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Joseph Farrell joins us for week one of one of the deepest explorations of the influence of Nazism in modern life that you will ever hear. Did you know that even though representatives of the German Army and the German Nation signed surrender documents at the end of World War II, the Nazi Party did no such thing. Listen as Joseph Farrell tells us about such mysteries as the origins of the modern jihad movement in the Berlin of the Nazi era, or the chilling journey of John McCone from Hitler’s box at the 1936 Olympics to his pivotal role on the Warren Commission that covered up the Kennedy assassination.

Eye-opening and mind opening!

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Next Week Joseph Farrell and Peter Levenda join together to discuss the dark energies associated with the Nazi survival. You will hear some of the greatest and most sinister secrets of modern geopolitics revealed!

Coming later this month: A mind blowing story of close encounter, disappearance and extreme high strangeness from the UK.

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  1. Interesting headline from
    Interesting headline from Reuters today about Germany…
    ‘Germans fret over Europe’s future but still believe’
    First sentence in the article?:
    “The battle for Europe will be won or lost in Germany.”

    As usual, Joseph Farrell brings a wealth of research and knowledge to the table. I am really looking forward to the tag-team interview of Joseph Farrell and Peter Levenda!

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  3. I haven’t been able to find a
    I haven’t been able to find a complete English copy of the Madrid Circular Letter on the internet. When I receive Joseph’s book I will find out if he includes a copy of it. I hope Jim Marrs is aware of all this. Americans need to wake up and act soon. So do the Europeans. This post-war international apparatus is powerful and enormous according to Joseph’s research. Our own country’s future which is influenced and dominated by part of this apparatus is in question.

  4. That Sly Old Devil is ‘STILL’
    That Sly Old Devil is ‘STILL’ hiding in the detail, ‘STILL’ roamimg the earth, ‘STILL’ seeking the same old Deal. Aren’t YOU BORED YET? Evolution awaits! Tapping HER fingers on the table impatiently! Where have ALL the Good Sheperds Gone??

  5. I’ve bought several Joseph
    I’ve bought several Joseph Farrell books. Where to do go to claim my promised one month extension on my subscription? (edit: oops, must work on my impulse control. The second half explained it: buy a new Farrell title and report same to the subscription part of the site.) Much appreciated. And looking forward to next week, with Levenda – another favorite historian. Great lineup of shows!

  6. this is fascinating! I
    this is fascinating! I suppose it all has to do with funding the Breakaways.

  7. EE, I thought the exact same
    EE, I thought the exact same thing about Kindle, and oddly the link provided on UC does not list a Kindle edition. But then I did a general search and found that there is one, happily! Go to . Me and my aging eyesight do not deal happily with paper reading anymore!

  8. Pardon, but I must disagree
    Pardon, but I must disagree with Mr. Farrell’s assertion that the Nazi’s did not surrender.

    Jodl was a representative of the government. Farrell suggests during minute 5 of the show (subscriber’s edition) that representatives of the Nazi Party should have been there to surrender, as if Jodl wasn’t representing the Party. But even if Jodl and Keitel didn’t represent the political party, they did *in fact* represent Dönitz, who was the head of state (succeeding Hitler).

    Some primary sources — the instrument of surrender, and a news report from the time:

    Disclaimer — I haven’t read his book yet, so maybe I’m missing some nuance in his argument? Or are we getting into equivocation — ‘nazi party vs. the nazi government’?

  9. Where’s Week 2?
    Where’s Week 2?

  10. I have been looking forward
    I have been looking forward to this interview.

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