiple website hacks, even though by his own account it seems like every possible precaution was taken. He’s certainly pinned a lot of other hijinks on the Visitors, including in this show stating flatly that they deliberately broke his Prius. If they’ll do that, why not take down a server, erase files, or whatever? Instead, perhaps conveniently, the only explanation involves sinister forces in the government or a secret society out to get him because he’s trying to liberate our souls from slavery.

      Again as an IT person, I really don’t think there’s any rocket science involved in putting up a website, keeping it backed up, and running e-commerce type subscriptions from it. In fact there are so many ways to collect money from people, UC (or anyone else for that matter) could certainly work out another way to collect subscriber money. I just bought organic food products from a local farmer’s market out of a cooler, where the nice, hipster young man in sandals swiped my credit card on his iPad as he stood on the grass under a small tent — no problem. Think about it. However, the supposed subscriber problem critically forms the pretext of why the existing, otherwise perfectly fine and functional site MUST be replaced, not just fixed, and we are reminded that costs money.

      The site itself is a collection of files, as is the web server software. It exists in a series of file system states, any one of which is easily backed up and restored. Further, if you hire a good company to host your site and your e-commerce, which does not cost a fortune, it becomes their job to keep the site operating, not some alleged “experts” from a “high level security company” of your own employ. And they are doing what, exactly, with regard to the website deployment?

      Also, hacking a site is a crime, and no mention was ever made about bringing in authorities to investigate despite what Whitley has reported as multiple intrusions and sabotages. But it makes a good story, it formed the basis of a successful goFundMe campaign, and reinforces this concept of persecution by shadowy agents worldly or otherwise. IMO, if such extremely powerful agencies exist who worry about Whitley Strieber’s message damaging their alleged plan to harvest souls, as described in this week’s show, I have to believe he would have been “taken care of” a long time ago, not nickel and dimed with a website that still largely operates with its programming unchecked.

      I personally stick with all of this and still enjoy listening to Dreamland mainly because because of the phenomenon itself, which I believe has substance and possible importance, and as Whitley says in the preamble to Dreamland it is (fairly) unique in the podcast universe. There is often good information and thought provoking ideas, albeit sometimes mixed in with some preposterous claims, paranoia, wishful thinking, and sloppy science. But if the level of paranoia and madness at some point goes completely off the tracks, I’ll be sad to say it would be time to move on. I am hoping that day doesn’t come, and that the new site appears soon and works reliably.

  23. I always sign in… it does
    I always sign in… it does not let you listen to a complete show… certainly it would be better if you did not have to sign in every single time…

  24. Great show
    Great show

    1. WOW, Cosmic! THANK YOU for
      WOW, Cosmic! THANK YOU for posting this.

      “The security of the global technology supply chain had been compromised, even if consumers and most companies didn’t know it yet.”

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